8 Mistakes That Were Left In Movies On Purpose (And 8 No One Noticed)

Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes those mistakes make their way into big-budget Hollywood movies. However, sometimes an actor can "act through" a mistake and it makes the scene so realistic and raw that the director decides to keep it in the movie. These mistakes didn't make the blooper reel– they made the final cut. Some of these mistakes caused the actors a lot of pain (and blood, in some cases) but they acted through it and ended up making the movie so much better. In the instance of one famous movie, a mechanical mistake was actually what made the movie into the classic that it is known as today.

Then there are some mistakes that end up in the final cut because the editors got lazy or they just missed things. People on the internet, however, are ruthless when it comes to movie mistakes and there are dozens of websites across the web that are actually dedicated to movie bloopers. How do people notice these mistakes? We'll never know. Most of these bloopers are so minuscule that, if you blinked, you'd miss them. Luckily for us, these mistakes have been found and screen-capped so we can enjoy them.

Eight of these movie mistakes were purposefully left in the movie and you would never know they were mistakes if no one told you. Then there are eight mistakes that were probably just accidents that no one noticed until later. You'll be surprised by what major movies have gotten away with!

16 Left On Purpose - Mortensen Breaks Two Toes Kicking Helmet

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Viggo Mortensen actually broke two toes on the set of The Two Towers. In the scene where Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli find the slaughtered orcs that were killed in a raid, they believe that Merry and Pippin had been killed as well. Since that's exactly what they were trying to avoid, Aragorn gets pissed and he kicks an Uruk-hai helmet, cries out in anguish, then drops to his knees. The director, Peter Jackson, is known for having a very intense attention to detail and always using very authentic props so it turns out that the helmet was a very real and very heavy helmet and he smashed up his foot pretty good when he kicked it. However, Jackson loved Mortensen's authenticity and decided to keep it in the movie. Since he broke two toes to get the take, it would be an affront to Mortensen if he scrapped the scene, wouldn't it?

15 No One Noticed - That Lambo Didn't Exist Back Then!

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There are a few things that are wrong with Dallas Buyers Club, including the fact that a man (Jared Leto) was cast to play a transgender female and there are a few other glaring mistakes that you may not have caught. Though the story is set in 1985, Matthew McConaughey's character, Ron Woodroof, has a poster of a Lamborghini Aventador model that didn't exist in the 80s. In fact, that specific model was created in 2011. There are actually multiple items seen in the movie that did not exist in 1985 such as the WelchAllyn medical equipment, Ray Ban "P"-branded sunglasses, a bottle of Apothyc red wine, and a Japanese magazine with a model on the cover (Ai Shinozaki) who wasn't even born until 1992. Also, when Woodroof comes back from Mexico, he is asked for his passport but Americans didn't even need a passport to go to Mexico until 2009.

14 Left On Purpose - The Look Of Shock When They Smashed A Real Antique Instead Of A Prop

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Sometimes mistakes lead to casualties and this is the case for Tarantino's The Hateful Eight. Fortunately, the casualty wasn't a person but, instead, a 145-year-old guitar. In a scene near the end of the movie, Jennifer Jason Leigh plays a song on a guitar and considering that the movie takes place in the 1800s, Tarantino wanted it to look as authentic as possible. The guitar she is playing is a one-of-a-kind Martin from the 1870s loaned out by the Martin Museum. For some reason or another, Kurt Russell didn't get the memo about the priceless antiquity and he snatches the guitar and breaks it against a pillar. Leigh was under the assumption that the guitar would be swapped out for a replica for the "smashing" scene so she wasn't expecting Russell to suddenly break the guitar. The look of shock and dismay on her face is completely genuine because she knew that it was a priceless antique.

13 No One Noticed - Harry Potter And The Movie Error

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There are definitely a few continuity errors and plot holes in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, for example, why didn't Fred and George ever notice that, according to the Marauder's Map, their brother was sleeping with Peter Pettigrew (while he was still a rat) ever night? We'll never know. However, there is one glaring mistake in the movie that pops up multiple times: power packs. In the non-magical world, power packs are battery packs for hidden cordless mics and they are supposed to be, well, hidden. While Harry and Hermione are hiding in the pumpkin patch near the end of the movie, you can clearly see the outline of power packs underneath their jackets. You can also notice the outline of Harry's power pack again when he bows to Buckbeak after they rescue him. Too bad they couldn't use magic to make those power packs disappear.

12 Left On Purpose - Leo Hurts His Hand Smacking The Table

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It took years for Leonardo DiCaprio to finally win an Oscar but it wasn't for a lack of talent– or a lack of trying. In Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained, Leo gave a great performance as Calvin J. Candie, an evil slave owner who forces his slaves to fight to the death in brutal wrestling matches. In the climactic scene of the movie, Candie is angry that he was tricked by his guests and he slams his hand onto the table. While performing this scene, Leo cut his hand badly on some glass and acted through it, more intense than ever, even though his own blood covered his hand. Tarantino thought that this was the best take so it ended up in the final cut of the movie. When it comes to intensity, Leo is the king, and he never ever breaks character. Though the pain that he suffered through in Django wouldn't be enough to get him an Oscar, getting mauled by a bear in The Revenant was finally enough to get him the prize.

11 No One Noticed - Modern Technology In Ancient Rome

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Gladiator may have won an Oscar for best picture but even Academy Award-winning movies can make mistakes. While they didn't power chariots with gas cylinders in Ancient Rome, they did need them on the set to make the chariots go faster. In the "Battle of Carthage" in the Colosseum scene, a chariot gets knocked over and you can very clearly see a gas cylinder once the dust clears. There are also several other mistakes that you can spot in the movie such as a crewman wearing blue jeans in the army camp, a young girl wearing a scrunchy in the arena, and a man wearing hiking boots while driving one of the chariots. Also, there is a point in which someone is handing out leaflets about a fight, which wasn't a thing yet during that time. Even Academy Award winners make mistakes.

10 Left On Purpose - Franco's Headband Hid His Stitches

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There were a lot of mishaps that happened behind the scenes of Pineapple Express and multiple actors were hurt during the fighting scenes and even some non-fighting scenes. Seth Rogan fractured his finger, James Franco kicked Rosie Perez in the back of the leg (and apparently bit her in the butt), Danny McBride split open the back of his head with a bong, and Franco cut open his head when he ran into a tree. Because Franco needed stitches on his forehead, he ended up wearing a headband to cover it up during the rest of filming. So if you have ever watched Pineapple Express and wondered why James Franco sometimes wore a headband and sometimes he didn't, it's because he literally ran into a tree. The director, David Gordon, said jokingly that they were much more protective of the bongs than the actors, saying that only two of them were destroyed.

9 No One Noticed - Tom Cruise's Fake Butt

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Thanks to a close-up of Tom Cruise's behind in the 2008 movie Valkyrie, people began to notice that something was just not right about his Kim Kardashian-esque butt. After the photo had been circulating for almost a decade, Cruise was finally forced to respond to the rumors. While doing press for his newest movie, American Made, Cruise went on the defensive, saying, "There was no prosthetic in Valkyrie. No." Sorry, Tom, but that's exactly what someone would say if there was prosthetics in Valkyrie. Okay, so maybe it was just an accident that his butt looks like that and maybe no one noticed it during the editing process which would explain why it made it into the final cut. However, it's much more fun to believe that Cruise wanted his rear end to look like that and now has to pretend he doesn't know what everyone's talking about.

8 Left On Purpose - Stiller Actually Forgot His Line

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As far as we know, no one was hurt on the set of the classic comedy Zoolander, but there was one big mistake that actually made it into the movie and became one of the best parts of the movie because of it. In the graveyard scene, Derek Zoolander asks David Duchovny's character why they were choosing male models as assassins. Duchovny launches into a very long-winded response and at the end of it, Ben Stiller had forgotten his next line so he decided to improvise. This is why he just repeats the same line that he said earlier: "But why male models?" Luckily, Duchovny acted through the mistake, saying, "Are you serious? I just told you like a moment ago” and it ended up in the final cut of the movie. Because he forgot his lines, this scene became one of the funniest scenes in the movie.

7 No One Noticed - A Cowboy On A Pirate Ship?

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We all know that pirates didn't wear cowboy hats so why was one wearing one on a pirate ship? Someone may not have gotten the memo. This is a pretty big mistake but it's a hilarious one. At the end of Pirates of the Caribbean when Captain Jack Sparrow says, "On deck, you scabrous dogs," you can very clearly see a member of the crew looking out over the ocean with a white t-shirt and a cowboy hat. Did he know he was in the shot? Probably not. You can also see scaffolding in the cave during the fight scene between Jack and Barbosa; you can see a springboard that was used to propel the stuntmen off the ship during the cannon attack; you may even notice the battery power pack in Orlando Bloom's pants during his fight scene with Johnny Depp, you know, if you're looking closely enough.

6 Left On Purpose - No Choice But To Film Without The Shark...And Made It Look Like They Did It For Suspense

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Though Jaws is an iconic thriller that is considered a masterpiece today, things weren't looking so good for the movie during filming. Unfortunately, you can't train a great white shark to act in a movie so Steven Spielberg was forced to build an animatronic shark for the film. The problem was that the shark didn't work very well and considering that they were on a tight schedule to finish filming the movie, they had to start filming the movie without it. Though multiple characters are killed by the shark, we don't actually see it until the very end. Not seeing the shark only builds the suspense up more and more until the climax of the movie in which the shark begins to take apart the boat and then, of course, gets blown up. Though the technical difficulties involved with the shark may have dissuaded other directors from finishing the movie, Spielberg used it to his advantage and made Jaws one of the most suspenseful thrillers of all time and also created the summer blockbuster while he was at it.

5 No One Noticed - The Best/Worst Extra Ever

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There have been a lot of James Bond movies over the years and there are mistakes that were made in all of them. However, the funniest mistake in a James Bond movie can be found in Quantum of Solace. When Daniel Craig is sitting on his bike, there is a man behind him who is supposed to be sweeping the street behind him but his broom never touches the ground making him look absolutely crazy. Did anyone working on the movie notice this mistake? Did they leave it in because of how funny it is? Also, who is this extra because he deserves some kind of award. Another mistake is when 007 flies to an airport in Bregenz, Austria– despite there being no airport in Bregenz. He also goes to a desert in Bolivia even though Bolivia doesn't have a desert.

4 Left On Purpose - Elwes Gets Knocked Out For Real

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Almost everyone has seen Princess Bride and if you haven't, stop what you're doing right now and watch it. Though it's mostly camp, corniness, and hilarity, it does get pretty dark. When Westley and Buttercup are found outside of the forest by Humperdink's men, they take Buttercup back to the castle and her betrothed. Westley, on the other hand, gets knocked out and dragged to the dungeon. Because the movie was so low-budget, they didn't have enough money for fake swords so they used real swords during all of the fight scenes– but surprisingly, no one got hurt during the fights. However, Carey Elwes did get hurt pretty badly when he got hit over the head with the hilt of a very real, very heavy sword that they forgot to switch out for a fake one. The blow actually knocked Elwes out which is why it looks so convincing when he falls out of frame. The director decided to keep it in because it looked authentic.

3 No One Noticed - She's Got A Gun!

The master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, was known for his eye for detail but there was one small detail that he missed in the classic film, North by Northwest. When Carey Grant and Eva Marie Saint are in the Mount Rushmore cafe, Saint suddenly pulls a gun on Grant and prepares to shoot. Before the gun is fired, you can see a small boy in the background plugging his ears to prepare for the loud gunshot. They could have avoided this if they had just given the boy some earplugs or not had the kid in the shot at all. Hindsight is 20/20. There is also a point in the movie where you can see the lights from the studio reflected in Grant's broken glasses. You can also see the reflection of a crew member in the glass door during a scene at the Plaza.

2 Left On Purpose - The Fake Blood Pump Malfunctioned

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In Cabin in the Woods, Bradley Whitford's character expresses his desire to see a merman early on in the movie and he finally gets his wish in the end. When all of the monsters escape from their cages, the merman comes for Whitford and devours him, spraying his blood everywhere from its gills. The merman prop was rigged to pump out streams of fake blood for only a certain period of time but there was a malfunction and it didn't stop when it was supposed to. The blood spewing went on for several more minutes and the actors continued to act through the mistake as blood went everywhere. It wasn't until the blood tank started running dry that the actors broke and the cast and crew started laughing at the gory gag. The take was so absurdly grotesque and hilarious that the director decided to keep it in the movie.

1 No One Noticed - One Does Not Simply Drive Into Mordor

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Here's another mistake in a Lord of the Rings movie, but this one probably wasn't left in on purpose. When Sam and Frodo are leaving The Shire for the first time, there is a car moving from the right to the left. Don't expect to find this car the next time you watch the movie however because it was removed from the DVD version– though you can still see the dust. You really only notice this if you're looking for it and it can easily be mistaken for a chimney. The director, Peter Jackson, claimed that he never saw a car in the shot and he has no idea what people are talking about. You can also catch a wire sticking out of Gandalf's robe in Moria, a large overhead set light in the reflection of the Ring, and the wires used to pull Saruman back during his fight with Gandalf. All in all, not too many mistakes.

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