15Cameron Diaz Is Inconsistent 

Inconsistency is why most of us have not seen Cameron Diaz on our screens in a long while. From being a “go-to” girl in Hollywood to complete absence on the silver screen, Diaz is one of the female actresses on this list that will not experience

a 2018 with crucial movie roles.

For two decades, Diaz was an "it-girl," landing leading roles in movies like The Mask and Charlie's Angels, but who remembers since then the last time she was in a big movie? No one, because her performances thereafter were not the greatest. An actress could be sought after for a very long time, but if her record shows inconsistency in reviews and at the box-office, producers will not take the risk in signing that actress — this pretty much summarizes the reason for Diaz's career slump. The only film that did well at the box office was her role in the remake of Annie in 2014, but no one remembers that. For now, Diaz will keep singing "tomorrow, tomorrow."

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