8 Female Celebs Who Love To Date Shorter Dudes (And 7 Who Love Tall Guys)

The general perception is that women love to date guys taller than them, but that doesn’t always hold true.

Celebrities tend to stick with their own when it comes to dating. Celebs hang with each other, mix in the same circles, and so celebs tend to date other celebs. Just like in any other profession, if you’re around a certain group, in all likelihood, you’re going to end up dating people from that group. And this so-called celeb group is one massive group. It continues to get exponentially bigger – people can become celebs for all sorts of reasons nowadays. It means the celebrity world is filled with many different types of people: people with different looks, personalities, from different professions. One thing they’re all used to is strutting their stuff in from of the cameras. It means we get to know a whole lot about these celebs, including their dating lives.

The celebrity world is filled with all sorts of couples. Some just seem like really odd pairings, and inevitably, these relationships don’t tend to last long. Others seem perfect, like the two just click with each other. But that’s on a personality front, which is of course what ultimately matters. But some have pretty noticeable height differences, and look pretty odd and funny next to each other. They certainly make for some interesting photos!

The general perception is that women love to date guys taller than them, and that guys don’t want to date women that are taller than they are. But that doesn’t always hold true. It’s all about compatibility – height isn’t really an issue for these couples. Here are 8 female celebs who love to date shorter dudes, and 7 who prefer being the short one in their relationships.

15 Likes Them Taller: Hayden Panettiere


Hayden Panettiere is just adorable, not in a cute puppy kind of way, but in a sexy way. She’s spent pretty much her entire life in the limelight, and over the years we’ve seen her blossom into one of the hottest actresses around. Her ex-boxing champ man mountain fiancé, Wladimir Klitschko, certainly seems to think so. They’ve been together for many years, on again and off again, but now they’re engaged to marry and seem to be very happy together. They make a seriously cute couple, but a pretty odd couple too in terms of their height differences. There really is a pretty massive height difference between the two. Hayden’s petite at 5'1", and her man, the former heavyweight champ is 6'6", a colossal figure. But with Hayden being so small, pretty much anyone she’s with is going to dwarf her. Before Klitschko, she was with actor Milo Ventimiglia, and despite being quite short, he too seemed like a massive dude when he was beside Hayden.

14 Likes Them Taller: Kristen Bell


Actress Kristen Bell began her career acting in stage productions, but has since risen to become one of Hollywood’s most recognizable stars. Despite suffering from depression and anxiety, Kristen is known for her cheery persona, and that wide beaming smile that gets people all warm and fuzzy inside. She has great stage presence too, which you’d have thought would’ve been tricky seeing as how she’s 5’1”. Her standing in at just over 5 foot just adds to her cuteness – it’s little wonder she’s dated the guys she has, because there are no shortage of attractive qualities when it comes to Kristen. Let’s get on to the guys she’s been with; there was Kevin Mann, who dwarfed Kristen – she has said he makes her want to vomit, which may be due to her looking up all the time, among other things! Then she moved on to actor Dax Shepard who stands in at 6'2".

13 Likes Them Shorter: Nicole Kidman


This amazing, award-winning actress has been killing it in Hollywood for decades. She’s another beauty from down under, and has risen out of Australia to become one of the greatest, most-loved actresses of all time. People love her because of her acting prowess, the respect she commands because of her performances, but also because she’s gorgeous. In that respect, Nicole really does possess the entire package, and what a sultry package it is. It’s also a pretty tall package. Nicole stands in at 5'11”, and looking through her dating history, you can certainly say that she has a thing for shorter guys. There was Tom Cruise, who we’ve already established is a pretty small dude, Lenny Kravitz, who’s a good four inches shorter than Nicole, and her current hubby, Keith Urban, who’s around an inch shorter. Nicole’s certainly got a thing for shorter dudes.

12 Likes Them Taller: Kim Kardashian


If we’re talking about celebs that are famous just for being famous, Kim Kardashian’s at the top of that list. She’s arguably the biggest celebrity figure on the planet. And we know plenty about her, because of the paparazzi getting all up in her business, and because of the fact that she’s lived her life openly in front of cameras for the past decade. But quite a few people might not actually realize that Kim’s a pretty petite woman. She’s tiny at 5'2", and so Kim’s another one who’ll always be the smallest one in the relationship. She doesn’t really have much of a choice when it comes to dating taller guys. Her farce of a marriage to Kris Humphries is one comical relationship – in terms of the height difference, and numerous other things too. But Kim doesn’t just have to date taller guys because of her height. She loves to date taller guys, although that hasn’t always been the case.

Speaking on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, Kim revealed: “I was really afraid of tall guys, like seriously. They really freaked me out and they always looked really awkward. When Khloe met Lamar, when I first met him I was like, ‘Don’t stand up!’ It really scares me.” But now she can’t get enough of taller guys. "It’s like the best feeling in the world to be with a really tall guy, you feel so safe all the time and skinny and tiny!”

11 Likes Them Shorter: Katie Holmes


Standing in at 5'9″, Katie Holmes has got to be one of the tallest actresses on the Hollywood scene. She’s had a number of starring roles over the years, and her height and stature has just added to her persona. Despite her success as an actress, it was one of her relationships that propelled Katie Holmes into the limelight and brought a whole heap of media attention her way. In 2006, Katie married perhaps one of the world’s biggest stars, Tom Cruise. The super-couple “TomKat” was born. They seemed like an adorable couple when together out and about at red carpet events, but one thing that didn’t escape people’s attention was the fact that Tom’s 5'7″. That’s not exactly tiny, but he appeared to be when standing next to Katie when she was dolled up and was wearing her heels. They’re no longer together now and she’s now with Jamie Foxx, who, incidentally, is 5' 8".

10 Likes Them Taller: Jessica Simpson


American singer, Jessica Simpson, is another short woman, but you wouldn’t necessarily know it due to her choice of footwear. But she really is small, and she stands in at 5'2". Again, that kind of means that she doesn’t have a choice when it comes to dating taller guys. There aren’t many guys in the celebrity world walking around who are shorter than 5'2" – it eliminates way more than half of the dating pool. She has no option, but luckily for Jessica, it seems as if she doesn’t have a problem dating taller dudes. Jessica’s first hubby, Nick Lachey, was 5'9". But perhaps that wasn’t tall enough! They’ve since gone their separate ways, and no sooner had they split, Jessica began dating NFL quarterback, Tony Romo, who’s a massive 6’2”. That relationship lasted a couple of years. She’s now married to Eric Johnson, another NFL player who’s even taller, at 6’3”.

9 Likes Them Shorter: Cameron Diaz


There seems to be quite a lot of celebs, of the taller variety, that get turned on by rock stars who just happen to be shorter than they are. Perhaps it’s something about looking after a rowdy individual covered with tats, a crazy hairstyle, and who has that rock star attitude – kind of like looking after an insolent teenager. Cameron Diaz is another tall woman on this list who’s gone for a short – well, shorter – rock star. After seven months of dating, she got hitched to Good Charlotte guitarist Benji Madden. Cameron herself is 5'9″, and Benji is a good few inches shorter that her. This is actually a change from the norm, because Cameron used to date Alex Rodriguez, and Justin Timberlake, both of whom are taller than she is. It must have been weird, looking at her man from a different perspective, but she’s certainly changed her preferences.

8 Likes Them Taller: Isla Fisher


The Australian beauty from down under, Isla Fisher, has been capturing people’s attention ever since she burst onto the world stage in the 90s. She started off with TV roles in her homeland, but her career’s certainly blossomed since those early days. She’s now one of Hollywood’s leading ladies, someone film lovers flock to the cinema halls to see. Her popularity also increased massively when she got hitched to Sacha Baron Cohen. The two started dating in the early 2000s, tied the knot in 2010, and have added three lovely children to their family. I wonder whether those kids will take after Sacha in the height department, or their petite mother? Sacha can best be described as being lanky. He towers over Isla at 6'3" – Isla’s a foot shorter than he is. It really is a massive height difference, which becomes evident when they’re seen out and about together at red carpet appearances.

7 Likes Them Shorter: Stacey Keibler


When Stacey Keibler arrived on the scene, she created a bit of a fan frenzy. As an actress, model, cheerleader, wrestler, and TV personality, Stacey turns heads. It’s no surprise that “The Weapon of Mass Seduction,” the woman with the best pair of pins in the business, is also pretty tall. It would look ridiculous if she had endlessly long legs and only stood in at around 5 foot. But Stacey’s got the height to go with those legs, and stands in at 5'11”. With those high heels – which she frequently wears to accentuate those legs – she’s probably closer to 6 foot. When it comes to guys, she definitely prefers to be the taller person in the relationship. She’s dated George Clooney, who’s 5’10”, and is currently married to Jared Pobre, a guy who’s even shorter, standing in at 5’8”.

6 Likes Them Taller: Reese Witherspoon


Here’s another name on this list that might come as a surprise. It won’t come as a surprise that Reese Witherspoon has a thing for dating taller guys; that much is evident from her photos, but it might shock some of you to know just how short Reese actually is. She’s 5'2", which is pretty tiny. It’s therefore understandable that when looking through her dating history, every guy she’s gone out with has been taller than her. She has no choice but to like to date taller guys; it’s unlikely she’s going to find many guys who tickle her fancy who are shorter than she is.

Let’s look at Reese’s dating history. Her first hubby was actor Ryan Phillippe who was way taller than she is. Then she got with Jake Gyllenhaal, who’s six foot, and her current hubby is Jim Toth, a man who towers over her and is at least a foot taller than she is.

5 Likes Them Shorter: Liv Tyler


Liv Tyler’s someone who’s grown up in the limelight. She’s used to having cameras shoved in her face and being harassed by the paparazzi, pretty much for her entire life. It’s just part and parcel of life in the limelight for Liv Tyler. She can thank her dad for that, Steven Tyler, the lead singer of the band Aerosmith. She’s become one fine woman. She’s also quite statuesque. Today she stands in at 5'10”, but evidently, her height hasn’t been a factor when it’s come to her finding love. Her first marriage was to British musician, Royston Langdon. He was 5'8″ – not a massive difference, but still noticeable. She’s now with a guy called David Gardner, another guy who’s shorter in stature.

4 Likes Them Taller: Christina Ricci


It truly is staggering looking at pics of Christina Ricci from the 90s, and seeing how far she’s come. She was loved as a teen icon, and has become unrecognizable as she’s grown up and blossomed into a beautiful woman. Compare pics from those periods and you’d think that they were of two different people. One thing that hasn’t really changed is her height. You probably thought that Hayden Panettiere was one of the smallest women in Hollywood. Well, Christina is of the same height. She stands in at 5’1”, and really is tiny. So, dating tall men is pretty much her only option. But like Hayden, she hasn’t just gone for tall men, she’s gone for massive men. Her ex-fiancé, Owen Benjamin, was 6’6”! Perhaps she realized she’d get neck problems if she stayed with him, because they split and she’s now with James Heerdegen, who’s also pretty massive when standing by his petite wife.

3 Likes Them Shorter: Clare Grant


Clare Grant has had a pretty decent time of it in the entertainment industry. She’s tried her hands at many different things, including, acting, producing, modelling and singing. But she’s probably best known for her prowess as an actress and for her modelling credentials. Seeing her steamy pics is probably what got actor Seth Green interested. The guy’s certainly the more successful of the two, but when it comes to looks, there’s no contest. Many have said that Seth’s batting way out of his league – kudos to Seth, we say. We don’t want to body shame here, but in some of their pictures together, it looks as though Seth has hired an escort, and he can’t believe who turned up. They really do look completely different, and not compatible in the slightest. That’s because of their looks, but their height too. Clare is 5'7″ and Seth’s 5'4″. But when Clare gets all glammed up and slaps on some high heels, that height difference just gets bigger, not that Seth would be complaining.

2 Likes Them Shorter: Uma Thurman


Uma Thurman’s another A-list star who towers over most of her fellow celebrities. There aren’t many men or women taller than Uma, who stands in at 5'11”. It certainly helps to be a model. It means you’re likely to have longer pins than most, have a svelte figure, which Uma certainly has. There have been many men over the years who have become infatuated with Uma Thurman’s beauty, and most of these men happen to be shorter dudes. Take a trip back to the early 90s, and you’ll remember that Uma was married to actor Gary Oldman. He was 5’9”. She then married Ethan Hawke, who is 5’10”, before they too went their separate ways. During this time, she also dated André Balazs and Arpad Busson, both of whom were shorter than Uma.

1 Likes Them Shorter: Ari Cooper


Ariana Cooper is a model, and a sizzling one at that. Models tend to be pretty tall, svelte, lean, with long legs, and Ariana certainly possesses that package. It’s actually pretty amazing that she isn’t a more prominent star than she currently is. Look at some of her shoots, and you’d think that it’d be inconceivable that her name’s not mentioned alongside the world’s top modelling talents, but it’s not. One thing that got her out there was when she wed Deryck Whibley a couple of years back. The musician had a troubled year, which included him being rushed to hospital due to alcohol abuse. But the year was capped off in fine fashion as Deryck and Ari walked down the aisle together. The pics released from their wedding day were just splendid. Ari looked like a giant alongside her hubby, so although she looked angelic, it was also a pretty comical sight. Ari’s 6'0", and Deryck is around 5'6″ with all that spiky hair and a lump on his head. But after all the couple went through, height wasn’t going to be an obstacle.

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8 Female Celebs Who Love To Date Shorter Dudes (And 7 Who Love Tall Guys)