8 Female Celebs That Men Find Attractive But Women Don’t (And Vice Versa)

Facts are facts, but never in the history of humanity has attractiveness been based off of facts. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and there is so much truth to that. Why do you think we all like different colors and different types of clothing? We each have an individual taste. But when it comes to celebrities, things are different. There are those certain celebs that 99% of the population agrees on. They might not like it, but unless you’re that 1% (hipsters) then you agree that those celebs got it going on. Scarlett Johannsson, for example, is only called unattractive by a few. Those that say she’s not so hot are either jealous, or they think her body is fake. Though some see her as the geeky teen she used to be and still think she's adorable.

But there’ll always be those like Sofía Vergara and Angelina Jolie that no matter how much they age, they’re still hot. Then the more natural ones like Natalie Portman and Kate Hudson never make the “Hot 100” list yet have more classic beauty than you can ever dream of having. However, not all celebs are easy to agree upon. Did you know that some people think that Jessica Alba has an ugly baby face or that others think Jennifer Lawrence looks like a man? It isn’t a surprise that men say both Nina Dobrev and Victoria Justice look too thin, but did you know they are also considered unattractive in some circles? This is all so mind-blowing, and if you’re shocked, just wait till you see these women that men and women just can’t agree on.

17 Men Love Eva Mendes

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It’s no surprise for women that Eva Mendes is on the list. By no means is she ugly but women think that men can do much better. One of the biggest things that is a turn off for women is that she is known as one of the worst actresses in Hollywood. They think her best roles in movies like Hitch, 2 Fast 2 Furious, and Ghost Rider didn’t meet their standards.

Besides, women think that when she was in her thirties, she looked like a Hollywood fifty-year-old. We don’t understand what it is men like about her. Her hair is okay, her face is not great, and her body is good, but is expected for what she does. Add bad acting and a not so forever-young face, and we’re dumbfounded. Yet men fall all over her. We prefer Eva Longoria… or maybe we just hate Mendes for having babies with Ryan Gosling? Nah, it’s the acting. Let’s go with that.

16 Women Love Charlize Theron

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Charlize Theron may not be of African descent, but she was born in South Africa. You see, men like women based on looks alone, whereas women spend all day reading up facts about the women they think are all that. Men don’t see the hype with her, but women think she is literally the perfect female human specimen. It doesn’t hurt that when she witnessed her mother get revenge her alcoholic father and was the toughest little girl we know. She was a silence breaker before it was cool.

When some hear that Charlize Theron was considered mediocre or that some men thought she was a soccer mom type, they flip. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with her. There are no bad photos of her. You can say Monster all you want but anyone who can look that awful in a movie has enough self confidence to do anything! She was spectacular, and women can see that.

15 Men Love Natalie Dormer

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Natalie Dormer is not ugly, we know that. But one Twitter user says that she looks like a “model and a chipmunk had a baby.” Meaning, she looks like a pretty chipmunk with a rockin’ bod. She is attractively intelligent as Margaery Tyrell in Game of Thrones, and she is super bad in Hunger Games. Hey, she even rocks Anne Boleyn in The Tudors. But many women cannot see her appeal. She’s 35, but we can’t decide if she looks more like she's 55 or 15. That weird age thing freaks women out.

Women say that men will say they find any woman they’ve seen in the buff on Game of Thrones attractive because they made that “connection.” But men have a different story. They see how ageless and unique Natalie Dormer is. Who’s right? Probably no one and it’s all a matter of opinion. But we all know that’s a lie.

14 Women Love Victoria Beckham

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Women all have a favorite Spice Girl to this day, and chances are it was Posh Spice, also known as Victoria Beckham. I think the reason women love this woman so much is because she has the perfect life. She’s a supermodel, she’s married to one of the hottest guys in the world, and she is a Spice Girl. What more could you want? She even has four extremely beautiful children.

How could men not think she’s attractive because to most of us, she looks like perfection. She is one of the few who doesn’t have a single nasty photo. Well, men think she’s too thin. She has a naturally contoured face, women will say. She even admitted to getting a chest enhancement and regretting it. Plus, who looks good in those little bobs she wears? Not many. She’s one of the only Spice Girls that actually looks better in her 40s. However, men will beg to differ.

13 Men Love Megan Fox

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Women get it. Megan Fox was an adorable young woman in the 90s when she was just her unknown self. But by the time she was in her 20s, she was already starting to look like an overdone Barbie doll. In 2004, we caught her in Confessions of A Teenage Drama Queen where she played preppy Carla. But she was still trying to be a young Angelina Jolie, who actually did have it going on at the time.

Still, by the time Transformers rolled around, men were all over her! All they see is the steamy grease monkey in Transformers or the schoolgirl in Jennifer’s Body. However, women won’t even give her a chance because they think she looks 100% fake and that she’s a total witch without even trying to get to know her. But women also know she was fired from the Transformers set for offensive remarks about the Holocaust, so there’s that.

12 Women Love Sarah Jessica Parker

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This one is historical! Ever since Sarah Jessica Parker became famous with her own show Sex and the City, reviews on how hot she is have been mixed. Women can’t believe that men call her “horse face” when they think she’s a classic beauty. Maybe women admire her so because she has three kids and is 52 years old. That in itself is a challenge, but to look as young as she does is something else. She rarely makes the hot news headlines or hits the “Hot 100” and that should tell women something. But according to them, they really do think she’s all that.

She has fashion sense, grace, and a beauty that just won’t die. Sadly, 99% of men disagree. They won’t stop calling her “horse face” or trash talking her on social media. Guess this divide will never end because she’s not getting any younger as far as we know.

11 Men Love Jennifer Lopez

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No one in the world can call Jennifer Lopez ugly, but ask anyone woman and chances are, they will say that she’s overrated. It’s sad, but they’ll only say that they think she’s super hot if they are close to men who are into her. Other than that, she’s just “eh” or trying too hard. Many women even say she’s a bad actress, bad dancer, and bad singer. They claim that if you took away her male-magnet body then she wouldn’t be famous. That and her willingness to go too far. That’s pretty mean, and 90% of men would disagree. But maybe that’s their attraction to that body that gets them going.

Who even knows the truth anymore? Sure, she’s never been an A-list actress or singer, but she has always been one of the hottest women in Hollywood. Was it men that made that vote? Or did women change their mind?

10 Women Love Reese Witherspoon

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You know what women like the most about Reese Witherspoon? She doesn’t even try. Ironically, that’s what men dislike the most about her. She doesn’t get work done, she doesn’t cake on makeup, she just is. She wears normal makeup and lets her body be. Yet, she’s a masterpiece, according to women. Men like a little more Kim K. While they like natural women, they prefer their natural women to “look” less natural. In other words, they want her to naturally look perfect.

Maybe one of the reasons that women think Reese is so beautiful is because she isn’t a threat. Their husbands don’t ogle over her. They might like her acting, but they aren’t into her. This can be a plus. But mostly, women like her because she reminds them of their best friend who they think the world of. And you can’t deny that she’s adorable!

9 Men Love Kate Upton

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Ah, Kate Upton. In the words of a Twitter user, “half of the people (men) think she looks gorgeous, the other half (women) think she looks like a refrigerator.” Which half are you? Do you agree with the men or women? Though she’s most famous for her modelling, she can be found in many commercials advertising anything from video games to fragrances. She even made a cute appearance in The Other Woman. Women see her as cute, but kind of superficial and they don’t get what all the rave is about. She’s only 25 years old, but some think she looks much older.

Men still can’t get enough of her even though so many women think her body is out of proportion and her face is lacking. Not that she doesn’t look 100 times less like a refrigerator than every woman who has ever dissed her. That’s life for you.

8 Women Love Marion Cotillard

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Who doesn’t love Marion Cotillard’s sexy French accent? She represents the classic sexy French woman with class that makes every woman want to be her and every man dream of getting with her. Or at least that’s what women think. Men see her in an entirely different light than women do. They think her face looks scrunched up and she reminds them of their older sister.

From her roles in Inception to The Dark Knight Rises, women have always fancied this French woman. When they hear that she doesn’t do it for men, do you think that will halt their fascination? Probably not, considering the reason they think she’s so beautiful. If you’ll notice a theme going on here as to what women “look for in a woman,” it tells you a lot about how they present themselves.

7 Men Love Lea Michele

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“Besides Glee, what does Lea Michele have?” This is the question women ask men. She’s cute on the show, but in real life, is she that special? “She looks like a girl that you feel sorry in high school so you pretend to be her friend, so she won’t drop out or feel alone,” says one woman. Ouch! That is about as far from a compliment as you can get. No one wants anyone to throw them a pity party.

Most of us don’t think it’s that bad, but I don’t know a woman alive that actually thinks she’s attractive. Everyone liked her in Glee, but past that, she’s less than basic. Just don’t let any Rachel-loving men hear you say that or you’ll get called the worse names in the book for being jealous of her. In reality, most women just know about the stories of how rude she has been to cast members.

6 Women Love Kate Moss

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Here’s the thing. Women have a hard time moving on. They will get stuck at seventeen and never wish to get any older. For this reason, they see celebrities as the first time they saw them. If you wonder about their hunky male crushes because they are 60 years old, then remember that the first time they saw that celeb, he was probably rocking a 25-year-old body with shoulder length hair. That’s the thing with Kate Moss. She got her start at 14 years old, and now at 43, women still see her as thirty years younger.

To be fair, she has changed quite a bit, but you can’t deny she looks amazing for her age. However, men despise any celeb that has gone through rehab because it makes them appear weak and like they can’t keep their own life in order. Women thrive on struggling, because overcoming obstacles is something they can look up to.

5 Men Love Kim Kardashian

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It’s no secret that men and women everywhere loathe Kim Kardashian, and the Kardashians in general. But not very many men can truthfully say they don’t find Kim Kardashian attractive. They just do! According to women, it's her enhanced body, but men have a different story. They think all of what they see is real. They know that parts of her cost a lot of money, but they also think that as a celebrity it’s a duty to make yourself presentable and she’s doing a great job.

That, and you know, they think they’re better than Kanye West and deserve her love. Or at least her giant behind that looked amazing on Paper Magazine. To no surprise, men tend to lean towards those that have appeared in risqué photoshoots. It leaves less to imagination. While women see leaving it to imagination means the women have class.

4 Women Love Chrissy Teigen

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This one is the going thing now, after all, you can’t get on the internet without seeing her latest escapade. Women love Chrissy Teigen's personality and down to earth attitude. To have someone so real and fun be able to rock the runway is something out of this world. But if you take a good look at her face, you’ll understand why men say what they do. She’s cute, but is she as steamy as they say? Does she have that timeless beauty? Does it matter when her social media counts are so hilarious and relatable?

We need real in this world and I think that’s why women connect to Chrissy. She and John Legend aren’t just adorable together, but they are real. Men may argue with this, but then they remember that women crush on Chrissy more than John Legend and then they realize they have it good and tell us to crush on.

3 Men Love Paris Hilton

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Paris Hilton may seem so 2001 to you, but according to men, she’s still all that. They can’t see just how petite she is or how boring she is. Flip it over and women can’t see how her hair is always perfect or how her eyes are as catty as ever. There’s always going to be a wall with these celebs. Men will forever make fun of Paris Hilton, but they’ll also forever admire her beauty. She’s the classic tiny blonde that they can’t get over.

They even think it’s cute that she carries a puppy in her purse. And that she calls it a puppy no matter how old it gets. They can’t help it. As far as other women go, women prefer a less superficial standard. Not that Paris is superficial, but the whole world seems to think that’s what she represents.

2 Women Love Kat Dennings

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Kat Dennings is a favorite for many. Many women that is. While men say she’s really hot, they also say that her face is lacking. Women do a double take when they hear this. They assume everyone thinks she’s the bomb. Kat Dennings is unashamed much like Chrissy Teigen and Jennifer Lawrence. Women love this more than men do. Only unlike the other two, she never overdoes it –she just is herself. That’s why men like her too, but some just don't think she is hot enough to be an actress.

She’s been famous since childhood and was at her best as a teen. In the opinion of many women, she’ll always and forever look like a teenager and yeah, that’s a good thing. Exactly what’s wrong with her face, women will never know, but I guess time will tell if she ever ages. Because so far, she really hasn’t and we’re okay with that.

1 Men Love Michelle Rodriguez

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In short, most women think Michelle Rodriguez is not girly enough. She’s a hot Latina, but she’s a bit too tough for most women to admire her. I mean, she doesn’t shave under her arms, right? Or was that just a rumor? Either way, it’s usually the women who think that not shaving is hot. But it seems the men see something in Michelle that women just can’t.

She is pretty, we’ll always give her that, but she’s so “rough” that it’s hard to want to be like her. And isn’t that why women think other female celebs are attractive? They want to be more like them, they use them as inspiration! Michelle Rodriguez just doesn’t inspire many women where fashion and beauty is concerned. When it comes to kicking butt, that’s another story.

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