15Fake: Jenna

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The hallmark star of the “other” industry is basically the archetype for being THE blonde bombshell of her field. The cute face, the big boobs, the slender frame, yadda yadda. All of that was huge back in the 90s, but today? Yeah, while that’s still a coveted aspect that many

seem to want to have, a shift began to take place and today more and more ladies are being celebrated for having curves. Jenna Jameson must’ve watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians or she started watching a crap load of Beyoncé videos because as evidenced in the photo above, she clearly decided to get some work done. This could be one of those cases where there really wasn’t any need for the woman to get any plastic surgery. Jameson bought her implants around her 38th birthday, opting to show off her new ASSet during a birthday blowout.

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