8 Living Celebs Believed To Be Gone (7 Dead Celebs Believed To Have Faked It)

It's never easy to say goodbye to a celebrity that we're really fond of, especially when the celebrity that we like dies out of nowhere. Sometimes, we just don't want to believe that they're really gone. We've heard all their songs, watched all of their movies, or whatever, and now they're gone just like that. But, not according to some people.

Sometimes, when celebrities die, people will theorize that the celebrity faked their death for one reason or another and that they continued to live on. There are lots of fake death theories surrounding various dead celebrities out there–one of the most popular being Elvis Presleybut there are also theories that claim celebrities who are alive today have actually died. Theories range from them dying in a car crash to being killed off by the Illuminati and being replaced with a lookalike or, in some cases, a clone. The general public would never notice the difference, according to the theorists. But they know better.

So, come along and check out this list of 8 living celebrities who theorists claim are dead and were replaced with changeling impostors, and 7 dead celebrities who apparently still walk among us.

15 Living — Eminem

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At one point in his career, Eminem suffered from a really bad case of writer's block, a case that lasted for four years in-between the releases of his 2004 album "Encore" and his 2009 album "Relapse." However, theorists claim that the gap between the two albums was a cover-up for the rapper's death. The theory says that he died in 2005 in a car crash orchestrated by the Illuminati after he declined to work with them. The real Slim Shady was replaced with an Illuminati clone, which didn't go unnoticed.

Theorists say that the new Eminem was "very different" and that "many brainwashed people" believed in the lie and "followed after their hero in his new mentality." Apparently, the new Eminem is a follower of Satan who is "leading the younger generations into being slaves to the New World Order."

14 Has Passed — Bruce Lee

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There are rumors of a curse surrounding Bruce Lee known as the "Bruce Lee curse." The famed martial arts star died in 1973 from both cerebral edema and a reaction to the medication that was supposed to treat it. Twenty years later, his son, Brandon Lee, was killed after he was accidentally shot by a prop pistol in the midst of filming for The Crow; the movie was released posthumously the year after his death in 1994.

Many people started believing that the Lees were cursed, while others believed that both father and son faked their deaths, as they died from unlikely circumstances. Every once in a while, fans of Bruce Lee claim to see the cinema star in San Francisco. Others claim he's living in Brussels, Belgium.

13 Living — Beyonce

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As one theorist puts it, "You will never be as perfect as Beyonce because Beyonce is not real." Beyonce's solo career was flourishing so much in the 2000's that the singer's team of producers supposedly decided to extract and store some of her stem cells, so if an emergency arose, a clone of the singer/actress could be created as a way to continue her booming musical career.

In 2010, Beyonce "died" and the team of producers brought the stem cells from out the fridge and made another Beyonce. To the untrained eye, the general public wouldn't notice the difference, but the theorists claim to know better. Her face changed over time, she faked her pregnancy, and she exhibited strange behavior at an NBA basketball game which makes theorists believe that the Beyonce clone was malfunctioning.

12 Has Passed — Amy Winehouse

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When renowned singer Amy Winehouse was reported to have died in 2011 from alcohol poisoning, millions of stunned fans all over the world refused to believe it. They all thought it was a hoax. One fan said, "There are just too many unanswered questions, too many coincidences, too many things just don't make sense." Fans fervently began investigating the circumstances surrounding Amy's death and found "incontestable evidence" that she was still alive.

Since her death several years ago, hundreds of eyewitnesses claimed to have seen her in various cities around the world, in places such as shopping malls and a restaurant in London. Amy's father, Mitch Winehouse, said that following his daughter's death, he received lots of messages from people who claimed that Amy faked her death and was living on an island with other dead stars like Michael Jackson and Tupac, although these messages were probably from trolls.

11 Living — Megan Fox

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According to this theory, there's a reason why Megan Fox's looks keep changing. It's because she's not really a human. Every once in a while, Fox is replaced by the government with a clone/synthetic/humanoid, which forum users refer to as "Fegan." If there was an original Megan Fox, she no longer exists and has been continually replaced with a new clone over the years. The forum users say that the actress looks heavily programmed and that there's a dead look in her eyes—a dead look because she's a synthetic clone and thus isn't real.

The theorists also claim that the tattoo on Fox's back that reads "We all laugh at gilded butterflies" has something to do with the cloning process. "Monarch" mind control programming is named after the monarch butterfly and is the idea behind generational programming within the Illuminati cult.

10 Has Passed — Jimi Hendrix

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Jimi Hendrix is one of those celebrities whose death is shrouded in mystery. However, he is believed to not be really dead by conspiracy theorists. All of them have a different theory for the events concerning Jimi's supposed fake death. Supposed sightings of him have been reported by eyewitnesses since his death in 1970, even though doctors who examine the late singer's body verified that he indeed died.

Some theorists believe that Jimi is still alive and making music behind the scenes today. One interesting theory is that Jimi Hendrix faked his death and came back a few years later as Morgan Freeman. Never mind the fact that Jimi was born in 1942 while Morgan was born in 1937.

9 Living — Miley Cyrus

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Some theorists claim that Miley Cyrus became one of the numerous Hollywood icons who fell into the hard lifestyle that consisted of heavy drug abuse and that she died of a drug overdose in 2010. One theorist claims that Cyrus was "hog-tied and beaten to death by the executives at Disney for refusing "favors" and asking to end her contract. Her body was driven to desert east of L.A. June 26, 2010."

All theorists can agree on their belief that the singer/actress was replaced with a body double after her supposed death. But, it wasn't just any body double. It was the body double that doubled for her in a concert tour in 2007. The body double stood in for her for 30 seconds during the show, so Cyrus could change from Hannah to Miley backstage quicker. It seems that the theorists think the whole thing was years in the making.

8 Has Passed — Paul Walker


Many people everywhere were stunned when Fast & Furious actor Paul Walker died in a fiery car crash in late 2013. Many people everywhere probably cried a little when they heard "See You Again" for the first time and believed that the actor's death is all one big hoax.

In fact, there is a Facebook group dedicated to proving that Paul is still alive called "Paul Walker Still Alive...?" It's believed that Paul is still alive because his autopsy results were placed on "security hold," and the number plate on the car found at the crash site is different from the one seen in a picture with Paul when he was still alive.

7 Living — Britney Spears

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When a pair of U.S. DJs known as Kramer and Twitch claimed that Britney Spears died in a car accident during the late '90s while she was driving with ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake, most people wrote it off as nothing more than a hoax. But after that, several videos were released that seemed to back up Kramer and Twitch's theory. The song "Mona Lisa" off Spears' 2005 album "Britney & Kevin: Chaotic" has the singer repeatedly singing "Just been cloned." The music video for 2009 single "Break The Ice" shows an animated depiction of her blowing up a cloning center.

Donald Marshall, a leading conspiracy theorist in cloning, said that the tubes in the video look exactly like the real tubes in a cloning center. Apparently, the Britney Spears we know today is nothing more than a manufactured clone.

6 Has Passed — Jim Morrison

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No one really knows for sure how Jim Morrison died since no autopsy was performed on his body. It's widely believed that he died from a heart attack due to a drug and alcohol overdose, but many friends of the late frontman for The Doors have said that Jim never did hard drugs and that he disliked them. There have been lots of theories for how he died, including an ex-girlfriend killing him with a Wiccan hex. But, there are also theories that claim that he faked his death and is still alive. When the singer was alive, he once seriously said that he would fake his death as a publicity stunt, and he joked to friends about how he would move to Africa and change his name to Mr. Mojo Risin', an anagram of his name. Witnesses have claimed to have seen him in the American midwest, the Australian Outback, and Tibet.

5 Living — Paul McCartney

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This is a theory that has been around since the 1960's. The popular theory claims that Paul McCartney died in 1966 in a car accident while driving home from the EMI recording studios. His bandmates were concerned about how his death would impact their careers, so they decided to replace him with a guy named Billy Shears, who won a McCartney lookalike competition. However, they started to feel guilty for trying to replace their former friend and bandmate, so they left clues about the replacement. The artwork for their 1967 album "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" depicts a funeral scene. When "A Day in the Life" is played backwards, one can hear the phrase, "Paul is dead, miss him, miss him." And at the end of "Strawberry Fields Forever," it's been claimed that you can hear John Lennon say, "I buried Paul."

4 Dead — Kurt Cobain

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Even if there was a clear proof that former Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain committed suicide, theorists believe that he faked his death and went under a new alias—Rivers Cuomo, the lead singer of Weezer. The theorists believe in this theory because Rivers splashed onto the music scene not long after Kurt's death and is obsessed with Nirvana. Coincidence? The theorists don't think so. Weezer played entire gigs covering relatively obscure Nirvana songs, Rivers played in a reformed Nirvana at a Coachella show and reportedly did a little too well at rehearsals. And, he keeps a formula book of all of Kurt's songs. It's believed that Kurt faked his death due to his growing unhappiness with the music industry and his widespread fame as a celebrity.

3 Living — Avril Lavigne


The real Avril Lavigne supposedly didn't exactly have a lengthy career—she is purported to have died in 2003 at the age of 19, a year after the release of her debut album "Let Go." The singer was replaced by a possibly fictional woman named Melissa Vandella, a best friend of Avril's who just happened to look just like her. Melissa carried on her former best friend's career, but not without dropping clues. The lookalike's first album, "Under The Skin," is supposed to be a reference to the fact that she's living "under the skin" of the old Avril. Theorists have also noticed how the lyrics to Lavigne's songs became exceptionally darker after her "death." And the theorists also point at her official height. The real Lavigne was 155 cm according to her official website. But later, Google said her height was 158 cm, which further makes theorists believe that Avril is actually Melissa.

2 Has Passed — Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson is probably one of the most popular dead celebrities to have fake death conspiracies surrounding him. While preparing for his comeback world tour, the King of Pop died from cardiac arrest caused by drug intoxication; Michael's addiction to painkillers was no secret. Fake death theories were first put out by TMZ, who released a video that supposedly showed the late singer walking out of a coroner's van sometime after his death. More death theories started swirling in. Michael was claimed to have been seen in the background of an Instagram selfie posted by his daughter, Paris, last year. Some think that the pop singer faked his death to elude negative attention surrounding his child abuse scandal while others think that he faked his death to escape debt.

1 Living — Taylor Swift

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The music video for Taylor Swift's latest single, "Look What You Made Me Do," came out about a month ago, but there's already been plenty of wild theories concerning stuff seen in the video. Taylor wears snake jewelry in the video, which theory claims is a reference to Taylor literally giving birth to a snake baby. Theory says that this is the reason for why the singer kept a low profile on social media for months and why creepy reptile videos started popping up on her social media a few days prior to the release of the music video. But another wild theory states that Taylor died and was replaced with a lookalike. The proof? Taylor says in the video, "The old Taylor can't come to the phone right now...'cause she's dead," and some Redditors believe she is speaking literally and that the real Taylor was killed by the Illuminati.

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