8 Photos Amanda Bynes Wants You To See (And 7 That She Doesn’t)

Amanda Bynes spent her first decade of acting soaring on what appeared to be an unstoppable path to mega stardom. It was almost as if her crap couldn't possibly stink near as bad as the rest of Hollywood's child stars from her time. There was only one problem—Amanda was getting older. This wasn't who she wanted to be anymore. All she wanted was to be a Mean Girl. Instead, she got cast as the corny star or uptight sidekick. No hot bad-girl Lindsay Lohan roles for the sweet, amicable Amanda Bynes. At least not until she scored the hot co-ed role in Hall Pass. You might be thinking that you don't remember her playing that role. That's because the role was recast and she was replaced by Alexandra Daddario, after displaying erratic behavior onset.

By then, she had gone from adored child star to average actor. The trainwreck was already imminent, yet nobody knew it. It all unraveled publicly from there. Amanda wasn't the first child star to struggle, but she was the first to do a finishing move on her own image. She did this by using a string of personally shared racy obscene photos and wild outlandish rants on her own Twitter page. As if that weren't enough, there were photos taken by paparazzi that created the perfect image to go with every insane moment, Tweet, and story that Amanda didn't provide for herself. In fact, she pointed this out herself... multiple times.

Not all photos of Amanda Bynes are bad. I'm sure there are times that she wishes that the good ones were the only ones that existed. The ones of a rising child star, not the ones of her spiraling out of control. You're about to see a bit of both. Here are 8 Photos Amanda Bynes Does Want You to See (And 7 She Doesn’t).


15 Racy Photos Showing Off Haircut (Doesn't)

It was reported that Amanda Bynes often complained that she wasn't getting "Lindsay Lohan roles." She was given the opportunity with the cameo in Hall Pass, but was recast after leaving the set or being fired. She publicly retired from acting on Twitter, only to unretire, and used the platform to discuss everything from Felicity to the "beauty of black men." Then, she deleted her account. In 2012, she began racking up tickets, arrests, and charges, but none of them were taken too seriously. It was almost as if she wanted to create a bad-girl image for herself. It wasn't long before she got the attention she was craving.

Bynes began to display less problematic, yet more troublesome, behavior in 2013. Her hair was different every time she was seen. First, she "had" to shave her head because it was damaged by a hairstylist. Next, she was proudly flaunting her new haircut. "This is the new me. I love it!" The haircut wasn't so bad when she first showed it off, but the series of photos that followed in upcoming weeks were terrible. It was becoming apparent that Bynes was spiraling out of control.

14 Adorable Child Star (Does)


Amanda Bynes started off her acting career early in commercials and community plays. She was only 10, in 1996, when she picked up her role on Nickelodeon in All That. It already appeared that everyone loved her. Meanwhile, one of her co-stars from All That had a different perspective. In 2014, Chelsea Brummet suggested to Radar Online that Amanda's ego was already out of control. She said you could tell Bynes "felt like this was her baby—like All That was hers."

If this was true, then Nickelodeon producers didn't seem to mind. She had her own self-titled show, The Amanda Show, by the time she was only 13. You've still got to admit that she was an adorable child star. Amanda would want you to see this photo from The Amanda Show. Not only is it a reminder of her childhood, but it's also a reminder of where she got her start. There's probably been times when she looked at this same photo while wishing she could've prevented some of the photos up ahead.

13 She's The Man (Does)

Amanda Bynes slid straight into What I Like About You, which cast her as her co-star, Jennie Garth's younger sister. This was following the end of The Amanda Show, although it was still showing reruns. She was making several guest appearances on single episodes for various shows and had finished Big Fat Liar. Bynes was on the path of success. The show ran for four seasons.

In 2006, she scored another big movie in She's the Man. The photo above was probably one of her prouder moments, since she was struggling to break the sweet-girl image. The role itself was still goofy and the part itself oddly reminds me of Julia Stiles' a bit with her coach during detention in 10 Things I Hate About You (1999). Styles' part got her into more mature roles. Bynes' didn't just yet. It was still hot, though. I'd bet it's one of those photos she wants you to see.

12 Bad Hair-Day Court (Doesn't)


Amanda's next move was to go completely bald. Of course, nobody really knew this until after her mugshot was released. This is also where her endless assortment of wigs began to appear. Talk about a bad hair day...or dayssssss! Bynes racked up plenty in 2013 alone, but this had to be her absolute worst. It's understandable to have a bad hair day after spending a night in jail, but geez!

Amanda had been arrested the night before. She was seen smoking marijuana in the lobby of her apartment building. To make matters worse, she chucked her bong (which she called a vase) out of the 36th floor window of her apartment. Hence, the reckless endangerment charge. I'm sure she wasn't happy about being photographed after such a rough night, but I also don't think anyone would enjoy being hit in the head with a falling bong either. Just saying. Amanda Bynes can't be happy about this photo.

11 Maxim Shoot (Does)

Okay! Now we're getting somewhere. I mean for Bynes, anyway. Where were we? Oh, Amanda Bynes wanted to get rid of the good-girl image for more mature roles. She went where all child stars go once they're of age. And that's Maxim, of course. Mackenzie Rosman even posed for a Maxim shoot when she was ready. It's like a rite of passage, right? It was Amanda's first/only sexy shoot. The opening line of the article read, America's sweetheart is all grown up.

In reality, Bynes was on the verge of 24. She was still playing teeny-boppers in high school. It was obvious that she needed this. You would think that those photos would've helped her out a little, but her next role was in Easy A. She was still brilliant, but just locked in time. I guess this was as close to any mean girl that Bynes was bound to become. These hot photos of America's sweetheart are ones that she likely cherishes. She was vibrant, hot, and wild. There were plenty of times she tried to do her own hot selfies, which turned out less than alluring. Don't turn back now. The trainwreck is yet to come.

10 Cheek Piercings (Doesn't) 


It's hard to say whether Amanda would consider this a good or a bad photo. It's just not her. She's noticeably wearing a wig. Her makeup was extremely overdone. She had her cheeks pierced and was sporting a serious tan. She obviously thought she looked great! It was obvious that she was constantly struggling with her own image. People close to Amanda often reported signs of body dysmorphic disorder, but they didn't know. It's hard to say what's going on inside a troubled mind.

Everyone thought they knew what was going on with Amanda Bynes. Maybe she just missed the fame and attention. She was desperate to get it back, right? Hey! She might've been serious when she said she didn't want to act anymore. Everyone was watching, but nobody really understood. It was public, scary, and wrong from our perspective. How do you think she felt? I bet she felt bad enough to want to forget this photo.

9 Crazy Tweets (Doesn't)

This photo is one of Amanda Bynes post-piercings, but looking slightly more self-controlled than others. Maybe deep down, she knew this herself and that's why she kept it as her profile pic? Meanwhile, the Twitter rants that appeared alongside it were the opposite of controlled. She was worse than a child without a filter. It was as if she wouldn't...or couldn't...stop insulting people.

Her shaved head made her feel like she "had cancer." Chris Brown beat Rihanna because she wasn't "pretty enough." Yeah, she Tweeted about all of that. Everyone she knew, or didn't know, was ugly. Well, not everyone. Drake was her celebrity crush. She often captioned how "adorable" he is, alongside his photos. Amanda explained what she wanted him to do to her lady bits, once. Albeit, in a vulgar and violent way. Then, she went on to insult him as well. All of those old Tweets have since been deleted. Although, Twitter isn't a shoebox to store your letters and photos. There is no burning or erasing.


8 Better Bikini Days (Does)


The following year, Amanda was spotted on vacation with her parents in Mexico. She looked great in a yellow bikini! In fact, photos of her appeared in several tabloids and magazines during the trip, which showcased how happy and healthy she looked. Things had improved for the former child star. News said that she had been taking medication. Plus, she had enrolled into the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising.

Amanda could've easily made a return. Possibly? I'm not sure who would work with her after being called ugly, but it's possible. Her fresh outlook didn't last long, however. Amanda Bynes wants you to see this photo and the rest from that trip because things got bad again before 2014 was even over. She probably wishes she could teleport back to those times.

7 Racy Selfies Of Her Latest Look (Doesn't)

Amanda's latest look continued to progress. Things got more disturbing when she began showing off her newest style in a series of alarmingly racy selfies. Then, there was the disturbing video that she uploaded on Twitter. The mystery of her new look was unveiled when Amanda Bynes admitted to In Touch that it was inspired by Blac Chyna, the cheek piercings, wig, eyelashes, and makeup. Her more recent poses were mirroring those of Blac Chyna's. She was rewording her Tweets. Amanda Bynes was supposed to be a celebrity but she was becoming a celebrity stalker.

Bynes' 740,000 Twitter followers had watched her turn herself into an entirely different person. She relayed then that she was "not crazy" and said that every time she heard those words, "it came from an ugly person's mouth." She was breaking down before our very eyes. It was brutal, public, and humiliating. She doesn't want you to see nor remember it. Everything unraveled fast. By August of 2013, Bynes was caught trying to start a fire in her parents' driveway and was placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold.

6 Headed To The Psyche Ward (Doesn't)


Amanda's parents' conservatorship ended in September of 2014. She was arrested in California for driving under the influence of alcohol later that month. It was reported that she was seen dancing drunk on a the rooftop of a hotel two nights later. On October 3rd, she popped up at a restaurant in LAX Airport on her way to New York. Her parents only knew of her whereabouts from the press.

Amanda reappeared at LAX again on October 10th. This was following her latest Twitter rant where she accused her father of incest, mental abuse, and physical abuse. She later retracted the initial Tweets by Tweeting about how the "microchip" in her brain made her say those things. Paparazzi swarmed her as she was ranting into her phone about killing her parents. The paparazzi filming were just as disturbing as she was in this instance. At one point, she was backed into the street. This can't be a found memory for her at all.

5 Racy Black Dress (Does)

Amanda Bynes finally admitted that she was bipolar. She got help from her parents, took her meds, and got back into the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. Amanda deleted most of her Twitter feed. She avoided making her constant updates except for an occasional update for her 3.29 million followers. In fact, her account consists of only 38 Tweets. Out of those 38, only 11 are from before 2015.

The photo shown above is a snap of Bynes from December of 2015. ET Online described it as a rare appearance for the once famous child star. She looked gorgeous, despite the sunglasses, which she never leaves home without. She waves, she smiles, but she still hides. Maybe she’s worried what she’ll see splashed on the internet when she gets home? She only shows her eyes when it's a photo she has full control over. Meaning her own. Although, she does look happy enough to want you to see this photo displaying how far her recovery has come.

4 Sleeping At The Mall (Doesn't)


Amanda's mother was regranted conservatorship, but a judge released Bynes from the psychiatric facility. She was publicly unraveling all over again. Audio was released where she had told a friend how she wanted to slit her parent’s wrists and burn their house down. During the days following her release, she kept her followers updated on Twitter. The stuff she said about her parents was a joke. She apologized to everyone she had called "ugly" but not without blaming it on the tabloids that made her ugly. She also clarified her earlier comments about Drake, by asking if “anyone really thought I (Bynes) wanted Drake to murder my v*gina?”

Amanda Bynes was publicly unraveling all over again. She was photographed sleeping on a couch in a California mall. She later Tweeted that her parents weren't giving her "money for a hotel." It was rumored that she had been wandering around LA for days, despite her claims of staying with friends. It sucks to be homeless. I'd imagine it'd be even worse to have people documenting it with photos and their own commentary.

3 New Haircut 2016 (Does)

In 2016, Amanda Bynes shared this photo of another new haircut. She isn't wearing sunglasses but she did hide half of her face. She looks more like her old self. It's apparent that she's doing well. She's come a long way from her shoplifting days. You don't see Bynes aimlessly roaming the streets nor hear about her borrowing money from Uber drivers to buy socks because she's broke and her feet are dirty. Hey, at least she wasn't driving again.

Bynes shared a sketch she had drawn of herself on Twitter once. She looked beautiful. Hopefully, that's what she sees in the mirror these days. Although, we don't really know. Amanda's learned to give us what she wants. This isn't the TMI version of Amanda Bynes from 2010-2014. It's the new Amanda Bynes. The one who wants you to see this photo. The one that shows only snippets of what she wants you to see. Can she really be that inconspicuous now?

2 Stopped To Smell The Flowers (Does)


Bynes has made a only a handful of appearances in the last year and a half. She seems really excited about attending fashion school and making a new career out of it. In 2015, she showed up at designer Michael Costello’s pre-fall capsule collection in LA. She even spoke with his staff about sketching and design. Maybe she'll be the next Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, only just one. They also avoid the spotlight these days.

This year, we've only heard from Amanda twice so far. The first Tweet was to let everyone know that she isn't "getting married," nor is she pregnant. The person who goes by Ashley Banks, at the Twitter address @PersianLa27, is an imposter and that Twitter needs to remove the account. It has been speculated that Bynes uses this account in order to vent. Hey, it makes sense. However, there's no proof. It's just a rumor and she'd rather you look at the only photo that she's shared this year (above).

1 2008 Sag Awards (Does)

There are so many beautiful photos of Amanda Bynes through the years. She was an adorable child star on Nickelodeon, a brilliant coming of age actress in What a Girl Wants, seriously hot in Easy A, and a hidden gem in Hairspray. The spicy Amanda Bynes in Maxim. Boy was that hot or what? Then came the hair, the wigs, and...ugh...the makeup. And who could forget the Tweets that ranged from awkward to downright scandalous and insulting? Is it even possible that these photos were all of the same person?

Amanda never truly lost her appeal. In the end, everyone just felt sorry for her. If Amanda Bynes had to pick a photo that she does want you to see, it'd be one from the height of her once growing fame. Maybe wearing a gorgeous dress that'd cross for both classy and hot. A photo from the SAG Awards in 2008. Actually, I believe it'd be the one you see above.

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