8 Hollywood Babes Rocking Tight Leather Pants (And 7 Laughable Fails)

We're sliding into Autumn fast. And we are about to see the return of that Hollywood go-to fashion statement—leather pants. Now, tight leather pants are super duper sexy when a hot babe with a body to die for wears them. But, stuff an out-of-shape chick into tight leather pants and what you get is a white hot mess. There's also the "taste" issue, with some celebrities wearing tight leather outfits that are garish, over the top, and just plain laughable. And let's not forget the silicon-butt-implant babes who don't know when to stop. Put those girls in tight leather pants and they tend to look as if they have stepped out of a freak show. So, here we go. Some of these pictures are totally hot. Some of them are not. And some of them will probably make you laugh or snicker. One or two might make you a little (or very) mad. Get ready for 8 totally hot babes who rock tight leather pants big time and 7 chicks who, quite frankly, should have known better. Sometimes it's not pretty, but it is all totally real. And it's sooooo Hollywood.


15 Kylie Jenner - Totally Made In Hollywood Hottie

Kylie Jenner is legal! She just recently turned 20 years old and was seen out celebrating her birthday with new boyfriend, rapper Travis Scott. Yes, she finally gave rapper Tyga the boot. Apparently, she and Tyga were "at it" way before she was even 18 years old and legal. Now, rumor has it that Kylie has paid to have her assets enhanced. What? Well, some say she has had implants at both ends. Butt and boobs. Like most of the rest of her sisters, she has been on both a butt and a boob journey, with rumors of silicon implants making the rounds on a pretty regular basis. The result? She has booty that totally rocks tight and leather and black. Is she feuding with her Kardashian sisters? Well, some say once sweet and awkward Kylie has turned diva.

14 Blac Chyna - Welcome To The Freak Show

OK, she lost her pregnancy baby fat and got back into something resembling in-shape. Hooray for her. But her choice of outfits makes jaws drop and has people shouting WTFs all over the place. She looks like a plastic blow-up doll of herself. Is it all natural? Don't be stupid. That kind of shape does not occur in the natural world. Blac Chyna frequently goes to butt and boob doctors. The funny thing is, the chick probably thinks she looks way hot. So, what's the latest on Dream, the baby she had with messed-up ex Rob Kardashian? Seems like the two exes are battling over custody. But that's old news. New news? In September of 2017, TMZ claimed that rumors of Blac Chyna's drug use caused the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services to go to court. Seems that they wanted a judge to intervene to determine if Dream was safe. Dream? Sounds like a nightmare to us.

13 Scarlett Johansson - Hot, Hot, And More Hot

It's 30-something hottie Scarlett Johansson (a.k.a. Black Widow) clad head to toe in a tight leather-like jumpsuit. Whoa! She rocks the outfit. She's put a lot of bums on seats playing Black Widow in Marvel's Avengers and Captain America films. Seems that she has split from her second husband and is living the single life with zest and passion. Forget monogamy, she says. Not long ago, reported that Saturday Night Live comic Colin Jost had moved some things into the New York pad ScarJo shares with her baby daughter, Rose. Plus, she's also linked to a prominent New York City entertainment lawyer. She's one busy girl. Meanwhile, she and soon-to-be ex Romain Dauriac are doing the custody battle thing. Dauriac claims that Scarlett's busy schedule means that she just doesn't have the time to be a proper mom.

12 Mila Kunis - Scorching In Black Leather


Ashton Kutcher's baby mama is one hot leather babe. Well, that said, she pretty much could rock a potato sack, we think. She's so hot that it's hard to believe stories of Kutcher "visiting" a seedy massage parlor that specializes know what. But we guess he kind of has a history of cheating on his wife. Remember that hot tub babe he got caught with when he was married to cougar Demi Moore? Once a cheater, always a cheater? Something like that. Way back when he was 19 and she was 14 or so, Ashton and Mila worked together on That '70s Show. So, it was love at first sight? Not exactly. Reportedly, it was not all sweetness and light between the two actors. In fact, friends of the two were totally surprised when the two hooked up.

11 Kim Kardashian - Leather Is Too Tight

The once totally hot Kim Kardashian has had two babies and has also gained a whole bunch of weight. The woman who, along with Jennifer Lopez, made big booty hot is a word, larger. No wonder half-sister Kylie Jenner is beating her up on social media. Honestly, what's come over her? Well, it can't be all fun and games being married to wacko egotistical Kanye West. Then, in 2016, there she was at Paris Fashion Week minding her own business, when she was relieved of some $11 million in jewelry by gun-toting robbers. She was traumatized big time. Our Kim is starting to get back into shape but she might need a new stylist.

10 Jennifer Lopez - Hot Bubble Butt And All

via Rare Delights Magazine

Not many people remember that bubble butt hottie Jennifer Lopez was married to a Cuban waiter (yes, waiter) by the name of Ojani Noa from 1997 to 1998. It was just as her career was taking off. The two have had a battle royale over Ojani's plans to write a tell-all book. And then, there was something about a naughty honeymoon video. While Lopez sizzles in black leather, she is notoriously hot-tempered and difficult to get along with. As in diva and queen of the universe? Exactly. She's been dating retired New York Yankees star Alex Rodriquez for a while now. If there's anything worse than a young diva, it's an ageing one. JLo is pushing 50. And that makes her dangerous. Still, the sight of that booty in black leather is a sight to behold.

9 Nicki Minaj - Lose The Silicone And Shoot The Stylist

via AliExpress

Singer Nicki Minaj, like half of Hollywood, has been on a booty journey. Yes, it's just been one visit to the butt doc after another for our Nicki. Recently, she's begun to look like some kind of cartoon hottie. And in tight leather pants, she just looks odd, funny, strange, and freaky. She's the kind of publicity-seeking chick who has made a career out of revealing wardrobe malfunctions. In her world, those malfunctions seem to happen at such a rate that many say they are no accident. Front row center at New York Fashion Week in September of 2017, our Nicki slammed designers for "stealing" black culture and getting rich on it. WTF? No, we don't understand it either, but she made the headlines. And that was the whole point, wasn't it? Our advice? Shut up, lose the butt implants, and get back to hot.


8 Sofia Vergara - Latina Hot Booty

via Pinterest

She may be 46 years old, but Sofia Vergara is still beyond scorching hot in tight black leather pants. Talk about hot pants! Of course, the whole world knows Vergara plays English-mangling and unintentionally hilarious Gloria Delgado Pritchett in Modern Family. Gloria is the trophy wife that drives much older hubby Jay, to distraction and back again. Trust us, the gig pays well. Forbes has proclaimed Vergara the highest paid actress in television. There's more good news. Sofia and her totally natural booty and boobs are still hot enough to pose au natural in the 2017 Women's Health Naked Issue. The photoshoot must have been one heck of a fun time for the photographer. She says her assets are not as perky as they used to be. Personally, the rest of the world just doesn't seem to see it.

7 Eva Longoria - Barbie Doll Hot


This picture of everybody's favorite Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria has opinions divided. Some find it hotter than hot. And others? They say it's just a tad over-the-top. On balance, we like it. It's got a Barbie Doll kind of look to it. But there is just no doubt that Eva rocks tight black leather pants and stilettos to heck and back. Recent European holiday snaps of the 42-year-old Longoria wearing only a bikini created quite a buzz on the Internet. She's still smoking hot. And she's also totally loved up with her rich, rich and more rich hubby, Jose Baston. And happily, they aren't bashful about PDA. Like get a room, you two, already. She's come a long, long way since her first TV appearance in 2000. According to IMDb, she was billed only as "Flight Attendant #3" on an episode of Beverly Hills, 90210.

6 Miley Cyrus - Like Babe It's Time To Grow Up Already

via Just Jared

Miley Cyrus was a Disney kid and the star of mega-hit TV show Hannah Montana. Before she could even drive, Miley was into s*x, declaring to her mother that she was bis*xual. And then, there was all the pot she smoked. Her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, has said that once she entered the Disney universe, they lost control of her. And since then, she has made a career out of trying to outrage the world. Only thing is, like this picture, her version of outrageous is just stupid and more than a little annoying. The leather pants are hot enough, but what's going on above the waist is a total turn-off. What's the latest on her and hunky Liam Hemsworth? Well, recently printed a detailed piece about what they got up to in the sack. The only thing was that it was 100 percent made up by the online rag. Now, that's Hollywood for you.

5 Amber Heard - Classy Hot 

via Zimbio

She's scorching in black leather, but Amber Heard may not be on Johnny Depp's Christmas list any longer. Why? Well, their divorce was nasty, with Heard claiming abuse and Depp's camp loudly denying it. They more or less called what she was doing blackmail. At one point, Amber showed up in court with kind of a black eye. After Johnny, the young actress started hanging out with billionaire rich guy Elon Musk. Recently, she posted some topless pictures of herself (presumably taken by the rich guy) while they were holidaying in Bali. Relax. It was a shot of her bare back. Amber has come out of the closet and declared that she swings both ways. Sadly, Elon Musk and Amber have split. So, the good news is that she's footloose and fancy free and ready for the next love of her life. The line forms to the right, boys.

4 Christina Aguilera - White Hot Mess

via Pinterest

Goodness gracious, you must be saying to yourself. She must be nuts going onto a stage looking like that. We agree! Now, there is some good news to report. Christina Aguilera has reportedly lost some of the weight that is so obvious in this picture. What was she thinking? Full length leather pants would have been better than these shorts. She looks...well...large. It's all a white hot mess. Our Christina has really come a long way since The Mickey Mouse Club. Her career and her weight have been doing a yo-yo thing over the years. After the Mouse thing, she became kind of a pop princess. But it didn't last. The chick has launched and relaunched herself, with more comebacks than just about anyone else out there. She's kind of been all over the place. And not in a good way.

3 Hilary Duff - From Hot To Not To Hot

It's Lizzie McGuire all grown up and not looking great. Hilary Duff starred in the Disney Channel hit Lizzie McGuire for several years. In fact, she has complained that Lizzie took over her life. At about the same time as Lizzie, an underage Hilary was dating much older Good Charlotte rocker Joel Madden (a.k.a. Mr. Nicole Richie). She was only 16 years old to his 24 or 25 years. Of course, it didn't last. Since then, she's gone on to great success as both a singer and an actress. And, for a time, she was all loved up and married to hockey player Mike Comrie. After they divorced, Mike got into a spot of trouble when a woman accused him of r*pe. There's good news in reports that say our Hilary has slimmed down since this snap was taken.

2 Kendall Jenner - Nice Little Booty

Reports are that model Kendall Jenner is the only Kardashian/Jenner not to have had butt implants. We know about Kim and Kylie, but some sites are saying that daddy Caitlyn Jenner (formerly Bruce Jenner) has had both implants and a butt lift! Not our Kendall. She's a runway model and big booty just is not the way to go. Rumors persist that Kendall and Kylie may get their own reality show. Lord knows, the girls have seen enough scandal come and go to make that work. Between Kendall's racy social media posts and tales of Kylie's underage deeds with Tyga, the two sisters indeed have some tales to tell. Last we heard, Kendall was all loved up with rapper A$AP Rocky. Between them, the Kardashian/ Jenner sisters seem to have a total thing for bad-boy rappers.

1 Mariah Carey - Please Stop It!


Singer Mariah Carey is another yo-yo weight babe. And this picture was taken when she was way too "big" for tight leather pants. And reportedly, she was on her way to perform looking like that! Can't somebody say, "Hey Mariah, rethink the tight leather"? The singer and ex of actor and comedian Nick Cannon goes from hot to not and then back to hot again. Now, this chick is known for her knock-out five-octave vocal range, her yo-yo weight, and her diva demands. She is the kind of babe who spends tens of thousands of dollars on her doggies. The pampered pooches are even given massages. On tour, her lists of demands for everything, from food to drink to lighting and furniture, are longer than the President's.


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