14Will Make It: Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively

If you ever find yourself doubting love, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are here to sway your opinion. Their cute relationship will tug all the heartstrings and make you want to fall in love to experience what they have. From co-stars to

lovers, the couple met while filming their 2010 film The Green Lantern, and they were married after two years of dating.

They also have two kids and have been happily married since tying the knot. According to Lively, they are never apart for too long and usually work on different schedule, so they can be around each other as much as possible.

When one of them is set to start filming, the other doesn't pick up any projects, which has contributed to their successful marriage. Although we have seen stranger things happen, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively will definitely make it to 2018, and for the sake of love, we hope their marriage never ends.

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