8 Photos Of The Kardashians That Are Photoshopped And 7 They Wish They Were

There are countless photos of the Kardashian-Jenner clan all over the web. More pics than most people will ever get through in a lifetime and they keep on coming. While it's fun and entertaining to see what the famous reality family is up to, we always question whether their images have been Photoshopped or not. Sometimes, those pretty pics are just too perfect to be true. Makeup and lighting may play a role, but in many cases, Photoshop has been used to the extreme. Just how these women like it, we assume.

All of the ladies are gorgeous, but even the most attractive of celebs want to look flawles — and the Kardashian-Jenner bunch is no exception. They are uber-famous, so every pic needs to look like a million bucks. Sure, we have seen them at their worst, but vanity always takes over and these gals want to look as glam as possible. Thanks to the magic of Photoshop, their wishes of unattainable beauty can be granted, snapshot after snapshot.

Here are 8 photos of the Kardashian-Jenner family that have been obviously Photoshopped and 7 that seem like they are the real deal. Of course, there will be more pics to come. In fact, the ladies are likely snapping selfies as we speak!

It's time for you be the judge. Do you think the pics we claim are Photoshopped are fakes too? And what about the ones that we think are not altered? Perhaps they were retouched too! With these gals, you never know.


15 Over-Bronzed

In an exaggerated over-use of too much shading, this heavily-Photoshopped pic of reality darling Kim Kardashian West is causing quite a stir. Some have accused the star of “blackface,” but she has insisted that it was a touch-up job gone amok. Kim’s pose is perfect and she (almost) always looks great, but this pic shows that she was seeking even more perfection via the magic of Photoshop. Whoever worked on this pic must have realized that Kim’s skin tone was far tanner than usual, even after a vacation in Bali. Next time, Kim should stick around while the editing work is taking place. A summer tan can look good, but this is 50 shades of shady. The less-Photoshopped pic on the left looks brighter and more eye-catching anyway. Photoshop fail, indeed!

14 Hourglass Hoax

Looks like Kylie Jenner got caught altering her own pic by trying to make her hourglass curves more pronounced. Sorry Kylie, but not everyone can have the sizzling shape of your big sister Kim. While Kylie’s abs look fab and she is super sexy, that midsection mishap is apparent. See how the curtains unusually bend in the backdrop? Ooops! In any event, a pic like this puts those non-stop pregnancy rumors to rest, but who knows when this pic was even taken? Let’s hope the star was at least 18 when she took this selfie in her Puma skivvies! Her body probably looked great anyhow before the altering of the photo, so why even bother? Photoshop is a cool concept, but only when it is done well. Better luck next time little sis.

13 Wake Up To Makeup

No time to do your makeup when you are in a rush to get out the door in the morning? Not to worry. Just Photoshop your eyeliner and lip gloss in and nobody will be the wiser. That is until they get ahold of the original pic, of course. Without the fake makeup work, Kim is barefaced and blah, nothing like what we are used to seeing on TV and on star-studded red carpets. But with the handiwork of a Photoshop pro, Kim’s blotchy face goes from drab to fab, with lovely hues, nice contouring, and attention to detail. Too bad we can’t all look this great in our photos. Surely Kim is pissed that the original photo is floating around, but the proof of a spoof is evident. Fake it or make(up) it!

12 Barbie Doll Smooth

Don’t all of your family photos with your sibling look just like this one? I didn’t think so. Here we see the newly-svelte Khloe Kardashian and her little sister Kylie Jenner in their off-white, skin-tight bodysuits, leaving very little to the imagination. Sure, both sisters look toned and terrific, but something about their bodies and faces is unnaturally smooth — almost plastic doll-like. Who knew there was a “Barbie Kardashian?” This can only mean one thing (aside from a gallon of Botox) — Photoshop! These lovely ladies look like they were edited to look like robots from the future. Perhaps that was the concept behind this photo shoot, but it leaves little room for their natural beauty to shine through. Admittedly, they do look super cool, but that is one part genetics and one part Photoshop.

11 Poster Imposter

A few years back, Khloe decided to pose for PETA to show that she cares for animals and would never wear fur. In fact, she would “rather go naked,” as per the famous PETA campaign. It's a worthy cause, but it's a good thing the PETA slogan doesn’t have anything to do with not being Photoshop because this pic of the Kardashian sis is edited to the max. As she stands next to her poster, it looks like she is a totally different person. That super-bronze skin, not a bump or roll in sight and not even a single line on her face proves that Photoshop was used quite generously. The poster came out looking great, but most people probably couldn’t even tell that it was Khloe fighting to save the animals.

10 Covergirl Coverup

Looks like new mom Kourtney Kardashian is as happy as can be with her adorable newborn baby, but her magazine cover shot is a far cry from what she really looked like that day. The work of Photoshop whittled her middle and gave her dress a punch of purple. Her makeup is evened out and her teeth are as white as snow. Nobody expects a new mom to get back to their pre-baby weight in record time, yet the gossip rags promote pics of new moms who lose all their weight like magic. If only most people knew that the trick of Photoshop was behind the scenes, they would not be as wowed by Kourtney’s slim figure and flawless finish. She looks great naturally, so why aim for perfection? That’s the celeb world we live in!

9 Slimmed-Down Sisters

The Kardashian sisters are very attractive, but this Charlie’s Angels-inspired underwear ad is pushing it. For one thing, the girls are all different heights and sizes, yet this Photoshopped pic leads us to believe that they are all cut from the same cloth. They may have the same mom and dad, but Khloe would bust Kourtney’s mold in a one hot minute. Their skin is flawless, their bodies have never looked better, and they don’t have a wrinkle or inch of excess fat to pinch. Where are those big Kardashian booties and curves? The sisters may have liked how this ad campaign turned out, but they are fooling nobody. Only the people on set know what their bodies really looked like that day, and we have a feeling they were nothing like what we see here.

8 Wrinkle-Free Female

Kourtney surely looks like a gorgeous golden goddess in this glowing and sparkly photo, but there is no way this pic is not Photoshopped. She looks unattainably smooth and supple without a line or wrinkle in sight. While this pic is more like a work of art than an ordinary photo, all of Kourtney’s character is washed away with high-tech editing tools. She looks more like a bronze statue than a live woman, beautiful or not. Wouldn’t you just love to see the “before” version of this photo? Surely the oldest Kardashian sis looked beautiful, but you can bet she has some smile lines and a hint of crow’s feet before the Photoshopping set in. All that glitter may be gold, but Photoshop adds that shiny finish that is priceless!


7 Tons of Tush

All the world knows that Kim Kardashian West has a butt that’s as big as Texas, but she would never allow an unretouched photo of her rear-end dimples and dents to hit the web. She always poses strategically and makes sure any pics of her butt are Photoshopped to smooth and well-shaped perfection. Here we see the real deal — Kimmie is not so flawless after all. She’s got cellulite like most women and she may as well just give up on trying to prove that she is not human. While these are not the most flattering pics of the reality royal, they are the most genuine. Of course, Kim got lots of heat on social media for these “cheeky” photos, but at least she was able to find a bikini that could hold in all that junk in her trunk!

6 Plastic Not-So-Fantastic

“Momager” Kris Jenner looks great for her age — usually. But in this pic, it looks like the mom of the Kardashian-Jenner clan got a facelift or fillers that are making her face look contorted. She would love for this pic to be put through the Photoshop process, but it's too late for that. Her stiff, immobile facial muscles are frozen like a wax figure as the reality-TV matriarch tries to say “cheese” for the cameras. But her taut skin looks like it will tear in two if she smiles any bigger. With the looks of this pic of Kris, there is not much to smile about anyway.

5 Sweet Sisters

This pic is adorable — the love of two happy sisters from another mister. Here we see the gorgeous supermodel-of-the-moment, Kendall Jenner, and her big and beautiful sis, Khloe Kardashian. Both look nice and natural and calm, and totally not Photoshopped. Could it be true? It is a Kardashian-Jenner family miracle! They both look cool and great, and it does not appear that the reason behind the well-done pretty photo is extensive Photoshop work. Of course, the girls have some makeup on, but the pic looks natural and not retouched. Perhaps the rest of the Kar-Jen bunch ought to take a cue from these two cuties and lay off the heavy editing work. It is a refreshing change to see a real pic for once from someone in this highly-publicized family. Way to go Kendall and Khloe!

4 High Alert

Here is a pic of the newly svelte and always sexy Khloe Kardashian that looks totally unedited, thanks to her “high beams” giving us all a big “hello” through her hip-hugging, form-fitting, skin-tight sweater dress. Khloe looks quite serious, like she is a woman on a mission with her no-nonsense facial expression and laser-beam focus. She certainly looks great and it's obvious that no Photoshopping went into this pic of the reality princess leaving the packed parking lot. Perhaps Khloe would have appreciated a little editing over her “girls,” but that’s life as a woman. Aside from that, this pic of Khloe looks natural and candid. She is in tip-top shape, looks super cool, and is ready to rock whatever she is about to accomplish for the day.

3 Making A Splash

Who needs Photoshop work when you are having a splashing good time with your younger (and super sexy) boy toy? Here is the eldest of the Kardashian sisters, Kourtney, riding the waves with her new hunky honey. They look super happy having so much fun playing around in the sun. They are both tanned and toned and feeling the speed as they brave the cool water. “Baby daddy” Scott Disick may not be as impressed as the rest of us, but it's about time that the petite mom of three is letting loose and falling in love (or lust). As great as these two look in this summery pic, it appears that no Photoshop or retouching work was used at all. These two lovebirds are hot enough au natural!

2 Caught Casual

The youngest sister of the Kardashian-Jenner family, Kylie, is always posting selfies with filters and screens, so seeing her in her “natural” state is something we don’t normally do. But here she is, unedited and looking pretty darn good. Of course, her pouty lips are artificially plumped, but that is not the work of Photoshop — just ask her plastic surgeon. Looks like Kylie is out for a casual day with her hair pulled back and wearing minimal makeup. Perhaps she just went for a workout at the gym or she is off to a photoshoot where they will doll her up in couture fashion. She actually looks her age, but could she be wearing that loose sweatshirt to cover up her rumored “baby bump?”

1 Tall And Taut

After seeing this pic, it's no wonder that the 20-something Kendall Jenner is rocking the modelling world like nobody’s business. Her tall and slim frame, gorgeous face, and washboard abs all make the supermodel a real stunner as she walks the streets followed by the pesky paparazzi. Those sparkly knee-high boots and ripped jeans make a statement paired with her super-short white crop top, and those big hoop earrings frame the model’s fabulous face to a tee. As great as Kendall looks, we can safely assume that this pic is unedited, making us envious and in awe of Kendall’s perfection. She is young, spectacular, and ready for a fun night out on the town with her friends. No Photoshop is required when you look as amazing as Kendall does.

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