8 People Who Loved Working With The Rock and 7 Who Hated It

The Rock is arguably the most popular entertainer in the world today and he's just been named the sexiest man alive. Movie fans watch him in various hit films every year. Rock maintains one of the bus

The Rock is arguably the most popular entertainer in the world today and he's just been named the sexiest man alive. Movie fans watch him in various hit films every year. Rock maintains one of the busiest schedules, releasing more movies than the average top actor. Hollywood has welcomed The Rock, but his ties go back to the world of professional wrestling. WWE hired him with the potential of making him a big star. Not even Vince McMahon could have predicted he would go on to achieve the things he did. It wasn’t always an easy road for Rock in WWE, struggling in his early years trying to make a name.

The ascension of Rock helped usher WWE into the greatest success in wrestling history during the Attitude Era. There’s no debating that he belongs in the conversation when breaking down the best of all time. Most wrestlers loved working with him, but some more so than others. Others didn’t enjoy Rock for a multitude of reasons during his wrestling career. The same can be said for a couple of actors to co-star with Rock in films. We’ll look at both sides of Rock and his career. These are the top eight people that loved working with The Rock and the top seven that hated working with him.

15 Loved It: Steve Austin


The Rock’s greatest rival in his wrestling career has to be “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Both Rock and Austin ascended around the same time to lead WWE into the next boom period. WWE set records in ratings, buy rates and just about every other avenue of success at the time. The company started to progress into becoming a global phenomenon as it left WCW in its dust.

14 Hated It: John Cena


Things are good between The Rock and John Cena now, but they had a great deal of animosity working together. Cena started the rivalry by taking shots at Rock in various interviews, due to the movie star’s lack of interest in making appearances for WWE in between filming movies. It only made sense that Rock would feud with Cena when he finally returned to a WWE ring after many years away. The two engaged in very personal promos.

13 Loved It: The Dudley Boyz


The Rock worked matches with just about everyone on the roster during the Attitude Era. Many various tag team combinations saw Rock work with different people. On multiple occasions, Rock competed with or against Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley. The three men formed a friendship and Rock actually adopted them as his traveling partners, along with Tazz. They traveled the roads together from town to town gaining friendship.

12 Hated It: Kevin Nash

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The return of the New World Order coming to WWE for a storyline in 2002 featured The Rock working against Kevin Nash on a couple of shows, including one memorable promo. Rock used his sense of humor to humiliate the nWo in a backstage promo and mocked Nash for his past life as Diesel. Nash went on the record saying some insulting comments about Rock and their interactions with each other.

11 Loved It: Chris Jericho


The passion for entertaining superseded the athletic aspect of professional wrestling for The Rock. He clearly most enjoyed cutting promos and talking on the microphone. This led to Rock becoming one of the biggest stars in Hollywood after all. One person to share this interest with him is Chris Jericho. Both men loved the in-ring portion of wrestling, but they were wordsmiths on the microphone more than anything else.

10 Hated It: Vin Diesel


We have looked at the wrestling career of The Rock, but the same things can be applied to his Hollywood career. One specific actor to dislike having to work with The Rock is Vin Diesel. Both men have starring roles in the Fast and Furious film franchise, but dissension has started during the filming of the upcoming Fast 8 movie. Rock started the public war by going on Instagram and posting a message calling out one of his male co-stars for being unprofessional on set.

9 Loved It: Kevin Hart


The other big name in Hollywood with a movie schedule as hectic as The Rock would be Kevin Hart. Both men have a strong drive to get a full body of work out there with numerous movies per year. Hart and Rock recently co-starred in the 2016 comedy film Central Intelligence. They will also be together as the major stars in the upcoming 2017 Jumanji remake.

8 Hated It: Ahmed Johnson


Before The Rock emerged as the next big star in WWE, Ahmed Johnson received an equally big push with his introduction in the company. WWE wanted Johnson to become a future world champion and huge star due to his massive physique. The lack of promo skills and in-ring talent is what prevented Johnson from moving up the ranks like Rock. An injury ended Johnson’s short-lived tenure in the Nation of Domination faction.

7 Loved It: Kurt Angle


Kurt Angle entered WWE in 1999 and instantly understood the professional wrestling world. The ascension of Angle saw him enter the main event picture. Angle won the WWE Championship within one year by defeating The Rock when he was at the top of his game. The moment helped Angle become a credible main eventer. Various interviews have seen Angle credit working with Rock among the bigger learning experiences.

6 Hated It: Shawn Michaels


Shawn Michaels and The Rock never actually worked a match together, but they grew a disdain for each other working together in WWE. Michaels was the most powerful man in WWE when Rock entered the company. The power of Michaels was often abused to harm the careers of wrestlers he didn’t like for whatever reason. Michaels apparently disliked Rock and tried to sabotage his career in favor of pushing his best friend Triple H over Rock.

5 Loved It: Mark Henry


The Nation of Domination is among the most underrated factions in WWE history. The Rock showed the early glimpses of what would become the character change that made him an icon. Another future Hall of Famer joined the group when Mark Henry came aboard. Rock was the voice of the group and Henry was the muscle. They both entered the industry at the same time and were trying to learn the ropes.

4 Hated It: CM Punk


CM Punk made his feelings well known about all of the older part-time wrestlers to come back to WWE around WrestleMania season for a main event match and big payday. The sentiment of Punk was that the active wrestlers putting their bodies on the line all year deserved the spots, rather than guys like The Rock coming back and instantly being given the attraction matches. Punk had the opportunity to work a couple of matches against Rock and didn’t enjoy the experience.

3 Loved It: Vince McMahon


The person to benefit most from The Rock’s success has to be Vince McMahon. You can’t argue against McMahon always believing in him. From day one, WWE presented Rock as a huge future star due to his potential. The company was going to give him plenty of chances thanks to McMahon seeing something special there. Rock’s father and grandfather having history in WWE made him an even more valued commodity by Vince.

2 Hated It: Triple H


The Rock and Triple H were rivals from day one in WWE, both on-screen and in the locker room. Many fans would say Triple H is their favourite opponent of Rock's, with both men bringing the best out of each other. They truly delivered magic with a great deal of chemistry, but they didn’t always get along. Triple H specifically took many shots at Rock through the years, in an assumed fit of jealousy.

1 Loved It: Mick Foley


Every 90s wrestling fan that watched them both perform together will find joy in knowing Mick Foley loved working with The Rock. The chemistry between the two very different wrestlers allowed them to be outstanding rivals and partners at different points in their careers. Rock’s best opponent as a heel had to be the lovable Foley. They were even more fascinating together as the Rock 'n' Sock Connection tag team.

Foley has nothing but great words to say about Rock, both as a talent and as a person. He credits Rock for helping him become as big of a star as he did. The beating Foley took from Rock in various matches is part of the reason fans started to rally behind him as an underdog hero. They always appear to be happy when seeing each other at the occasional WWE function too. Foley revealed their daughters are good friends that keep in touch to keep the next generation Rock 'n' Sock Connection going strong.

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8 People Who Loved Working With The Rock and 7 Who Hated It