8 Hotties Who Rock Yoga Pants (And 7 Hilarious Fails)

When a babe wears yoga pants, let's face it, there is nowhere to hide. If she has a hot bod, it's a celebration of sexy and gorgeous. But, if she's not so hot, well, it's not a pretty sight. Sometimes, there's a problem with way too much body fat. Fat and lycra should never meet in that way. Sometimes, the celebrity is way hot, but it's a laughable wardrobe malfunction that has people snickering. Take the camel toe syndrome where (how do we put it?) the crotch creases up around the lady bits. You know, it looks like a camel's toe. It gets worse. Believe it or not, some celebrity babes have ventured out in see-through yoga pants. And their biggest "asset"–skin and all–is on display. And one star seems to have grown man bits that show through her skintight jumpsuit. So, here come 8 hot babes that rock lycra and yoga pants and 7 (sometimes) hot babes who should think twice before slipping into those yoga pants again.

15 Vida Guerra - The Booty-Swallowing Yoga Pants Fail

Guys everywhere are saying that there's no way this is a fail. But come on, it looks as if her delicious booty is swallowing her very red yoga pants. It's kind of embarrassing in a hot kind of way. Hottie Vida Guerra doesn't seem to mind, though, but we're betting she'd love to grab at the thing and set her pants free once more. The Cuban actress makes 40-something look totally hot and, IMDb has dubbed her one of the "most lusted-after women" in the world. She's focusing on her "acting" these days, with forgettable performances in forgettable films such as CHIPS and Dorm Daze 2. Whereas lesser women might be embarrassed, Vida Guerra is rocking the moment and making guys everywhere hope for a repeat performance by the booty that swallows those yoga pants.

14 Sara Jean Underwood - Hot, Hot, And More Hot

Where can we find this car wash? Ten years have passed since Sara Jean Underwood was Playmate of the Year. She has gone on to do American TV, working as a hottie host, and has also worked as a model. But she first made the cover of Playboy way back in 2005 when, as an Oregon college student, she appeared on the cover wearing only a painted-on Oregon State University jersey and bikini briefs. Google it. She's wearing a number 7. Playboy loved her face and body so much that they had her back the next year to do a nude photoshoot. When she's not washing cars or modeling, you might find her trying to act. She's not really an actress, but she has also been in the odd feature films like Epic Movie and Deadly Weekend. 

13 Sofia Vergara - Laughing At Her Tacky Fail

If we couldn't see her face reflected in the car window, we would have never believed this was Sofia Vergara. Well, maybe she's channeling her Modern Family character, Gloria Delgado-Pritchett. As in, ha ha! The Columbian actress has had her moments of getting onto scandal, like the times she's been associated with gangsters and the like. And who can forget her being sued by her ex-fiance over the "custody" of three frozen embryos that were produced by IVF when the two were engaged and all loved up. Well, come to think of it, this kind of peek-a-boo nonsense is probably right up her alley. Now, mind you, most guys wouldn't object or call this a fail. But it is a taste level fail big time. It's just very "cheeky," we think. Sorry.

12 Jennifer Lawrence - Spot On Hot As Heck

Jennifer Lawrence, the 20-something actress who brought Katniss Everdeen and The Hunger Games to successful franchise life, may have fallen down running up the stairs at the Oscars one year, but she doesn't put a foot wrongly here. Everything is right. The yoga pants are tight, but not too tight. Her booty is tight and big enough, but not too big. And obviously, straight from the yoga session or the gym, she is makeup-free and still gorgeous. It's no wonder that a few years back, naughty nudies were hacked from her cellphone and posted on the Internet. It goes without saying they went viral. Jen was red-faced and angry at the intrusion into her privacy. What we want to know is the name of the lucky guy who Jen sent the hot pictures to in the first place.

11 Lil' Kim - Camel Toe Lady Bits

This little number had them giggling in the front row. Lil' Kim is not known as the bashful, quiet type. The rapper is in-your-face loud and noisy and outrageous. There are times when she is totally hot and saucy. But this outfit? Her hair is sexy as anything. And, we're liking the top and the cleavage, showcasing her "twins". And the boots? We're loving those, too. It's the purple mess in the middle that is the problem. Now, big booty is good (these days), but where does the booty end and the "oversize" thighs begin? That's the first problem. The second? Well, it's hard not to notice the camel toe around those private parts. It means a bad fit and causes a visual distraction because (go on try) you can't help but look at the creases that shouldn't be there. Don't look. Don't look.

10 Candice Swanepoel - Hot AF Babe

Quite honestly, it's hard to know where to look first. It's all good. Model Candice Swanepoel, with her blonde hair and blue eyes and oh, so kissable lips, rocks this two-piece outfit. It's hot, sexy, and classy all at the same time. The South African model first became every guy's dream girl when she strutted her Angel stuff for Victoria's Secret. Want to see more skin? Check out the Victoria's Secret swimsuit catalog. Candice has been on the cover. Another major VS honor came her way when she was tapped to wear the multi-million dollar "Fantasy Bra" in the 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. She was walking down the catwalk wearing $10 million worth of rubies, diamonds, and sapphires. But then, she's always led a charmed modeling life, having been tapped for fame and fortune at the age of 15 when she was spotted by a modeling scout while walking around a Durbin flea market. Hello little girl. Wanna be a model?

9 Katy Perry - Rocking Lycra Hot

Katy Perry loves her lycra tight. And we are loving it too. Her ex-husband, English comedian Russell Brand, must have been nuts to ditch our Katy. And guess what? He did it by a text. WTF? The guy's a jerk. Now, Katy can often be bizarrely hot–like when she wears a bra in the shape of cupcakes–but this minimalist little number makes the most of what we see as a near perfect body, with curves in all the right places. And the booty? Bootylicious! Not too big and not too small. Nearly perfect, we'd say. And Russell Brand? She seems to have forgotten him, as when she ranked her lovers, best to worst, he was not even on the list! Singer John Mayer came out on top, followed by actor Orlando Bloom, with DJ Diplo bringing up the rear.

8 Kim Kardashian - Just Laughable

We remember back in the day when we didn't like Kim Kardashian, but thought (on her good days and with a little help from Photoshop) that she could be one hot babe. We fondly remember her desert photoshoot. You know, the one when she was only wearing body paint. And she rocked it big time. These days? What has happened? Well, she's getting onto 40, married to pain in the backside Kanye West, has had two kids, and got robbed in Paris. But her weight–always a bit of a yo-yo affair–has gone into the stratosphere. We don't really want to see what we're seeing on the top. It looks sad. The hair is ugly bizarre. But it's those tight yoga pants that leave up speechless. And not in a good way. Oh, Kim. We want the old Kim back, please. Like now.

7 Jenny McCarthy - Hot Yoga Cougar Babe

Word has it that 45-year-old and still oh-so-hot Jenny McCarthy has turned cougar and has been seen out and about with at least one certified toy boy. Lucky kid, we say. Jenny found fame and a little fortune simply because of two things—her face and hot bod. Way back in 1993, she staked her claim to fame and fortune by taking her clothes off and posing for Playboy. It's not hard to believe that she was also Playmate of the Year. After she put her clothes back on, she hit TV, mostly doing sitcoms, and movies with parts in forgettable movies such as Scream 3 and Santa Baby. Like Kate Upton, she doesn't do so good in acting as she just looks good and says a few lines. We guess toy boys are her thing because she has said that inside, she's still a teenager. So that makes the 20-year-old guy an older man? Something like that.

6 Mila Kunis - 5 Feet 3 Inches Of Walking Appeal

She may not be on Demi Moore's Christmas list after Ashton Kutcher left the 50-something cougar and hooked up with our Mila, but Hollywood and fans love the pint-sized, 5-foot-3-inch actress. Bad Moms was a huge hit for Mila Kunis. And fans everywhere are waiting for 2017's A Bad Mom's Christmas, out just in time for Thanksgiving. Many people have forgotten that, very improbably, the mother of two little Kutchers was with child actor Macaulay Culkin for eight years. These days, she's all loved up with Ashton Kutcher and rocking this yoga look, even if she is trying to hide her camera-shy face. Go away paparazzi, she seems to be saying. We think she's looking totally hot to trot.

5 Kate Hudson - Man Bump Disaster

Now, we know she had silicon implants up top, but has Kate Hudson decided to "enhance" down below? The strange thing is that this is her own range of workout gear; a jumpsuit with a slightly Hippie retro feel. And then, there's this guy bulge going on. Is it a joke? The Daily Mail covered the fact that the actress/entrepreneur had founded her own range of sweat gear. They ran the pictures and didn't once mention the elephant in the room. We all know that the wacky daughter of even wackier Goldie Hawn, is certainly capable of this kind of "in" joke, but why? How many chicks want to spend very good money to have a guy bit added to their physique? Personally, we can't see it. But, if you're interested, you can check out Fabletics online.

4 Jessica Simpson - Overexposed

Jessica Simpson is like Kim Kardashian. How? Well, both rich and famous babes have had their skinny hot times and their not-so-skinny totally-not-hot times. Take Simpson. When the singer and entrepreneur is hot, she is scorching, but when she packs on the pounds, what we get is this oversized look. People were snickering big time. Now, the flowing kaftan thing is bad enough, but why go out on the streets in tight-fitting cropped yoga pants? We get a glimpse of chubby calves and are just thankful that her jacket covers some of the worst bits. We've got thunder thighs, tacky shoes, stringy hair, and are left wondering why she ever ventured out looking like this. These days? It's way better. She's only plump.

3 Kim Kardashian - OMG! Seeing Where The Sun Don't Shine

Now, we know that the Kardashians are in it for the money and the attention. And they like plenty of both. The younger Jenner sisters seem to be winning in the hot stakes, versus their older (ouch!) Kardashian sissies. So maybe Kim Kardashian is feeling the pressure and that's why she stepped out in oh, so tight black yoga pants. But, um, Kim, there is one problem. We can see your booty flesh in all its glory. It's just embarrassingly and totally there for the world to laugh at. Surely, it was an "accident." Some say it's the latest ploy used by fading celebrities to get those paparazzi snapping pictures. Other celebrities are guilty of this kind of oops! moment. Not surprisingly, an almost over-the-hill Paris Hilton has been spotted in skintight see-through yoga pants.

2 Vanessa Hudgens - Too Hot For High School Musical

She's getting onto R-Rated in this outfit. Vanessa Hudgens was a Disney kid who starred in the wildly successful High School Musical films. But, like so many Disney kids, Vanessa Hudgens had a wild side. How wild are we talking? Like hacked nudies posted on the Internet not once, not twice, but three times. It first happened when she was 21 years old and at the height of her High School Musical fame. Disney freaked big time and locked Hudgens in at the Disney Studios until they could come up with a story. At the end of the day, teeny fans got an apology from Hudgens, together with a sworn vow that it would never, ever happen again. Then came 2009 and a second leak. Never again? Then came 2011 and a third leak. She didn't even bother to issue a statement the third time around.

1 Rihanna - Bad Gal RiRi

For bad girl singing superstar Rihanna, she who is fond of taking her clothes off for magazine covers, this hot little yoga pant ensemble is pretty darn conservative. Love her or hate her, you'll have to admit she looks WTF hot, with her pert little twins and that big-enough backside. In fact, it's hard to know where to look. It's hot from the front. And it's even hotter from the back. There are just some babes who should live in yoga pants. And our BadGalRiRi certainly comes into that category. Looks like she's in New York City, where she just happens to own a $14-million penthouse. Nice for some, we say. She's got $160 million in the bank. So, $14 million is chump change, probably.

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