8 Rich Celebs That Live Modestly And 8 That Waste Their Money

As children, many celebrities dreamed of the day when they’d be rich and famous. They dreamed of having thousands and thousands of adoring fans all over the world. They dreamed of performing for millions of fans or starring in iconic films. They don’t just want the fame and attention. They also want to get paid a lot of money. They dream of selling millions of albums and breaking box office records. However, children often dream about spending that money and in usually outrageous ways. Some celebrities make so much money that they can’t spend it fast enough. Most celebrities seem to remember what they wanted as a child. Sometimes they’ll spend their money on ridiculous items from multiple expensive cars to insane purchases like a monkey. However, there were also a handful of celebs that dreamed of the day they’d become rich and famous and could put that money in the bank. Some celebs are just better at saving their money than others.

Many celebrities live life in the fast lane. They spend millions of dollars on everything from their home to their friends. They throw outrageous parties and purchase outlandish items. Then, there are the humble celebrities that live a modest life in the slow lane. They save their money and plan for the future. The other celebs don’t worry about the future. The modest celebs live a normal life but will splurge from time to time. Here is a look at 8 Rich Celebs that Live Modestly and 8 that Waste their money.

16 Lady Gaga (Outrageous)


Lady Gaga likes to spend her money to protect and keep herself safe. It’s pretty wise to spend money on security but she spends all this money to protect herself from ghosts... The six-time Grammy award-winning Lady Gaga is one of the best-selling musicians of all time. She has released several critically and commercially acclaimed albums, including The Fame, The Fame Monster, Born This Way, Artpop and Cheek to Cheek. She also appeared in several memorable TV series such as, The Sopranos, The Simpsons and American Horror Story: Hotel.

Lady Gaga has a net worth of $280 million. She does donate to several charities but she also spends her money in some outrageous ways. The most outrageous are the various ways she protects herself from ghosts. She often hires experts in the paranormal field to “clear” her room of any ghosts or spirits. Additionally, she once spent $50,000 on an electro-magnetic field to detect any ghosts or spirits that might want to haunt her.

15 Sarah Michelle Gellar (Modest)

Sarah Michelle Gellar has portrayed a beauty queen, a rich girl, and a vampire slayer. It might be a shock to know that in real life, Sarah is none of those things. Actually, the "vampire slayer" part is true. Sarah enjoys living a simple life with her husband Freddie Prinze Jr. They live a very humble, frugal, and modest lifestyle. Sarah Michelle Gellar is best known for her iconic role as Buffy Summers in the beloved series Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Additionally, she has starred in several memorable films including I Know What You Did Last Summer, Scooby-Doo, and Cruel Intentions.

Sarah and Freddie together have an estimated net worth of $15 million but live a very modest and private life. They’re rarely photographed in public places or at any wild celebrity parties. In fact, Sarah openly admits to cutting out coupons and is always in search of a sale or a deal. Sarah does find the time to volunteer and donate to several charities. She is just really smart with saving her money.

14 Tom Cruise (Outrageous)


It’s not uncommon for celebs to own a private jet but that doesn’t necessarily mean they waste their money. Even the most frugal celebrity deserves to splurge from time to time. However, like everything he does, Tom Cruise has to take owning a jet to the next level. Tom Cruise is one of the highest paid actors in the world with a reported net worth of $480 million. He plays the role of Ethan Hunt in the Mission Impossible film series. He’s starred in several commercially-acclaimed films such as Top Gun, Interview with a Vampire, and Jerry Maguire. Tom Cruise has a lot of money to spend. Some people when buying a shirt will buy the exact same shirt in case something happens to the original. Tom has the same philosophy but applies that to private jets. Tom owns 5 private jets just in case. He also once gave his ex-wife, Katie Holmes, a $20 million private jet as a present.

13 Jay Leno (Modest)


At one point in his life, Jay Leno struggled to get by and survive. That period in his life has resulted in him being one of the most frugal comedians alive. Jay Leno has never spent or touched a dime of the money he’s made from hosting The Tonight Show. Leno first rose to fame as a stand-up comedian. He continues to do comedy tours all over the world. Later, Jay Leno hosted the iconic Tonight Show from 1992 to 2009, and again from 2010 to 2014.

Jay Leno doesn’t waste any of his money but does own one of the most impressive, expensive, and exotic car collections. He owns roughly 286 vehicles with 169 being cars and the rest being motorcycles, which cost him roughly $60 million. However, he used only the money he made from stand-up comedy to make these purchases. It’s worth repeating that Leno has never spent a dime of his Tonight Show money and it’s all in the bank. When he was younger, he was forced to work two jobs and still struggled to survive. He now has a reported net worth of $350 million but he’s never forgotten where he came from.

12 Beyoncé (Outrageous)


“Queen B” Beyoncé truly is the Queen of her kingdom. She carries herself with the integrity and pride fitting a Queen of her statues. She also spends money like a Queen that just conquered a small country. Beyoncé is one of the best selling solo musicians of all time. She has released several universally critically and commercially acclaimed albums, such as Dangerously in Love, B’Day, I Am…Sasha Fierce, 4, Beyoncé and Lemonade. Beyoncé has a net worth of $265 million. She is married to rapper Jay Z and together they have a net worth of roughly $1 billion. They have so much money to spend that they often waste their money instead of putting it in the bank. In 2013, for Father’s Day Beyoncé purchased at $40 million private jet for Jay Z. Rich celebrities seem to enjoy purchasing private jets for each other. Beyoncé doesn’t just spend her money on her husband, she also spends it on her hair. She once admitted to spending $145,000 on an organic blonde wig.

11 Tobey Maguire (Modest)


Even Spiderman knows that no matter how much fame and fortune a person receives, it’s always wise to save up for the rainy days. Spidey also knows that it’s wise to keep extra web shooters on hand. Tobey Maguire is best known for his portrayal of Spiderman a.k.a. Peter Parker in Sam Raimi’s Spiderman. He’s also appeared in several memorable films such as Cider House Rules, Seabiscuit, and The Great Gatsby.

Tobey’s parents married very young and divorced when he was just 2 years old. He ended up moving around a lot and didn’t always have the most stable life. This humble and modest time of his life ended up staying with him forever. Despite being one of the highest paid actors, he’s remained very frugal and safe with his money. He’s responsible with his money because of his fear of losing it all or being in a horrible financial situation. He likes the freedom to choose whatever roles he likes and never wants to take on a role because he needs money. He did splurge once when he purchased a large property in the expensive part of California. However, he considers it as a smart investment.

10 Kim Kardashian (Outrageous)


If spending money were a sport, then Kim Kardashian would be the MVP every year. Kim Kardashian is best known for appearing in the reality series, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. She also appears in the many spin-offs. Apparently, opposites do not necessarily attract as Kanye West, her hubby, wants to splurge too...and I mean, a lot of splurging. Kim and Kanye are a rich couple that loves to waste money made in reality TV heaven. She is one of the highest paid reality TV stars. The socialite is known for spending her money on outrageous and expensive items. Apparently, Kim is afraid that something horrible will happen to her phone so she purchases old phones online. When she had a Blackberry, she would go on eBay and buy three more Blackberries in case hers breaks. She owns an extensive fur collection, went on a $100,000 shopping spree at Hermes, and purchased a watch for $115,000. Additionally, she once purchased a $10,000 ring just for fun. Kim does make some outrageous purchases but pales in comparison to her husband.

9 Jennifer Lawrence (Modest)


Just because “America’s Sweetheart” Jennifer Lawrence is a highly paid movie actress in the world, it doesn’t mean she lives life in the fast lane. In fact, J-Law lives life in the slow lane. Lawrence doesn’t live the wild life often associated with the Hollywood elites. Instead, she lives a very frugal and humble one. Jennifer Lawrence has starred in several multi-awarded films such as The Hunger Games series, the X-Men series, American Hustle, and Joy. She won an Oscar for Best Actress for her role in Silver Linings Playbook.

Despite her success, for a long time, Lawrence lived in the same condo in Santa Monica for several years. It wasn’t until recently that she finally sold the condo and moved into a home previously owned by Jessica Simpson. The ever, should I say, thrifty Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t spend millions of dollars on vehicles. She doesn’t need to buy a Ferrari or Bentley and is happy driving around Hollywood in her bug. Additionally, she’s like a bloodhound when it comes to sniffing out a deal or sale. She doesn’t like shopping at high-end stores and focuses on clipping out coupons and saving her money.

8 Leonardo DiCaprio (Outrageous)


Leonardo DiCaprio is known for being environmentally conscious and cares deeply about the earth. However, even environment-friendly people like to spend money. If you’re Leonardo DiCaprio, you go out and by an island. Leo had his big breakthrough with his starring role in James Cameron’s Titanic. He’s also starred in several films, including Romeo and Juliet, Blood Diamond, and The Departed. He has recently won an Oscar (finally!) for Best Actor in the 2016 movie The Revenant.

Leo has so much money to spend that he purchased an island near Belize for $2.5 million. He is known for caring about the environment but has received some criticism for it. He is often seen flying around in private jets or relaxing on super yachts. In fact, he once took a private jet for a one-day trip from France to New York to accept an environmental award. He owns a $10 million home in New York City, which he upgraded to become more environment-friendly. The home includes purified air and vitamin C-infused showers. Still, nothing tops buying his own personal island.

7 Kristen Bell And Dax Shepherd (Modest)


Kristen Bell and Dax Shepherd are a frugal match made in heaven. The couple holds the distinction of having the cheapest and “worst” celebrity Hollywood wedding of all time. Kristen Bell is best known for her role in the popular series Veronica Mars. She’s also appeared in several films like Forgetting Sarah Marshall, The Boss, and Chips. Currently, she stars in the sitcom The Good Place. Of course, who could forget her dubbing as Anna in Disney's animated movie Frozen? She seems to have a lot going on for her. Meanwhile, her hubby has appeared in Employee of the Month, Idiocracy, and Chips.

They married in 2013 and have two daughters. Most celebrity couples are known for going all-out for their wedding. However, Kristen and Dax are a frugal couple that like to save as much as possible. They have a combined net worth of $18 million but their wedding cost only $140. They married at a courthouse instead of a lavish wedding and part of the $140 included gas. Additionally, Kristen is known for her amazing ability to uncover a sale or deal. She’s an expert when it comes to coupons and saving money.

6 Kanye West (Outrageous)


Kanye West has rapped and sang about a lot of different topics but saving his money isn’t one of them. It really should be no surprise that he's on this list. The Grammy award-winning Kanye West is one of the best-selling solo artists of all time. He has released several albums—College Dropout, Graduation, and 808s & Heartbreak.

Kanye spends his money on some outrageous items. Many celebrities spend a lot of money on their hair but nobody comes close to Kanye. West spends $500 everyday to have his head shaved. Also, he loves having diamonds on his teeth but hates to take them out. So he spent $60,000 to have the diamond stones permanently implanted on his bottom teeth. He spends $140,000 a year on flowers for his wife Kim Kardashian. Also, for Kim’s birthday, Kanye bought her a Birkin bag, which ranges only from $10,000 to $100,000. He then allowed his 1-year-old daughter, North, to customize the bag with finger-painting.

5 Zooey Deschanel (Modest)


Zooey Deschanel can do it all. She’s an actress and a singer-songwriter at the same time. She also plays the ukulele and is apparently responsible with her money. She truly is a quadruple threat. Despite being one of the many high-earning actresses on television, Zooey lives a simple lifestyle. She currently stars as Jessica Day on the sitcom New Girl.

While going through divorce proceedings with ex-husband Ben Gibbard, her monthly budget was revealed. Her monthly expenses are 25% of her monthly income. She makes roughly $95,000 a month and her expenses were $22,500 per month. Additionally, she has three credit cards all with a balance of $0. She’s not just frugal with her spending but she's also smart with her savings. 40% of her assets were in her bank accounts and the rest was put in real estate, stocks, and bonds. She also donates a large sum to charity. She doesn’t enjoy spending her money on expensive jewelry or designer clothes and shoes. Instead, she searches out a deal at thrift shops. She once said, “style isn’t when you buy yourself the most expensive things.”

4 Floyd Mayweather (Outrageous)

Anyone who goes by the nickname “Money” probably enjoys spending it a lot. Floyd Mayweather certainly enjoys spending all of his money. Floyd may be considered one of the greatest boxers of all time. He’s undefeated as a professional and is one of the top PPV draws. He competed from 1996 to 2015 and was a 5-division champion. He has made millions and millions of dollars for his fights. In 2015, Forbes named him the highest paid athlete in the world.

Floyd is known for going on outrageous shopping sprees. He only wears his shoes and boxers one time, then throws them out. He spends roughly $6,500 per year on boxers. He owns a luxurious home in Miami and Las Vegas. Additionally, he owns two large groups of luxury cars. The white cars are at his home in Miami and the black vehicles are in Vegas. He owns a private jet but makes his bodyguards fly on a separate private jet. Additionally, he pays $1,000 twice a week to get his hair cut. When he was training, he’d have his hair cut three times a week, adding up to $3,000. He might be “Money” right now but if he’s not careful one day, they’ll be calling him Floyd “Broke” Mayweather.

3 Sarah Jessica Parker (Modest)


Carrie Bradshaw was your typical New York fashion icon. She wore only the best designer clothes and shoes. However, the Emmy Award-winning Sarah Jessica Parker lives a very different life from her TV counterpart. Sarah grew up very poor and in tough conditions and has never forgotten that. Sarah is best known for her role as Carrie Bradshaw in the popular series Sex in the City.

Sarah lives a very modest and humble lifestyle and a lot of that has to do with her childhood. Her parents had 8 children (including Sarah) at a time the family could barely survive on welfare. She recalls the humiliation she felt as a child at lunchtime. She would be moved to the front of the line in order to use her free meal ticket. This stayed with her, as she is very frugal and modest. Despite Sarah and her husband, Matthew Broderick, being millionaires, they’re very careful with spending money. They don’t go on expensive vacations or own a private jet. In fact, Sarah has a net worth of roughly $90 million. Despite that, she’s kept all the clothes she wore as Carrie Bradshaw and her kids often wear hand-me-downs.

2 Nicolas Cage (Outrageous)


At one time, Nicolas Cage was one of the highest paid actors in the world. One would assume he had everything he ever dreamed of, but apparently, that's not the case anymore. Cage has managed to spend his money on the most ridiculous and outrageous items. Nicolas Cage won an Oscar for best actor for his memorable role in the critically-acclaimed film Leaving Las Vegas. He’s starred in several films, including Raising Arizona, Face/Off and Adaptation.

Nicolas Cage has bought items that a normal person probably wouldn’t even consider purchasing. He bought a 40-acre island called Leaf Cay for $7 million. In 1997, he bought the Shah of Iran’s Lamborghini for $450,000. For a brief time, he owned the haunted mansion of Madame LaLaurie. Everyone likes to own a pet but Cage has a strange idea of a pet. At various times, he owned a shark, a crocodile, an octopus, and two albino king cobras. However, the one that tops it all is when he purchased a 67-million-year-old Tarbosaurus skull, which was valued at $300,000. He outbid Leonardo DiCaprio for the skull so he likely spent half of his fortune.

1 Tyra Banks (Modest)


The utterly gorgeous and filthy rich supermodel/TV host Tyra Banks, is so frugal that she often steals…err…stocks up on soaps and shampoos from the hotels she stays in. She brings them home to use and laughs hysterically as she washes her hair thinking about all the savings. Tyra Banks first gained recognition as a Victoria’s Secret Angel. She is the first African-American to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. In 2003, she created and hosted the massively popular reality series, America’s Next Top Model. Later, she hosted her own talk show, The Tyra Banks Show.

Tyra lives a very modest and frugal lifestyle despite being a glamorous supermodel and having net worth of $90 million. To keep track of her schedule, Tyra uses a paper notebook instead of an iPhone or a Blackberry. She’s even stated that eating at The Cheesecake Factory is equivalent to eating at a fancy restaurant. She once picked the leftover meat off of a friend’s discarded chicken wing to use in her omelette the next day. That might sound gross to some but to others, it’s planning for the future.

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