8 Stars Who Would Do Anything For Hollywood (And 7 Total Divas)

Hollywood is all about fame and fortune, the kind of place where the only thing bigger than the egos are the paychecks (you know it's true). It's every man, woman or child for themselves, a self-contained world with its own set of rules. It's not an exaggeration to say it's a dog eat dog, "survival of the fittest" kind of town. Young (and hot) young starlets sometimes sacrifice everything in a desperate bid to climb up the slippery ladder of success, to see their name in lights. And to be honest, who wouldn't love to see their name at the top of Hollywood's A-List? To these women, the most important part of their life is their career. It's them and their career first and everything (and everybody) else is a distant second. Family and friends? They don't matter to the "do anything" girls. These women may not be happy, but they are often rich and famous. And once they've made it onto that A-List, look out, a diva is sometimes born. Here are 8 stars who would do just about anything to further their careers (and we do indeed mean anything) and 7 who made it onto the A-List (at least briefly) and have turned into demanding divas nobody wants to be around.

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15 Will Do Anything: Blake Lively - Home Wrecker Marries Into The A-List

Blake Lively has one reference point: Herself and what is good for her and her career. The former Gossip Girl star was strictly a small screen kind of actress when she was cast opposite Ryan Reynolds in 2011's dud film Green Lantern. By that time, she was focused on one thing: And that would be making it big in Hollywood. It seems she saw herself as a star long before she was one. So, did she set her cap to snag the Canadian actor? Reports of the two being very cozy in a New York restaurant before his split with wife Scarlett Johansson seem to support the theory that Lively was determined to make it to the A-List, even if she had to wreck a home or two to do it. So she married into the A-List. And her career? It has gone from strength to strength. Mission accomplished Ms. Lively.

14 Diva: Kaley Cuoco - B-List Girl With A-List Demands

There are two kinds of actresses in Hollywood: There are the small-screen TV worker bees and the big-screen movie queens. Sometimes, like Blake Lively, they manage to cross over from small to big. But Kaley Cuoco, try as she might, just can't seem to make the leap. And some say she takes her frustration out on the cast and crew of The Big Bang Theory. Seems Kaley is a legend in her own mind. Stories that claim the cast and crew are fed up with her attitude and that she might be fired from the show, pop up all the time. Some report that co-star Mayim Bialik only speaks to Cuoco when it is absolutely necessary. And don't expect her ex tennis-playing Ryan Sweeting to stick up for her either. She pretty much publicly dissed him over the course of their very nasty divorce.

13 Will Do Anything: Selena Gomez - Child Woman Who Dumped Her Own Mother

Pity Selena Gomez. She was the product of a broken home and brought up by her mom Mandy in a small Texas town. Only thing was Mandy was determined to make Selena a star. By the time Selena was ten, Mandy's persistence had paid off with little Selena landing a role in Barney & Friends. A few years later, she was starring in the Disney's Channel's Witches of Waverly Place. Over the years, Mandy sacrificed everything for the sake of Selena's career. So, how did Selena repay all this hard work and dedication? Quite simply, in 2014 she dumped her mom in favor of more "professional" representation. What's more, according to the Daily Mail, mom Mandy was totally blindsided by her loving daughter. She was, by all accounts, shocked, hurt and upset. Way to go Selena. Why worry about loyalty and trust when your career is on the line.

12 Diva: Jennifer Aniston - Aloof And Cold

We are in diva-land. Jennifer Aniston is one of those celebrities who has a disconnect between her chirpy, girl next door image and what some say is a cold and aloof personality. See, Aniston is not an in-your-face diva. She's an ice queen diva. So, she's making a movie. Does she mix with the cast and crew on a set? No way. Does she go to the canteen with everybody else? Forget it. She wants lunch in her trailer, which she demands, must be some distance from the other set trailers. And don't expect to see her with the other cast and crew in a people carrier. Bring on a luxury SUV. And a driver, by the way. And when the film wraps, don't look to see her at the cast party. She's locked away in another room with "her" people. Don't believe it? Just ask the Huffington Post.

11 Will Do Anything: Scarlett Johansson - Her Career Comes First

Scarlett Johansson is the kind of girl guys love and women aren't so sure about. With good reason. Her ex Ryan Reynolds has hinted that her career came first, second and third. The shouting matches between the two were loud and often. So it was no surprise when they divorced in 2011. The official story is that Reynolds only hooked up with his Green Lantern co-star Blake Lively after his split from Scar Jo. We'll see about that one shortly. Scar Jo's second husband, Frenchman Romain Dauriac, has said that he and their daughter Rose were forced to arrange their lives around Scarlett's career and her busy shooting schedule. He was blindsided and shocked when she filed for divorce early in 2017. Scarlett has moved on fast and at one point was dating two guys at the same time. She has since told the world that monogamy is unnatural. Well, it obviously is for her.

10 Diva: Jennifer Lopez - Diva Fits And Her Own Toilet Seat

Of all the Hollywood divas that nobody wants to work with, Jennifer Lopez is the reigning queen. She shouts, pitches fits and makes demands at the drop of a hat. She's got the queen of the universe attitude down pat. Pity the poor hotel or tour organizer that has to work with J Lo. Her lists of demands are very specific and very long. What can you say about a star who brings her own custom toilet seat along with her when she travels? And pity her poor staff. She is not easy to work for. In fact, some report that she considers it a privilege for staff members to be in her presence. We really pity poor Alex Rodriguez now that he and J Lo are said to be house hunting together. Does A-Rod know what he is letting himself in for or not?

9 Will Do Anything: Kim Kardashian - Sold "That" Tape To Hit It Big?

The Kardashians were Beverly Hills nobodies until O.J. Simpson and his murder trial came along in the mid-1990's. Kim Kardashian's dad Robert was a lawyer and chummy with Simpson. The rumor that mom Kris Jenner was even chummier with O.J. and that Khloe Kardashian is Simpson's daughter persists to this day. The family got their first taste of life in the limelight when Robert became part of the Juice's legal eagle team. And they liked it. Little Kim told anyone who would listen that she was going to be rich and famous someday. She first hit the rich and famous radar back in 2007 when an explicit tape of what she got up to with rapper Ray J. hit the Internet. Oh, the Kardashians pretended to be outraged by the "leak". But there may be more to the story. See, according to the Huffington Post, some say mommy Kris brokered the deal. Talk about do anything.

8 Diva: Kate Upton - Diva Attitude And F-Word Rants

Teflon Kate Upton can do no wrong as far as her legion of fans are concerned. But the reality? It's said to be a whole different story. Take the News.com.au piece about her diva fits and demands during the photo shoot for the 2017 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Reportedly, she demanded all three covers of the issue, thereby shafting 60-something model Christie Brinkley and tennis ace Serena Williams. And, on the basis of some pretty poor performances in a few films, Kate has dubbed herself an actress and a being superior to lowly models. Plus, she handed over a list of makeup artists and photographers she was willing to work with! And what about her "F word" Twitter rant when boyfriend Justin Verlander didn't win a baseball pitching prize? Apparently, she is making a lot of enemies fast.

7 Will Do Anything: Ariel Winter - From Jail Bait To Instagram Racy

Next up is Ariel "do anything" Winter. Let's face it: Ariel Winter's best assets are her D-cup (formerly F-cup) "girls". And she makes excellent use of them in her social media post. Of course, she is only promoting "body positivity". Heaven forbid anyone would think she is merely flaunting her assets to get attention and build up her social media numbers. And she started young. Four or five years ago, Ariel was dressing in a way no 14-year-old should dress. And she got plenty of attention. Only it was, as far as the makers of Modern Family were concerned, the wrong kind of attention. They have expressed concern on a number of occasions that the totally grounded Alex Dunphy is played by a young women who has a certain trashy streak about her. And Ariel flaunts that naughty vibe on social media an awful lot. Of course, it is all about "body positivity". Sure.

6 Diva: Lindsay Lohan - Unreliable, Demanding (And Drunk)

Where did it all go wrong for Lindsay Lohan? She was an adorable 12-year-old when she starred in Disney's Parent Trap in 1998. Even in 2004 when she did her star turn in Mean Girls, she seemed to be in control. "Seemed" is the operative word. Even then she was partying hard. Lilo went from queen of the silver screen to drunk really fast. Then came the era of the DUI, jail time and "who knows what she will do next" behavior. She was the unreliable diva type who sometimes just forgot to show up on a film set. She became unemployable because film insurance companies refused to cover her. And then there was her tendency to run up big bills that she simply didn't pay. When she filmed TV's Sick Note with Rupert Grint in 2017, it was her first credited gig in around two years. Has she turned a corner? Don't count on it.

5 Will Do Anything: Miley Cyrus - Feminist Or Just Canny Self-Publicist?

You know how hotels tell you that you are saving the Earth when you reuse your towels, when all they want to do is save on laundry bills? Well, stars like Miley Cyrus are using a similar excuse for posting naughty pictures to Instagram and the like. No, it's not publicity, they say. It's promoting "body positivity" and striking a blow for equality. When the truth is that Cyrus and other young hot things probably care more about boosting those all-important social media numbers than they do about good causes. But Miley is in a league of her own. From an early age she has made a career of being over the top and outrageous. She probably learned how to do just that in the sin-bin that was (and is) the Disney Studios. By the time she was 14-years-old and starring in Hannah Montana, she was smoking funny cigarettes and declaring she swung both ways.

4 Diva: Gwyneth Paltrow - Demanding And Arrogant (And Superior)

If there is a queen of the "difficult to work with" lists, it just has to be Gwyneth Paltrow. She draws up lists of diva demands, feuds with (usually younger and hotter) females actresses and channels a queen of the universe vibe. When she made Iron Man 2 along side Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlett Johansson, reports of a feud between her and Johansson and talk of Paltrow's icy manner made the rounds. Filmmakers were forced to keep the two apart as much as possible. Let's face it. She's just got this East Coast, born with silver spoon in her mouth attitude. A few years back the Internet buzzed with talk of a diva fit that she pitched in a J.Crew store in the posh Hamptons. Seems she demanded a 30 per cent discount and was rude to store staff when it wasn't forthcoming. Typical Gwyneth. Like she can't afford to pay full price or what?

3 Will Do Anything: Kristen Stewart - The Do Anything Girl

Gossips in Hollywood say that Kristen Stewart is the "do anything" queen. And we do mean anything. See, if you lack talent, you have to work hard to manipulate yourself to the top of the heap. And reports are that is just what she has done for years. Her appearances in the Twilight films and her very high profile romance with her co-star Robert Pattinson put Stewart very firmly on the B+ list. Never one to miss an opportunity to "impress" her directors and get ahead in the Hollywood game, Kristen had a fling with much older director Rupert Sanders during the filming of 2012's Snow White and the Huntsman. Only thing was, they got caught in a very public way when a naughty tabloid published pictures of the two that made it absolutely clear what was going on. Pattinson waved bye bye to K Stew and Sander's wife divorced him. Oh dear.

2 Diva: Madonna - Just Plain Out Ruthless And Arrogant

Since Madonna hit it big in the 1980's, she has been a fiery force to be reckoned with. In fact, her antics almost make J Lo look reasonable. Almost. She's a screaming, in-your-face diva who terrorizes her long-suffering staff. So, did fame and fortune turn Madonna into a diva? Not according to her pre-fame manager Ron Weisner. He says she was ruthless and calculating even back then. In fact, Weisner bowed out of her life because he couldn't stand to work with her, even be around her. And her loyal fans? Forget them, Madonna says when she bothers to show up for a concert three hours late. She was a big hit when she did Ellen. But behind the scenes the cast and crew were shocked by her demands and fits and were oh so glad to see the back of her!

1 Will Do Anything: Marilyn Monroe - Stardom Via The Casting Couch?

It's World War II. And, while American guys are off battling Hitler, patriotic women are "manning" the factory floors. And Norma Jeane Mortenson (aka Marilyn Monroe) was doing her bit in a California munitions factory. That's where an Army photographer snapped her in 1944. Pretty soon after that Norma Jeane ditched the war effort in favor of modelling and, later acting. Now, Marilyn often claimed that she was a poor, inexperienced girl who was victimized on one casting couch after another. But the story persists that she was in fact something of a "walking brothel" and a woman who used her considerable assets to seduce one Hollywood big-wig after another for the sake of her career. It didn't always work. Gossips say that when she tried to have her wicked way with powerful director Howard Hawks, he told her she was nothing special and to go away.

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