15Overpaid – Shane McMahon ($2.2 million)

Yes, we here at The Richest love Shane-O-Mac just as much as you do, but his contract terms might be a little too high considering his role in the company. Granted, jumping off a cell twice in a year is no easy task, so we still applaud Shane for his efforts in the ring at the age of 47. In the ring, he truly hasn’t missed a beat, however when assessing his overall role in the company, the price tag is just way too high.

Unlike the other Superstars that wrestle night in and night out, Shane appearances are very rare. So yeah, although he does put his body on the line, he gets the proper amount of time to recover after the said match, unlike other WWE Superstars like Kevin Owens who are back to work two days later. We love Shane but his contract might be a little too high, especially when you compare it to the others, making Shane one of the highest paid talents in the entire company.

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