8 Female Entrepreneurs Who Should Go Back To College And 7 Who Succeeded

Being your own boss can sound like a dream come true for most. Setting your own schedule, taking whatever time you want off and not having to take orders from anyone. However, it may not be as great as it sounds. Well it is definitely not as easy as it sounds. Whether female or male, being an entrepreneur involves having innovative ideas, a strong ethic and dedication. Creating your own company or business can be difficult and they do not always end up the way you hope they would. There are a lot of trials and tribulations that one must go through in order for your venture can be successful. However, not all companies or businesses are meant to be successful; some just do not work.

Every day many businesses are started and if everything does not go as planned, they can end just as quickly as they were started. Not all entrepreneurs have a success story. Some work so hard towards a goal that they are not able to achieve, while others find themselves fortunate enough to have their dreams come true.

From small business entrepreneurs to big time well known celebrities, entrepreneurs come from all walks of life and are all working towards success. Unfortunately, not everyone gets the happy ending they envision. Here are 8 female entrepreneurs who failed miserably and 7 who succeeded.

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15 Robin Chase - GoLoco

via: INC.

Robin Chase is known as the co-founder of the company Zipcar, however when she took the next step to start her own company, it was not as successful as she thought it would be. Chase started the company GoLoco, which is a social online ride sharing company. It is a website where it is free to sign up and you are able to search for rides in your area. It is an alternative to calling a taxi. The company's goal was to suggest more people carpool, but what they saw was that there was a lot of single riders using the program, which meant a lot of gas was being used. Chase admits that she spent too much money on the website before they even engaged with their first customer.

14 Arianna Huffington - Huff Post

via: Makers.com

Even though she founded a well known online blog Huff Post, Arianna Huffington faced a lot of failures before she become successful. During the start of her career, Huffington was rejected by 36 publishers. Since she was from Greek descent, English was not her first language which meant her writings were scrutinized because of her English. She was so used to being criticized that she was able to overcome anything without difficulties. With inspiring words from her mother, she was determined not to give up and in 2005 she started Huff Post which is now one of the most powerful blogging platforms.

13 Christina Wallace - Quincy Apparel

via: ChristinaWallace.com

Christina Wallace is the CEO of the fashion company Quincy Apparel. Despite all her failures, she was able to be more successful than her downfalls. Her fashion company gained no success and she was forced to call it quits. Wallace states that during her fall, she was lost and broke and that she would never leave her bed because she was so depressed. After watching all seven seasons of The West Wing, Wallace brushed herself off and started another company called Bridge Up: STEP - A company that encourages women and minorities in the computer science field to pursue careers in STEM.

12 Kathryn Minshew - Pretty Young Professionals

via: Dumb Little Man

After quitting her job at Clinton Health Access, Kathryn Minshew started her own women's networking platform company called Pretty Young Professionals. Minshew started the company with three other people, however with limited funds she was an unpaid CEO and all her workers were getting paid little from her own savings account. The company was able to draw in a lot of attention, but due to company management issues, it was forced to shut down. Not ready to give up, Minshew started another website called The Muse and it has been more successful than Pretty Young Professionals.

11 Genevieve Le Hunt - Bake Mixes

via: Bake Mixes

After making such a big deal about leaving her job and being self-employed, Genevieve Le Hunt started her own company, Bake Mixes - a company that provides organic, vegan-friendly baking mixes. After six months, Le Hunt had no money and was not receiving any money in sales. She was left with no choice but to return to her retail job and ask her parents for money just so she could survive. Once Le Hunt received her first order from a distributor she thought all her problems would be solved. She fulfilled the order all by herself and when it arrived to her customer they said the mixes were not sealed and they were unable to sell them. Not giving up, Le Hunt redid the order and since then her Bake Mixes are seeing better days.

10 Kirsten Clarke - Pigeon House Studios

via: Pigeon House Studios

Taking a leap of faith, Kirsten Clarke signed a lease, borrowed money from family and moved out of her home with her kids to save money to achieve her dream. Clarke wanted a place where people can come together and get creative. Pigeon House Studios is a place where marketers, copywriters, web and graphic designers and also photographers can come together in a creative, open and supportive work environment. Pigeon House Studios is still up and running, however Clarke admits that in doing so it is costing her a lot more than she has.

9 Roslyn Campbell - Tsuno

via: Sydney Morning Herald

After launching her company, Roslyn Campbell's goal was to raise $40,000 which would be enough money to buy her first container of sanitary pads. Tsuno is a company that provides pads and tampons that are eco-friendly. Campbell's downfall started when she had not realized the quote she was given was in American dollars and not Australian which meant her goal of $40,000 would be $15,000 short. Instead of giving up, Campbell asked her parents for money and she continued to do the best she could with her company. Campbell does not consider herself a success story just yet, but she is working towards it.

8 Sarah Riegelhuth - Co-Founder Of Wealth Enhancers

Via: Youtube

Sarah Riegelhuth signed a contract that gave her 50/50 to this start up company and buying out other partners, leaving her working with a woman who had 30 years in the business. In the early process, Riegelhuth started to fund things with her own money as the other partner was out of money. Three months and $50,000 later, the contracts were down, however they were not as agreed on. The contract stated a 49/51 in the woman's favour and the partnership they agreed upon was no longer what Riegelhuth wanted. Riegelhuth decided not to sign the contract and left the company. Even though she never got her $50,000 back, she learned a lot from this experience.

7 Oprah Winfrey

via: CBS News

Oprah Winfrey grew up in poverty and had a difficult childhood filled with many bad memories. However, after winning Miss Black Tennessee a local black radio station hired her, which then led to a successful show called AM Chicago, later renamed as The Oprah Winfrey Show. Her success did not end there, she later opened up Harpo Studies and then started her own television channel. Despite coming from a poor background, Oprah worked hard to avoid any failures and has nothing but success. Oprah has become the richest African American of the last century.

6 JK Rowling - Harry Potter Franchaise

via: JKRowling.com

Single and struggling, JK Rowling created a book that would welcome people into a magically world. Writing the famous Harry Potter series, Rowling books are among the best-sellers of all time. She was able to take her books and create a franchise, making them into movies and incorporating them into amusement parks. She took her fantasy world idea and made it come to life and in the process made herself a lot of money. No longer broke and poor, Rowling is known all around the world. Even though time may have passed since these book were first release, Rowling does an amazing job keeping them relevant and new for everyone young and old to enjoy.

5 Cher Wang - HTC Mobile

via: Phone Arena

Everything Cher Wang has earned she has earned it herself through hard work. Wang spent many years manufacturing cell phones for other companies. She was sick and tired of making someone else rich when she knew she could do just as good, if not better than any other company in the market, which led her to starting her own cell phone company HTC. Wang has made over $6.8 billion dollars off of her company and was accounted for 20% of the smartphone market. However she is not well known because of the introduction of so many other competitor companies that also sell cell phones.

4 Debbie Fields - Mrs. Fields

via: Wealthy Gorilla

As the founder of Mrs. Fields Bakeries, Debbie Fields is known all over the world for her famous cookies. In the United States, she has one of the largest retailers for fresh cookies. Most popular in the United States, she has opened over 650 bakeries in the States. Fields was able to expand her business into 11 different counties around the world and opened over 8o bakeries in these countries. Her success is more than what she could even imagine and with so much competition in the baking market, Fields has managed to make her brand a top pick.

3 Susan Wojcicki

via: Wealthy Gorilla

Susan Wojcicki may have not founded Google, but Google was founded in her garage by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The founders of Google set up their office in her garage in Menlo Park. However, Wojcicki became Google's first marketing manager and when Google took over Youtube she became the CEO of Youtube. She may not have had the million dollar idea, but keeping herself in the process and involved, Wojcicki was able to benefit from it, thus leading her to become successful in the industry. She is a great example of how success can come in many different ways.

2 Beyonce

via: Teen Zone Magazine

Beyonce is well known all around the world and has gain popularity at such a young age. Even though most of Beyonce's income does come from the music industry, the singer has been able to venture out into different avenues. She has many endorsements, investments and has even started her own clothing line, Ivy Park. Beyonce has sculpted herself into not only a successful artist, but also a business woman. She has been successful in anything she has invested in and has gained the respect of many. She can proudly say that she has earned everything she has and all the success she has achieve.

1 Kim Kardashian

via: Onedio

Not known for any special talent, Kim Kardashian is a very successful business woman. Some may say she has her manager, who is also her mother, Kris Jenner to thank. In 2007, when her private tape with then boyfriend Ray J was leaked, Kardashian was able to take her new found fame and make it into a career. The Kardashians found themselves getting a reality television show, which led to many other business ventures. Kardashian now has her own clothing store, kids clothing line, makeup line and many other businesses. For a woman that has nothing to offer but her good looks and personality, she was sure able to become successful and make a great life for her and her family. You cannot hate a girl who works hard for her success.

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