8 Movies Rotten Tomatoes Got Wrong (And 7 They Got Right!)

Rotten Tomatoes has become the barometer for films across the board of the movie industry, if they deem a movie ‘acceptable’ and thus give it a high percentage (75% or higher); chances are you're going to go see the new flick with some friends or family. Conversely, if the movie gets a ‘splattered’ tomato, (59% or below) you might be much more hesitant to go purchase a hefty ticket fee and some pricey popcorn. It’s likely that you have stumbled across countless movies that have been ranked accordingly by the Rotten Tomato conglomerate, and we’re willing to guess that there have been multiple movie titles that have been ranked in a manner that you strongly disagreed with. We think that Rotten Tomatoes more often than not accurately reports the films and more importantly represents the mass appeal of society; however, they have been known to get it wrong on numerous occasions.

The ‘Tomatometer’, or the rating personally dished out by Rotten Tomatoes, has become the “weather gauge” so to speak, that movie-goers are using as a prerequisite for seeing new movies. But similarly to the weathermen, Rotten Tomatoes has also developed a reputation for messing with audiences' emotions; which is exactly why we have compiled this list. Some of the movies that have made this list are downright staples in the film industry, and for reasons still obscure they have been labeled next to some absolute busts. Whether you use Rotten Tomatoes or not, some of these ratings have to make your blood boil. Without any further ado, let's go!


15 Got It Wrong: Die Hard With A Vengeance (1995) - 51% 

Is it possible to watch any of the Die Hard movies without getting incredibly ramped up and filled with energy? With an ‘audience score’ of 83%, it’s fairly obvious that the vast majority of critics enjoyed this Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson blockbuster, well, everyone except Rotten Tomatoes. Simply after hearing the names Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson, it seems hard than any movie they star in would receive a less-than-average score, but that’s exactly what they got with their 1995 film Die Hard. Criticized for its “lack of fresh ideas”, Rotten Tomatoes goes on to say that the film started strong, but just couldn't pick up the slack at the end. Have you seen any of the Die Hard films? It’s nothing but non-stop action, so the fact that they think it didn’t end strong; we’re not buying it, bro.

14 Got It Right: Get Out - 99% 


One of the most recent movies to land itself on our list, Get Out, created by comic and brilliant writer Jordan Peele, (from Key and Peele) concocted an absolute masterpiece and thriller. With an effortless weave of comedic value and gut-wrenching drama, Get Out proves that solid and sinister horror movies are still alive and kicking. If you have seen the movie then you know exactly what we’re talking about, this movie is not for the faint hearted. Audiences responded well giving it an 87%, which is rare to find a score on such a highly rated film that is a little less popular with the fans, but this movie was generally enjoyed by all its viewers. Rotten Tomatoes absolutely nailed this ranking, it’s without a doubt one of the best movies we have seen in recent memory.

13 Got It Wrong: The Accountant - 51% 

Another movie that landed on our list from 2016, The Accountant, starring Ben Affleck, was another movie in which Rotten Tomatoes completely messed up. With a 77% rating from the fans, it’s fairly obvious that the movie was enjoyed by the large majority of critics. In a movie that leaves viewers scattered around with emotion, Ben Affleck plays an accountant with a high-functioning form of autism. This mental health issue actually works to Affleck’s advantage, allowing him to use an incredible mathematical ability to become the worlds most efficient accountant, as well as assassin. Whether you thought the movie was a knockout hit or not, chances are that even the most critical of viewers would give it more than a measly 51%.

12 Got It Right: Argo - 96%


The incredible reenactment of the true story of the American hostages in Tehran after an Iranian revolution took 53 Americans at their will. This incredible movie captures the intricacies that took place behind closed doors to trick the world into getting them back. With dry humor, incredible wit, and a cunning and devious ploy to extract these Americans from behind enemy lines, this movie was applauded by all audiences who came to see, including the highly critical Rotten Tomatoes organization. In a movie that ends up leaving us all catching our breath, the entire joyride is as suspenseful as it is creative, and Rotten Tomatoes has shown time and again that it rewards creativity with extreme praise; no wonder Argo did so amazingly well.

11 Got It Wrong: Baywatch - 18% 

Rotten Tomatoes certainly doesn't rate its movies based on attractive women frolicking around the beach with huge assets, because if they did this movie would have received a perfect score. Now while this movie's storyline might not be what Rotten Tomatoes typically is looking for, the movie did well at the box office and was widely enjoyed by the fans. A solid 60% of viewers polled said they enjoyed the movie, and how could they not? This ‘rock’ solid cast is both talented and beautiful, coupled with Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron, the movie was far from a flop. With a grisly score of just 18%, it’s hard to imagine the movie receiving any lower praise from the critics, and quite honestly we can't figure out why they gave it such a bad score, oh well, we enjoyed it.

10 Got It Right: Hell Or High Water - 97% 


This critically acclaimed film takes us all back to the days of the Wild West, it’s intense storyline drops brothers in a sticky situation, so they act in the only way they know how; to rob from the banks and pay them back with their own money. The gun toting and trigger happy brothers make their way through a chain of banks and all the while are being chased by local deputies, the sheer brilliance of the storyline is worthy of the high praise in and of itself, but the acting and action are also worthy of such a score. Rotten Tomatoes has nailed their score of this flick, and the audience completely reflected this opinion, 88% of viewers stated that they enjoyed this movie.

9 Got It Wrong: Remember The Titans - 73%  

How on earth this movie received only 73% of Rotten Tomatoes approval is beyond us, anyone who has watched this movie will tell you that sure, it might be another movie about a football team, but the ideologies and multiple storylines that follow are provocative and awe-inspiring. The battle of the racial divide is absolutely portrayed to perfection in this film, the battle not only taking place on the football field but in the community and the classroom. 93% of audiences claimed they enjoyed this movie, and we feel that even this number is quite low. Remember the Titans has a special way of yanking at your heart strings until the tears helplessly fall from your eyes. Rotten Tomatoes might have given this movie a solid score, but we feel the actual score is best represented with the reflection of the fans, and all of us absolutely love this movie.


8 Got It Right: The Dark Night - 94% 


Has there ever been a more provocative villain role played better than Heath Ledger's Joker? We don't think there has or ever will be a more demonic and sinister villain than the brilliant work done by the Joker. Unfortunately, the role cost Ledger his life, dying from an overdose of sleeping pills the same year the movie came out. The overall feeling from audiences after watching the movie was this; Heath Ledger was a method actor, so it only seems correct to assume that he ‘became’ the joker as best he can. Then, when it was time for the movie to end Heath couldn't shake the presence of this insidious character so he used sleeping pills to fall asleep, one too many at that. This movie is widely considered to be the best of the Batman series, and we have to agree.

7 Got It Wrong: The Boondock Saints - 20%

With one of the most astonishing discrepancies that we could find between the Rotten Tomatoes organization and the audience, Boondock Saints leaves us all scratching our heads when we find out they gave this epic film a measly 20% rating. While audiences raved and ranted about this intense and signature Quentin Tarantino film, 91% of fans agreed that this movie was worth seeing, an incredible rating from fans that seems most grossly misrepresented by Rotten Tomatoes. In one of the most cringe-worthy moments for Rotten Tomatoes, they likely have fired the parties responsible for incredible oversight or complete negligence. Anyone who has seen this movie (and if you haven't seen it you must immediately) must give the credit that is due to this intense and thrilling film.

6 Got It Right: Mad Max: Fury Road - 97%


Anyone who tuned into this 2-hour rock show mixed with some movie stars and incredible action scenes knows firsthand that this movie deserved every bit of the 97% it received from Rotten Tomatoes. Tom Hardy has been known to steal the show when given the chance, and he certainly didn't disappoint when it came to the rendition of Mad Max: Fury Road. The movie might have been a little too edgy for some viewers, as well as a bit ‘too’ action packed, but we absolutely loved this movie and think that Rotten Tomatoes pinned the tail on the donkey with their score. Earning a score in the high 90’s is no easy feat, so the producers and actors involved in this epic film should feel incredibly honored to have received such high praise.

5 Got It Wrong: Assassin's Creed - 18%

The rating which Assassin's Creed received was perhaps the most appalling score we have ever seen that has been handed out by Rotten Tomatoes. A measly 18% for a movie that we thought met expectations or even surpassed them. Sure, the movie script was pretty well known from the jump because the storyline was clearly based on the epic selling video game, but the CGI and special effects, coupled with Michael Fassbender’s incredible superstar role, we simply couldn't believe that Rotten Tomatoes could be so callous in their critique. 45% of fans thought that the movie was overall enjoyable, and even those numbers are low in our estimation. Assassin's Creed was brilliantly created with unbelievable fight choreography that is incredibly appealing. We think Rotten Tomatoes grossly underrated this film, and we have a feeling you probably agree.

4 Got It Right: Spotlight - 96%


The highly controversial film Spotlight exposes the grotesque crimes of the Catholic Church of the rape and molestation of thousands of young boys; crimes that left a trail all the way to the Vatican. The film gracefully tip-toes around the disgusting nature of a horrifying chain of command throughout the Catholic Church that led to the devastation of countless young boys childhood’s and subsequently their faith. With two of the lead roles played by Rachel McAdams and Mark Ruffalo, it’s hard to not get sucked in immediately to the films incredible ability to capture the truth. Rotten Tomatoes absolutely nailed this one, almost perfectly reflecting the feelings of the fans (93%), and have added this movie to their long list of films they absolutely got right.

3 Got It Wrong: Stephen King's IT  - 88% 

This one only makes sense if you have seen the new and critically acclaimed Stephen King movie, because even Rotten Tomatoes ranked it incredibly high when taking into consideration the average result (at least with ratings) for horror movies. We’re asserting that this movie deserves an even higher score, and the audiences so far have reflected our opinion. 91% of audiences said they enjoyed the movie, and the overarching theme has been one of revelation and absolute awe. The horror genre has made a comeback in a major way, and movies like IT have set the barometer for true horror, sophisticated and intricate in the only way Stephen King knows how to be. Rotten Tomatoes, while certainly giving credit where it was due, still got this one wrong in our estimation.

2 Got It Right: Finding Nemo - 99% 


Perhaps Disney’s most popular movie, (at least of this decade) is the epic animation of Finding Nemo. Anyone who has enjoyed this roller-coaster ride of emotion knows that this movie is as funny as it emotional, and boy is it emotional. One of the most heartfelt animated movies of all time, Finding Nemo scored a 99% on Rotten Tomatoes; a score that earned every bit of its high praise. Rotten Tomatoes prides itself on ranking storylines and plot twists with intense critique, but even they were blown away at the seamless ease Disney created at every turn and climax. Critics agreed as well that Rotten Tomatoes got this one right, and its clearing of over $300 million at the box office certainly reflected the same success as well.

1 Got It Wrong: All Eyez On Me - 17% 

One of the most anticipated movies of the summer, All Eyez On Me, the biopic creation of one of the most provocative and controversial individuals of all time, Tupac Shakur, received less than average ratings when it hit theaters worldwide. While it wasn't what the vast majority was expecting, it still received a much better rating from the fans (57%) who showed up in bunches to see this movie about their favorite rapper of all time. A tough act to follow after The Notorious B.I.G.’s epic movie Notorious dominated box offices years ago, it seems quite likely that this movie drew an unfair comparison to its counterpart. We think Rotten Tomatoes got this one wrong, a 17% rating seems impossibly low for a movie that had such a dominant protagonist.


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