8 Female Celebs Who Are Super Shy (And 7 Who Have No Filter)

People grow up wanting to be celebrities. They want to emulate their favorite celebs, grow up starring in movies, wowing audiences on screen or on stage, walking catwalks, looking all glamorous at red carpet events, and being featured in the glossy pages of illustrious publications. To want to do all of that, you’ve got to have drive and determination. That’s essentially how the fame game work. All the celebs on this list have been there and done it. We see them doing their thing in the public eye, and it seems as if they’ve got everything in order and are well in control of their lives.

When they’re out and about, they seem uber confident, as if none of them have any worries in the world. You certainly don’t get the perception that they’re shy individuals. But yes, there are some superstar celebs out there who are super shy. Just imagine what it must be like for them on a daily basis. They have to deal with fans chanting their names, cameras being shoved in their faces, meeting new people – it must be pretty hard to deal with. But the eight female celebs on this list have done just that – dealt with it. They’ve had to deal with their shyness, try to overcome it, and put it to one side. It’s a must if you’re a celebrity figure. At the other end of the scale, there are those celebs who have absolutely no filter. They’re known for speaking their minds, even if it lands them in hot water. They just don’t care, it’s who they are. These are 8 female celebs who are super shy, and 7 who have no filter.

15 Shy: Kristen Stewart

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Because of what we know about her and her general look, Kristen Stewart isn’t someone who we’d deem to be a shy individual. I know that’s a bit of a stereotype, but there you go. We know she was dating her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson, and that she had an affair with married man Rupert Sanders. She deemed the affair to be an “exciting mistake.” That’s not really something you’d expect to have been emitted from a shy person’s mouth. She’s also divulged plenty about her orientation, and has revealed that she’s bis*xual. Again, if she was shy, you wouldn’t think she’d reveal that juicy bit of info to the masses, especially since she’s also said that she likes to keep her personal life very private. But Kirsten has revealed that she’s super shy, especially during interviews, when she has to talk about herself. She really doesn’t like that. That’s because she’s confused, and doesn’t exactly know herself yet. Kristen is still discovering herself. Perhaps when she does, she’ll shed her shyness.

14 No Filter: Cara Delevingne

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It’s amazing to think that Cara Delevingne is still only 25. It seems as if she’s been around forever, walking the catwalk, posing for cameras, and taking part in those no-holds-barred interviews for which she’s famous. Cara has spent most of her life in the limelight, and although that’s brought with it some problems, such as anxiety and depression, it’s something she’s revelled in. She’s someone who’s very open, has found herself, is comfortable in her own skin, and isn’t shy about letting people know about it. Being relatively young and wild has meant that Cara has come under criticism for some of the things she’s said and some of the things she’s divulged. But most people love her for being so open. When people try to bring her up on some of these things she’s said, or some of the things that have been said about her, she just says, “It’s who I am.” Basically, if you don’t like it, lump it.

13 Shy: Kirsten Dunst

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If you’re a fan of Kirsten Dunst and have watched her movies, you’ve probably realized that she’s not a loud-mouthed woman. Her movies roles don’t give that impression. Even in movies she seems quite reserved, even more so in interviews, when people begin discussing aspects of her private life. That’s because she is generally quite a shy and reserved person. Most people would think that she’d have come out of her shell over the years. She has been in the industry since she was a kid, after all. She’s grown up, has basically lived her entire life having cameras and microphones shoved in her face. But being a child actress, she just could deal with all the pressure. She doesn’t exactly revel in her superstar celebrity status. Being naturally shy and having all this pressure heaped on her shoulders actually led to Kirsten developing depression. She got help and is over the worst, but she’s still not too fond of all the attention that comes her way.

12 No Filter: Katy Perry

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In recent years, a number of pop stars have taken to pushing the boundaries of what is generally regarded to be acceptable. Someone does one thing on tour or in a music video, then someone else has to get themselves out there, do something crazy and ensure their antics results in the limelight being switched back onto them. Singing sensation Katy Perry is a pro at doing just that. Some of her music videos are, well, just downright bonkers. But I suppose it’s had the desired effect of making them stick in people’s memories. It’s not just what she does, but it’s what she says too that riles plenty of people up. Some of what Katy says ticks a lot of people off, but on the other hand, many find her carefree attitude to pretty much anything to be rather refreshing. She’s said herself, “My soul and my mouth are filter-free.” It’s meant we’ve enjoyed plenty of entertaining moments over the years.

11 Shy: Salma Hayek

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Some of these celebs are just shy, full stop. Others though are super shy in certain situations – something needs to trigger their shyness. Salma Hayek has been around for many years. She always seems like a strong, confident woman, someone who’s got it all together. She is, but only when she’s shooting for a movie, when there’s a camera crew around. It’s funny how that works; the average person would get more nervous if there were dozens of cameras all pointing in your direction! But nope, that’s when Salma feels at her most comfortable. But take the cameras away and surprisingly she becomes a different person. She’s naturally a tad shy. But Salma becomes super shy when she has to do anything that’s in front of a live audience. She seriously suffers from stage fright and becomes a nervous wreck. Luckily for her she spends the majority of her days shooting movies with a full production crew around her.

10 No Filter: Megan Fox

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Megan Fox, someone who’s known for being a s*x symbol, has been wowing fans but at the same time has been making people cringe ever since she first rose up into the limelight. It’s why there are divided opinions about Megan Fox; she’s the type of woman you either love or hate – she either rubs you up the wrong way or makes your eyes stick out on stalks and listen intently. She’s put her foot in it a whole heap of times over the years and it’s something that’s resulting in her becoming one of the most controversial celebs out there. Megan’s known for shocking, looks-wise and with what comes out of her mouth too. But she won’t be gagged by the haters. She possesses this loud and exuberant personality because of what happened to her as a kid. Well, actually, she’s always been loud and has deemed herself to be an aggressive person, but when she got severely bullied at school, this just exacerbated her personality. She got louder, more brash, and she vowed never to change for anyone.

9 Shy: Blake Lively

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It’s amazing how many superstar actors say they love their profession because acting enables them to switch off and be someone else entirely. Many people say they love acting because they can experiment with being different characters, having multiple personalities, and for that brief period while they’re in character, they can forget about and hide their insecurities. That’s why Blake Lively loves acting – well, part of the reason why, anyway. She’s said that she’s naturally shy – extremely shy. When she first started going to acting classes, they helped her in a sense deal with her shyness. She hasn’t gotten over her shyness – she’s still very shy – but it’s pushed her to break out of it and come out of her shell a tad. Blake has admitted that the way she looks and acts in public, at red carpet events for example, is all a façade; she is a damn good actress, after all.

8 No Filter: Rihanna

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Rihanna is a woman who just exudes confidence. She’s extremely comfortable in her own skin. It would seem like being confident is just part and parcel of the industry she’s in. There are however some shy singers, but Rihanna certainly isn’t one of them. She’s sexy and sassy, not just with her spectacular voice, but also because of her actions, photos, and just her all-round general persona. The Bajan beauty has had to deal with a lot over the years, and it’s all served to make her stronger. She’s confident, but some people might say too confident and way too outspoken. Sometimes she does put her foot in it. Twitter is a platform that can get many celebs in trouble, and Rihanna’s had plenty of brushes with controversy over the years on the social media site. She’s been involved in Twitter wars, celeb feuds, and she’s prone to shocking people with her actions and words when she’s not in front of a computer screen too. Rihanna emits whatever’s on her mind and is hugely entertaining for it. She’s a woman who certainly has no filter.

7 Shy: Lady Gaga

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I wouldn’t blame you if you think I’ve lost the plot here by including Lady Gaga on this list. I’ve said under quite a few entries on this list that the names might surprise you – it seems shocking to imagine that these women are shy. But Lady Gaga tops that list. Just go through the years and look at some of her actions, what she’s done, what she’s said, her raunchy music videos – the list just goes on and on. But in a way, she’s deceived us – she acts a certain way when out in the public eye, and she knows what her adoring fans want to see. But Lady Gaga is actually very shy. She’s shy around people she doesn’t know, especially other celebs who belong to a different industry, perhaps Hollywood. She just feels out of place, like she doesn’t fit in. That’s why the masses love her though, because she’s different from the norm. There’s no one like Lady Gaga.

6 No Filter: Miley Cyrus

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You were probably surprised by Lady Gaga’s inclusion on this list, but there are no surprises here. Miley Cyrus is probably one of the most outspoken celebs around. We’ve seen her grow up from child star and Disney starlet to scandalous diva wowing and shocking the world on the music scene. She’s been courting controversy, especially since her teen years, and every year she seems to ramp it up. It’s as if she can’t stop, it’s just engrained within her. It’s been very interesting watching her morph into the singing sensation she’s become. A major reason why she’s now deemed to be scandalous is because she has no filter. She says what’s on her mind, and what’s on her mind isn’t always what the average person would deem to be acceptable. Miley Cyrus has no filter, is a free spirit, and is flying free over the music world doing and saying whatever she wants. She’s still been accepted, still been loved, so why stop?

5 Shy: Kim Kardashian

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Those diehard Kim Kardashian fans amongst you probably have an inkling that she’s shy. Watch her reality show, and you would have seen moments during which Kim’s really shy. That seems really crazy to the rest of us, considering her reality show basically consists of a camera crew following her around all the time. Kim has essentially grown up in front of the camera. She’s the woman who leaked her own private tape. She’s the socialite who’s done countless revealing photos, a ton of interviews, and basically lives her life in front of the cameras. Kim, shy? Well, news flash, the answer is yes, Kim is really shy. Kim’s shy in social situations, when she has to meet new people and has to do something out of her comfort zone. For example, dancing. Kim gets seriously bashful when she’s in a situation which calls for her to hit the dance floor. But her sister, Khloe, probably the loudest girl of the bunch, has said that Kim’s just generally shy: “She’s incredibly shy and nervous.” Again, try and get your heads around that.

4 No Filter: Lindsay Lohan

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Lindsay Lohan has no filter; she literally divulges all about everything. Things that most people, even loud-mouthed celebs keep quiet about, she shouts from the rooftops – not literally of course, but you get the point. She’s had a fair few problems over the years. Lindsay’s problems have been much publicized. She’s battled drug and alcohol problems, and has been to rehab more than once. That’s been, in part, due to childhood issues. She’s also struggled with addictions because she’s found fame incredibly tough to handle. There’s no doubt she’s had a turbulent time of things. But now that she’s over her addictions, she certainly hasn’t retreated back into her shell. She was loud and had no filter when battling addictions, but that’s understandable. It seems as if that’s just her personality. She’s attacked celebs, has made a list of celebs she’s slept with, has posted offensive messages, has riled tons of people up the wrong way, and the list just goes on and on.

3 Shy: Jessica Simpson

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American actress and singer Jessica Simpson hit the bigtime when her first album took off in the late 90s. Since then she’s built upon that success, has just gotten bigger and has reached greater heights. She’s also deemed to be a s*x symbol. Having read that description, you wouldn’t think that I was describing someone who’s seriously shy. Standing on stage, singing to the masses – if you were shy and did that, you wouldn’t think it’d be a pleasant experience. Jessica is shy, but she’s had to block that shyness and anxiety out. From a young age she realized that she had a talent, and saw it as her duty to share that talent with the world. Jessica believes in God, and believes that God blessed her with the ability to sing. It’d be a crime to waste that gift, so despite being seriously shy, she’s found a way to make it work and blossom as a singer.

2 No Filter: Nicki Minaj

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Nicki Minaj is a woman that just loves to be controversial. It’s essentially all she’s about. Controversy, controversy, controversy. From the moment she burst on the scene, she’s been shocking people with her antics, with what comes out of her mouth. Again, it’s one of the reasons why she’s so popular. The controversy surrounding Nicki Minaj encompasses many things. But the fact she has no filter is a major reason why Nicki’s synonymous with the word controversy. She just loves to expel what’s on her mind, and normally it’s a diss of some sort. Nicki’s the queen of starting celebrity feuds – on those rare occasions she hasn’t been responsible for starting them, she certainly ends them. From Lil’ Kim, to Mariah Carey and Rob Kardashian, Nicki Minaj has made an enemy out of many celebs. She has no filter, feels like she needs to tell people what she thinks about them, and that hasn’t always gone down too well.

1 Shy: Jessica Alba

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Jessica Alba seems super-confident now, like there’s nothing that would trigger any form of shyness. She’s a woman who’s known for her beauty, who’s known for her sizzling physique, who’s known for being the love interest of some Hollywood hunk or other in her movies. But she actually deems herself to be seriously shy – not just shy, but seriously shy. Her shyness has eased a bit as she’s spent more time in the profession, but she’s still shy. But when she was growing up, when she was younger, she had to contend with almost crippling shyness. She’s admitted that she just cared far too much about what people thought about her. It limited what she felt comfortable doing, how she went about things. She’s said she felt she wasn’t brave or courageous, and she felt she wasn’t smart enough either, which meant she felt like a dunce in a lot of social situations, hence she didn’t socialize much. Jessica just didn’t feel like she would be accepted. We accept you Jessica, we certainly accept you.

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