8 Former Female Wrestlers Who Let Themselves Go (And 7 Who Are Even Hotter)

The world of pro wrestling is host to a much more welcoming environment for female athletes in 2017 than it ever was before. For many years women in wrestling and their fans alike have been fighting for the right to be represented equally on the same stage as the men of the ring and that goal has now largely been accomplished. However, the war has been a long one as the predominantly male audience for wrestling often seems to have no qualms about women being used on television for the eye candy they can bring to a program.

For all the talk of how great women’s wrestling can be, the fact remains that the sport – and WWE in particular – has always basked in the glory of high ratings when the beauty of these women has been put proudly on display. Wrestling has no shortage of gorgeous women who have all helped keep interest in the product alive and well, but beauty does indeed fade. Here are eight of these athletic women who have let themselves go since leaving the ring, as well as seven more who look even hotter now than they did before they hung up their boots.


15 Let Go - Cherry

In a case of “if you blinked you might have missed her,” Cherry is a former WWE Diva who wrestled in the ring for about as long as it takes to drink a cup of coffee, as they say. What Cherry will truly be remembered for is her time as a manager to former WWE Tag Team Champions Deuce and Domino. Cherry’s roller skates and overall “malt shop” look helped bring the period look of the trio together and as a result, she became something of a visual icon of her time.

Cherry had a very cute girl next door quality about her, but it doesn’t seem to have stayed that way if her social media accounts are any indication. Cherry’s recent photos have shown a much older version of the girl we once knew.

14 Hotter - Eve Torres


As a winner of the much maligned WWE Diva Search, Eve Torres really didn’t have very high expectations preceding her. The Diva Search typically churned out a lot of pretty girls who didn’t bring much athleticism or charisma to the squared circle, but Eve Torres had both and managed to blow the WWE Universe away with several successful reigns as the Divas Champion and involvement in many memorable storylines with other wrestlers like Kaitlyn and Beth Phoenix as well as some of the men like Zack Ryder and Booker T.

Of course, Eve also had the looks that became the norm of the Diva Search, but as impossible as it seemed she continued to get even hotter after she retired. Now teaching self-defense to women, Eve Torres has stayed in remarkable shape even after becoming a mother.

13 Let Go -  Wendi Richter

Believe it or not, women were actually once a huge part of professional wrestling’s initial success upon breaking into the mainstream entertainment scene. Long before they were referred to as Divas, the women were lighting the world on fire alongside Hulk Hogan and “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, especially when the first WrestleMania burst into the picture. With a young rock icon in Cyndi Lauper at her side, WWE Hall of Famer Wendi Richter won the Women’s Championship from Leilani Kai, who had another future Hall of Famer in the Fabulous Moolah in her corner, and the crowd went nuts.

These days, Wendi Richter is unrecognizable as she is much older and looks nothing like the lively, colorful former Women’s Champion she was back in the 1980s.

12 Hotter - AJ Lee


Many have tried to trace the modern women’s wrestling revolution back to certain points in time over the past few years, such as the NXT Women’s Championship match between Paige and Emma or the “Give Divas a Chance” movement on social media. In truth, though, the revolution has been a war that has been fought for decades. But if one person can be seen as the first woman to truly personify the beginning of the turning tides, it’s former Divas Champion AJ Lee.

AJ Lee is one of the most popular female WWE Superstars of all time and in just a few short years did everything possible for a Diva to have done at that time. She became so desirable in a lot of ways simply for being the opposite of a typical Diva in every way possible, and today her infectious smile and comfort in her life make her even hotter in her retirement.

11 Let Go -  Molly Holly

Molly Holly certainly could not have been considered one of the best looking Divas during her days with the World Wrestling Federation, but that’s because she was never meant to be. She was an incredibly gifted professional wrestler, but her character went from being a simple, pigtail wearing cousin of Hardcore and Crash Holly to being a no-nonsense grappler with a mean mug. That doesn’t mean, however, that Molly wasn’t beautiful.

For a time following a loss to Victoria at WrestleMania XX she had her head shaved completely bald, but otherwise spent her time in the ring as a gorgeous woman. Those days seem to have passed if a recent appearance on WWE Network’s Table for 3 is any indication, as time hasn’t seemed to have helped Molly keep her good looks.

10 Hotter - Beth Phoenix


For years WWE attempted to market the typical WWE Diva as strong, beautiful and smart. If that was the case then there was never any woman to better epitomize the term “Diva” than Beth Phoenix. Phoenix was a powerhouse in the ring and a technical genius, but she was as beautiful as any of her counterparts, who she outperformed on an almost nightly basis. She was ahead of her time, unfortunately, and if she were a part of WWE’s women’s division today she could put on countless classic matches with the current crop of Superstars.

As seen earlier this year when Beth was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, she is looking even better now after two children than she did during her time in the ring.

9 Let Go -  Ivory

Ivory is one of those performers who will always be under-appreciated, as is all too often the case with quality talents in professional wrestling. For several years Ivory, along with WWE Hall of Famer Jacqueline, carried a barely there WWF women’s division on her back. She was always one of the most talented female competitors under contract while she was with the company and managed to snag three Women’s Championships along the way, but she was never valued by WWE as very marketable.

She was a beautiful woman in her youth, but after her recent involvement with the WWE Network program Table for 3, it’s clear by her appearance today that age has not been kind to this future Hall of Famer, whose real name is Lisa Moretti.


8 Hotter - Kelly Kelly


The era of the WWE Divas is behind us and might always be remembered with negative connotations, but the ladies of the Divas division worked just as hard even if they weren’t given the same opportunities the women of today are getting. The Divas could be just as popular, too, as evidenced by one Kelly Kelly who became one of the most popular female performers WWE has had in a very long time. Originally brought on for a strip tease segment on WWE’s reborn version of ECW, Kelly eventually made the transformation into an in-ring wrestler and won the Divas Championship.

Today she is retired but appears on the E! reality show WAGS, and one look at her on that show or at her Instagram account proves she’s only looking better with time.

7 Let Go - Michelle McCool

Michelle McCool came out of the WWE Diva Search and was one of the rare cases of a woman from that competition actually succeeding at the physical aspect of pro wrestling. McCool became a successful act during her years with WWE and will always be best known for her time in “LayCool” with fellow Diva Layla. It often went under-appreciated due to the distracting focus of the Divas division still largely being on based on looks and fluffy storytelling, but Michelle was actually a great wrestler.

We’ve already talked about the WWE Network show Table for 3 a couple of times, and that is because it has given us some pretty close glimpses of what some former WWE Divas look like today. Michelle McCool was on an episode of this show as well and was certainly not looking her best in retirement.

6 Hotter - Candice Michelle


Candice Michelle is one of the reasons the WWE Diva Search got such a bad reputation. Candice was one of the women who came from that competition and got tons of ring time but never really excelled at anything on the wrestling side of things. She didn’t need to, of course, because she was gorgeous enough for her looks alone to make her a success, but women like Candice competing so frequently in the ring contributed to the downfall of WWE’s previously exceptional women’s division.

But Candice Michelle was also one of the most beautiful women to ever grace a WWE ring and that counted for a lot, making her very possibly a future inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame.

5 Let Go - Dawn Marie

Dawn Marie was a bit of an icon in Paul Heyman’s original ECW and she eventually brought her good looks to WWE. She didn’t compete often in the ring but she did participate in a few of the most popular match types of the time period including “Bra and Panties” matches. Dawn was never a fantastic in-ring performer but she was hot as hell and a huge hit with the audience. Her most memorable storyline came as the girlfriend and eventual wife of Torrie Wilson’s father Al Wilson, which led to a lengthy feud with Torrie herself.

But in 2017 age has caught up to Dawn Marie, who has put on weight and looks like a different person than the one she was during her time in the wrestling ring.

4 Hotter - Bull Nakano


In the middle of the 1990s, the World Wrestling Federation’s women’s division was really starting to dry up and fade into non-existence. It eventually would do just that and the Women’s Championship would be forgotten for a few years, but before all of that two women were really working to keep things together and those women were WWE Hall of Famer Alundra Blayze and her rival Bull Nakano. These two put on some of the best women’s matches of the decade and became stars of their era, but Bull Nakano eventually disappeared from WWE never to be seen again.

In truth, Nakano continued to wrestle in Japan and has now retired but in a wild transformation, the scary former Women’s Champion is hot as hell today.

3 Let Go -  Melina

Originally debuting with WWE as a member of the MNM trio consisting of herself, Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury, Melina Perez became one of WWE’s biggest female stars once she became a full-time wrestler. She would go on to win multiple Divas and Women’s Championships and feud with some of the biggest names in the business including Trish Stratus and Mickie James, but her lack of professional conduct eventually got her released from the company and that bridge has never been rebuilt.

After a few years away, Melina returned to the ring on the independent circuit but it appears her WWE days are well behind her. Unfortunately, so are her looks, as Melina looks nothing like the hot former WWE Women’s Champion we remember her as.

2 Hotter - Torrie Wilson


From her early days in World Championship Wrestling to her final days as a WWE Diva, Torrie Wilson remained arguably the best looking Diva on the roster. Torrie had a winning smile and a killer body which she used to snag several appearances in Playboy magazine. She frequently competed in WWE’s typical Diva gimmick matches, though sadly never won a single title in the company. However, she’ll undoubtedly always be remembered for how smoking hot she was.

And apparently, much like a fine wine, Torrie Wilson continues to get better with age. Recent photos of the former Diva prove that she somehow has managed to look hotter today than she did fifteen years ago and it doesn’t seem like she’s going to be slowing down anytime soon.

1 Let Go - Sable

You could be excused if you forgot that Sable was actually a professional wrestler at the apex of her career in the World Wrestling Federation. Sure, she was never that great at the wrestling side of the business, but she and WWE Hall of Famer Jacqueline were responsible for bringing back a Women’s Championship that had previously been retired and they traded the title in one of the biggest women’s rivalries of all time. All that success was overshadowed, however, by just how gorgeous Sable was.

Sable became the ultimate wrestling bombshell and her throne may never be overtaken, but in recent years her brief public appearances have shown that those days are long behind her as she has put on weight and aged quite a bit.

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