8 Female Superheroes More Powerful Than Wonder Woman (And 8 Weaker Ones)

The success of Warner Bros.' Wonder Woman has announced once and for all that women do have a place in the superhero industry. It has been a primary goal of both Marvel and DC to build a female base for their product, and the recent film starring Gal Gadot may just be popular enough to achieve that goal.

While much of this praise can be placed on the filmmakers, Wonder Woman has for years been a staple of the DC brand and the most prominent female superhero across the comic book world. A big part of this character's success is her place in the pantheon of DC heroes. Despite her prominent stature, however, I wouldn't grade Wonder Woman as the strongest female superhero.

Looking through the annals of female superheroes, I was able to find 8 Female Superheroes More Powerful Than Wonder Woman (and 8 Weaker Ones). Taken from both the DC and Marvel universes, this collection of women gives me hope for more recent successes like Wonder Woman.

All facts and storylines referenced in this article are from the first-hand knowledge of the author or are taken from DCcomics.com and Marvelcomics.com.

16 Stronger - Raven

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Though I'm sure she's far down their list, I think DC Comics would be served to look at Raven as their next female standalone film. While many comics give their characters a good backstory, I think Raven's is the most in-depth, and perhaps the most worthy of being shown on film. Film-worthiness aside, Raven is one heck of a powerful character, and I'm confident that she could give every bit as good as she gets in a fight with Wonder Woman. Raven has a long list of abilities with which to fight Wonder Woman including telepathy, flight, astral projection, and even teleportation. In fact, Raven's magical abilities are so great that she was once able to single-handedly defeat the rest of the Teen Titans.

15 Weaker - Huntress

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A large component of the Batman vs. Superman appeal is the chance to see a man without any real powers take on the overpowered spectacle of the Man of Steel. A showdown between Wonder Woman and DC's Huntress would have similar appeal as it would take all the wits and wiliness of Huntress to take down the Amazonian Wonder Woman. With that being said, I don't foresee Huntress standing much of a chance against Diana. The only way that Batman was ever able to gain the upper hand on Superman was by using his one weakness, Kryptonite. Wonder Woman, however, has no such Achilles heel. Therefore, this confrontation would have to take place on an even field where Huntress is unlikely to overcome the immense strength and Speed of Wonder Woman.

14 Stronger - The New Thor

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For those of you who think I'm just making things up now, yes there is a girl version of Thor. Without getting too far into comic book storylines (which at this point have become so convoluted that even the most arduous of fans have trouble keeping track), circumstances arose where the character played by Natalie Portman in the Thor franchise received Mjolnir and the power of Thor. Whether this was a good direction for the comic book is unimportant, what is important is that this change gives us the chance to referee a fight between Wonder Woman and a female Thor. Though I think this would be a close one, I have to give the edge to Thor. The ability to shoot lightning always serves as a trump card.

13 Weaker - Sue Storm

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Depending on which comic/film version of Sue Storm you're referring to, her powers could vary greatly. No incarnation of this character, however, has a chance of matching the power of Wonder Woman. The reason that Storm works as a member of the Fantastic 4 is that her powers compliment the other members of the group. If Storm were asked to face the likes of Dr. Doom alone, however, the results would be disastrous. By her being a stand-alone character (albeit a prominent member of the Justice League), the Wonder Woman character is required to be more powerful in order to carry the entire weight of her respective villains and challenges. They may be two of the most respected female characters in comic book history, but I fear that a matchup between these women would be incredibly one-sided in Wonder Woman's favor.

12 Stronger - Scarlet Witch

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I think a fight between Wonder Woman and Scarlet Witch would be a good representation of physical strength and psychic abilities. In this instance, however, I'm giving the edge to psychic strength. I worry that with the immense powers of Scarlet Witch, Wonder Woman won't be able to get close enough to inflict any real damage. We saw in the Captain America: Civil War film how Wanda can hinder other heroes who rely on physical strength and I have seen nothing to suggest that Wonder Woman would be able to overcome this advantage. Unfortunately, Wonder Woman and Scarlet Witch belong to separate comic brands, so this potential fight will never take place outside of articles like this. If you're keeping track of the Marvel vs. DC aspect so far, this puts DC at a disadvantage.

11 Weaker - Black Widow

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I can't imagine the additional challenges that the Black Widow character brings to the writers of the Avengers franchise. The simple fact is that Romanova doesn't have any real powers (aside from her martial arts and weapons training), and therefore has little chance of winning a battle with the more powerful villains of the Marvel Universe. As such, it was easy to place her on our list of female superheroes who are weaker than Wonder Woman. While Wonder Woman finds herself at the pinnacle of DC superheroes, Black Widow finds herself at the bottom of the Marvel world. Wonder Woman is every bit as versed in fighting as Romanova, and on top of that has super strength, speed, and other abilities which Widow could never hope to match.

10 Stronger - Ms. Marvel

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Of all the entries on this list, Ms. Marvel is the one whose powers correspond most closely with those of Wonder Woman. In addition to the super strength, speed, flight, stamina, and physical durability that Ms. Marvel shares with Wonder Woman, she also has an added ability which allows her to surpass the power of DC's greatest heroine. Though it is not well defined in the comics, it is shown that Ms. Marvel has the ability to absorb energy, thus adding to her overall strength. This ability to power up at will gives her an advantage over the traditional powers held by Wonder Woman. The comic Ms. Marvel was a very popular addition to the Avengers team, so don't be surprised if the success of Wonder Woman causes Marvel producers to consider adding a film version of this character to their franchise.

9 Weaker - Kitty Pryde

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I thought that this would be an easy entry, but I have already had to defend my choice of Kitty Pryde on the losing portion of this list. I just don't see any feasible way that this X-men member could possibly take down DC's greatest heroine. Sure Kitty could technically phase through Wonder Woman's chest leaving a gaping hole in the Amazonian, but the same could be said for anyone in the Marvel Universe, and Pryde's been on the losing end of plenty of fights. I think it’s unfair to favor Pryde in a fight simply because of one maneuver which she has used less than a handful of times in all her years being featured in Marvel.

8 Stronger - She-Hulk

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I have always been intrigued with the contrast between characters like Wonder Woman and She-Hulk. While She-Hulk probably has more raw strength, her rampaging nature is always portrayed as a weakness, making her inferior to more refined heroes like Wonder Woman. Despite this, I think She-Hulk has a real shot of taking Diana in a fight. This is due not only to her superior strength but also the fact that she is less of a purely destructive monster than her male counterpart. Therefore, her intellect would allow her to escape some of the perils that other comic brutes always seem to fall into. Of all the entries on this list this is the one where I was most unsure who I wanted to side with, but in the end, I couldn't ignore the pure strength advantage of Marvel's green heroine.

7 Weaker - Starfire

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When the Teen Titans animated show debuted on Cartoon Network, one of the things that I was most surprised about was how much of a badass they made Starfire. Starfire had been a member of the DC Universe for some time before this, but she had never been the type of character who would make a list of "strongest characters". As such, I feel fairly confident that if Starfire and Wonder Woman were to face off, that Wonder Woman would get the best of the young hero. Starfire simply doesn't have the firepower (no pun intended) to compete with Wonder Woman. Not only this, but many of the abilities that Starfire has (flying, super-strength) are shared (and sometimes surpassed) by the Amazonian.

6 Stronger - Jesse Chambers

There was a time when super speed wasn't thought of as an overly powerful ability in comics. Through various storylines (mostly featuring the Flash), however, this has steadily changed. As superhero programs continue to be written more and more by science nerds, I think we'll continue to see these speedsters stretch the limits of what we think is possible. As such, I decided to list Jesse Chambers as a heroine who's stronger than Wonder Woman. The super speed ability carries with it such endless possibility that I feel it's only a matter of time until Chambers brings down the Amazonian hero. These two have crossed paths in the DC Universe, but many of us are holding our breaths for a Superman-Flash style race between these female heroes.

5 Weaker - Hawkgirl

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I feel pretty confident about this entry, largely because I've seen the confrontation between these two play out on television. In the animated Justice League series, these two have done battle on several occasions, each time with Wonder Woman being the clear victor. Despite her strength and tenacity, Hawkgirl simply doesn’t have the firepower to compete with the Amazonian princess. As two of the more prominent female members of the Justice League, Hawkgirl is often forced to take a backseat to her more powerful comrade. Think of Hawkgirl as the Robin (did you catch the bird reference there) to Wonder Woman's Batman. As such, Hawkgirl makes our list at #5 of the female superheroes who are weaker than Wonder Woman.

4 Stronger - Supergirl

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If DC continues to create its own universe (copying much of what Marvel has already done), I'm fairly certain that we will eventually see a showdown between Wonder Woman and Supergirl. DC creators have made it clear time and time again that Supergirl is meant to be the female equivalent of Clark Kent's Superman, therefore, I have a hard time believing that she would be at a disadvantage against any female opponent. If I were to give any advantage to Wonder Woman, her superior experience on the battlefield (she is centuries old, while Supergirl is generally portrayed as a teenage) could help her to trick and outmaneuver the much younger Kara. With that being said, as long as she carries around that S on her chest, I'm choosing Supergirl over just about any female hero.

3 Weaker - Storm

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I debated on which side of this list to include Storm but eventually concluded that this powerful mutant's strength pales in comparison to that of Wonder Woman. This is more of a vindication of Wonder Woman's incredible strength than it is in any way a detraction of Storm. In fact, Storm is one of the most powerful X-men characters of all time, and it was she who eventually defeated Magneto in a (fairly) recent comic addition. Despite this, the awesome strength and invulnerability of Diana should allow her to survive the weather harnessing abilities of Storm and allow her to get in close where the X-men member would be all but lost. Because of this, I reluctantly place Storm on our list of female heroes who are weaker than Wonder Woman.

2 Stronger - The Phoenix

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It was difficult finding 8 female superheroes who are stronger than Wonder Woman, but this entry was an easy one. Not only is the Phoenix probably the strongest female character in the Marvel Universe, but an argument could be made that she should grace the pantheon of all Marvel characters (regardless of gender). Even as a child, the psychic abilities of the Phoenix were so great that Charles Xavier felt he needed to lock them away to prevent her from hurting herself or others. Jean Grey is a powerful character in her own right, so just imagine the power held by her more formidable alter ego. Wonder Woman may give the Phoenix a run for her money, but I just can't imagine her overtaking the awesome power that this female character holds.

1 Weaker - Rogue

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To finish off this list, I decided to include a character with an interesting set of powers. Rogue from the X-men has the unique ability of being able to mirror the abilities of any mutant she touches. While this may seem to be an incredibly powerful ability on the surface (and in many ways it is), there are some inherent issues with this ability which caused me to rank Rogue as weaker than Wonder Woman. One such weakness is the fact that Rogue doesn't always have a good grasp on the powers she copies. For instance, Rogue may be able to still the magnetic abilities of Magneto, but she cannot copy the years of practice which allowed Magneto to perfect his specific craft. Thereby, while Rogue's ability grants her the potential for incredible power, it is flawed in such a way that makes me favor the more steady abilities of DC's heroine.

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