8 Pics Of Christina Aguilera Looking Trashy And 7 Where She's Ugly

Pop singer Christina Aguilera has been on the scene since she was just a kid from The Mickey Mouse Club. Now, she's all grown up, is all-woman, and is soaring high as one of the most well-received entertainers of the modern day. She can sing her heart out like nobody’s business, act on the big screen, judge other performers on TV, and much more. She’s a doting mom and a megastar all rolled into one perfect package.

Sometimes, Aguilera hits the nail on the head and steps out on the town looking like a million bucks. Her body looks great, her clothing fits her like a glove, and her hair and makeup look impeccable. These are the times when she surely doesn’t mind being snapped by the invasive paparazzi looking for a payout from a magazine.

But then, just like all of us, there are those unfortunate occasions when the pop diva is photographed looking far less than her best. She may look messy, bloated, mismatched, or just not as camera-ready as we expect a star of her caliber to be. Of course, those types of pics get snatched up by the gossip rags, and she winds up on the “worst dressed” or “bad bodies” lists.

Surely, Aguilera has better things to do than worry whether or not we like how she looks, but we can’t help but compare her “bests” and her “worsts.” When the pop star does it right, she's a true stunner, but when things are out of whack, it's a total bummer.

Check out these 8 pics of Aguilera where she is looking smoking hot and 7 where the flame can’t even ignite.


15 Hot - Leather and Lady Parts

What goes best with a cool leather motorcycle jacket? How about a super low-cut top to reveal miles of cleavage? Aguilera knows that her ample assets are on full display, and that's just the way she seems to like it. If you’ve got it, flaunt it, right? Of course, the star can zip up at any time, but for the most part, she's ready to let those lady bits have their time in the sunshine. Of course, Aguilera’s hair and makeup look great, too, but it's hard to focus on anything from the neck up when there's so much to enjoy from the collarbone south. Leather may be rugged and tough, but Aguilera softens up the look as she oozes femininity. Let’s hope she's prepared for a “wardrobe malfunction!”

14 Hot - Bronzed Bombshell


There's nothing quite as hot as seeing your favorite singing star lying in her bed and looking tanned, toned, and terrific. Christina Aguilera looks like a beautiful bronzed bombshell as she relaxes back seductively and shows the whole world that her unbelievable body is just as amazing as her musical talent. Her flowing platinum blonde hair paired with that all-over golden glow allows the alluring Aguilera to shine like the sexy star she is and always will be. With supple skin so luminous and lovely, why should the celeb even bother to dress up? An intimate night at home in nothing but her birthday suit suits this diva to a tee. At least she has her high heels on in case someone comes to the door. What a thrill for the pizza delivery boy!

13 Hot - Captivating Covergirl

Maxim magazine always features the hottest celebs in the biz on its pages, so it's no surprise that Aguilera was their sexy cover model at one time. She poses perfectly in a white button-down shirt, unbuttoned to reveal a stunning black push-up bra and not much else. Beside the magazine, there's another shot of the mesmerizing musician with her hair pulled back and temptingly tousled as she's wearing a silky red number that shows off her endless curves and super smooth skin. That platinum blonde hair suits the star well, and no matter what she is (or isn’t) wearing, Aguilera always looks as smoking hot as can be. Maxim won’t put just anyone on their cover, so it's evident that Aguilera’s hotness is admired by many. What a page turner!

12 Not - Puffy Pop Star


Lots of us have fluctuations in weight, and Aguilera isn’t exempt just because she's a superstar. Here, she looks rather bloated in the face with big puffy cheeks and the loss of angularity that we normally see on her attractive face. Her expression further enhances the bloat, as does the turn of her head. With the right lighting and angle, we may have never noticed the poof, but too bad for Aguilera that she was caught in this unflattering pic. Maybe she was eating more than usual, cut down on exercise, or just was bloated from high sodium levels. We'll never know, but we do know that we don’t normally see the star looking so round in the face. She's always attractive, but she's definitely had better days.

11 Not - Badly Bleached

Either it's Halloween or Aguilera made a major styling snafu in this unfortunate photo. Her hair looks a mess, and her makeup isn't exactly modern or sophisticated. Sure, she looks younger here, but no diva should be caught looking like this, no matter her age. Surely even the star herself must look back at this pic and feel mortified. She looks like a deer caught in the headlights, and her stylist and makeup artist must've never landed another gig in their lives after this pic hit the internet. Yes, Aguilera is a cute chick and never looks hideous, but this pic is really making it hard to see beneath the surface. Good thing this was a one-time look and not the norm. We’d stick this genie right back into her bottle.

10 Not - Naughty Nightmare


It's apparent that Aguilera is attempting to look super sexy in this unusual photo, but she's coming off more “vampire” than “va-va-voom.” She looks like she just rose like a zombie from the dead and wants to come after someone… and not in a good way. That unflattering red costume looks more “Halloween” than “Victoria’s Secret,” and all sex appeal is lost in her unnatural pose and awkward styling. That dark hair looks greasy and sticky, and her blackened eyes make her look like she hasn’t slept in weeks. If this is her Valentine’s Day look, we would definitely prefer a cheap box of chocolates to this nightmare. The singer has looked far sexier when she doesn’t try so darn hard. This outfit in red is a real dread.

9 Hot - Pretty Pinup

We've all seen those classic pinup girl posters from decades past, but the amazing Aguilera brings the pinup concept to a whole new level with this modern-day version of the sultry look of the pinup girl. In her cutoff leather gloves, revealing undergarment, full bouncy blonde hairdo, black fingernail polish, and bright red luscious lips, this breathtaking babe is the prettiest pinup anyone's ever laid eyes on. Her sideways gaze into the distance is ever so intriguing, and her effortless pose is part innocent and part seductive. Aguilera knows her best angles and works the camera like only a diva of her caliber can. Any gentleman would love to hang this fabulous pic in his locker or on the wall… just look at that flawless skin and captivating beauty.


8 Hot - Boudoir Babe


Who wouldn’t want to find this beauty in his bed?! Aguilera is picture perfect in this boudoir-inspired photo shoot with a playful-yet-tempting pose in an all-white comfy looking bed. Covered up ever so strategically, Aguilera is showing just enough skin for us to see her amazing figure full of soft curves and ultra-femininity. That wavy blonde hair is always hot, and her seductive facial expression leaves us breathless. She hugs that pillow with purpose and any red-blooded fella wishes he were in its place. It must've been quite difficult for the photographer to do his job professionally when he must've been majorly distracted by his sizzling hot subject. A babe in bed? Seems like a no-brainer when it comes to the perfect photo concept, and Aguilera is nothing short of perfection!

7 Hot - Tempting Torso

In this oldie-but-goodie photo, a much younger Aguilera shows off her tanned, toned, and taut middle in a cut-out, form-fitting gown that had plenty of people talking. Lots of midriff was on full display, and Aguilera’s long leg was nearly fully exposed to the top of the thigh thanks to a sky-high slit that was risqué and racy. With multicolored straight hair parted down the middle and a big bright smile to light up her cute face, Aguilera looked flirty, fierce, and fabulous. Ready to rock the music world over with her undeniable raw talent, this beautiful babe looks the part. Black and gold allowed the young diva to shine like a star, and this was only a taste of what was to come. We’re ready for this belly!

6 Hot - Pink and Perky


Pink seems to be Aguilera’s color in this perky shot of the platinum blonde bombshell in all her glory. Her plump pink lips match her tank top to a tee, and she fills it out with her curvaceous body like nobody’s business. Aguilera’s baby blue bright eyes play off the pink in a magical way, and all those pastel colors soften the sometimes hard-edged diva with a wash of gentle tranquility. Aguilera looks like she’s happy from the inside out, and we're happy to see her radiate such joy. We may not see the singer in pink much, but she handles it well and looks pretty and pleased. And we’re pleased that she isn’t all covered up so we can appreciate all the hard work she's put into staying in shape. “Pretty in pink” is this star’s motto!

5 Hot - Redheaded and Radiant

This hair color is a big change for the normally blonde babe, but red hair looks amazing on Aguilera. With curls for days and bounce that lasts, this sexy hairdo does the singer justice. With glowing bronze skin and subtle makeup, her red hair is the star of the show, and she looks confident and like a natural. Of course, who could pass over that pretty top which shows off the singer’s great body? With a gaze into the camera like she means business, this babe is a total star from the inside out. Red hair isn’t for everyone, but Aguilera pulls it off effortlessly. Perhaps she'll go back to this hue again, as it looks fun and flirty. Blondes may have more fun, but redheads get all the attention.

4 Not - Mismatched Mess


Perhaps Aguilera thought she looked trendy and cool when she put this odd getup together, but all she wound up with was a hot mess. Worn separately, these individual pieces may have worked, but put together as an ensemble, this singer looks like she went through the ringer. The black leather cap is cute, but with that ill-fitting striped blazer and oddly dyed hair, it loses its appeal instantly. Even the singer’s half-smile shows that she isn’t too keen on this bad look either. Let’s hope she never wore these items together after seeing this rough pic. And let’s also pray she got rid of that straggly black and platinum hair. Where's the nearest salon!? Aguilera can do far better than this because this look is a total miss.

3 Not - Brunette Bummer

This pic from when Aguilera was trying to give off a tougher image may have worked for the moment, but now, it just looks like a tragedy. Aguilera looks far better as a blonde. With such dark hair, she doesn’t look like herself, and it seems forced. The color doesn’t suit her; nor does the style. Her makeup is far too heavy and thick, and she looks rugged and rough rather than sexy and sophisticated. Who knows why Aguilera wanted to try out this look, but whoever agreed it was a good idea is not the person to trust in the future. Run a comb through that hair and wipe off all that makeup. Less is more when it comes to seeing the singer’s pretty face. This look is too extreme, even for a diva like Aguilera.

2 Not - Camo Catastrophe


If Aguilera is trying to blend in by wearing a coat of camouflage, going with bright red hair is kinda counterintuitive. This oversized jacket makes the singer look far bigger and wider than she really is, and that alarming hair color is better suited for Bozo the Clown than a class act like Aguilera. She wears a ton of makeup, and she certainly doesn’t need it, especially when paired with such a casual, low-key ensemble. She's looked pretty good with red hair in the past, but this hue is far too unnatural. We're all for trying out new things, but a quick look in the mirror before heading out is always a smart idea. Even with the camo, we can still see ya as clear as day, Christina. And what we're seeing is far from your best look.

1 Not - Plain Jane

Who would even guess that this basic, blah chick is world-class superstar Christina Aguilera? She looks more like a school teacher than a celeb with her toned-down, no-frills, ho-hum look. Sure, Aguilera always gives off a cute vibe, but this “Plain Jane” look isn't what we want to see from the usually stellar celeb. In a boring gray T-shirt and a dowdy “Supercuts” hairdo, we’d expect this type of gal to be working at Walmart before expecting her to perform at a sold-out stadium before thousands of fans. Without all the makeup and styling we're used to seeing from the star, Aguilera looks like the everyday girl-next-door. We wouldn’t even realize she's the A-lister she is if she walked past us looking like this. Ugly? Far from it. But hot? Lukewarm at best.

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