8 Pics Of Celebs Whose Thigh Gap Is Gross (And 8 We Want To Stuff Our Face In)

The thigh gap is something that people cannot seem to agree on. There are those who think it's hot to be so thin that your upper thighs don't touch, and among this group are the young girls who'll do anything to look that way. Then there are those who think it looks gross, and there are surprisingly more men in this category than women might think. The trick to having a hot thigh gap is to look healthy without looking thick and to have toned legs. It is possible to be petite without being scrawny and to be healthy-looking without being considered fat. In either instance, the thigh gap is possible, and this article will prove it.

Unfortunately, what this article will not do is end the debate over whether thigh gaps are attractive or gross. That is because of the following 16 celebrities, eight are examples of what it means to have a thigh gap and look sexy, and eight are examples of people who basically have chicken legs and look weird. It seems to be that just like the debate itself, Hollywood is split down the middle when it comes to the thigh gap. Many of the stars look great with it, but just as many do not.

Think you know who is on this list, and who will be in which category? Maybe you do; maybe you don't. So read on to see who in Hollywood to take a lesson from when it comes to thigh gaps, and who to just plain be entertained by. Following are 16 women with a very prominent thigh gap whether that's good or very bad.


16 Charlize Looking Hot -- No Surprise There

Clearly, no one needs to tell you that this is an example of the thigh gap looking pretty amazing. Charlize Theron is not usually known for looking anything less than amazing anyway, but in this photo, she sizzles. With mile-long legs that form a gap at the top, a super sexy black one-piece, bronzed skin, and golden hair, this summery picture embodies exactly what Charlize is known for being: hot, hot, hot. The actress's most recent movie, Atomic Blonde, just came out in theaters this summer, and while audiences can tell she's no longer in her prime, that does little to deter from the fact that she is and always has been (and always will be) just as attractive as she was in this photo, which was taken as part of a photo shoot for Vogue.

15 Thigh Gap and Clown Makeup = Gross AF


It's probably not shocking that actress Tara Reid is part of the eight women on this list who look pretty 'fugly' with a thigh gap. While she was super cute in her American Pie days circa 1999, she's continually gone downhill ever since. Losing too much weight and looking downright scrawny was a big part of her physical attraction taking a nosedive, and now, at nearly 42 years old, not only is she aging, but her very prominent thigh gap is looking worse and worse. Often, thigh gaps look worse on people who are very skinny, as it makes them look even more skeletal, and in Tara's case, that's exactly what's going on. Of course, in the above photos, her makeup is just as terrible as her thigh gap, and she looks like some sort of drugged-out clownface who needs to eat a cheeseburger.

14 Love Her Or Hate Her, Ariel Rocks the Thigh Gap

In the past few years, Modern Family star Ariel Winter has been a hot topic, mostly in articles surrounding her appearance. Some people think that she looks awesome, and they love her curves. Other have called her ugly and overweight. But whatever your opinion of Ariel is, there's no denying that, at least in this photo, she looks pretty damn good. Her swimsuit top highlights just how voluptuous she really is, and her teeny-tiny short shorts highlight her thigh gap, which is actually attractive because she's not too thin. She looks healthy, and it suits her. Between the outfit, her curves, her long, thick black hair, and her natural makeup tones, Ariel should go for this look more often. Ariel continues to play middle child Alex Dunphy on Modern Family, and also voices Sofia in the TV series Sofia the First, which she's done since 2013.

13 Playing Dead is Not a Good Look For Farrah


Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is probably one of the most hated reality stars around. Fans felt sorry for her at first when she had a baby at 16, right after losing the love of her life and her baby's father in a car accident. Plus, she also had a pretty messed up relationship with her parents (and still does). But now, she's turned into somewhat of a monster who's rude to everyone and has questionable parenting practices. This week, she made headlines for having a vaginal rejuvenation, and it made people talk even more. So, let's continue to talk about her, this time focusing on this ridiculous photo. She obviously thinks of herself as some sort of sex symbol and frequently posts vain photos such as this. But she looks pretty ridiculous, if you ask me. Her pose is unnatural, and in it, her figure looks boyish with no hips whatsoever and a thigh gap that only adds to that image. Plus, would you look at her face? She looks like she's dead, just laying there and waiting for someone to walk by and discover her body.

12 Thigh Gap Totally Works for Kaley

Even though on The Big Bang Theory Kaley Cuoco plays a woman who was first a waitress at The Cheesecake Factory, then a pharmaceutical sales rep married to the nerdy Leonard, she's still smoking hot. Obviously. This photo is a testament to that. Although she's standing at an angle so we cannot see for sure that the tops of her thighs aren't touching, it's pretty obvious that she indeed has a thigh gap, and it totally works for her. The blonde bombshell works it in tight little denim cutoffs and a black bustier top. She looks much younger here than she currently does in her role as Penny on The Big Bang Theory, but that's because she now has a shorter haircut and plays a married woman in her thirties. In real life, Kaley is only 31, and this photo was taken a few years back while she was in her twenties. Nevertheless, she looks pretty much the same nowadays (outside of her character), and I'm willing to bet she would still rock the thigh gap.

11 They Say Black is Slimming, But Maggie Takes It Too Far


Actress Maggie Q's thighs may not be touching here, a look so many women go for, but it definitely doesn't work for her. She's too skinny to have chicken legs that don't touch at the top, which only adds to the appearance of being underweight. Women may think that all guys love thin women, but actually, they prefer healthy-looking women just as much. Maggie is petite naturally, but especially with such skinny legs, it's to the point of being unattractive. She looks like you could snap her in half like a twig, and no man wants to have to worry about that. They say black is slimming, and Maggie definitely proves that's true. She often wears black in her tough, bad girl roles like as the lead character in the TV series Nikita and as Tori in the second Divergent series film, Allegiant, as well as in her own life. I wonder what color she could sport to make her look a bit healthier?

10 Jessica is Petite But Not Gross

Jessica Alba hasn't really been a huge part of the Hollywood scene in recent years, as she's raising her two daughters, Honor and Haven. But there was a time when she was one of Hollywood's hottest commodities, and it's not hard to see why. The gorgeous California girl was also a model and was known for movies like Fantastic Four, Sin City, and Into the Blue. She still makes movies, but they're not as big as they used to be. However, she's still as hot as she used to be -- and as beautiful. She's one of the women who can get away with a thigh gap and look good. This is because she's not too thin, and her body looks more athletic. So even though her legs are small, they don't look like chicken legs that are too weak to hold up the rest of her.


9 Too Thin (But Flabby) Is Never a Good Look


Country singing sensation LeAnn Rimes has never been thought of as the hottest chick there ever was, but she was cute in her own right (at least, she was in her prime). In recent years, she's been more famous for her affair and subsequent marriage to actor Eddie Cibrian because they both cheated on their spouses to be with each other. That's not the kind of thing you want to be famous for -- and neither is a gross thigh gap. Unfortunately for Leann, these days, she is. This picture shows the once-curvy country star who's gotten quite skinny, too much so, in fact. Her large thigh gap is not attractive; nor is her thinness. Plus, she looks a little flabby despite how thin she is, and that's never a good look. Of course, this silly photo is made more unattractive by the fact that she's panting like a dog, but at least we know she has a sense of humor, whatever it is that she's doing.

8 Yoga Pants or Blue Jeans, Megan's Thigh Gap Just Works!

Take a wild guess as to whether Megan Fox's thigh gap would be considered hot or not... if you guessed hot, you're right! Because, obviously. This is Megan Fox we're talking about after all. She can sport her thigh gap in yoga pants, as she is in the photo on the left, or in blue jeans, as she is on the right, and either way she looks great. She looks fit and trim, and her curves show off in all the right places. Megan has long been seen as a sort of mini-me of Angelina Jolie's; both women have the same long, dark hair, fair skin, light eyes, and exotic tattoos as one another. And both Angelina and Megan have a reputation for being a sex symbol as well as somewhat of a badass. That being said, it should come as no surprise that Megan Fox can rock a thigh gap the way she does.

7 Aubrey's Thighs Are As Funny As She Is


Actress Aubrey Plaza is known for lots of television shows, like Parks and Recreation, Welcome to Sweden, Criminal Minds, and Legion. She's a funny girl who makes movies such as Dirty Grandpa and Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. I love it when stars don't take themselves too seriously, and Aubrey seems like one of those gals. Unfortunately, she doesn't take her looks too seriously all the time, either. Take this photo, for example. While pretty, Aubrey is way too skinny and walking on heels that lengthen her already endless legs. She's not wearing a bikini, so her thigh gap isn't pictured, but it's obvious that that's what's going on beneath that skirt. Her legs look so frail that she might topple over at any second, and her knees are super knobby. All in all, Aubrey is a cool chick, and she makes people laugh, but in this photo, they're more likely laughing more at her ridiculous thighs than anything that comes out of her mouth.

6 Bella's Underwear-Sized Shorts Flaunt Her Perfect Thigh Gap

Ginger knockout Bella Thorne makes thigh gaps look great. The almost 20-year-old beauty looks fun, frisky, and fit in this photo taken at the beach. In a cut-off top that reveals her bikini top, hoop earrings, wind-tousled red locks, and shorts that are the same size as a pair of underwear, she's definitely proof that thigh gap can be hot. As with many (if not most) of the other women with hot thigh gaps on this list, the reason that she can pull it off is that she's not frail-looking. Although she's petite, her legs and the rest of her body are not skeletal, and therefore, having a thigh gap adds to the image of her thinness, while the rest of her body looks perfect -- not too big, not too small. This photo (and many others that see her frolicking and splashing in the ocean) were taken during a March 3, 2016 photo shoot at Zuma Beach in Malibu, California.

5 "Swim For Relief" Benefit Doesn't Benefit Adrienne


Do you remember Adrienne Bailon? She was (and technically still is) part of the pop groups 3LW (which stands for 3 Little Women) and The Cheetah Girls. She was also the girlfriend of Rob Kardashian from 2008-2009, and thus appeared on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. She's a cute girl, but at least in this photo, the thigh gap isn't working for her at all. Her body shape looks awkward, and even though she's still young, her breasts look saggy. Not helping things out is the thigh gap, which is also quite awkward. Maybe it's just the way she's standing, but regardless of the reason, it's not working for Adrienne. However, we must give her credit because these photos were taken during the "Swim for Relief Benefit" for victims of Hurricane Sandy. The charity benefited the victims, but sadly it didn't benefit Adrienne.

4 From Sweater Vests and Snark to Queen of the Thigh Gap

Ukrainian beauty Mila Kunis does, of course, look stunning with a thigh gap. Like Charlize Theron or Megan Fox before her on this list, that's not shocking, as all three women are known for their oozing sex appeal. Even back during her days of playing snooty teenager Jackie on That 70's Show, it was clear that Mila had that je ne sais quoi; even her sweater vests and snark can't hide that fact. In this photo, as in countless other hot photos of Mila, her thigh gap is prominent. Wearing a coral-colored bikini under a white sundress and standing in silver heels before a sparkling aquamarine swimming pool, Mila smolders, and she couldn't be a better example of how to make the thigh gap look freaking good.

3 Supermodel's Thigh Gap Looks Boyish Without Her Usual Lingerie and Catwalk


Even though Martha Hunt is a Victoria's Secret model (and an official Angel, on top of that), she looks weird with a thigh gap. The 28-year-old North Carolina native proves that even models have flaws and that being too thin can be unattractive. In this photo, she appears to be a sweet, fun girl. But her body (largely thanks to her too-thin thighs that result in a huge gap between them at the top) looks boyish. She needs some curves to go under those sequined silver short shorts, and then maybe, her whole look would work better. Of course, usually walking the runway during a Victoria's Secret fashion show, her thigh gap doesn't make her look so boyish since then she's decked out in lingerie, heels, and heavy makeup. But at this event for Victoria's Secret, she doesn't have all that stuff to save her.

2 Queen Bey Wins Thigh Gaps

Beyoncé Knowles is world famous for her amazing curves, and it's so awesome that she's able to have healthy, womanly curves and still maintain a thigh gap. But that's exactly what she does because she's Queen Bey. Knowing how much she rocks at life, she probably won't even lose that feature after having given birth to her twins in June. If I know Beyoncé, she's already well on her way to shedding the weight from carrying two humans and might already have her famous body back. There are plenty of skeptics out there who questioned if the photo on the left had been photo shopped by Bey herself to make a thigh gap. But there are countless photos of her that are real that also show off her amazing legs -- gap and all -- and there's no way that they were all photo shopped, so I rest my case. Beyoncé has a freaking amazing thigh gap, and women everywhere should be jealous.

1 Model of the Year Despite Ugly Thigh Gap


Cara Delevingne's evil smirk isn't the only creepy thing about this photo; her legs are, too. The British supermodel, who turned 25 this month, is known for her thick brows, but she's also known for her tiny, tiny frame. This picture perfectly illustrates just how skinny she is, and there's no denying that under that serpent-green Burberry dress, those thighs are nowhere near each other. Having clothes on helps, but if she were in swimwear or modeling lingerie, she wouldn't look healthy at all. And heels make it all the worse since the taller a person is, the thinner she looks. This photo was taken at the 2012 British Fashion Awards where Cara was named "Model of the Year" despite not even looking good. The same year, she was named a Victoria's Secret Angel.



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