8 Dumb Celeb Tattoos And 8 That Actually Mean Something

No matter how you slice it, the world of Hollyweird is a very strange place. Indeed, many antics that are considered commonplace amongst the Hollywood elite, are considered downright weird amongst the general population. However, on the flip side, with their plethora of resources as well as the need to be ahead of the trends, celebrities also tend to do very awesome cool, awesome things. Fortunately, (or unfortunately) there is no exception to this premise even with regards to celebrity tattoos. A hotbed for viewing new and unique ink, celebrities often serve as tattoo inspiration for a wide variety of fans across the globe.

With access to some of the top tattoo artists and conceptualists in the world, many celebrities have some serious ink that leaves the rest of us literally paling in comparison. Indeed, given that they have bigger platforms and much more eyes on them than the average person, celebrities with tattoos can be walking canvases, or even billboards, for an array of symbols, sayings, and causes. Nevertheless, as right as they get it sometimes, there are still many times in which they get it just as wrong. Some of the most touching and most idiotic tattoos can be spotted on the flesh of Hollywood heavyweights. That said, the following is a closer look at the stories behind 8 of the most meaningful celebrity tattoos as well as 8 of the most idiotic.

16 Dumb Tat: Mark's Wahlberg

Another narcissistic tattoo fail, the Wahlberg tattoo resting on Mark's upper arm is the stuff dares and losing bets are made of. Not only is it a tattoo of his initials and last name (how revolutionary) the placement and pose in this picture make him look like a washed-up boy band member and that cigarette doesn't help. Either way, this tattoo is a terrible blemish on an otherwise hunky man with a super masculine persona. Furthermore, given an early criminal history, he started getting tattoos far too young. So, I guess he gets a slight pass but the tattoo definitely does not. Moreover, given that he has realized the error of his ink and has since begun having them removed, let’s hope this tattoo totally disappears without a trace.

15 Meaningful Tat: Eminem's Tribute

Clearly a man with a troubled past, there seems to be very few people who have left a positive impression on the life of rapper Eminem. However, his unconventionally young uncle (who was just 2 months older than Eminem), Ronnie, was a shining light throughout the rapper’s early years. It was him who introduced him to hip-hop and helped him start recording music. However, unfortunately Ronnie was battling too many demons and ended up taking his own life. His entire upper arm is a shrine to his late uncle. Although it looks a bit weird (as it includes an angry mushroom with a skull face) we must all remember the source and understand this to be a mini mural of the crazy fun times they had together.

14 Dumb Tat: Brad's Alien Chicken Scratch

Although many have looked up to both Brad and Angelina as some sort of Hollywood royalty (which isn't saying much), that is clearly a matter of perception. Although every seems to think everything they do is super edgy, meaningful, and awesome, much like the droplets of blood Angelina used to wear around her neck, sometimes things really are as dumb as they look. While nobody has been able to confirm the true meaning behind this tattoo, as he has been very tight-lipped about it, I'm just gonna assume this was some sort of nod to Scientology, and is possibly written in some sort of alien language. On the flip side, I honestly hope it is a note written by one of his children when they were babies. Either way, given that nobody knows what it means and Brad, himself, can't even see it, I'm going to go ahead and call this one of the dumbest tattoos ever.

13 Meaningful Tat: RiRi's Lesson Tat

A fan of tattoos that are more abstract than anything, although Rihanna's body is loaded with tattoos, very few of them have actual words attached to them. This is what makes this particular tattoo all the more meaningful. Also no stranger to tragedy, Rihanna added a tattoo to her body as a means of motivating herself on the daily basis. The tattoo says, "Never a failure, Always a lesson", which is her motto for life. Moreover, the tattoo is located on her shoulder and is written backwards so she can see it every time she looks into the mirror. That's certainly a great way to keep your spirits up!

12 Dumb Tat: Beckham's Tramp Stamp

Although he remains one of the hottest male athletes on the planet, we can't say the same for his tattoos. Indeed, although David Beckham is covered with a wide variety of tattoos, there are none so dumb as the tramp stamp appearing on his lower back. However, in essence, the tattoo is meaningful in that he got as a means of commemorating his son of the same name but this doesn't change how stupid it looks and that's the problem. Written in awful Gothic script, while nobody is quite sure why Beckham decided to channel 90s teen with this tattoo choice, we can say this is one of the dumbest ways to commemorate a young boy: a fugly tattoo he will hardly ever even see.

11 Meaningful Tat: Emma's Blackbird

Although she is not a huge fan of getting inked, Emma Stone is one of those celebrities who made an exception in favor of the circumstances. After her mother manages to beat cancer (yay!), Emma wanted to find a way to commemorate this occasion. And of course, living in Hollywood, what can be a better way to show your mom beat a disease than by forcing her to brand her body with ink and needles (I kid). Since her and her mother's favorite song is "Blackbird" by the Beatles, Emma actually wrote Paul McCartney and asked if he would design a tattoo for her and her mother and he did! So, now, Emma and her fearless mother now have a super exclusive tattoo of 2 little bird feet, designed by a literal legend, who wrote and recorded the song. Wow!

10 Dumb (But Mildly Cute) Tat: Angelina's Angles

Moreover, much like her ex Brad, many look to Angelina as the Hollywood bad woman ladies want to be and men want to be with. And while there may be some truth to this, there is certainly no appeal to many of her attention-seeking antics. In particular, her tattoo of coordinate points is one of the worst tattoo ideas I've ever seen. Moreover, the most offensive part lies in the fact that it's yet another faux-deep tattoo with no apparent real meaning. Despite the fact that these are the coordinate points of the locations in which her kids and Brad were born, nobody really knows why she did this besides she needed to cover that God-awful dragon tattoo that bared the name of her ex-husband, Billy Bob. Either way, there were plenty of ways she could have made this tattoo more meaningful. As a tattoo fan, this is downright appalling.

9 Meaningful Tat: Jen's Dog Tat

One of the saddest entries on the list, Jennifer Aniston has certainly been no stranger to scandals and personal tragedy. Perhaps, it is for this reason that she has bonded so deeply with her pets over the years. In particular, when her Welsh corgi-terrier, Norman, died back in 2011, she was so distraught that she needed to do something to commemorate his death. The name Norman appears scribbled across her right foot as a means of commemorating her late pup. Moreover, although there is no real explanation with regards to the chosen location, it would seem that this was a way to give her something to smile about every time she looked down and remembered Norman would not be running up to meet her.

8 Dumb Tat: Snooki's...Whatever...

Although I haven't even performed a Google search to find out what exactly this is supposed to be or represent, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess Snookie's reasoning behind getting this tattoo makes about as much sense as her various confessionals while filming her reality show, "The Jersey Shore". Either way, this tattoo is literally as random as they come: a bow with a crown, swirly lines and stars. I mean, I'm all for the cute and abstract but this looks more like something you'd get on a shirt rather than your frickin' arm! Although I do love the way it was drawn and shaded, this tattoo is a serious no for me. And yes, I did say that in my Simon Cowell voice for extra effects!

7 Meaningful Tat: Lea's Touching Tribute To Late Cory

A highly touching tribute to her late boyfriend, Cory Monteith, the story behind this tattoo played out right before our very eyes. After he passed away from a drug overdose, the world looked on and wondered how she'd ever pick up the pieces. Although she hasn't had many public conversations about it, she has done her best to take Cory everywhere she goes. With the words "If you say so" written across her ribs, she carries around not only Cory's last words but a tribute to their undying love for one another. Although many people thought it to be a rather random choice, the words actually completed their conversation and were a response to the fact that she told him she loved him more. She even turned the words into a beautiful song.

6 Dumb Tat: Mena's Monster Tat

One of the cutesy it-girls from a few years back, Mena Savari is still a quite gorgeous, talented actress. However, this has nothing to do with the ridiculous monster tattoo on her upper back. Although, being a Leo, I can certainly appreciate the sentiments behind a good lion tattoo, I just can't get with this one. Firstly, given her small frame, this thing is way too big and awkwardly placed. Also, the lion has great detail but it still fairly lackluster. But the real kicker are the words underneath: word, sound, power? This is seriously worse than those people who get random words written in other languages but I guess, at least, Mena doesn't have to worry about someone randomly walking up to her asking her why she has the Turkish word for "chicken noodle soup" on her back, so there's that...

5 Meaningful Tat: Sam's Marriage Equality Tat

A tattoo that has deep meaning to members of the LBGTQ community worldwide, the equal sign on Sam Smith's ring finger is loaded with meaning. In addition to being an ode to the fact that he was finally able to be open about his sexuality to the world, after being bullied and teased his entire childhood, this tattoo was also a part of a series of 4 tattoos the singer got as a means of showing love to himself. After coming out to the world and enduring a very public breakup from his former fiancé, actor Jonathan Zeizel, the singer has finally settled into being happy in his own skin and asserts that although he may be alone for now, he is no longer lonely.

4 Dumb Tat: Steve-O's Selfie

A man who is almost covered in ink, the appearance of Steve-O from MTV's "Jackass" should surprise no one. Although it is difficult to decide which of his tattoos are the absolute dumbest (the man has a “sh**” and “f***” sprawled across his fingers, on each hand, prospectively), the size and ridiculous nature of his massive self-portrait is enough to make this one the biggest loser. Despite the fact that self-love is truly the best love, I'm not so sure he, or anyone needs to get a huge self-portrait tattooed on their back as a means of remembering this. Nevertheless, Steve-O has exactly that: a huge back tat of himself with two gigantic thumbs up and the caption, "Yeah dude, I rock". Yes, you do, Steve-O... but this tattoo...does not.

3 Meaningful Tat: Zoë Kravitz's Ode To Freedom And Family

Another touching tattoo, there are few father/daughter duos that can pull of edgy matching tats, but Lenny and Zoë Kravitz are such a duo. Although it wasn't exactly planned, when Lenny was on his way to the tattoo parlor years ago, his daughter asked to tag along. Seeing one of the top tattoo artists of the world, Tye Harries, Lenny decided to share his private session with his 25-year-old daughter. Since she specially requesting matching tattoos, Lenny scrapped his original idea and instead went with a highly personal saying, "free at last". According to Lenny, this is alluding to his troubled past and the many issues he endured with regards to being a mixed rock star in a racist world...a notion that Zoë can likely also relate to. Deep.

2 Dumb Tat: Gucci's Ice

OK, so, although Gucci Mane has made his career off being the hood "ice cream man", there is a such a thing as taking it too far. Although, he had clearly embraced his less than legal lifestyle at one point, after several bids in prison and ‘on the verge of a new merge’ (marriage), he seems to have left that lifestyle behind him. However, this does nothing to mask the ridiculous ink he has on his face. Despite the fact that he is covered in ridiculous tattoos, I am of the belief that face tattoos should be either super cute or super meaningful. This one is neither. In fact, Gucci has a stupid and fairly sizeable ice cream cone on his face with the word "Brrrr" written across it. Although I appreciate the sentiment, there is absolutely nothing especially 'gangsta' about walking around with a huge ice cream cone on your face. Nothing.

1 Meaningful Tat: Derulo's Nod To Being Undefeated

For those who follow the singer Jason Derulo, you are well aware of the fact that he views his body as a canvas and enjoys branding his body with various messages which he finds meaningful and/or empowering. Following a near-death accident that caused a neck injury and some of the lowest moments of his life, he got the word "Undefeated" tattooed above his right wrist to serve as a testament to his personal strength and determination. Furthermore, this tattoo has special significance as the name was also used for the first single from his 2012 album, Future History. Moreover, the track has been permanently cemented into pop culture since the song was promoted by Coca Cola on American Idol and viewers were even invited to contribute to the lyrics!

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