8 Stars From The 90s You Wouldn't Recognize In Public (And 8 Who Look The Same)

While some celebrities may seem immune to the effects of aging, as you're about to find out, not everyone is quite that lucky. There are several stars from the 90s who not only didn't age as well as they may have hoped, but they may be unrecognizable in 2017. Especially when we compare them side-by-side with some of the hottest photos that they ever took during their prime.

You can prepare to have at least some bubbles burst, as women that you may have been crushing on during your most nostalgic years - such as Tiffani Theissen, Meg Ryan, and Kelly LeBrock - will never look the same to you again after you see them on our list.

Many of the biggest stars from the 90s have also elected to leave the spotlight, such as Maitland Ward from Boy Meets World who in the past few years has re-emerged as a cosplayer with some new aspects that will definitely take you by surprise. Others like Lil' Kim has had to defend herself from skin-bleaching comments as many people feel she looks like a completely different person than the one they fell in love with.

But along with showing the worst of the worst, we've also tracked down the 8 hottest celebrities from the 90s that prove that aging seems to just be optional for them. That doesn't mean that we didn't still track down side-by-side pictures showing them both in the 90s when we're sure you fell in love with them, and some of their more recent looks that are unforgettable.

16 Wouldn't Recognize - Lil' Kim

Lil' Kim was one of the biggest female musicians towards the end of the 90s and carried that career through the early half of the 2000s. But her career has definitely tapered off as of late and when you look at the above photo, you may also be shocked at how different Kim is looking nowadays.

Don't you dare accuse her of bleaching her skin though, as one fan did online leading her to respond

"Ok but when the f*ck did I bleach my skin u miserable Moron! My plast post clearly shows that but u haters will always have something to say even when facts r right in front of ur face but I understand ur just doing ur job as a hater but understand this … I checked my calendar and I still won’t give a f*ck Neveruary the 1st either.”

15 Look The Same - Britney Spears

Britney Spears exploded onto the scene towards the end of the 90s and remains one of the most publicized stars in 2017. While she did have that brief meltdown back in 2007, she has clearly cleaned her life up and is looking better than ever.

Perhaps the most unusual fact of Spears' current life is that she is dating someone who is only 23 years old (Spears is 35 for context). Which means he wasn't around for any of her big debut where she was everywhere, but we're sure he enjoys spending every second he can with her.

Spears has performed in Las Vegas for the last portion of her career but announced that this will be her last year.

14 Wouldn't Recognize - Meg Ryan

You can't talk about celebrities in the 1990s and not talk about Meg Ryan. She had countless hits but her biggest is arguably Sleepless in Seattle or You Got Mail. But as you may be able to tell from the photos we've included above, many people think that Meg Ryan definitely hasn't aged as gracefully as she may have hoped.

One person who we're sure would disagree is her current boyfriend John Mellencamp. The two have gone through breakups in the past, but we hope they're confident that their relationship is stronger than ever if they're willing to give it another shot.

Ryan's professional career has also stagnated greatly with her last project coming out in 2015, though she does have a TV series titled Picture Paris in the works.

13 Look The Same - Elizabeth Hurley

When it comes to the genre of spy movies, there probably isn't a better franchise than James Bond. But we do have a special place in our heart for the hilarious spoof on the genre ala the Austin Powers franchise. On top of being a great film to let Mike Myers embrace his comedic side, it also allowed us to get a great look at Elizabeth Hurley looking perhaps the sexiest that she ever has.

Now in 2017, Hurley is still every bit as active in the industry and has one of the leading roles on the series The Royals. But as exciting as her role is, you may be even more excited about all the photos she uploads online of her showing off the fact that at the age of 52, that she still has one of the best bodies in Hollywood.

12 Wouldn't Recognize - Tiffani Thiessen

We wouldn't blame you if your first celebrity crush was on Tiffani Thiessen's character Kelly on the series Saved By The Bell. If you're curious, Danielle Fishel who is known for her role of Topanga has admitted to just that fact!

Theissen went on to captivate audiences by appearing in 90210. But her career has been non-existent as of late and looking at the above photos may have you left stunned at how "Kelly" is looking as of late.

She will, however, make an appearance in an upcoming Netflix series titled Alexa & Kate that is slated to come out in 2018. There's definitely no shortage of actors who have benefitted from Netflix, so let's hope Theissen will be another.

11 Look The Same - Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock has had some tough moments in her personal life since the 90s. She was married to Jesse James for years but in 2010 it became apparent that he had cheated on her with several different women. Which is insane when you consider Bullock was a fox back in the 90s - as we show with this picture from Speed - and is still looking gorgeous at the age of 52.

We're sure if we asked Bullock what the most exciting thing in her life was, she'd say her two children. You, on the other hand, may say the fact that she is playing the leading role in the upcoming female-centric spin-off Ocean's Eight.

10 Wouldn't Recognize - Maitland Ward

While Maitland Ward's career may not have been as prominent as some actresses on our list, she was part of Boy Meets World and for that, she always deserves to be placed in consideration when considering 90s stars. Ward's career fizzled out after the series ended with her biggest claim to fame being White Chicks.

Not really what you want! Ward has since focused her efforts on cosplay and putting her body on prominent display for her followers on Instagram. We're not saying anything official, but she may have enhanced certain parts of her since her time on the series.

When talking about the risqué photos, Ward said

"I want to be happy, and I want to make my followers happy. It’s a win-win situation.”

9 Look The Same - Jessica Biel

When it comes to the career of Jessica Biel, she, funnily enough, is currently bookended by her big start on 7th Heaven and her recent outstanding performance on the ongoing mini-series The Sinner. And while the two titles may be opposites, it does speak to the success that Biel is still going in 2017 and looking perhaps better than ever.

Biel's also locked down another 90s heartthrob Justin Timberlake and the two have been married since 2015 with one child together. While we're not sure where Biel's career is headed after The Sinner wraps up, we're sure you aren't alone in hoping we've seen far from the last of her.

8 Wouldn't Recognize - Kelly LeBrock

Kelly LeBrock made a big name for herself in the 80s appearing in several projects including Weird Science. She kept that career going through the 90s, including acting opposite husband Steven Seagal - who she later divorced.

But she then went off the grid for over 2 decades.

"I decided to quit Hollywood to raise my babies away from the limelight. I didn't want them looking into any of the negative aspects of my divorce. So I ran for the hills, and I've basically been living in the wilderness with no TV for 24 years," said LeBrock after her recent re-emergence.

We wouldn't blame you if LeBrock looks much different than the sexpot you remember, but we commend her for making the decision to raise her family in the way she felt was best.

7 Look The Same - Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston was considered one of the biggest sex symbols back in the 1990s and that definitely hasn't changed by 2017. Aniston should be commended for keeping her body in tremendous shape. Which may also explain why she often puts it on display! But hey, if you've got it, flaunt it right?

Aniston's career in the 90s (and early 2000s) was defined by Friends but she's made a successful transition to big-screen roles. Her most prominent perhaps being in the Horrible Bosses franchise where she definitely dials up the heat!

Here's hoping her good looks and movie career are both far from over.

6 Wouldn't Recognize - Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson turned heads everywhere she went in the 90s. Granted she did appear on the series Baywatch where her sexuality was definitely ramped up, but she also had the body to back up the attention she got! But Anderson has changed her looks significantly over the years and many people feel it may not have been for the best.

Anderson's career was also influenced by the fact that she posed for Playboy. When recanting how that went down, Anderson stated

"I was watching a girlfriend in a fashion show when they first came up to me, and I said, "No. Are you crazy?" Then, when they asked me again, this time to pose for a cover, I thought, "Well, a cover isn't nude. Maybe I can do that." Plus, a cover meant fame. But my boyfriend at the time was furious. He said, "You're not going to do that! You're not doing anything!" So out of spite, I did it. [laughs] I mean, whatever. It was fun."

5 Look The Same - Marisa Tomei

There isn't a more anticipated film project than what Marvel has been building over the last few years. They continued to add to their legacy with Spider-Man and while Tom Holland excels in the role, the real standout may be Marisa Tomei who steps into the role of Aunt May.

The role was significantly older for Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire's take on the character, but we're sure you don't mind getting to see Tomei embrace her good looks in what is already a tremendous series.

Tomei's biggest performance in the 90s was My Cousin Vinny, but she's been stunning throughout her career including leaving nothing to the imagination for her role in The Wrestler. 

4 Wouldn't Recognize - Sunny

While a large majority of our entries come from Hollywood, there is no getting around how unfortunate Sunny's life turned out. She was a huge diva during the 1990s and has even been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. But given that the above photo we have for her features her in a courtroom, you can imagine life definitely took some rough turns.

Sunny has been arrested on multiple occasions, including being arrested 5 times in a 4-week span back in 2012. Sunny has also gone on to appear in an adult film back in 2016 titled Sunny Side Up: Through the Backdoor. Probably not how she envisioned her career going if you asked her back in the middle of the 90s!

3 Look The Same - Drew Barrymore

If we told you back in the 90s that in 2017 Drew Barrymore was the star of a Netflix series, your first question would be what the hell is Netflix. But the point would probably still come across that even in 2017, Barrymore remains one of the most recognizable actresses.

The series, Santa Clarita Diet, also stars Timothy Olyphant and will be airing its 2nd season in 2018 - meaning you have plenty of time if you want to get caught up. Though during the filming of the first season, Barrymore admitted there was a scene where she took a tumble and cracked her head on the concrete. Thankfully she was okay or she definitely wouldn't be making a list like this!

2 Wouldn't Recognize - Christina Aguilera

Now if we are being completely fair, Christina Aguilera is definitely still a relevant name in society. She has over 4 million followers on Instagram, spent years on the reality show The Voice and is even appearing in an upcoming movie titled Zoe. 

But looking at Christina at the peak of her musical career and looking at her now, and you can definitely see some differences that would have been startling to tell you about over a decade ago.

Though to be fair she has aged since then (as you know, people do) which may have increased her decision to allegedly undergo plastic surgery.

1 Look The Same - Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Julia Louis-Dreyfus might be the funniest woman to ever lend her talent to the television screen. She proved that yet again this year when she took home her 6th straight Emmy for Best Actress in a Comedy series at the Emmys. The show, Veep, is a fun political satire which the world definitely needs with someone like Trump running America.

But unfortunately for fans, it was announced back in September that this upcoming 7th season will be the last. Whether Saturday Night Live, Seinfeld, The Old Adventures of New Christine or now Veep - it's clear that wherever Louis-Dreyfus goes, success isn't going to be far behind.

Louis-Dreyfus also has two children with Brad Hall who she married way back in 1987!

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