8 Most Difficult Celebs To Work With (And 7 That Everyone Loves)

From afar, the life of an actor seems glamorous and spectacular. An actor’s job is no different than any other. Actors work long grueling hours when shooting a film. It’s similar to any other job in the sense that they wake up early and work all day. A shoot day is often stressful and chaotic. They start early in the morning and work until very late at night. However, their work begins long before the first shoot day. After filming has completed, their days are filled with promoting the movie and participating in interviews. Like any other job, co-workers can make or break the workplace. It’s always nice to get along with co-workers and work in a safe environment. Of course, there is always the danger of working with somebody that is difficult to get along with. In those cases, shoot days can feel endless and miserable.

Several world famous actors have developed the reputation for being difficult to work with. Some celebs can be quite the headache for their co-stars, the director, and the crew. Some stars can be demanding, mean, and downright rude. In fact, it comes to a point where nobody wants to work with those celebs. These stars often find themselves at the center of controversy. However, not all celebs are demanding and rude. Many are easy to work with and get along with everyone from the actors to the crew. Here is a look at 8 Celebs That Are Difficult To Work With and 7 That Everyone Loves.


15 Mike Myers (Difficult)


Mike Myers first became a household name with his memorable time as a cast member of the sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live. He went on to have a very successful film career and is best known for his roles in the Wayne’s World films, the Austin Powers trilogy, and Shrek franchise. Myers is known for being a bit difficult to work with. He has the reputation for being a controlling perfectionist. He demands to have creative control over directing, costumes, and the scripts. Some of his former co-workers have noted that he becomes very angry when he doesn’t get his way. In 2003, Myers starred in the live action film The Cat in the Hat. He apparently made life difficult for the crew and cast members. Actress Amy Hill described working with Myers as “a horrible, nightmarish experience.” She added, “Mike Myers is a rude, nightmare diva who made our lives miserable.”

14 Will Smith (Loves)


Newsweek magazine once called Will Smith “the most powerful actor in Hollywood.” Despite having that much power, he hasn't let it go to his head. He remains down-to-earth and one of the easiest people to work with. He has starred in several memorable films, including Men In Black, Ali, The Pursuit of Happiness and Concussion. He could easily be a demanding diva but is known for his positive demeanor and incredible work ethic. His co-stars and crew members note that he is encouraging and positive throughout the entire process. His Focus co-star, Adrian Martinez, said about Smith, “Will Smith is sunlight.” He went on to say, “He has a personality and truth to him that you just can’t deny. What I really liked about him was how he lives in gratitude and the fact that I can’t help but appreciate where you are in your life being around him.”

13 Edward Norton (Difficult)


Edward Norton is a critically acclaimed actor and has starred in several classic films, such as American History X, Fight Club, and Birdman. However, his major career achievements are sometimes overshadowed by his notorious reputation. He is known for being very controlling and demanding. He often makes changes to scripts and, in some cases, has done uncredited rewrites. In most instances, his input into the film and script were great improvements to the movie. However, other times, it resulted in a major trainwreck. He was originally cast to play the role of Bruce Banner/The Incredible Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In fact, he starred in the second MCU film, The Incredible Hulk in 2008. He rewrote some of the script. But in the end, he had a falling-out with the producers. He left the MCU and plans were scrapped for a Hulk sequel. Mark Ruffalo was then brought in to take over the role.

12 Lea Michele (Difficult)


All it takes is a little fame for a celeb to go from delightful to a nightmare. Lea Michele is one of many celebs that are accused of letting fame go to their heads. According to her co-workers, the fame changed her, and she became somewhat of a diva. Lea Michele had her big breakthrough with her role as Rachel Berry on the massively popular series Glee. She became one of the biggest stars in the world and was one of the most popular celebs. She became increasingly more difficult to work with. Reportedly, she would snap her fingers at people and belittle them. She often reminded her co-workers that she had better places to be. She also demanded changes to the scripts and shooting schedule. She has thousands of fans all over the world but luckily, none of them had to work with her.

11 Meryl Streep (Loves)

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The Academy Award-winning Meryl Streep is widely recognized as the greatest actor of all time. She has more Oscar nominations than any other celeb. However, one of her greatest accomplishments is being considered the nicest actress to work with. She is best known for her roles in Kramer vs. Kramer, Sophie’s Choice, and The Devil Wears Prada. Streep is known for being a delight to work with. She always gets along with her co-stars and the rest of the crew. Her co-stars often gush over her and praise her work ethic. In 2014, she starred in the musical fantasy film Into the Woods along with Emily Blunt, Chris Pine, and Anna Kendrick. Kendrick was overjoyed to work with Streep. She said, “After the table read, everybody was just blown away, but no one wanted to be the first person to go, ‘Meryl is so good.’ It’s like, ‘Oxygen is so great.’”

10 Teri Hatcher (Difficult)


In the ‘90s, Teri Hatcher made a name for herself with her starring role in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. She went on to have a very successful career in film as well. However, she returned to television for a role in the ABC series Desperate Housewives. It also starred Eva Longoria, Felicity Huffman, and Marcia Cross. Initially, Hatcher was viewed as the lead of an ensemble cast but the rest of the cast soon became stars in their own right. Reportedly, Hatcher became difficult to work with, and there was a great deal of jealousy and tension. Basically, it became Hatcher against the three other actresses. Famously, during a Vanity Fair cover shoot, Hatcher wanted to be in the center but Longoria threatened to walk out. Later, actress Nicolette Sheridan called Hatcher the “meanest woman in the world.” Things became so intense that when the three actresses gave the crew a goodbye gift, they didn’t include Hatcher.

9 Hugh Jackman (Loves)

Despite being one of the most famous leading men in the world, Hugh Jackman has remained humble and down-to-earth. He is best known for his role as Wolverine in the X-Men series from 2000 to 2017. He is an extraordinarily talented actor and has had a successful theater and film career. His co-stars have nothing but nice things to say about the world-famous star. Jackman was nominated for an Academy Award for his role in Les Misérables. Director Tom Hooper praised Jackman for his positive demeanor and work ethic. Hooper said, “However long hours he works, however much he has to sing, he’s always gracious with the crew.” He also referred to Jackman as a “wonderful leader” and “inspiring.” He added, “And I don’t want to go too far with this, I’ll sound like I’m gushing — but he really is kind of a rather amazing person.”


8 Gwyneth Paltrow (Difficult)


Gwyneth Paltrow is best known for her roles in Seven, Sliding Doors, and Iron Man. She won an Oscar for her critically-acclaimed performance in Shakespeare in Love. However, Paltrow is also known for having a unique and demanding diva-like attitude. She has been described as being unpleasant and cold towards her co-workers. She also has a long list of demands that must be met. In addition to being a diva, she is also known for being very health conscious and a germaphobe. This combination makes her one of the most unique divas. Her assistants are instructed to go into every gym shower and public bathroom to disinfect and wipe down before she uses it. Additionally, she doesn’t hide her feelings when it comes to her co-stars performances. She often criticizes and belittles them in front of other cast members, the director, and crew.

7 Drew Barrymore And Adam Sandler (Loves)


Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler are two of the biggest stars in the world. Individually, they have starred in several major films. However, together, they have starred in numerous popular romantic comedies, including The Wedding Singer, 50 First Dates, and Blended. Sandler is often described as one of the nicest, laid-back, and down-to-earth actors to work with. Barrymore’s co-stars often say she is very pleasant and easy to get along with. Apparently, they are even nicer to the cast and crew when working together. Their Blended co-star, Bella Thorne, praised the celebrity friends. She said, “They [Barrymore and Sandler] are exactly how you think they would be onscreen as offscreen.” Despite being world-famous, they clearly haven’t let fame ruin them. Throne added, “They have fun-loving personalities. They have such a great vibe when they walk on. Everybody is having a good time on our set.”

6 Katherine Heigl (Difficult)


At one point, every director and actor wanted to work with Katherine Heigl. That enthusiasm ended quickly, and most of her colleagues came to dread working with her. Heigl first gained widespread popularity for her Emmy award-winning role as Izzie Stevens on the series Grey’s Anatomy. She became an even bigger celeb with her starring roles in the films Knocked Up and 27 Dresses. However, she soon developed the reputation for being difficult to work with. She received a huge backlash for criticizing Knocked Up as being sexist. She was also difficult to deal with on the set on Grey’s. One year, she refused an Emmy nomination because she felt the writers had done a poor job and didn’t deserve the recognition. She also felt that she deserved a huge pay raise for all of her work. In 2011, she eventually left the series hoping to focus on her film career and family.

5 Johnny Depp (Loves)


Johnny Depp had his first break with his role in the television series 21 Jump Street. He went from a relatively unknown TV star to a major Hollywood celebrity. He has starred in several beloved films, such as Edward Scissorhands, Donnie Brasco, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. A lot of celebs that have reached his level of fame became major divas but Depp has always remained humble. Many of his co-stars have described him as being hardworking and the nicest actor. He’s not just good to his co-stars but the crew as well. In 2011, Depp reprised his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. While filming in very cold conditions, he spent $60,000 on 500 waterproof jackets for the crew. A crew member stated, “It’s a great morale boost and another example of why he is one of the nicest people in Hollywood.”

4 Jennifer Lopez (Difficult)


Jennifer Lopez is a world-famous recording artist and actress. She has released numerous chart-topping singles and starred in several memorable films. She is known all over the world and is one of the most recognizable stars. She is also known for being an intensely demanding diva. Many of her co-stars have noted that she has fallen victim to her own hype. Several of her colleagues have had a difficult time working with her. In 2007, a long list of her demands was made public and helped explain why so many celebs avoid working with her. Her demands include a private jet, luxury hotel, red roses & white lilies, regular potato chips, apple juice, Ritz crackers, and plain M&M’s. The long list contains many more demands and that is all before she gets on set. In fact, she won’t even read the script until the demands are met.

3 Tom Hanks (Loves)


There isn’t a celeb alive that doesn’t love working with Tom Hanks. Honestly, that isn’t a surprise to anyone. It’s easy to see that he’d be very pleasant and enjoyable to work with. In 1993 and 1994, Hanks won two back-to-back Academy Awards for his roles in Philadelphia and Forrest Gump, respectively. Hanks is known for having a positive and down-to-earth attitude. He goes out of his way to befriend his cast and crew members. He’ll even make sure to connect with those little people that are sometimes forgotten. His Green Mile co-star, the late Michael Clarke Duncan, had nothing but positive words to say about Hanks. He said “Tom’s the type of guy who helps you out a lot.” He added, “It was real cool to work with Tom. He was very easy to work with.” Tom Hanks is literally considered the nicest actor in Hollywood. He has a lot of awards but that might be the best one.

2 Bruce Willis (Difficult)


In the ‘80s, Bruce Willis became a world-famous star known for his tough guy roles. He remains one of the biggest and constant stars in the industry. Willis has the reputation of being difficult to work with. He is often described as being a jerk. Actually, most of his co-stars don’t use “jerk” to describe him but the real word is not PG. He was said to be much more humble earlier in his career but that has since changed. In 2010, Willis starred in Cop Out along with Tracy Morgan. Willis and director Kevin Smith didn’t get along during shooting. Smith stated that he was disappointed with Willis who he had looked forward to working with. He also called the experience soul-crushing. At the wrap party, Smith reportedly stated, “I want to thank everyone who worked on the film, except for Bruce Willis, who is a (expletive).”

1 Jennifer Lawrence (Loves)


Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most beloved celebs in Hollywood. It’s not only her fans that adore her but her co-workers too. Lawrence is one of the highest-paid actresses in the business. She is best known for portraying Mystique in the X-Men franchise and Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games series. She won an Academy Award for her breakthrough role in Silver Linings Playbook. Her colleagues have nothing but nice things to say about working with her. She has a great reputation in the industry and is often described as being very humble with an incredible work ethic. She becomes very close with everyone she works with including the cast, writers, and crew. Her former Hunger Games co-star, Willow Shields, praised Lawrence in an interview. She said, “Jen is incredible. I don’t think I’ll ever work with someone as fun and as great as her.”

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