8 Smokin' Celebs That Secretly Use Tinder (And 7 We Would Swipe Left On)

Tinder is the world's most popular free phone app for dating and meeting people in your area. It helps you find people you don't know that might be a good match for you, romantically or socially. But it's also a social media app that can get pretty personal, so it's not the kind of thing you'd really expect anyone high profile to be using. But surprisingly, there are more than a few celebrities who enjoy using Tinder because of its rapid fire selection process and because you can use it to meet people anywhere. Who knows, maybe someone famous will swipe right on you!

However, just because someone is famous that doesn't necessarily mean they're the kind of person you'd want to hook up with or even hang with. Some celebrities can be complete nightmares. So who exactly is using Tinder, and who should you swipe left on?

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15 Swipe Left: Lindsay Lohan

via: candiest.com

Considering that one of Lindsay Lohan's most obvious addiction is to social media. It's really not a shock that she'd sign up for the world's most popular dating app, either. Lindsay actually managed to out herself for using Tinder in one of the funniest and most awkward ways imaginable. The actress actually found her brother Michael on the app and couldn't help but post a screen shot of it to Instagram (and it looks like they might have been a good personality match, which is a good thing, I guess?). But I think most people might want to give her a swipe left anyway. She's famous and gorgeous, sure, but she's also Lindsay Lohan. She's been a notorious man-eater for nearly a decade, and a relationship or even a date with her seems like it might be a whole mess of drama. It has been a long, rough ride since Mean Girls.

14 Hilary Duff

via: twitter.com

This divorced Disney princess Hilary Duff has been pretty open about her use of Tinder since splitting with hockey player Mike Comrie. She initially signed up with the app as a bit of a joke, but after exploring it, she stuck around for more. The Lizzie McGuire star is a bit of a serial monogamist, so she apparently took a legitimate shot at a Tinder date just to have the experience of a normal first date with someone she hadn't met in person before. She understandably brought some friends along (as did he) and said that it was a "cool" experience. Duff actually included discussions of her Tinder escapades in her music video for Sparks, which led many to speculate that she had possibly signed up with the app specifically to get material for the music video. But even if she did, who cares? You could have gone on an actual date with Hilary Duff!

13 Swipe Left: Ronda Rousey

via: pinterest.com

That's right, the UFC champ is a Tinder user. Rousey actually tried to use a fake name on the app, Brynn Campbell, but was quickly recognized and outed as the MMA fighter she really is. But maybe it just wasn't meant to be, because Rousey also complained that on the occasions that she was asked out on the app and wanted to accept, she had trouble finding places in her busy schedule to fit in a date. And while I'm sure there were a whole lot of guys who would have loved to hop on to Tinder and get matched with Ronda Rousey, I'd have to recommend a swipe left on that one. She's bada*s and pretty for sure, but she's also scary as hell. She picks fights with Floyd Mayweather for fun. That is not the kind of girl you want to mess with, and I imagine that her standards for a man are pretty high.

12 Chelsea Handler

via: pinterest.com

Only swipe right on this girl if you're not looking for something serious, because the talk show host and comedienne has been very frank about using Tinder for her out of town hook ups. Handler says that she loves being single, but has a hard time even finding guys who will ask her out, so took things into her own hands to get the ball rolling. In order to be relationship material in Chelsea's eyes, you'd have to be a pretty extraordinary guy, but she seems like she'd be a hell of a good time under any circumstance, so even if you can just squeeze a night out of her, I'm sure it wouldn't be one anyone would regret. And it does make a lot of sense. Why go out solo to a bar or restaurant in a new town when you could find someone cool to hang with on your phone?

11 Swipe Left: Katy Perry

via: pinterest.com

After breaking up with serial dater John Mayer, Katy apparently decided to give Tinder dating a shot. While being interviewed on radio station Power 105.1 Perry not only admitted to being a Tinder user, but actually said that she's really into it. I imagine she's a pretty selective girl though, so I imagine that you'd have to be pretty special to get a right swipe from her. However, if you're just a lowly plebe you might never get a shot with Katy, or with any of these other rich and famous Tinder users. If rumors are to be believed, there is supposedly a "secret Tinder" that is invite only for the rich, beautiful, and famous. This secret tinder, also known as Tinder Select, is invite-only and you usually need another Tinder Select user to vouch for you. So if you're not rich or smokin' hot enough to warrant an invite, you might just be out of luck.

10 Lily Allen

via: dailymail.co.uk

The English singer Lily Allen (and real life sister to Theon Greyjoy) was actually married when she first joined Tinder, but apparently downloaded the dating app in the hopes of just meeting some cool people to hang out with while she travels. And if you're looking to have a nice time with some new people then I do have to admit, Tinder does seem like the fastest and easiest way to go. What's interesting about what she's looking for in a friendly companion is pretty interesting, though. Her profile explicitly states that she's looking for someone to hang with outside of the entertainment industry and who doesn't want to talk about the entertainment industry. So, if one of Lily Allen's tours ever makes a pit stop in or near your town and she seems like someone you'd like to hang with, fire up your phone and see if you can find her!

9 Swipe Left: Jenelle Evans

via: tmz.com

Well, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is most definitely a fan of Tinder. Has Tinder worked out that well for her? I'd say maybe not so much. Jenelle has actually met two of her three baby daddies on Tinder, and just married her most recent Tinder match, David Eason. Some might consider that a success, but her first Tinder engagement was with Nathan Griffith, father of her son Kaiser. Jenelle had finally found the right man, so they got engaged and pregnant after a few months of dating, and when some domestic violence issues and arrests got in the way of their relationship, they broke up and Jenelle signed up for Tinder again, one day after getting out of jail. It was then that she met Eason, who she promptly got engaged to and pregnant with as well. They just married a few weeks ago and Jenelle promises that he's really a keeper, but if his Travis Bickle eyes are any indication, I'd bet their relationship won't last too much longer. So if you ever see her, for the love of God, swipe left. Swipe left and set your phone on fire.

8 Britney Spears

via: pinterest.com

That's right, even Britney Spears has a Tinder account. The superstar singer made an appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, and because she had recently broken up with her long term boyfriend, the TV host had her join Tinder during the segment, where they even added a pros and cons list of dating Britney Spears. And of course, it is possible that she just played along for the bit, but it's also possible that Britney Spears could swipe right on you at any moment (so long as you're in the right place, obviously). It's not like she hasn't dated regular Joes before, and at the very least, I'm sure she's super fun date to have! So if you're ever busy swiping and see a picture of Brit, don't automatically assume that it's not the real her. But don't quit your day job in the hopes of becoming Britney's next husband, either.

7 Jamie Anderson

via: pinterest.com

The stunning blonde snowboarder Jamie Anderson apparently picked up a bit of a Tinder habit during the Winter Olympics in Sochi, and according to her, she wasn't the only one. She referred to the Tinder use in Sochi's Olympic village as "next level" and said that during the competition Tinder users seemed to be almost entirely athletes. Apparently, the easy hookup app was so popular that it became a bit of a distraction to Jamie, because she later said that she deleted her Tinder profile during the games so she could focus solely on her athletic performance. That might have been for the best, since she wound up becoming the first ever gold medal winner in women's slopestyle snowboarding. There hasn't been any news on whether or not the smokin' hot athlete started swiping again once she returned to the United States, but if you ever see a cute blonde who lists "professional snowboarder" as her job, you might have found a legitimate Olympian.

6 Swipe Left: Leonardo DiCaprio


It's true, the one and only Jack Dawson supposedly has a Tinder profile. And despite the fact that he's one of the world's most famous stars, I can't say that Leo using Tinder is that shocking of an idea. At this point, Leonardo is probably best known for two things: making an awards-bait movie every year in the hopes of getting an Academy Award, and going through hot models faster than Kleenex. And our boy finally made his Oscar dreams come true in 2015, so it makes sense that he'd have even more time on his hands to explore the wild and wonderful world of professionally hot women. Granted, most Tinder users are just average Joes and Janes, but it also makes date selection even faster, especially if your main concern is hotness. So who knows, if you're on Tinder in LA, maybe you'll snag a date with Leonardo DiCaprio. Or at least find out if he thinks you're worthy of a swipe right.

5 Charlize Theron

via: imgrum.com

While she's certainly not a devoted Tinder user, Charlize Theron was actually introduced to the app by one of the other entries on our list, Chelsea Handler. The actress discussed the app during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and explained that Handler was the first to show her the dating app that "everyone was using", and once Handler got to swiping Theron took a real interest in the app. She didn't say whether or not she had actually made the commitment of creating a dating profile, but her hesitation might not stem from what you'd think. Obviously, being Charlize Theron must be an inconvenient high profile in any area of the world, Tinder included, but Theron said that she actually feels like introducing yourself and starting a conversation over text is awkward and a bit weird. She's not wrong, but someone like Charlize using the app also seems a bit useless. I mean, who on earth isn't going to swipe right on her?

4 Swipe Left: Ed Sheeran


Not only is Ed Sheeran a Tinder user, Tinder actually asked him to become their first verified celebrity user (but he declined). The English singer and songwriter had been using the app previously, but turned down their offer because he said he found it "quite creepy" to essentially be using his fame to find dates. He also said that because of his schedule he really couldn't find the time for dates anyway. It's definitely a nice sign that Ed isn't comfortable using his celebrity as a means of getting dates, and he generally seems like a good balance of talented and down to earth. So why would anyone swipe left? Well there is one incredibly obvious answer, which is that he himself says that he doesn't have the time to date. That totally defeats the purpose of even being on Tinder, dude. But even if he did, you really need to ask yourself if you could spend the rest of your life looking at that lion tattoo.

3 Nana Meriwether

via: dailymail.co.uk

Ever wanted to date a literal beauty queen? If so then you're in luck, because Miss USA 2012 Nana Meriwether is an admitted user of the app. The South African-born and Maryland-raised stunner confirmed that she uses Tinder to the magazine The Cut after her profile started, unsurprisingly, to catch some attention. She might not be looking for a serious relationship with it, but hell, who wouldn't want a shot at a date with Miss USA? Even a right swipe from Miss USA would earn anyone some serious bragging rights. But I'm sure that Miss Meriwether is somewhat particular with her swipes, just like any 6 foot tall, absurdly beautiful former professional volleyball player would be. To say that she can afford to be choosy is an understatement, so you'd better come up with one hell of a profile if you want to get her attention!

2 Eric Stonestreet


Eric Stonestreet might play gay on Modern Family, but the Emmy winning actor and comedian is straight in real life and has been surprisingly open about his Tinder use. During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres show, the actor admitted to using the dating app to meet people in his area, and jokingly said he'd had "all varying degrees of fun" through the app. And the actor's rationale behind using it actually makes a lot of sense. He shouldn't be excluded from helpful or fun real world things just because he's an actor. In an interview with Howard Stern, Stonestreet chatted about his Tinder use again, and said that he's actually gone on real dates with some of his matches. So if any ladies in the SoCal area is interested in a possible hook up with Cameron Tucker, Tinder could actually make it happen! Just make sure you have the right settings to see his profile.

1 Swipe Left: Ryan Lochte


The 12-time Olympic medal winner Ryan Lochte is currently engaged, but when the swimmer was single and ready to mingle he admittedly used the dating app to search for hookups and dates. But clearly he got all he wanted out of the app and more, because he apparently met his Playboy playmate fiancée and mother to his newborn son Caiden on Tinder too! So if you have a thing for swimmers, it's a shame that you missed your chance, but honestly, I think Lochte is worthy of a swipe left anyway. He's nice to look at, but he's not really known for being a great conversationalist. It certainly would have been interesting to know whether or not he'd give you a "jeah" of approval, but if he can barely maintain a conversation in a five minute interview, I can't imagine what it'd be like to spend an entire dinner with him.

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