8 Female Celebs Who Came Out (And 7 Who Are Still Hiding In The Closet)

One thing people often forget about becoming rich and famous is that you essentially forfeit every form of privacy that you once had. You are putting yourself in the hands of the media, which is never a good idea. If you feel the kind of person who would struggle to get by with everyone knowing everything about you, then fame really isn't for you, whether you like this realization or not. Seriously, get rid of that dream if you don’t want people to know about every facet of your life.

Thankfully, we're starting to move forward in so many parts of the world, meaning that not being straight isn’t the problem that it once was. However, there is still a lot of talk behind the scenes, meaning that many famous women out there have people discussing their private life on a regular basis, whether they like it or not. Obviously, we don’t agree with this, and we always enjoy seeing a woman come out of the closet on her own without being hounded out of there. We thought we’d celebrate some of the women who have managed this, while also taking a look at some other who might not be in the closet for too long.

So, are you ready to take a look at some famous women who have called out as queer or have been rumored as being queer? We know that we are!

15 Alia Shawkat — Shocked?

Ever since we started watching Arrested Development at a young age, Alia Shawkat has been on our radar. Not only did we have a crush on her and her unconventional beauty, we also thought she was a fantastic actress, one who managed to bring a lot to the already brilliant script of Arrested Development. She has managed to keep a pretty low profile, which is why we doubt she worried too much about coming out as bisexual. It's good to know that there are women in comedy that are willing to put themselves out there like this, as there are definitely some unpleasant people in the world of comedy who would use this as a chance to get a cheap laugh. We really hope that Shawkat has never had to deal with this sort of abuse from within the business.

14 Sandra Bullock — Is A Big Advocate

The main reason Bullock seems to be on everyone's radar is that she attends numerous gay clubs with men, but this doesn't mean she's gay. It's known that she's a huge advocate for gay rights, which is something that we should all be by the way, which would definitely give her a huge number of gay friends. Let's just get it out of the way here that being an advocate for equal rights doesn't make you homosexual, it just means that you're a decent human being. Every single one of you should be on the side of LGBTQ rights, no matter what your sexuality. If you disagree with that, then there's not much else we can say to you. Sadly, you've already been lost to the campaign of hate in this world.

13 Shannon Purser — Nothing Strange About This

There are still people in this world who, for some reason, think it's okay to dumb down s*xuality when discussing it with their children. The rest of us know that this is a fast track towards making these people feel uncomfortable with doing the deed in their later lives. We should be teaching children that, no matter what they choose, when the time is right they can do whatever they please within a consenting relationship. This is why it's so refreshing to see people like Purser coming out as bisexual. We hope that many of the younger fans of Stranger Things are aware of Purser coming out of the closet and it normalizes being a minority for them. Hopefully, Purser's courage will help an entire generation feel comfortable in their own skin.

12 Queen Latifah — It's No One's Business

Just like Raven Symone, Queen Latifah seems like a woman who is willingly staying in the closet, refusing to talk about her personal life in a public forum. We have to hand it to celebrities and people in the public eye who take this step, as it really shows that they're not in this business just for the attention. They happen to be famous for doing something they love to do, but they're not going to let this change them in any way. You've got to really hand it to people like that we think because there are so few people like that in the world anymore. It seems like everybody is willing to sell out their privacy just for a chance to get in the newspaper. We hope that Latifah never decides to do this.

11 Sarah Paulson — Loud And Proud

This woman has spent the past few years absolutely smashing it, finding a huge amount of critical acclaim due to her fantastic acting in the series of American Horror Story shows. It's nice to see someone who is part of the LGBTQ community become an inspiration to the rest of us. Yes, if you didn't already know, Paulson has come out as gay and is actually dating a woman who is much older than her. She is showing us that there's no reason you can't be successful, famous and breaking social boundaries. If you couldn't already tell, we love this woman and think that she's bringing a breath of fresh air to the world of entertainment, a much-needed breath of fresh air to what has become an otherwise stagnant and fetid business.

10 Raven Symone — Said She Doesn't Want To Be Labelled

It's a shame to think that this woman, who spent so much of our childhood making us laugh on That's So Raven, has grown up and turned into quite the reactionary mouthpiece on terrible talk shows. She has come out with some pretty incredible things over the years that we're not even going to bother repeating here. However, some people seem to think that she's gay, although that namely seems to be because she hasn't fully come out the closet yet. She has regularly referred to herself by different terms and it would seem that she is gay, but as she hasn't come out, it's safe to say that she's still willingly in the closet. This woman doesn't think it's any of your business what she does with another consenting adult, and we have to say that this is one thing that we actually agree with Mrs. Symone on.

9 Ellen Degeneres — No Surprise There

It's weird and great that we live in a time when we can describe this woman as being one of the most famous lesbians in the world. This woman actually came out on her show, using the fictional world she'd created based on her life to come out to the world. We would be interested to know if she told the close people in her life before she came out on the show. We imagine that some of them already knew, although that isn't definite. Even the most confident LGBTQ advocates once spent their time hiding who they are from as many people as possible. Maybe they never got the chance to come out to a single other person before coming out to the world. So sad to think that some people never get to reveal themselves to the people they love.

8 Nicki Minaj — She's Dated Men But...

Nicki Minaj did date men, but that could because she's on the public eye. The reason that some people think Minaj may be gay is because of her comments about women's anatomy in the past, but you can have these opinions without actually being attracted to women, as we all know. We don't personally think that Minaj is gay, but if she is, then we hope she has come to terms with who she is and will one day be comfortable letting everyone know that. If not, all power to her to be with whoever she wants!

7 Ellen Page — An Inspiration To Many

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Yet another woman of the younger generation that we hope has helped others of her age come out to her friends and family. If we're going to have these people continue coming out though, the burden can't be placed squarely on them. If these public figures can out themselves to the world, then we should be able to support them from our position in relative obscurity. Seriously, if you can't take a second to stand up for the people in the world who need you most, then we don't think you're doing a good job of being a decent human being. We salute you Page, and we hope that you manage to live a relatively normal life from underneath the spotlight of fame. We know that it can't have been easy for you to do what you did.

6 Kerry Washington — Who Knows?!

Apart from Django Unchained, we don't actually know much about Kerry Washington apart from the fact that some people think that she's in the closet. Rather than taking a look at her s*xuality, we're more interested in why she doesn't seem to appear in many films at the moment. In fact, apart from one or two over the past couple of years, Washington hasn't done any movies for some time. The conspiracy theorists out there could say that this may have something to do with her s*xuality. Thankfully, her role in Scandal has kept her busy on TV.

5 Holland Taylor — Love Has No Gender, Love Has No Age

We've already touched on Paulson in this list, but we also wanted to give a shout out to her much older companion Holland Taylor. This woman will remember a time when homosexuals were persecuted even worse than they already are in the US, so it's amazing that can now spend her life with someone that she loves, openly showing the world she has no shame. We also think it's great that these two women don't hide their love because of the age gap between the two, something that would keep a lot of people from sharing their relationship with the world. People don't like it, but there's nothing wrong with there being an age gap like this between two consenting adults. What is thirty years when you're talking about love?!

4 Jennifer Hudson — Now That She's Once Again Single...

This woman rose to fame due to her place on American Idol but has since kept her fame due to appearing on The Voice, adding her to the huge list of celebrities that seem to be famous for appearing on reality television shows. That being said, she's still a respected singer and continues to make headlines to this day. One reason she is still written about is that some consider her as being in the closet, feeling that she may be in the closet about her sexuality. That being said, she has had relationships with men in the past and nothing actually points to homosexuality apart from the fact that she's an older woman who isn't married yet. To top it all off, she recently ended a long-term relationship with a man, some people arguing she may soon be leaving the closet.

3 Kristen Stewart — We Knew It All Along

There were a lot of rumors around Stewart before she eventually came out as gay. She has since explained that her relationship with Pattinson was a symptom of her getting wrapped up in choices being made behind the scenes, implying that their relationship was merely something put together by the people she was working for in Hollywood. This doesn't surprise us if we're being honest. The people will do anything to make more money and they knew that the Hollywood on-set romance was a perfect way to do this. Their romance was heavily advertised and we think this likely had an effect on many of the young women who were watching the Twilight movies. Hollywood needs to let people be who they want to be, Stewart included.

2 Mara Wilson — Our Little Matilda?!

We have a lot of respect for Mara Wilson due to her battle with mental health problems that she has been very public about, hoping that her openness could bring people out of their shell and get help for their problems. In a similar fashion, she chose to come out as bisexual after the shooting in 2016 at the Orlando nightclub. In this way, she was showing the world that there was too much hate for her to keep quiet, that the world is more than just her comfort. It was powerful and strong for her to announce her sexuality on a public forum after such a shocking and terrible occurrence. Sadly, we're sure that she didn't just get praise for her decision, but in our eyes, Wilson can do no wrong after what she has achieved within her life.

1 Hillary Clinton — Would We Really Be That Surprised?

Anyone that was following the most recent US election will know that there was a fair amount of mudslinging, some of which was based on nothing other than lies and conjecture. One rumor that has regularly followed Clinton throughout her life in the public eye is that she is in the closet, but we're not so sure. You'll find that any woman who chooses to cut her hair short and wear suits, especially if they're in positions of power, will be accused of being gay. This is arguably because of society's sad delusion that power and passion for politics somehow makes someone more masculine, and that anyone who shows masculine traits must then be gay. Anybody with half a brain knows that this is just ridiculous.

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