8 Pics The WWE Wants You To See Of Trish Stratus And 7 They Don’t

Still celebrated today via the WWE Network, the now 41 year old Trish Stratus continues to be remembered by the WWE Universe.

Still celebrated today via the WWE Network, the now 41 year old Trish Stratus continues to be remembered by the WWE Universe despite the fact that she announced her retirement more than a decade ago. The WWE wants us to remember her contributions to the business as a trailblazer. In the midst of an era that sold sex, Trish managed to shake things up and be known for in-ring skills. Today, that mindset is what the WWE looks for in a female star and that all began with Trish. Today, she's the happy mother of two children and you can follow her journey via Instagram as more than 650K fans have done so.

That's all good, but this article isn’t only focused on the good. We'll also take a look at the flipside, showcasing some of Trish's lesser known moments that the WWE wants us to forget about. We'll showcase those very moments with seven pictures the WWE doesn't want us to see from the career of Trish Stratus.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the article. Like always, be sure to share the piece with a friend and let us know your favorite picture from the list. Without further ado, here are eight pictures the WWE wants you to see of Trish Stratus and seven they don't!

15 Want You To See: Her Current Life

As we’ve seen in the past, the life of a WWE Superstar can go one of two ways. Either the wrestler thrives outside of the WWE or completely spirals out of control. We’ve seen a bit of both throughout the times but Trish is certainly one of those alums that the WWE wants you to know about.

After running her yoga studio, Trish embarked into the next chapter of her life: motherhood. She had her first child in September of 2013 when she gave birth to Maximus. If you follow Trish through social media, you’re well aware that a second child was recently conceived when Stratus gave birth to a baby girl named Madison-Patricia, born on January 14th, 2017. She still doesn’t completely rule out an in-ring return, but she’s quite content with her current life as a mother at the moment. Without a doubt, the WWE has no problems with her current state outside of the company.

14 Don't: The Barking Like A Dog Incident

The on-screen relationship between Vince and Trish came to a disturbing end which unfolded in the middle of the ring, in front of a live audience. Looking back, the moment was truly one of the most forgettable without a doubt in Trish's career. While in the ring together, Vince verbally demolished Trish and as if that wasn’t enough, he forced Stratus to remove her clothing in the middle of the ring. Yup, things would only get worse as Trish was forced to get down on her knees and bark like a dog. The entire skit was truly disturbing.

However, things would work out positively for Trish. She would slap Vince square in the face at WrestleMania X-Seven, turning into a fan favorite in the process. After that, she would team up with Lita as a face and win her first ever Women's Championship shortly after. Despite the disturbing incident, it all worked out for Trish.

13 Want You To See: Relationship With Stephanie

During her Hall of Fame induction, fans were very surprised to see Stephanie McMahon induct Trish and not her best friend Lita. Stephanie announcing Trish into the Hall just goes to show how close the two were behind the scenes.

On-screen early on, it looked like the exact opposite as the two were bitter rivals during the Attitude Era and into the 2000s. However, the women were quite close backstage and they managed to form a strong bond throughout the years. Stephanie is notorious for being one the most hated heels on-screen, but one of the nicest and most genuine people off of it. For fans, it's hard to distinguish that, but many Superstars have stated their love for Steph, and Trish was one of those people.

Without a doubt, the WWE wants you to see this picture, especially looking at all the work Stephanie has been doing with the current females of the company pushing them as in-ring competitors, just like Trish was during the better half of her career.

12 Don’t: On-Screen Relationship With Vince

From a story of a McMahon family member and Trish that the WWE wants you to see, to the complete opposite with another family member, and that's Vince McMahon. For those of you that watched, you're well aware that the Attitude Era was quite twisted and a constant theme was Vince McMahon being at the helm of these awkward moments. Trish grew to stardom as a manager for Test and Albert, and would later grow into a big time player once she joined Vince. The content of the two together however, is something both McMahon, Trish and the WWE want you to forget about.

The storyline was extremely twisted as Vince would file for divorce against his wife Linda, while engaging in various affairs with Trish. Both backstage and in front of the audience, the two engaged physically one too many times, making it all so forgettable looking back today. With a PG era in place as well, we'll likely never see the WWE make mention of these antics on their Network.

11 Want You To See: First Ever Championship Victory

Regarded as eye candy up until that point, Trish winning her first ever Women's Championship arguably revolutionized the championship scene. Once she was finally put inside the ring, Trish had to endure a quick injury which put her on the shelf for three months. Once she returned, Trish was awarded with the Women's Championship winning the title in a Six-Pack Challenge match at Survivor Series. From then on, the perceptions of Trish began to change and she started to be known for her in-ring skills and not those edgy skits. She feuded with Jazz for a little while, and would appear in a title match in front of a hometown crowd in Toronto for WrestleMania X8. Even though she lost the match, her career trajectory was quite clear at that point in time.

Stratus would finish off her career as a seven-time Women's Champion, etching her name into WWE history as one of the greats. Her first title victory will always be celebrated by the WWE.

10 Don't: Tables Segment

Back in the 90s, it was the norm for the WWE to recruit a Diva from the modelling business. She was a huge WWE fan, but Stratus actually came from the world of skimpy bikinis working as a model for various fitness companies. The WWE would take note of her portfolio and sign her to a deal.

With a lack of experience under her belt, the WWE used Trish as a manager early on. She made her debut in March of 2000, appearing as the sidekick to the T&A Tag Team featuring Test and Albert. Although she was extremely nervous in her first cameo, Trish made an immediate impact strictly because of her looks.

That theme would continue for the first part of her career as she engaged in some edgy content. One skit in particular, featured Trish getting too hot for TV alongside a table as her team feuded with the Dudleys. That content certainly wouldn't fly today and it's a segment that the WWE would want you to forget ever happened.

9 Want You To See: Charity Work

Leaving the WWE at a young age, Trish has been involved with many organizations during her post-WWE life. One aspect the WWE wants you to know about, is Trish's charitable contributions since leaving the wrestling scene back in September of 2006. Organizations Trish has aided include the Ronald McDonald House, Dreams Take Flight, World Natural Sports Association and even the Special Olympics. Along with these names, Trish has helped with various other small charities as well.

Obviously, the WWE encourages such behavior. Since Stephanie took over as the Brand Officer, the company has been more charitable than ever appearing with various organizations weekly as it seems. The WWE now loves to give back as it not only helps their overall image, but it also creates more business with other possible investors in the future. The more charitable exposure the WWE gets, the better it is. Without a doubt, the WWE won’t be hiding Trish's contributions.

8 Don't: Acting Career

Had Trish's acting career blown up, there's no doubt we'd be hearing about it on WWE television. Instead, her legacy away from the WWE isn’t all that glamorous with various projects failing. It was initially deemed that Stratus was leaving the WWE for a career in Hollywood, looking back, both Trish and the WWE will likely want you to forget about that.

Stratus took a stab at both television and film, coming up short in both. Her failed television projects included Armed & Famous, The Second City's Next Comedy Legend, Stratusphere and Da Kink in My Hair. Film-wise, her resume is a little better, but ultimately, both films weren’t all that popular. She played a role in Bail Enforcers along with Gridlocked which was released as recently as 2015. Both projects didn’t get much press by the WWE and there's a reason for that. When it comes to her legacy, acting won't be patronized by the WWE.

7 Want You To See: Hall of Fame Induction

At the time of her Hall of Fame induction, Trish was to be the youngest inductee in WWE history. Just this year, that changed when Beth Phoenix was inducted into the Hall at the age of 36. Despite that, her induction was still one of the more memorable ones in WWE history, and one that the company doesn’t want you to forget about.

Up until that point, Trish was still making cameos for the company. Her induction however, ended those spurts. Trish gave her speech while pregnant; she gave birth to her son later on as she shifted her focus to family away from wrestling and the entertainment business which she was involved in at that point. The induction solidified Trish's legacy as one of the greats in the business. She still appears on WWE television today appearing on Network specials like WWE 24: Women's Evolution. The documentary sheds light on the women's movement in WWE and how Trish helped to kickstart it. Her legacy will continue to be celebrated as the years roll along.

6 Don't: The Revealing Tank Top

Before she became a famous in-ring competitor and arguably one of the greatest, Trish was more known for a pair of puppies which were exposed on the regular during the Attitude Era. Today, such things would not fly as the WWE carefully puts out content with its PG rating in place. Cleavage shots aren’t the norm like they were back in the late 90s, and rarely do you ever see that type of "sex selling" nowadays on the WWE product. For that reason, some of these cleavage shots aren’t the most ideal, and surely, shots the WWE wants you to forget about, especially pertaining to the younger demographic who may want to search her name.

To Trish and the WWE's credit, the cleavage shots calmed down just as she began her rise to fame inside of the ring. Before that however, it was puppy central. Interesting to note, that once Trish retired she removed her breast enhancements and went back to having a natural body, which just goes to show how she felt about her puppies.

5 Want You To See: Her Final Match

Trish's final WWE match was historic for so many reasons, making it a bout the WWE surely does not want you to forget about. Her final encounter took place at Unforgiven in 2006; what made it all so special was the fact that the event took place in front of her hometown in Toronto, Canada.

The night was highlighted by Canadians as Edge defended the title in the main event, while Trish fought champion Lita in her final WWE match. Trish would make history winning the title and retiring with the belt. She also set a record becoming a seven-time Women's Champion, an accomplishment that still is yet to be broken. With the return of the Women's Championship, you can expect a lot of the current Superstars to rival her mark. Sasha is already a three-time champion, while Charlotte has already won the title four times (five total with Divas Title). Once someone passes the mark, you can expect the WWE to celebrate it, along with shedding a light on Trish's amazing accomplishment which still holds a decade later.

4 Don't: Those Flirtatious Moments

Despite the fact that Trish was regarded as one of the best looking WWE Superstars of all-time, she managed to stay faithful to her high school sweetheart throughout the years. Immediately following her retirement, Trish and Ron Fisico tied the knot and remain happily married today.

That's the good part the WWE wants you to know about, but the bad, was Trish's various romantic on-screen hookups throughout the years. That list includes Jeff Hardy, Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, Vince McMahon and heck, even some you wouldn’t ever expect like The Rock and even Triple H himself, who rarely had any love interests throughout the years (we wonder why... Stephanie... cough... Stephanie).

Celebrating her career as in-ring performer, these are certainly moments that the WWE would love for us to forget about. Today, the very sight of kissing is almost impossible since the PG rating was put into place. Don't expect the WWE to promote any of those moments.

3 Want You To See: Her Relationship With Lita

The WWE loves to showcase real-life relationships outside of the ring and let's be honest, as fans, aren’t we all suckers for a bromance outside of the ring. This one in particular, is certainly special and even historical, as the two have engaged in various wars inside of the ring throughout the early 2000s. Lita and Trish even made history becoming the very first females to main event a Raw program. It was unheard of at the time, but the two broke the barrier long before Charlotte and Sasha did so, dating back to December of 2004. It would take more than a decade for the accomplishment to be recreated by the mentioned Banks and Flair.

Following the end of their careers, the friendship would only continue to blossom as the two would attend wrestling conventions together in the same booth. Trish would even name Lita the godmother of her son, which goes to show how close the two were and still are today.

2 Don't: Trish Looking Not So PG

With a PG rating in place, the WWE has now shifted their focus into making the product as clean as possible behind the scenes. With that said, prior engagements are very important to the company. Look at the likes of Chyna and Sunny who were pretty much blacklisted by the WWE for their antics outside of the ring. The WWE is very strict when it comes to young fans searching the name of WWE stars and finding not so PG content. When it comes to Trish however, they are also likely to find some edgy pictures from her days before the WWE.

Appearing in shoots with MuscleMag International, Trish has some R rated pictures online which the WWE surely wants its young fanbase to avoid and for the other fans who saw the pictures, to forget they ever existed. The edgy Trish pictures were a part of her life back in the day as a model and although the company doesn’t want us to see them, it was those very pictures that earned Trish a WWE deal. Oh, the irony!

1 Want You To See: Her In-Ring Abilities

At the end of the day, when fans look back at Trish's legacy, this is a photo the WWE wants you to remember more so than anything else, and that's Trish kicking butt inside the squared circle. Whether it was feuding against Jazz, Victoria, Gail Kim, Mickie James or Lita as you see in the picture above, the company wants us to remember her in-ring skills as a pioneer in the business.

Today, with Stephanie in charge, that remains the focal point of promoting the division. The company wants the viewer to see women as equals to men, which is why they are now labelled as Superstars just like the men, and not the outdated term of being referred to as Divas. Trish was one of the very first performers to use this mentality and the WWE surely won’t forget it anytime soon as they continue to promote her work and accomplishments via the WWE Network.

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8 Pics The WWE Wants You To See Of Trish Stratus And 7 They Don’t