8 Female Celebs Who Got Uglier With Fame And 7 Who Look Better Than Ever

Chris Rock is known for saying, "money is the best moisturizer," because of how great people can look after achieving fame. Celebrities have access to the most innovative products from all over the world and many of them dabble in a bit of plastic surgery to help enhance their appearance. Fame can also help in having access to nutritionists, private chefs and workout trainers to allow them to achieve the best physique possible. A combination of all these things could make even the ugliest person a bit more attractive and that's why so many people dream of being rich and famous.

Yet, not everyone that has achieved fame has been thought of as far more attractive. In fact, some of the most heartbreaking cases in Hollywood are due to the fact that the side effects of fame aren't always on the pretty side. Many people don't realize the amount of stress that fame can bring and the pressures that can come from constantly being scrutinized and in the public eye. While there are some people that can completely cope with the rigors of the celebrity world, there are others that turn to destructive ways that can completely alter their look. It can be truly shocking to see some of these transformations when it's not for the better and people start to wonder whether or not fame is really a good thing. Check out our list of the 8 female celebs who got uglier with fame and the 7 who look better than ever and see how it can affect people differently.

15 Lil’ Kim

When Lil' Kim first emerged as a rap artist under the tutelage of Biggie Smalls, the public seemed to truly embrace her. It was still a bit uncommon for female rappers to be completely accepted by that particular fan base, but Lil' Kim broke the mold. It wasn't long before she branched out to become a force in rap music, in her own right. Her Hard Core album was a huge success but people mostly remember the singles from the album, The Notorious K.I.M., which was released in 2000. She was known for highlighting her foxy appeal through her music and was also known for her scantily clad ensembles in music videos and award show appearances. Yet, fame must have altered the way she thought of herself in regards to how she stood up against some of the other beauties in the entertainment industry because she wound up drastically altering her look and it wasn't for the better.

14 Donatella Versace

There was a time was Giovanni "Gianni" Versace was at the peak of the fashion industry and seemed like the epitome of style. His sister, Donatella, was seen more as his muse, as well as his critic, but often worked behind-the-scenes. There was a plan for Donatella to work in the public relations department but she was thrust into the spotlight upon Gianni's untimely death. The murder of Gianni Versace became a huge media firestorm and people are still looking back on it with renewed interest in the detail of his passing. There are high hopes for the ratings of The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story and Penelope Cruz is playing Donatella Versace. This is just going to further show how beautiful she was when she was only just seen as Gianni's sister and then how horrible her transformation became once she became famous, in her own right.

13 Renee Zellweger

Renee Zellweger first started appearing on the big screen in the '90s, but it wasn't until Bridget Jones's Diary that people truly starting to see her as a force to be reckoned with on the silver screen. Yet, the pressures of true fame seemed to really peck away at her self-confidence. Typically, a celebrity might want to change their look early on in their career so that people may have time to forget about some of their physical shortcomings. From young celebrities hurrying out to get nose jobs to young Playboy models hurrying up and getting breast implants, it's a little strange when someone already has an established look and then decides to change it so drastically. Yet, that's exactly when Renee Zellweger did and it wasn't accepted favorably by the public.

12 Heidi Montag

When Heidi Montag was first introduced as the best friend of Lauren Conrad, she looked like the girl next door and seemed truly down to Earth. When she was featured on The Hills, she was actually seen as the friend that deserved some true sympathy because she seemed to have fallen for a guy that wasn't exactly the best influence. Yet, once the popularity of the show began building her fame status, television audiences could literally see her physical appearance evolve. While it started off slowly with just a change in hair color and fashion style, it eventually became a full plastic surgery transformation. She and Spencer Pratt embarked on a journey to make her into the next Britney Spears and it wasn't long before her look was so plastic that she was unrecognizable from her former self.

11 Lindsay Lohan

When Lindsay Lohan was first introduced as a child actress, people fell in love with her freckled face and beautiful red hair. Yet, children aren't always aware of what true fame consists of and the damaging effects that can occur on an impressionable young psyche. It wasn't until Lohan grew to a young adolescent that the public began seeing the truly negative aspects of what fame had done to her and it just seemed like a never-ending stream of tabloid headlines. The stress of fame seemed far too much for her to handle and she began partying in excess and taking her professional career for granted. The partying and substance use ultimately caught up to her and did a whopper to her facial features. In an effort to make up for those years of hard living, Lohan was accused of plastic surgery that even further damaged her look.

10 La Toya Jackson

When La Toya Jackson was first known to the world, she was just the sister of the Jackson 5 and her famous sister, Janet. Janet Jackson had created a huge name for herself as a young actress and then went on to be a huge pop star. Her brother, Michael Jackson, became known as the King of Pop and it seemed like La Toya wanted to make a name for herself as well. In an effort to be known as a singer/songwriter and actress, La Toya embarked on a huge endeavor to change up her physical appearance and it definitely wasn't for the better. Her nose job was completely botched to the point where people couldn't help but feel sorry for her and the rest of her face wasn't that much better.

9 Kate Moss

When Kate Moss first started to gain a name for herself in the modeling world, she was unlike anyone else that was popular during that era. Her ad campaign for Calvin Klein became hugely successful and people started to think that the toothpick figure was far better than some of the more voluptuous supermodels that had come before her. Yet, the fame that she garnered through her "heroin chic" look didn't exactly seem like the best thing for her since it wasn't long before there were reports of alleged drug use. One tabloid came out with photographs of the supermodel taking cocaine in an extreme amount and there were a number of times when paparazzi caught her coming in and out of hotspots with white powder around her nose. The excessive partying did a whopper on her formerly beautiful facial features and it wasn't long before she looked completely worn out.

8 America Ferrera

America Ferrera is the 8th celebrity on the ugly list but she is in a unique situation since the biggest role that helped earn her the most amount of fame was also the one that needed her to be portrayed as ugly as possible. When Ferrera got the lead role in the American adaptation of Ugly Betty, it wasn't clear whether or not she would be able to pull off this role. Ferrera was actually seen as a natural beauty and it seemed difficult to transform her into someone that would instantly be considered ugly. Yet, her rendition of the role came with glowing critiques and it wasn't long before everyone thought of her as a true star. While this was the role that truly earned her fame, it was also the role that made her ugly.

7 Bella Thorne

When Bella Thorne was introduced as part of young Hollywood in Disney Channel shows like Shake It Up, people thought of her as a fresh-faced beauty with a bit of innocent appeal. Yet, her ambition was far from looking like America's next sweetheart. She was hoping to achieve a far edgier look and she also wanted to have incredible sex appeal. In an effort to enhance her look, she had some work done on her nose and many people think of it as a huge improvement. It definitely seemed to help in achieving her new persona since her social media pages are constantly being filled with scantily clad ensembles that highlight her form as incredibly foxy. It must have boosted her self-confidence as well since she hasn't ever appeared shy on the Internet.

6 Miley Cyrus

When Miley Cyrus was first noticed by the public as the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, no one could have expected her to become the next big steamy symbol in young Hollywood. Yet, fame was definitely advantageous to her look and it wasn't long before people were commenting on how beautiful she had become. There were some that criticized the "Miley movement" after her infamous foam figure performance but that didn't mean that it completely ruined her professional career. Instead, it gave her a huge amount of publicity and it seemed to open doors in her professional career. She toured the world with hit singles like "Can't Stop" and "Wrecking Ball" and she even earned a spot as a judge on the hit television series, The Voice.

5 Ashlee Simpson

When Ashlee Simpson began getting noticed by the public, she was solely seen as the younger sister of the pop sensation, Jessica Simpson. She was featured briefly on her sister's reality series but it wasn't long before she got her own reality TV show on MTV. The series was documenting her own ambition of breaking out into the music industry and her debut album became a huge success. People loved the idea of the rebellious younger sister of Jessica Simpson and the rock edge to her sound was a great change from Jessica's ballads. Her newfound music success also led to a new nose that was quite different from her signature look. While other people criticized her decision to change up her natural nose, there were many that felt like it was money well-spent.

4 Blake Lively

There was a time when no one even knew who Blake Lively was but that all changed once she achieved true fame through the Gossip Girl television series. This show was what helped her to amplify her persona in Hollywood and the glamorous looks featured in the series was a huge boost. It wasn't long before she landed a superstar husband and the public couldn't help but root for her romance with Ryan Reynolds. The two went on to start a family together and Lively has made a name for herself as a leading lady on the big screen. Films like The Age of Adeline and The Shallows helped to show off her acting talent and people have completely forgotten about the fact that she had a much bigger nose in her youth.

3 Kylie Jenner

When Kylie Jenner was first introduced to the world as one of the younger siblings of the Kardashian sisters, no one even gave her a second look. Yet, things started to change once she and Kendall began growing up in front of the camera. People often criticized the fact that she looked so different from her supermodel sister and there were many horrible comments made about her baby face and her super thin lips. Kylie ultimately started to enhance her look over the years and now she looks completely different from what the public was used to when they saw her on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. The criticism hasn't stopped because people currently make comments about how she has had too much plastic surgery. Yet, many people think of it as money well spent.

2 Bella Hadid

When Bella Hadid was first introduced to the world through The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, there was hardly any coverage thrown her way. The real story was about her mother, Yolanda Foster, and the burgeoning modeling career of her sister, Gigi. Yet, it wasn't long before Bella started to embark on her own modeling career and people couldn't help but notice how much her look had changed. She altered her prominent nose, which made a huge difference, and people started to think of her as just as beautiful as her hugely successful sister. Each of them has their own unique look so there is no chance of them having to compete for certain modeling jobs but people can agree that fame has treated her kindly over the years.

1 Scarlett Johansson

When Scarlett Johansson first emerged as a young actress, there wasn't much talk about her. Yet, it wasn't long before people starting describing her as the next big "It" girl in Hollywood. Her natural nose had disappeared and people couldn't help but remark on the perfection of her physique. She often took roles that helped to showcase her as a major sex symbol and people became completely infatuated with her unique look. While some people might want to criticize that she altered her look to appear as more of a steamy symbol, others feel like everything was tastefully done. She's still considered one of Hollywood's sexiest women and no one even remembers what she used to look like before gaining the huge amount of fame that put her at the top of her career.

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