8 Photos That Prove Megan Fox Stopped Trying (And 8 To Remind Us When She Did)

If you ask, most men will tell you that Megan Fox is one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood. The star first got her star in the Transformers franchise, and later went on to star in flicks like Jennifer’s Body and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But Megan has seemingly slowed down her career in recent years, most likely to focus on her young family.

Megan is married to fellow actor Brian Austin Green. Together, they have three sons: 5-year old Noah, 3-year old Bodhi, and 1-year old Journey. She’s also a stepmom to Brian’s oldest son from a previous relationship, 15-year old Cassius. Since becoming a mom, Megan has seemingly traded in her sex symbol status for sweatpants and Uggs. Fans have noticed that the star isn’t putting as much effort into her looks nowadays.

Though Megan is undeniably gorgeous, her low-key looks have left her seeming average in recent years. Take a look at these photos of Megan and see whether you agree that she’s just stopped trying. But hey, it’s hard keeping up with Hollywood standards!


16 Not Trying: All About Sweats & Uggs Nowadays

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Megan is a total babe when she’s all glammed up for the red carpet. But it’s hard to remember on her days off when she sticks to sweatshirts and leggings.

In recent years, the actress has grown a fondness for comfy clothes and big sunglasses that hide her face (as we’ll see in the proceeding photos). In this pic, the mom-of-three wore a baggy black sweatshirt with yoga pants and moccasins. She looked cozy, but the layers of fabric hid her slender frame.

It’s not that Megan wears this casual look badly. It’s just that she looks better in clothes that a bit more put-together and form-fitting. But let’s be honest. Megan still rocks leggings better than 99% of the population, so we shouldn’t be judging.

15 Trying: She's A Red Hot Vixen

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This is the Megan Fox we know and love. The star has always looked drop-dead gorgeous when she hits the red carpet.

In this particularly striking photo, the actress rocked a strapless red gown. Honestly, red is so her color. Her makeup was perfect with just a touch of subtle color on her lips and cheeks. Megan kept her dark hair down and perfectly coiffed. We can totally see why everyone calls her an Angelina Jolie lookalike.

However, Megan has always been humble about her looks, admitting that a lot of work goes into making her red-carpet ready. “I'm not a 'sexy' 'beautiful' woman. It takes a lot of work to make me look like a girl,” she once admitted. Well, we think Megan is pretty beautiful and sexy naturally!

14 Not Trying: When She Just Looks Average

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Once again, this isn’t the worst photo of Megan Fox. Actually, it might be one of her “worst” since it’s literally impossible to find a pic where she looks ugly. But it’s definitely not her hottest.

This photo was snapped while the actress was out and about running errands. We bet she didn’t think her face would be splashed across the headlines when she left her house in this casual outfit. Megan was seen rocking a beat-up leather jacket, a t-shirt, and distressed denim. To top it all off, she added a pair of grey Uggs boots and threw her long locks up in a messy bun.

The fact that she had a Starbucks cup in her hand is proof that Megan is a basic white girl. But we’re not judging, considering half of the population loves Starbies and Uggs!

13 Trying: That Little Black Dress

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A little black dress can do no wrong, especially when it’s being worn by none other than the gorgeous Megan Fox. The star was looking her best when she showed up to a red carpet event in this little number. The sheer mesh paneling showed off Meg’s assets in the front, while the figure-hugging dress showed off her toned frame.

Even the actress’ hair and makeup was on-point during this red carpet appearance. Megan looked steamy with bold winged eyeliner. She kept the rest of her makeup neutral so that all eyes were on her stunning dress. She wore her gorgeous hair down in old Hollywood-inspired waves that give Marilyn Monroe herself a run for her money. There’s a reason why Megan is considered Hollywood royalty.

12 Not Trying: No Photographs, Please

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No offense, but Megan sure doesn’t look like a celeb when she’s off the clock. She actually looks like a pretty normal human, just like the rest of this. By no means is this photograph ugly- it’s just that Megan doesn’t look nearly as good as we know she can.

For this casual day out, the Transformers actress rocked an oversized olive green parka that hid her slender frame. A peak of her t-shirt was visible underneath her large coat, and she paired the look with some comfy leggings. And she, of course, didn’t leave the house without her trusty baseball cap (notice her hand).

This is proof that a designer gown, striking jewels, and perfectly done-up hair and makeup can make a world of difference. Or, maybe this is a sign that leggings just aren’t a good look for anyone.

11 Trying: The Body That Men Would Kill For

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Megan is a good-looking girl. A very, very good-looking girl. There’s no denying that she has a killer body, despite the fact that she’s been pregnant three times. The actress has never been shy to show off her amazing bod. Just like this pic, there are tons of photos of the star flaunting her assets in a bikini or lingerie. And we bet her male fans are very happy about that.

Likewise, Megan is known for playing ultra sexy characters on the big screen. Unlike some movie stars, the actress has never been afraid to use her sexiness to her advantage and she isn’t ashamed that it’s what helped launch her career. “I’ve always laughed at actresses who complain about having to do sexy roles when they’re starting out,” she once said. “Who are they kidding? That’s the key to getting attention and moving on to better things.” The girl has got a point!

10 Not Trying: She's Letting Everything Hang Loose

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Eek! Megan was not looking her finest when she was caught shuffling through an airport in this disastrous look. This was back when Meg was first becoming a household name. Clearly, she didn’t know how to dress to Hollywood standards when the media photographed her in this frumpy outfit.

For starters, Megan’s button-down shirt looks like something she stole out of her husbands closet. But the real sin is that she left the shirt partially unbuttoned. Maybe she wasn’t aware, but the whole world was getting a glimpse of her hot pink bra since it was literally hanging out of her shirt. Not cute!

The star made this look worse by rocking a pair of wide-leg trousers on the bottom along with plastic Old Navy flip-flops. This look is a mix of business casual and one of those “I slept over at my boyfriend’s house and had no other clothes” sort of days.


9 Trying: Look At Those Legs

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Damn, gurl! Megan totally knows what her best assets are, and she isn’t afraid to work them. Hey, we’d flaunt what we’ve got if we were as striking as Megan!

She showed up to the Transformers premiere in this jaw-dropping red dress. The risqué slit went all the way up to her hip and showed off her amazingly long legs. The gold clasp cinched in at Megan’s waist and showed off her hourglass figure.

Megan let her amazing body and dress do the talking by keeping her hair and makeup simple. She pulled back her long locks into a chic ponytail, while her eye makeup made her blue irises stand out. This is definitely one of Megan’s best red carpet looks. Ever.

8 Not Trying: She's A Soccer Mom Now

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Once again, Megan was spotted out in her signature sweats and a t-shirt combo. The busy mom was taking her three boys out around town, and it was clear that she had other things on her mind than how she looked. But, when you have three kids all under the age of five, who can blame you?

Megan stayed low-key in a grey t-shirt with black track pants. She was wearing a pair of running shoes to keep up with her rambunctious boys. The starlet kept her head down as she passed photographers, only looking up to push a piece of hair out of her face.

Honestly, Megan looked annoyed AF as the paparazzi took her photograph. But we can’t say we blame her. It must be super frustrating having your photo taken all the time, especially on days that you’re not looking your cutest. But we think Megan is a pretty fine looking soccer mom, we must add!

7 Trying: She's Literally Angelina's Twin

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There’s nothing sexier than Megan Fox in a bathing suit. In this photo, the actress is giving the perfect, steamy glare to the camera that would make any grown man’s knees weak. She looks amazing in a crisp white bikini with a see-through shirt over top.

But the most notable thing in this pic is Megan’s plump pout. She might have a Marilyn Monroe tattoo on her arm, but there’s no denying she looks just like Angelina Jolie in this hot photo. From her winged eyeliner, dark hair, and enviable pout, Megan could totally pass for a younger version of Angie.

Like we’ve said time and time again, Megan is definitely one of the most attractive actresses in Hollywood. Even her bad pictures aren’t that bad at all. The girl may love her sweatpants and Uggs more than getting dressed up nowadays, but she certainly hasn’t lost her beauty or sex appeal.

6 Not Trying: Her Incognito Camo Look

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Most moms struggle to maintain their sense of style when they have little ones to keep an eye on- and it looks like Megan Fox is one of them. She routinely wears frumpy outfits when she’s not making an appearance for work or filming on set. During this casual day, she and her hubby were traveling with their sons in tow.

Megan looked ultra-casual in a pair of baggy camo pants. What, are those Brian’s? We certainly wouldn’t be surprised to learn Meg’s pants are from the men’s section. Her cream hoodie, grey t-shirt, and plastic flip-flops did nothing to help save this fashion fail. Actually, the plastic flip-flops made it worse, because who wears those sandals nowadays!

A basic pair of leggings and a hoodie would have been a much better option than this frumpy look. But don’t worry Megan, we still love you!

5 Trying: Luscious In Leather

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Who doesn’t look hot in leather? Megan was a total bombshell in this still from one of her movies.

She looked like a total bad *ss in this leather jacket, leather pants combo. The white tank top underneath gives her outfit the tiniest hint of femininity, which is a great contrast to her all-leather look. It also helps that there’s a beat-up motorcycle in the background. We wonder if Meg knows how to ride!

With that being said, we’re sure Megan could wear a paper bag and still look hot in it. The celeb totally knows that she’s a babe and can make literally anything look sexy. We’re sure her hubby Brian Austin Green loves her she can make literally anything better, including a rusty, old bike. Now THAT is a talent!

4 Not Trying: Sweatpants All Day, Every Day

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At this point, we’re convinced that Megan just doesn’t own any jeans. Whenever she’s not on the red carpet or on set, the actress always makes sure that she’s at her comfiest… which means she always has to be in a sweatshirt and leggings!

This casual day was no exception, as the star was seen out and about in a blue graphic sweatshirt with a pair of grey leggings that showed off her toned legs and booty. She kept the look athletic-chic with a pair of running shoes and massive shades that hid her make-up free face.

The busy mom was probably on her way to the gym, judging by her water bottle. Hey, it takes a lot of hard work and sweat to maintain a body that gorgeous!

3 Trying: Hot While Pregnant

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Not every mom-to-be looks great during pregnancy. Especially when she’s only a few weeks from her due date, most expecting women have given up on trying to look chic and only care whether the waistband fits or not. But Megan has remained stylish and put-together through all three of her pregnancies, especially her third one.

This photo was actually taken during her first public appearance after getting pregnant with her third child. Megan hadn’t made any public announcement about her condition. She simply showed up to the publicity event with her baby bump on full display. It was even more confusing since she and her hubby had filed for divorce months before (though they obviously didn’t go through with it). But Meg didn’t let the drama get to her. She just strutted herself in this ultra-sexy outfit.

2 Not Trying: She Clearly Loves Leggings

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Megan’s face says it all. She knows this isn’t her best look, and she’s appalled that the paparazzi are taking photos of her.

Clearly, this photo is proof that celebs look like normal people when they’re not on the job. Meg was enjoying a casual day, and she had on an ultra-comfy outfit. The star wore a pair of grey leggings (her signature bottoms), a graphic t-shirt, and a hat. She threw on a pair of sneakers, probably so she could escape the photographer’s view as quickly as possible.

There’s no denying the actress has an amazingly fit frame, so these leggings really do look great on her. But that’s all the star tends to wear. Megan clearly has to get dressed up enough being an actress and all, so she probably relishes the days she can just keep her comfiest clothes on from the AM to the PM.

1 Trying: Going Out On Date Night

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We bet Brian Austin Green LOVES going on date nights with his stunning wife. Actually, we’re sure that he counts his blessings every day given the fact that he’s married to someone so gorgeous. But this guy definitely needs no reminders of how beautiful this girl is when they attend red carpet events hand-in-hand, just like in this photo.

Megan is looking her absolute best in this all-red look. Her bright red dress is perfectly fitted to her slim body, while her bold lipstick ties the whole look in together. The look on Austin’s face makes it clear that he knows he’s one lucky man to have a forever wedding date who looks this striking. But hey, he doesn’t clean up half bad either. We can see why these two gorgeous actors fell for each other!


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