8 Notorious Hollywood Cheaters (And 7 Straight Arrows)

You know the old saying, “Cheaters never prosper.” Well, unfortunately, that’s just not true. Cheaters often do quite well; thank you. Hollywood celebrities are no exception. The only difference between celebrity cheaters and “ordinary” ones is that the celebrities live life in a fish bowl, where their every move is watched and followed. The rich and famous probably find it harder to cheat than so-called normal people. But, we are here to tell you that many of them manage. “If there’s a will there’s a way,” as a famous mantra goes. Pity the poor married actor or actress who gets a romantic role in a movie. He or she has up-close-and-personal love scenes to play, often with a hottie or a hunk. And all of this usually plays out while they are filming in far away places. Things just seem to happen on film sets. No matter if they are planned or not. And we're talking about 'steamy' things. Many of the cheaters on this list have had flings while filming. And some have had on-set affairs more than once. So, is it a case of once a cheater always a cheater? Sorry to say, but it seems so. Here come 8 notorious cheaters who have played away and 7 straight arrows who really just totally adore their other half... or it would seem like they do.

15 Ryan Reynolds - One Leading Lady After Another?


WTF! Ryan Reynolds cannot be a cheater. Read on. The Canadian hunk actor married Scarlett Johansson in 2008. When he made The Proposal with Sandra Bullock in 2009, rumor had it that they were just a bit more than good friends. Reportedly, they spent a New Year’s Eve together, and the pair were spotted together in Texas at one point. And what about the shouting matches with ScarJo in Reynolds’ movie set trailer? Then came Green Lantern and Blake Lively. A waitress at a New York restaurant reported that when the still-married Reynolds and his co-star had dinner at the restaurant, they looked like a flirty couple out on a date. Rumor had it that ScarJo had her suspicions about what the two stars were actually up to. Now, everybody but everybody, is denying everything... in public anyway.

14 Heidi Klum - Doing It With The Bodyguard


Supermodel Heidi Klum is 44 years old and still smoking hot. Way back in 2005, she married musician Seal on a beach in Mexico. Three kids later, they appeared to be all loved up and happy. Then came the separation in 2012. Seal swore blind that she had been sleeping with the bodyguard, one named Martin Kristen. Not so, says our Heidi. They were indeed doing it, but the fun hadn’t begun until after the separation. We’re not convinced. Anyway, Heidi moved on to boy toy Vito Schnabel. He’s thirteen years younger than she is! Maybe there is justice in this world. Why? Because now there are rumors that boy toy Schnabel is cheating on our Heidi. Of course, he denies the claims. Seal is probably grinning ear to ear over that one.

13 Ashton Kutcher - Boy Toy Hits Hot Tub With Hotties

So, way back when, boy toy Ashton Kutcher married hot cougar Demi Moore. It’ll never work, they said. They were right. Then, in 2011, came the (not so) shocking news that Ashton had cheated on Demi in a hot tub. Oh yeah, there were two babes in there with him. And to make matters worse, it happened on his wedding anniversary. The tabloids went nuts, Demi filed for divorce, and one of the babes, named Sara Leal, had fun selling her story to anyone who would buy it. Then, actor Scott Eastwood (son of you know who) went on a talk show and said that the hot tub story was true. How did he know? Well, he said one of the girls in there with Ashton was his girlfriend at the time. So, after the split with Demi, cheating Ashton moved on to (and later married) Mila Kunis. And they lived happily ever after? Maybe. Maybe not.

12 Kristen Stewart - Hooks Up On Film Set


How dumb were director Rupert Sanders and actress Kristen Stewart? It’s 2012 and they’re making Snow White and the Huntsman together. And, by the way, they were having an affair. Sorry (or glad) to say, but tabloid magazine US Weekly somehow got pictures of them together. Of course, they published them. They were busted...big time. See, Sanders was married (but not for long), and Kristen was supposedly all loved up with Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson. No prizes for guessing what happens next. Sanders ends up divorced, and Pattinson gives Stewart the old heave-ho. Pattinson has moved on to English singer FKA twigs. They kinda got engaged. And Kristen? Well, she too has moved on and is dating a Victoria’s Secret model. Yes, our Kristen definitely swings both ways.

11 Angelina Jolie - Homewrecker Extraordinaire


Okay. Not many people remember this, but when Angelina Jolie was 14 years old, her mother let her boyfriend move into Angie’s bedroom. Fast-forward to Angie the actress. And she’s still at “it.” You see, the babe has a long history of having affairs on film sets. It started back in 1995 when she made Hackers. She had a fling with co-star Jonny Lee Miller back then. Then, the next year, she makes Foxfire and decides to swing the other way. This time, she was at it with model-actress Jenny Shimizu. Then, 1999 brought her and Billy Bob Thornton together on the set of Pushing Tin. They eventually got married... but not for long. That brings us neatly to 2005 when she made Mr. & Mrs. Smith with Brad Pitt. Reportedly, they had one heck of a steamy affair going on. The only thing was Pitt was married to Jennifer Aniston at the time. It was a huge scandal, with Pitt’s divorce dirt all over the tabloids and Jolie labeled (by some) as a homewrecker.

10 Hugh Grant - In A Car With A Working Girl


On June 27th, 1995, Hugh Grant was just sitting in a car in Los Angeles minding his own business when he was arrested. We forgot to mention that he had a working girl by the name of Divine Brown in the car with him. And she was doing something oral on bits of his anatomy. At the time, Grant was supposedly all loved up with English actress Elizabeth Hurley. Trust us, we don’t think she was very amused. So, Grant pleads no contest and gets on with promoting his first major studio film, Nine Months. His talk show appearances shortly after the incident were totally embarrassing for the actor. Of course, they asked about Ms. Divine. Meanwhile, Divine is enjoying her insta-famous status. See, the chick sold her story all over the place and became a millionaire!

9 Jude Law - Doing It With The Nanny


English actors Jude Law and Sienna Miller hooked up when they made the movie Alfie together. That was way back in 2004. So, they moved in together and hired a nanny for Jude’s kids. In waltzes Daisy Wright. Now, Sienna Miller is a party-hard kind of girl. So, she’s out until the wee small hours and sleeping all day, leaving Jude 'in need'. So, Daisy and Jude start hooking up. The only thing is, they were outed. Jude and Sienna split big time. Feeling sorry for Sienna? Forget it. By 2008, she was having an affair with the very married actor Balthazar Getty. He even leaves his wife and kids and moves in with the blonde hottie. “Homewrecker,” shouted the headlines. And what of Daisy Wright? Well, she did all right. Seems like she set up her own childcare agency. Believe it or not, she calls it Silentnight Nannies.

8 Jesse James - Babes Coming Out Of The Woodwork


Biker, cheater, and TV personality Jesse James claims to be related to the Wild West outlaw of the same name. But as we all know, our Jesse is a bit of a liar and a cheat. Before he married America’s sweetheart Sandra Bullock, the guy was married to a stripper and adult film star who ended up in prison for tax evasion. Nice pair, those two. Not. Anyway, in 2010, reports of James cheating on Bullock went viral, with several women claiming to have done the deed with the guy. If it hadn’t been so tragic, it would have been funny. They were coming out of the woodwork for a time. So, James does what celebrity cheaters always do. First, he apologizes. Second, he checks into rehab. Only thing is, Sandra wasn’t buying it. She hit the divorce court pretty quickly, and it was adios bad boy Jesse James.

7 Hugh Jackman - Loves, Loves, Loves His Wife


He is 48 years old and she is 61. But that doesn’t seem to matter. They have been married for twenty-one years. Trust us, in Hollywood, that is basically like forever. But Hugh Jackman and fellow Aussie Deborra-Lee Furness apparently are still going strong, despite the occasional rumor of an impending split. He regularly gushes–actually gushes–about her courage and her fortitude. And he’s not afraid to tell the world that he loves, loves, loves her. The two have been through a lot together. See, they wanted to have kids but couldn’t seem to manage it. So, they went in for IVF treatments, only to have the implanted embryos miscarried. It was a tough time for them. And now? They have two beautiful adopted children, Oscar and Ava. And, by all accounts, the man who is Wolverine is one fantastic dad.

6 George Clooney - The Tiger Is Tamed


To say that before Amal came into his life, George Clooney used to be something of a ladies’ man is a bit like saying that Donald Trump kind of wants to get his own way. Clooney went through a lot of women, including wrestler Stacy Keibler and Italian model Elisabetta Canalis, before he met and married barrister Amal Alamuddin. By all accounts, he was smitten with everything about Amal. She is beautiful, witty, and smart. Plus, like Clooney, she is a human rights activist who is not shy about taking up controversial cases and causes. Now that their twins, Alexander and Ella, have been born, they are happier than ever and are spending what they call a “happy” summer in Italy. The two seem to make a kind of magic together.

5 Matt Damon - Best Hollywood Couple


Vogue has dubbed Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso Hollywood’s best couple. The two lovebirds regularly treat their fans to sweet PDA moments. So, how did they meet? Way back in 2003, Damon was shooting a movie in Miami. He was talked into going to a bar. And guess who the bartender was? None other than Luciana! “I literally saw her across a crowded room, literally,” he told Ellen DeGeneres. Now, Luciana was a divorcee with a 4-year-old daughter and totally and completely different from the Hollywood babes that Damon had dated in the past. But, very wisely, they didn’t rush things. They dated for a couple of years before marrying in a low-key ceremony in New York City. Eleven years married, with four kids in tow, they still are going strong.

4 Robert Downey Jr. - Iron Man Meets His Iron Woman


Susan Downey (then Levin) was a respected film producer. Robert Downey, Jr. was a troubled trainwreck of a man. The two met on a film set in 2003. According to Harper's Bazaar, Susan didn’t find him “devastatingly s*xy or fascinating” at first. And, quite frankly, she says that she also found him a little strange. She is known in Hollywood as “The Miracle That Saved Robert Downey Jr.” He simply shrugs his shoulders and tells the world that he has become more like her. See, way back when they met, Downey was a bit of a mess. He was a drug addict who was in and out of courts and rehab on a pretty regular basis. Susan literally saved his life. She told him "it’s me or the drugs." He chose her. And now? Well, she still thinks he is strange in a “Peter Pan kind of never-grow-up” sort of way. But, she likes it.

3 Colin Firth - Struck By A Thunderbolt


Colin Firth has said that the first time he saw Livia Giuggioli walking down a crowded street, it was like a thunderbolt had struck him. He knew there and then. At the time, they were both in Colombia working on a show for the BBC. She didn’t even know who he was when they first met. And her family? They weren’t all that impressed either. “I remember saying to Livia and her family in Italy,” he said in an interview, “You know, I’m a heartthrob. And they all threw their hands up and said, ‘Get outta here.’” They were even less impressed when he sent them some tapes of his work. It was something about his being too reserved to be s*xy. Now, the two lovebirds and their two children divide their time between Italy and England. Married twenty years and still very much in love, the two seem oh so happy and content.

2 Tom Hanks - President Of The Straight Arrow Club


If there was a Straight Arrow Club in Hollywood, a) it wouldn’t have many members and b) Tom Hanks would be its president. He has said that had he and actress wife Rita Wilson gone to high school together, he wouldn’t have had the courage to walk up and speak to her. She was “too vivacious, too beautiful, too popular...too upbeat, too positive.” Wilson has agreed, saying that she wouldn’t have given him the time of day when they were young. Luckily, they met on a film set way back in the 1980’s. Despite the occasional rumors of divorce, the two seem to be going strong. Hanks first laid eyes on Wilson when she appeared in an episode of The Brady Bunch back in the 1970’s. He remembers watching the show and thinking “Hey, she’s cute.” Too true.

1 Kevin Bacon - Found His Dream Woman


Kevin Bacon calls Kyra Sedgwick “the woman of my dreams AND my reality!” The two have been married for nearly thirty years and have two kids. So, they are soulmates? Yes, definitely. But, when they did Finding Your Roots, the couple discovered that they are also distant cousins. Kyra said that she suspected it all along but had to act surprised when the show’s host did the big reveal. Things are totally cool for the couple now. But a while back, they were caught up in the notorious Ponzi scheme run by Bernie Madoff. Yes, they lost a lot of money. But, as Bacon said, they were still relatively young and could roll up their sleeves and rebuild which, by all accounts, is just what they’ve done. And, after nearly thirty years of marriage, they are still totally loved up and into one another.

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