8 Photos That'll Ruin Your Childhood (And 7 That'll Improve It)

We're going to apologize ahead of time. Some of your biggest childhood stars are going to be seen in an entirely different light after this list and not all for the best.

Such as one member from The Mighty Ducks that as an adult went down a dark path of substance abuse, the issues that Jodie Sweetin had and the shocking revelation of how Aaron Carter was looking only a few months ago. After all this, it'll be hard to go back to your favorite shows or childhood memories and look at them in quite the same way.

The positive, however, is that our list isn't going to completely sabotage your childhood. Several shows that you grew up loving had reunions as the stars got older, such as The Suite Life of Zach and Cody and Hocus Pocus that any fan needs to see. We also help highlight some childhood crushes who may still be looking gorgeous in 2017 and others who have felt the wrath of Hollywood.

These are the 8 Photos That'll Ruin Your Childhood (And 7 That'll Improve It)


15 Ruin - Aaron Carter's Recent Issues

When looking at the above photo, it can be hard to imagine that Aaron Carter was as big of a heartthrob growing up for as many women as he was. When recently appearing on the television show The Doctors, Carter was informed that he was not HIV Positive, but that his body was in rough shape

"In my opinion, you’re not healthy… physically right now, I think your body is hanging on by a thread, seriously," said Dr. Jorge Rodriguez.

Carter has since spent some time in rehab and taken to social media to report that he is feeling much better. Here is hoping he is able to use the public spotlight to try and continue making healthy decisions.

14 Improve - The Hocus Pocus Kids Reunited In 2015


One of the best movies to watch around the Halloween season is Hocus Pocus. The film was charming in part due to the acting of Omri Katz, Vinessa Shaw, and Thora Birch. Which may mean that this photo we tracked down of the cast reuniting in 2015 might be one of the best things you've seen all day!

The photo was uploaded on November 1st by Vinessa who captioned it "For your hangover from candy or whatever...more #HocusPocus for you!! Yes, we hung out on #halloween."

Something tells us that if you didn't know what movie you wanted to watch tonight, that we may have just helped you out!

13 Ruin - Goldberg (From The Mighty Ducks) Loves Shoplifting And Illegal Substances

One of the most iconic sports movies of the 1990s was The Mighty Ducks franchise. I'm still guilty of getting a good "Quack" in with my friends when we hit up the rink. Which might make it all the more horrifying to hear that Shaun Weiss, aka Goldberg, has some serious legal issues as an adult.

He was arrested twice this year, once for petty theft and another incident where he was found stumbling around yards and when approached, it was discovered he had meth on him.

Let's hope he can help save his life and start making smart decisions.

12 Improve - Hilary Duff Aged VERY Well


Being a star in your teens (or younger) is definitely not an easy feat. But we have to give Hilary Duff a tremendous amount of credit for managing to age gracefully. Even her divorce to NHL player Mike Comrie was handled with respect. Which may make childhood you ecstatic to know, especially if you were crushing hard on Duff as so many of us were.

On top of managing to handle herself with a level of respect, Duff also clearly is taking care of her body and perhaps has never looked better! Her career is also still going strong as she plays one of the leading roles on the series Younger.

Here is hoping she can keep the positive momentum going.

11 Ruin - Amanda Bynes Did Not Age Well

With her role on The Amanda Show, not to mention movies like She's The Man, Amanda Bynes made herself a focal point of a lot of our childhoods. But as Bynes got older, the issues started piling up. This included trips to court for a DUI she received in 2012. Bynes has thankfully re-emerged in the spotlight after several months away - and 7 years since her last film.

While it's a positive story that she is allegedly doing better, the whole scenario is still one that we're sure hurts to think about. Bynes has admitted that she'd love to work on TV again, so perhaps the door isn't fully closed for Bynes quite yet.

10 Improve - Josh Brolin's Goonies Outfit At A '80s Party


Josh Brolin was invited to one of his friend's party that was themed around the 1980s. He was unaware about who he wanted to go as, at least until his spouse gave him the brilliant idea to dress as his iconic character Brand from The Goonies.

Brolin shared the photo to Instagram along with the hashtags, "#embraceyourpast, #gooniesneversaydie, #80s, #beautyandthebeast and #chologoonie"

While talking about the film during an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Brolin also admitted that if a sequel came around that he would sign up for it. With Halloween also just around the corner, let's hope Brolin gets the idea to re-create several other of his iconic characters. At the very least we're sure we'll see plenty of people trying to impersonate his version of Cable once Deadpool 2 hits theaters.

9 Ruin - Jodie Sweetin Had Serious Issues

Jodie Sweetin was a large part of many people's childhood for her role on the television show Full House. But as she grew up, her problems with substances became more apparent and severely threatened her life.

The above photo is definitely not her most flattering as she is clearly in the middle of some pretty intense partying. The photo was actually uploaded to Instagram by Miley Cyrus who may also have been the person to take the picture, though it was not clear.

Many people attacked Cyrus for sharing the unflattering photo, including one user writing

"Not really funny... she was a drug addict and in a really bad place. she turned her life around and is well now. No need for you to bring this back..."


8 Improve - Drake And Josh Making Up


Josh Peck wasn't feeling too great back in June when he found out that his former on-screen (and real life) buddy Drake Bell got married and didn't invite him. He vented his frustrations online saying, "When you’re not invited to the wedding the message is clear… Loyalty is key… ALWAYS remember where you came from." Which I mean, if we're being fair that definitely is allowed to feel upsetting. We're sure Peck wishes he had chosen a less public way to call him out though.

Thankfully, however, the two men land on the positive side of our list for the embrace they exchanged a few months later at the VMAs. It's clear they were able to put things behind them, which is great news for anyone who grew up watching Drake & Josh.

7 Ruin - Shia LaBeouf Legal Issues

One of the biggest shows for many kids growing up was Even Stevens. And Shia LaBeouf to his credit was not only fantastic on that show, but he was also part of some incredibly lucrative projects such as the Transformers franchise. But LaBeouf is far from the nicest guy away when the cameras aren't rolling and as you can tell from the above photo, has also had some run-ins with the law. The above moment was after he decided to openly swear during a Broadway show up until the point that he got detained. He also, of course, has his infamous moment from this year, where following an arrest, said that a black police officer was going to hell because he was black.

While there are some moments where LaBeouf has made your childhood even greater - like when he did a marathon of his own movies (including the Even Stevens film), who he is as a person may soil your childhood.

6 Improve - Topanga And Corey Are Still Together


One of the best parts about growing up in the 90s was watching Boy Meets World. Which may mean that getting to see how Danielle Fishel aged - which is very well - may be something you are very interested in.

Unfortunately for your inner-90s child, the reboot of the franchise Girl Meets World was recently canceled but it still gave us a great peek at some of our favorites. Even Shaun (played by Rider Strong) stopped by! There were plenty of reasons to not get into the show, but nobody can argue that they didn't at least tap into some serious nostalgia. Fishel hasn't shown much interest in acting outside of the Boy Meets World universe, but let's hope that changes in 2018.

5 Ruin - Jumanji 2 Is A Thing

There are several reasons to be disappointed about the upcoming sequel to Jumanji. The first might be the fact that Robin Williams is sadly no longer with us. This definitely may leave you feeling like you'd rather leave the legacy of his first film buried, as opposed to being re-brought up by Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, and Jack Black.

You also may be not exactly loving Hart as of late after it was revealed he cheated on his pregnant wife. Plus, the movie is even going to get rid of the board game element.

We're scared for our childhood for when this movie hits theaters in December, and you should be too.

4 Improve - Tisdale Reuniting With The Sprouse Twins


One of the most popular shows in the middle of the 2000s for teens was The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. The series followed the Sprouse twins, but also helped introduce the world to other actresses such as Ashley Tisdale.

Tisdale took to Instagram back in June 2015 to share a reunion she had with the twins. She captioned the photo,

"I love seeing these boys. My little brothers have grown into such smart, talented, and genuinely great people."

Cole is currently keeping himself busy with one of the lead roles on the series of Jughead Jones on Riverdale. Dylan also recently wrapped on a horror/thriller film titled Dismissed.

3 Ruin - Kim Kardashian As Jasmine

Disney has a very real chance to ruin your childhood with their latest project of taking your classic animated films and turning them into real-life films. But at the very least critics and the box office gave a pass for Beauty and the Beast, so we'll let that slide.

We also have to thank God that Kim Kardashian isn't actually playing Jasmine. That being said, just seeing her in the costume may be enough to ruin the character for you - if at least just a little bit.

Kardashian definitely has her fair share of haters, even if she did bring a new sexualized edge to the character. The real-life rendition is seeing Naomi Scott stepping into the role of Jasmine, with Will Smith tagging along for the ride as the role of the Genie.

2 Improve - Classic Star Wars Gang Hanging Out


If you could go back and show childhood version you any photo that would get you amped the most, the above one may have to be it. Star Wars isn't just a franchise to some people, it's become one of the most influential things they've ever experienced. The fact that the classic gang got together for one more ride is nothing short of amazing and we should be grateful we got to experience it.

We'd just be devastated to also tell past-us that Carrie Fisher is no longer with us, as well as probably just laughing awkwardly when they ask if everyone makes it through The Force Awakens. Here's hoping Mark Hamill brings his A-Game with the next rendition considering almost the entire original legacy is resting on his shoulders!

1 Ruin - Hulk Hogan In Court

Hulk Hogan was literally a superhero to some kids growing up. Who wasn't inspired by Hogan laying the smackdown and telling kids to eat their vitamins? But Hogan sitting in a courtroom above isn't the best look, especially when you learn it was over a tape that emerged of him saying some pretty racist stuff.

Hogan caught himself in more hot water lately when he spoke out about Irma saying "No water, no power, crybabies, everyone's complaining, these people have no clue how bad it could be, Praying for those that got hit hard, lost homes, lives businesses, lost everything, thank you God for helping those with divine highly blessings, God speed only love HH."

The message may have some nice parts, but some people understandably aren't appreciating being called crybabies.


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