8 Hookups Cristiano Ronaldo Doesn’t Want Us To Know About (And 7 He Does)

So let’s put things into perspective here; this dude is 32, he’s currently known as the best soccer player in the world, has a net worth of $400 million, recently won the Ballon d’Or as the world’s top player, and if that wasn’t enough, he looks like he was molded to look like a Greek chiseled God. What does all this translate into, you ask? Well, one thing we know for sure: he's a dude that has amazing luck with the chicks!

In this article, we highlight Ronaldo’s hookups of the past (and it’s no secret, he’s had more than one throughout his rise to fame). We’ve separated these 15 hookups into eight he likely wants us to forget about and seven that are so impressive, that even he doesn’t mind us knowing about. One thing all these 15 women have in common is absolute beauty. You’ll be seeing the word 'model' a couple of times in this article, that’s for darn sure.

From MILFS to adult stars to ditzy reality stars, this article has a slew of women from just about all the corners of the world. So without further ado, here are eight Ronaldo hookups he doesn’t want us knowing about and seven he does. Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to pass it along to a buddy. Let’s begin with a regrettable Ronaldo hookup involving a North American reality star.


15 Doesn’t: Paris Hilton

The year was 2009, and Ronaldo was starting to reach worldwide fame with his transfer over to Spain, joining soccer giant Real Madrid. During that summer, in celebration of his new contract, Ronaldo took a trip to North America. During that time, he was spotted on multiple occasions with the reality star Paris Hilton.

According to rumors, not only did the two hookup, but they were also an item. Making matters worse for Ronaldo, the gossip mill suggests Paris was the one that ended things referring to Ronaldo as being “too feminine”. Yikes! Nonetheless, the relationship was short-lived and one that Ronaldo wants to keep as a distant memory. However, we’ll always have the multiple candid club pics to remember the two alongside one another, as a slew of photos are available online. Sorry, Cristiano!

14 Does: Maria Sharapova


In terms of sporting accomplishments, it’s nearly impossible for any female to rank up there with Ronaldo. However, one rumored hookup can stand toe-to-toe with Ronaldo, and that’s tennis sensation Maria Sharapova. A winner of the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and the U.S. Open, one can argue Maria has the credentials to match up with Ronaldo. For that, this is likely a rumored hookup he has no problem with us remembering.

This one is sheer speculation, although Ronaldo has been caught on Instagram liking several of Maria’s photos from time to time, leading many to believe that the rumors of the two sporting icons actually hooking up to be true. Whatever the case might be, it seems like Ronaldo would not disapprove of such a link and hey, if things don’t work out with his current partner, maybe he can try again? Jokes.

13 Doesn’t: Kim Kardashian

Yup, that’s right, even the great Kim Kardashian spent some time hooking up with Ronaldo back in the day according to the gossip mill. Turning the clock back to 2010 for this hookup, the two high profile celebs were caught kissing back in Spain. In terms of top high profile names, it doesn’t get much bigger than Kim, making it a romance Ronaldo wants us to forget about.

Both have of course moved on nowadays. Kim dated a little more in the sporting field, although she finally changed interests, marrying a big time musician, some dude named Kanye West. Both would agree that it's better that such a fling stay on the down low and in the past, given their current relationship statuses. Which leads us to this question: who was luckier to hook up with who in this relationship?

12 Does: Bipasha Basu


Ronaldo added some Indian sizzle to his dating repertoire, as he hooked up with Basu, years ago. The steamy pictures of the two together made the rounds online; some photos are of the “Not So PG” nature as the two are even caught sneaking in a kiss. It appears as though things were rather serious.

The relationship wouldn’t last but in all likelihood, it isn’t one Ronaldo would suffocate and keep in the past, particularly due to Basu’s fame back in India. Putting this into perspective, the Indian actress has over 4.5 million followers on Instagram. She’s spreading her joy nowadays as a massive popular figure and all signs indicate she’s moved on, tying the knot with Karan Singh Grover, recently in 2016. Both sides moved on from this healthy fling, making it a short-lived relationship that didn’t come with much baggage.

11 Doesn’t: Alice Goodwin

Sometimes, popular athletes take a turn into the adult industry when seeking a partner. Just ask Tiger Woods and Michael Phelps, who took similar routes at one point throughout their lengthy hookup resumes. Seems like Ronaldo also detoured into the waters, hooking up with adult star Alice Goodwin. For obvious reasons, we believe Ronaldo wants to keep this one in the past and we can only assume, for good!

The rumored hookup took place quite some time ago back in 2009, when Ronaldo started to become a public figure worldwide. Looking at his current world standing today, he likely regrets such a hookup taking place. As for Alice, we believe the connection between the two caused her fans to search a little more for her videos online. A win for Goodwin, not so much for Ronaldo.

10 Does: Gemma Atkinson


Atkinson was another high profile name that dated Ronaldo at one point in time. Gemma is a former model and actress appearing in various films and television shows. She’s from the Manchester area, a location Ronaldo is familiar with as it was there during his time in England when his popularity began to climb, suiting up for Manchester United of the Premier League.

Unlike most of the others, Gemma actually opened up about the encounter sharing the details about their date. One would expect a night of dazzling glamour, however it was the complete opposite as the two just took it easy while watching Only Fools and Horses, and drinking some cups of tea at the same time. Gemma stated it was hard to maintain a relationship because of the pressure of always being in the spotlight as the paparazzi was everywhere following the couple. She even stated that numerous offers came in asking her for some dirty details about the relationship, although she turned down those requests.

9 Doesn’t: Daniella Chavez

This hookup has never been confirmed by Ronaldo, and there’s a reason as to why. Daniella Chavez actually took to the press with this infidelity story claiming she slept with Ronaldo while he was in a long-term relationship with Irina Shayk. According to the Playboy Bunny, the two met and hooked-up in the States back in November of 2014, a time in which Ronaldo was still dating Shayk. With rumors circulating that Ronaldo had been cheating, his relationship with model Irina eventually came to an end.

With such speculation, Ronaldo isn’t the first nor is he the last sporting icon to get labelled as a cheater. Without a doubt, this is a hookup he wants us to forget about given the implications of it all. As for Chavez, her goal out of the hookup was to “live out a dream”. Hey, at least she’s honest!


8 Does: Rita Pereira


We’ll now discuss a hookup hailing from Ronaldo’s native land of Portugal. The Portuguese beauty was a model-turned TV presenter, a similar theme to the other female crop featured on the list. However, a big part of the relationship was the fact that the two held the same passport, a rarity throughout Ronaldo’s hookup history.

The two were spotted together in a slew of pictures; even some candid shots were taken of the couple close inside of a nightclub. The hookup was viewed as somewhat of a relationship between the two, although they kept things very low profile at the time of the fling. This turned out to be one of Ronaldo’s final brief flings as it allegedly took place back in 2014. The 35 year old Rita, isn’t losing any sleep over the failed relationship, looking like a complete ten on ten, and you can see for yourselves via Instagram (along with her other 700K plus followers).

7 Doesn’t: Andressa Urach

Ronaldo truly went all over the world with his hookups; when it comes to Andressa Urach, we circle the globe to another soccer capital, Brazil. Urach is not only Brazilian but judging by the slew of photos available online, she’s got some serious booty. Although it should be noted that she got help from implants, making her backside surgically repaired. Ronaldo wasn’t complaining however, as the two apparently had an affair back in 2013.

Once again, this relationship was said to be very brief and on the down low according to various gossip mills. Things got really rocky for Urach following the relationship as not only was it rumored that she was a “luxury adult worker”, but it was even rumored that she had an infected buttock from the surgery. Yikes. For these reasons, the brief relationship was surely a forgettable one.

6 Does: Karina Bacchi


You can add the word MILF to Cristiano Ronaldo's hookups from the past, as he apparently had a brief fling with the lovely 40 year old Brazilian who’s now a proud mother nowadays. With over two million followers via Instagram, Bacchi is a sensation overseas as the first ever winner of Dancing with the Stars, the Brazilian version. Looks like Ronaldo got the total package with this gem.

Hooking up with an older female is something many in the sporting world are familiar with. Again, the likes of Michael Phelps and Tiger Woods also took this similar path, hooking up with ladies far older and experienced. Bacchi fit that bill in Ronaldo’s hookup history, and we have reason to believe it’s a relationship he doesn’t want us to forget about, especially judging by her magnificent look and accomplishments as a huge reality star overseas.

5 Doesn’t: Merche Romero

Turns out, Ronaldo hooked up with multiple cougars, as Merche Romero is another one you can add to the list. This is a big time throwback hookup as the two met long before Ronaldo’s global fame, back in 2005. The two were an item till the next year in 2006. Also born in Portugal, Romero is well known overseas as a popular TV presenter and of course, a theme of Ronaldo hookups, someone who has a background in modelling.

Age was quite the factor in this hookup as Romero was almost a decade older than Ronaldo with a nine year gap between the two. Romero is in her 40s nowadays, while Ronaldo is still only just entering his 30s. Unlike his hookup with the popular Karina Bacchi, we have reason to believe this throwback ex is one he likely wants to keep in the past and make us forget about.

4 Does: Luciana Abreu


Adding a little more hometown flavor to his hookup resume, Ronaldo also had a brief fling back in the early portion of the 2000s with Portuguese songstress Luciana Abreu, who’s 32 nowadays residing out of her native land. Once again, she’s another popular face overseas performing as a Pop singer and even, actress and television host. Seems like everyone’s a television host overseas, doesn’t it?

The hookup was one of Ronaldo’s more low-key relationships as it happened some time ago, rumored to be a decade ago back in 2007. With that being said, Ronaldo likely has no problems at all with us remembering this throwback hookup of the past. After all, he’s only human and was a single dude at the time, unlike some of the other hookups that took place while he was in an active relationship.

3 Doesn’t: Irina Shayk

This was without a doubt, Ronaldo’s highest profile relationship as it recently ended a couple of years ago back in 2015. Ronaldo dated the breathtaking Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model for several years. After a lengthy five year relationship, the two finally broke up. The reason was the speculation of Ronaldo cheating on his ex with another woman.

In all likelihood, we have reason to believe that Ronaldo wants to forget about the relationship given the way it ended. Both have moved on nowadays, especially Irina who’s happily living life with partner Bradley Cooper, a dude that can rival Ronaldo in terms of worldwide recognition. The two recently welcomed a daughter to the world, Lea de Seine Shayk Cooper. Now there’s a name you won’t forget! In all likelihood, we have reason to believe Ronaldo won’t be asked to play the role of the Godfather for the child....

2 Does: Georgina Rodriguez


It would be pretty weird if Ronaldo didn’t want us knowing about his current partner, the beautiful Georgina Rodriguez. The two have been vacationing together over the summer and let’s just say the paparazzi is having a field day with the couple.

For now, we have reason to believe Ronaldo has finally settled on the Madrid-beauty. The soccer player and Spanish model began dating recently in November of 2016, and appear to be happier than ever. Playing his football in Spain nowadays, it truly isn’t hard to realize how the two got aquatinted with one another in the first place. It remains to be seen what the future holds for the couple, but at the age of 32, we have reason to believe this is no ordinary hookup and potentially, the future wife of his children.

1 Doesn’t: Nereida Gallardo

Nereida Gallardo is the last name Ronaldo wants to hear about, as she spilled some juicy details pertaining to their hookup from back in the day. Things likely ended on a sour note given Gallardo’s harsh comments, calling Ronaldo not only a coward, but a flop in the bedroom as well. Yup, she wasn’t pulling any punches that’s for sure.

According to the gossip, Nereida was incensed that Ronaldo ended things with her via text message, which only fueled her onslaught of insults following the end of the relationship. She proceeded to call Ronaldo a “cereal cheater” and someone whose ego is through the roof.

So yup, not much else needs to be said as to why this is a hookup Ronaldo doesn’t want us knowing about. To make matters worse, the paparazzi would snap a picture of an awkward encounter between the two following their failed relationship.

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