8 Rumored Names On Their Way To The WWE (And 7 That’ll Be Gone)

Although we usually think about WrestleMania season as the slated timeline for a return, November is oddly another preferred month by the WWE when it comes to a shocking signing or debut. In recent years, we’ve seen the likes of Bill Goldberg and Sting both appear at the November show, Survivor Series. For this year’s event, it’s being rumored that the UFC’s Four Horsewomen may debut, which once again fuels lots of speculation.

In this article, we take a look at other names that can possibly either return or sign with the company in the very near future. Some are working their tails off on the indie scene while others, may come out of retirement for a return. We’ll also take a look at the flip side which pertains to Superstars leaving the company. One in particular is making all the headlines nowadays, as he isn’t the happiest camper recently walking out of the company. We’ll also take a look at other rumored departures that can happen in the near future.

From Wade Barrett returning to Daniel Bryan parting ways, we explore the possibilities of these rumored signings and departures. Enjoy the article and like always, let us know via Facebook who you want to see back in the WWE. Let’s get started. Ring the bell!


15 Rumored – Wade Barrett

Making his main roster debut as the leader of Nexus in 2010, many pegged great things for Wade Barrett as the next big heel in the WWE. However, a loss to John Cena (due to John’s backstage influence) set Wade’s career in a bit of a downward spiral. Following the end of the faction, Wade turned into just another guy.

He ended up leaving the company for a career in acting. Wade admitted he was totally spent at the time of release and desperately needed some time off. However, Wade recently spoke out about the real reasons he left, claiming that creatively, he was frustrated, along with being treated wrongfully backstage. Barrett has now stated he’s 99.9% sure he returns to the ring. He’s already working as a General Manager back in the UK. Having not burned any bridges against the WWE since his time away, a return seems very likely for Barrett who can serve a purpose in more ways than one on any roster.

14 Out – Neville


One of the biggest stories currently circulating in the world of pro wrestling is the recent incident that saw Neville pull a CM Punk and storm out of a live event. Oh, and this was no ordinary live event, it was a live WWE Raw telecast that had Neville main eventing in the final match. According to the rumors, Neville left the backstage area when he learned that Enzo was once again going over in the final match of the night. With Neville unwilling to do the job, Kalisto stepped in and won the championship on the night.

Without a doubt, there simply has to be more to this story than just one incident. Several wrestling dirt sheets are making the claim that Neville’s outburst was a buildup from months ago. With the Cruiserweight Division in absolute disarray, it doesn’t take a genius to understand Neville’s frustrations. With the indie scene hotter than ever and Neville’s stock sky high, a release seems like a huge possibility at this point.

13 Rumored – Ricochet

When you get endorsed by The Great One himself, The Rock, you know you’re something special. Ricochet, a 29 year old veteran, has been working his craft for more than a decade now on the indie scene working for the likes of Evolve, New Japan, Dragon Gate and Lucha Underground just to name a few. His in-ring style is truly spectacular as he possesses an array of breathtaking aerial manoeuvres. Without a doubt, this guy’s the real deal.

According to the rumor mill, Ricochet is set to sign with the WWE in the very near future. Looking at his work on the indie circuit lately, he’s been getting pinned which shows he’s paying his final dues. Also, the wrestler needed to wait for his final Lucha Underground matches to air as the company has a policy in their contracts that a wrestler can’t sign with a company till all their footage has aired. Once that’s done with, it’ll be interesting to see where Ricochet lands, whether it's NXT or 205 Live. Most hope the 205 route won’t be taken for this gem of a wrestler.

12 Out – Gran Metalik


WWE has a knack for ruining international Superstars. The company prefers a specific style of wrestler, and this usually leads to the ruining of a certain Superstar. During the Cruiserweight Classic, it was truly a breath of fresh air seeing the Superstars use their own distinctive styles. However, shortly into their main roster runs, they’ve been turned into average WWE guys, something that has hurt the division.

A Superstar that lost a lot of his mystique is Gran Metalik, a finalist in the CC tournament, the Mexican was a favorite to win it all over Perkins. Not only did he lose in the finals, but he’s been an afterthought with the company ever since. With a tremendous background in New Japan and his days wrestling the indie circuit, Metalik might be inclined to revisit those routes sooner rather than later. How he’s been an afterthought is truly beyond us.

11 Rumored – John Morrison

Before Cody Rhodes did it, John Morrison bet on his talent opting to leave the WWE. Morrison wanted independent control of his gimmick but the WWE was unwilling to oblige. Since his departure, the 37 year old has grown his value immensely with various companies. From AAA in Mexico to Lucha Underground, Morrison’s work rate continues to exceed expectations as he dominates the promotions winning a plethora of championships. He’s now a part of GFW/Impact, renaming himself Johnny Impact.

Morrison himself hasn’t shut the door on a WWE return. He’s even said that’s the likely path he’ll eventually take when the time is right. With Morrison working his craft and never speaking ill about the WWE, there’s no doubt the company will express interest once his new contract is up.

10 Out – Dana Brooke


Making a transition into the world of pro wrestling without any prior experience is a daunting task, especially in this day and age. Back in the 90s and early 2000s, a female wrestler could have gotten away with minimal experience; heck, Brooke could have been a champion back in the day looking at her skillset compared to others. However, in this day and age, fans are a lot more critical and that’s hurt Brooke quite a bit as her counterparts continue to shine, while she remains an afterthought over on Raw.

Nowadays, you can find Brooke as a live event talent or ambassador for the company (in truth, she’s great with fans and in terms of PR work). With new female talents constantly emerging, Brooke’s WWE days might be numbered. It’ll be interesting to see if the WWE decides to renew Brooke once her contract expires. Don’t hold your breath on those negotiations.

9 Rumored – Trish Stratus

A proud mother of two beautiful children, the 41 year old is currently enjoying the perks of motherhood nowadays. So you might be asking yourself, "why in the hell would Trish want to return?" Well, according to an interview conducted with Stratus last year, she did in fact claim to have a certain itch when it came to a return. Trish said that she’d be open for a comeback, but did express the fact that it had to be for something huge and not just any storyline. She also claimed to want to turn heel in a possible return, but we all know that’s pretty impossible.

If you follow Trish on Twitter, you’re likely well aware that she still follows the company religiously, tweeting about everything WWE-related on the regular. Down the road at some point, this rumored return might become a reality. In terms of booking, we expect a one off match return.


8 Out – Hideo Itami


Back in 2014 when Itami began with NXT, it seemed laughable to think that by 2017 and entering 2018, Hideo would still be a part of the NXT roster. Heck, looking at his work rate and prior experience early on, it seemed like his NXT stint would only last a couple of months.

For those of you that follow NXT, you know that hasn’t been the case. Itami has had no luck whatsoever in terms of injuries as he’s been on the shelf more so than in the ring as of late. Recently, the rumor mill suggested Itami had enough, wanting to put his WWE days in the past and return to Japan in order to resurface his brand and name. It also helps that he’s got his family back at home as well. At the age of 36, this rumor can come to fruition unless a main roster call up is somehow in the works.

7 Rumored – Matt Riddle

Hard to believe the WWE turned this guy down back in 2014 (granted, he didn’t have the same experience). Vince and his scouts usually have a keen eye when it comes to potential. Instead, they made Riddle walk and he’s created one heck of a name for himself out on the indie circuit.

At age 31, Matt’s currently in his prime. The indie star is working insane schedules. In the summer it was reported that he worked seven days straight, and the catch? He loved every minute of it. In a recent interview, Riddle made the claim that he knows WWE’s watching and he even spoke to William Regal recently discussing a contract offer. Riddle’s terms were a little too high for the WWE but with so much obvious talent, we don’t expect the WWE to stay away for too long. Riddle has said that his next big destination is either New Japan or WWE. It remains to be seen what the future has in store for the brilliant former MMA fighter.

6 Out – Tamina


If you asked an average WWE fan about Tamina last year, they probably would have told you that they thought she was retired or out of the company. Instead, she was out with an injury and finally, the WWE is showcasing her skills over on SmackDown Live alongside Lana. As we said with Dana Brooke earlier in the article, the Women’s Division is getting better and better, which likely means Tamina’s window is constantly getting smaller and smaller. At the age of 39 and set to turn 40 in January, this run might be a curtain call type of run for the daughter of the late Jimmy Snuka.

She has yet to win a Women’s Title, instead, she has Worst Feud Of The Year and Worst Match of the Year on her resume from back in 2013 and 2015. A member of the WWE family for close to eight years, maybe the WWE pays homage to her loyalty with the company by giving her a brief title run before the two sides cut ties.

5 Rumored – Kenny Omega

Some rumors just never die down and that's the case with Kenny Omega (till he decides to sign with the WWE). Omega made headlines last January as his contract expired with New Japan. Kenny made the claim that Triple H would have flown a private jet to wherever he was immediately and brought him into NXT ASAP. Instead, Omega renewed another year with the Japanese promotion. With January once again on the horizon, look for the rumors to heat up for a second time around.

The optimistic part about this potential deal is the fact that Omega has plenty of friends with the company. He even recently admitted to talking to A.J. Styles on the phone as the two still remain close friends. With Styles ushering in so much success with the company, perhaps her can be the final straw in luring the talented indie star to the WWE. Of course, Omega is strict when it comes to creative control, so we hope those differences won’t prolong his WWE debut once again.

4 Out – Enzo Amore


Imagine somebody telling you a couple of months back that the main event to an episode of Raw would be Enzo Amore against Kalisto? Now imagine somebody telling you that on the same show, The Shield would be reuniting. Yes folks, this is real life as Enzo continues to be featured in the main events of Raw. To his credit, the recent episode that saw Kalisto defeat Enzo in the main event actually drew quite decently. Whether you love him or hate him, he’s helped the Cruiserweight Division a lot.

Enzo loves controversy and we have reason to believe that his attitude might influence a departure at some point. Whether it’s something backstage, or Enzo demanding a ridiculous amount of coin, we have reason to believe his WWE run won’t last forever. He’s also interested in a rap career, so that can also play a certain role in his future.

3 Rumored – Rey Mysterio

At the age of 42, Mysterio is still honing his craft nowadays away from the WWE. Rey’s WWE departure was a rare one as he was freed up from a long term deal he had recently signed. Since his departure, the WWE has failed miserably in creating the next masked Superstar.

Working limited dates, Mysterio is still making a great living as he’s quite pricey in-terms of in-ring bookings. What’s encouraging is the fact that he still works excellently in the ring. At the age of 42, Rey needs to be seriously thinking about his future, and perhaps one last run in the WWE would seem like the most interesting option given his prior success with the company. We expect this return sooner rather than later. He recently congratulated Kalisto on his title win, which at least is a positive sign that he's still keeping tabs on his former company.

2 Out – Daniel Bryan


Out or in? This is 'the' question when it comes to the future of Daniel Bryan. The former WWE Champion has issued various statements discussing the fact that he will return to the ring. Now, it remains to be seen where that will be, whether it’s with the WWE, or outside of the company once his contract expires.

Money won’t entice Daniel to stay, as the WWE Superstar is mostly passion driven (nor does he spend a lot in his everyday life). Bryan has expressed interest in working a hair versus mask match in Mexico, which has fans speculating that he’s growing out his hair for the gig. ROH is another possible destination with Cody Rhodes recently challenging Bryan on social media, with Bryan responding and not ruling out the possibility of a match. The writing might already be on the wall for Bryan’s WWE exit.

1 Rumored – Ronda Rousey

In her recent comments pertaining to signing with the WWE, Rousey stated, “If you were a real fan, would you really wanna know?” Of course, this led to more speculation that a signing with the company is highly likely at some point. Other rumors also indicated that she began to train for her new career privately alongside The Brian Kendrick. Similar to Brock Lesnar, we expect Rousey to be a fierce attraction in the Women’s Division at some point. Vince is salivating somewhere anticipating this debut.

Another name to recently surface was Conor McGregor, as it was rumored that he signed a deal with the WWE. Dana White shot down those allegations showing a Vince McMahon text message in which the Chairman denied the claims. I guess we’ll settle for Rousey, but Conor remains a definite possibility in the future.


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