8 Female Stars Hollywood Dropped And 7 Sweethearts They Can't Get Enough Of

We all know how difficult the world of Hollywood could be, though we tend to see it as so glamorous. When it comes to films and television shows, producers are very selective on the actors they reach out to. For example, everyone knows we will not be seeing Lindsay Lohan in a film anytime soon. Producers do not want actresses who are full of drama and have a bad reputation; but you may be surprised at all the actresses out there who have done no wrong in the public eye, but cannot seem to get any roles. Some stars get tarnished by controversy, while others hit a slump and are unable to land the next big role — household-name actors mainly. Who would have thought? It is not always easy nabbing jobs in Hollywood because there are actors who break through at different times, and then the bridges get burned, and another actor tries, leaving many stellar actors with no roles. In a world that has become a little more sensitive and opinionated, actors must really be careful with what they do or say as that could ruin their chances of getting cast. Some of these big names that are struggling for roles now often end up on television shows instead of the big screen.

However, on the other realm of things, we have female actors that Hollywood just cannot get enough of. These are the actresses that will even make short appearances in films, and still people will go watch; these are the actresses that currently define the film industry. Here is a list of the 8 actresses struggling that you may have even forgot about and 7 that are on a role for roles.

15 Cameron Diaz Is Inconsistent 

Inconsistency is why most of us have not seen Cameron Diaz on our screens in a long while. From being a “go-to” girl in Hollywood to complete absence on the silver screen, Diaz is one of the female actresses on this list that will not experience a 2018 with crucial movie roles.

For two decades, Diaz was an "it-girl," landing leading roles in movies like The Mask and Charlie's Angels, but who remembers since then the last time she was in a big movie? No one, because her performances thereafter were not the greatest. An actress could be sought after for a very long time, but if her record shows inconsistency in reviews and at the box-office, producers will not take the risk in signing that actress — this pretty much summarizes the reason for Diaz's career slump. The only film that did well at the box office was her role in the remake of Annie in 2014, but no one remembers that. For now, Diaz will keep singing "tomorrow, tomorrow."

14 Jennifer Lawrence Owns Hollywood 

"Just a small-town girl, living in a lonely world." Let’s just say that changed quickly for the outspoken and brave Jennifer Lawrence . Lawrence probably needs a break and needs to go back to her small-town city because she has stolen the A-lister seat from many actresses in Hollywood. Producers cannot be blamed though for keeping their grip on her; she is the youngest actress in history to have received four Academy Awards; no wonder she is some of the biggest producers' favourite American woman at the moment.

Her brashness has proven to producers that she is not scared to get out of her comfort zone, hence her roles in films like the Hunger Games and Silver Linings Playbook. She has brought to us most of the iconic movies in the last few years and it will not be stopping there.

13 Kate Winslet Has A Good Eye

Is there anything that Kate Winslet can't do? She won the heart of Leonardo DiCaprio — enough said. She has concurred roles in science fiction, drama, romance movies and comedies, so she is definitely doing something right. From The Titanic to Steve Jobs, Winslet is all over the map in Hollywood. A reoccurring theme in this list thus far, is that producers tend to seek the actresses who have broadened their horizons; who have broadened their film genres. One thing that is guaranteed is that Winslet has a good eye when it comes to film scripts — the ones she picks are always a success.

And talking about success, when someone is so successful, it is hard to pinpoint their greatest achievement, and we cannot do that for Winslet — she surpassed expectations in all her roles. She has countless awards, even though she let Jack go.

12 Jessica Biel Isn't Really A Leading Lady 

Though Jessica Biel was never a household name to begin with, Biel has hardly been seen on the big screen since the time she was cast as a crazy pregnant lady in the film New Year's Day, which people only watch on, well, New Year's Day.

The fact that she has also always been only a supporting actress and not the leading lady has made producers mostly hesitant to approach the beautiful Biel. In Hollywood, you always must stir a bang and land those leading roles or no scripts will be coming in. Sadly, no man will be seeing her on their screen anytime soon. Though no one should freak out or worry, she is with JT — she must be fine with that.

11 Cate Blanchett Has Proven Herself Enough

Like everything else in life, experience matters just the same in Hollywood — it is not as glitz and glamour as it may seem. However, Cate Blanchett is an actress who proves that experience is what it takes for continued success.

Since 1998, Blanchett has dominated in her field; she won her first award for best actress in 1998, which lead all the way up to her win in 2013 for Blue Jasmine. Her pivotal roles have also included The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Carol — Blanchett, you may be shocked, has landed over 50 leading roles, which is why she is considered as one of the most prolific actresses in Hollywood. Blanchett does not need to convince anyone she's good enough to cast.

10 Megan Fox Can't Depend On Her Looks

We all know how difficult Hollywood could be; how the critics can be extremely harsh; how many producers and critics alike are insensitive. Being a Hollywood bombshell often just will not cut it, as is the case with every man's favorite hottie, Megan Fox . Have not seen her on your screen in a while, right guys?

After exploding onto the scene in 2007 in The Transformers, most movie-goers and Fox herself would have thought her career would have taken a pivotal turn for the best, but instead, after Jennifer's Body, she was not welcomed anymore. The critics are tough, and if they do not welcome you with open arms, then neither will producers. In the crazy world of Hollywood, critics have the last call over producers; producers will dare not hire an actress who the critics have not been kind with, it makes logical sense. And in the case of Fox, not even her darling looks could change that around — so boys, 2018 means no Fox.

9 Meryl Streep Has Been Nominated More Times Than We Can Count 

You were waiting for this one, we know, the one and only Meryl Streep . Who on planet Earth can get enough of her?

Do we even have to go into detail and explain why the producers just cannot get enough of her, and why she is always the leading lady; and why she is always the fierce and dominant leading actress in most big-time silver screen films? Probably not, but we still will, she is worthy of it. Streep is acclaimed to be the greatest actress of all time according to critics- and remember how important the critics are in weird Hollywood. Consistency is key, and like many actresses on this list that producers cannot get enough of, Streep is the definition of consistency. Lets talks about Academy Awards — in all of history, no one has been nominated more than she has. Streep has the ability to decorate herself and slip into any role as if she has practised it for years, yet, it is all so natural.

8 Jessica Alba Blames Everyone Else But Herself

Just like in real life, having a mediocre resume makes it almost impossible to the land the idealistic jobs one may want, as is the case with Jessica Alba . This also proves that looks do not mean anything when it comes to casting in Hollywood — Alba and Fox are on the negative side of this list.

Sadly, Alba made poor choices in her career that led her to a career slump. Most of the biggest movies she has starred in, like Awake and Fantastic Four, were complete flops, which surely did not help her already worn-out resume. Blaming it on screenwriters and producers will not land her a role either, so it's no surprise Alba has not been starring in any major films recently. Sadly, bad choices lead to no movie-set time.

7 Natalie Portman Takes Her Career Very Seriously 

One can be a black swan and a beautiful chick in Star Wars, and that will land her many leading roles in Hollywood. We are talking about "the" Natalie Portman, who since her preteen days, has been landing roles that are seemingly unforgettable.

Portman who is a brilliant actress, always showcases her abilities to transform into her movie roles like a chameleon. After landing the role in the Star Wars prequel, which made her a household name in the business, Portman was guaranteed constant roles thrown at her; from V for Vendetta to Black Swan. In all these roles, it is not hard to comprehend why she remains a household name, as we see her emerged into the roles, fulfilling the dreams of producers. Black Swan won her the award for best actress, which is no surprise — she went from white swan to black swan really quick.

6 Sarah Michelle Gellar Just Couldn't Make It On The Silver Screen 

Remember how we said before when an actresses film career does not go well, they usually end up in television, well the Buffy the Vampire Slayer star worked the other way around. Sarah Michelle Gellar started her career in television, but slowly transitioned into film — and we say slowly, because producers never took her seriously.

Gellar was often relegated to horror films and chick flicks after her leading role in the hit television show, but the problem with that was that from the beginning, the critics did not like her. In fact, they were not fancied by her at all, constantly ripping her performances in films apart. Scooby Doo was awful and a flop, and so were the rest — talk about an aura for bad choices, Gellar. We guess even despite a recent comeback that did not work, Buffy was also responsible for slaying her movie career.

5 Katherine Heigl Is Impossible To Work With 

Sometimes in Hollywood, you just need to keep your thoughts to yourself, as that may be the purpose for the downfall of your career. Katherine Heigl had a major slump and collapse since she started opening her mouth a little too much, which all started after her actually successful role in the film Knocked Up. She completely bashed her role in the film in public, which makes us wonder why she accepted the role in the first place.

Another actress who is banned from the big-time movies because of her on-set difficulty, she must have not learned after the first time. We do not think she is a terrible actress, she was great in Grey's Anatomy, but after churning out insults towards her fellow cast members on the show as well, it's no wonder she has nothing but romantic comedies under her name at the moment. Producers do not want to deal with that drama, she should have learned the first time — shakeups lead to breakups.

4 Nicole Kidman Took Her Career To New Heights 

We all have a sweet spot for Australians, so it is no wonder why producers do as well. Nicole Kidman , with her blue eyes and sweet accent, got her household name after the promiscuous Moulin Rouge. It always takes one film and the consistency to show producers what an actor is capable of, and Kidman has since then done that. The critics are always the deal breakers for actors sadly, but in Kidman's case, after Moulin Rouge, all her roles were critically acclaimed.

Kidman only had one rotten apple in her career, which would be the film Bewitched, but all her other roles have been memorable, including Dogville and The Paperboy. It takes a lot to win best actress, and if an actress does, it definitely marks the spot for producers — she won best actress for the film The Hours.

3 Julia Stiles Just Couldn't Stay Afloat

The Save the Last Dance star has not been able to save her career since the mid-2000s. Julia Stiles , who was an actress many knew in the late '90s, has not been able to get back up on her high horse though she has expressed her desire to get back up on the A-list. However, if your film career shows a record of flops, like The Omen, then producers will not turn their heads twice.

It is also important to have a plan B, when landing pivotal roles is not working in the first place. Stiles, put all her bets on her role in the television series Bourne, which she must have been confident about. However, the boat quickly sunk when her character was killed off the show. We would say she should do a Save the Last Dance 2, but that was already done. Who knew?

2 Scarlet Johansson Can Take On Any Genre

This girl is on fire and unstoppable. Scarlett Johansson started off in the1990s as a child star playing many breakthrough roles and has since reached ultimate interstellar status in the world of Hollywood. You know you hit the big time when in just 10 years of acting, you are working for big names like Woody Allen and Sofia Coppola. Johansson is not only easy on the eyes, but extremely multi-talented and that is what has made her into a household name. When an actress like Johansson can excel in different film genres like drama to comedy, the big producers will take a chance on casting her. This leading lady went from landing a role in Lost in Translation to The Avengers, and that speaks volumes as to why it's been pretty smooth sailing for her.

1 Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Difficult To Work With

Another thing most Hollywood producers will not put up with, is actresses who prove on-set difficulty. Jennifer Love Hewitt , who rose to prominence in the 1990s, has had fame fatigue since the early 2000s. A diamond in the rough, Hewitt has not been able to land an important role since her run on the television show The Ghost Whisperer. Already, her fate turned the corner after the late 1990s, but she only made matters worse when she got slapped with the "on-set difficulty" brand name. If your career is not doing well, and you have not landed a major role in years, why would you be difficult during what could be a pivotal changing point in your career? Hewitt clearly did not think of that when she decided to be extensively demanding on television sets. To make matters worse, in 2014, she landed a role in Criminal Minds, which could have been a great opportunity for her, but fans wrote in to have her signed off.

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