8 Cougars Who Like Showing Skin (And 7 That Need To Cover Up)

Ever since Hollywood started coining the term "cougar" in order to describe women who enjoy the company of younger men, it seems like we've been hard-pressed not to find one in the entertainment industry. The interesting part of this is the fact that men have been dating younger women for centuries, and no one seems to bat an eye, even if the age gap is extremely awkward. Yet, if a woman starts dating a man only a few years younger, all of a sudden, she's deemed a "cougar." However, that hasn't seemed to stop some of these celebs from embracing that term and letting their freak flag fly. From much older starlets who've been indulging in this even before the term took hold to A-list celebrities that the world hardly seems to notice, it's interesting to see how many famous women have never thought of age as anything more than just a number.

Yet, not all of these women are making the trend look all that appealing. In fact, there are some older women who are making the world cringe over their dating habits, and they're being called to reign it in a bit. From huge age gaps that are uncomfortable to watch to much older women trying to dress and act like women half their age, the cougar bit is starting to get a little old (no pun intended). Check out our list of the 8 cougars who are major hotties and the 7 who need to start covering up, and see if you agree with how things have started to turn for some of these Hollywood celebs.


15 Kate Hudson - More Skin

As the daughter of Goldie Hawn, it should come as no surprise that Kate Hudson's first romance was with a musician. Her own father was also a musician, so it seems like she and her mother have the same taste in men. Yet, Hudson followed in her mother's footsteps by letting go of this first romance, and she was back on the singles scene. While playing the field, Hudson had a few cougar moments and was even once linked to Nick Jonas. The public was really rooting for this romance to result into something big since Jonas once made a comment about having a crush on Hudson during an interview. However, it was short-lived, and she once again found herself in the singles market. Yet, with beauty like hers, it wouldn't be surprising if she once again found herself on the arm of a much younger man.

14 Eva Mendes - More Skin


When Ryan Gosling appeared in The Notebook, women around the world couldn't help but swoon at the thought of him wearing a carpenter's belt and being the "handyman" around the house. He dated a few Hollywood women, including his Notebook costar, but it didn't seem like he found true love until he met Eva Mendes. With her being seven years his senior, it seemed like she definitely knew how to teach him a thing or two, and the couple has remained in a devoted relationship ever since. He publicly thanked her for her unfailing support during award season when he was honored for his role in La La Land, and the two have been photographed together as one of Hollywood's new favorite "It" couples. While she may be much older than him, she definitely doesn't skimp on the sex appeal.

13 Elle Macpherson - More Skin

When Elle Macpherson first got a role on the hit TV series Friends, she was already much older than the rest of the cast. Yet, she seemed to do more than just fit right in. She looked absolutely incredible and proved why she had been such a successful model for so many years. Joey fell head-over-heels for her instantaneously, and the world could see why. In real life, Macpherson was always portrayed as glowing on the red carpet and was often seen on the arm of a much younger man. For quite some time, she was romantically linked to the art mogul, Vito Schnabel, but people gave that romantic relationship a side-eye. Schnabel is known for dating older women and seemed to go through them quickly. Whatever the case, Macpherson is a Hollywood beauty that won't ever have a hard time finding a young man to make her feel good again.

12 Courteney Cox - More Skin


When Courteney Cox starred in the first season of Friends, she was already familiar to audiences because of some of her previous endeavors. She quickly became a favorite in the series, and she was even able to transition to the big screen through a number of different roles. When she married the younger David Arquette, people seemed puzzled by the fact that she would align herself with a romantic partner who seemed so much more immature than she was. When the two ultimately divorced, people wondered who the next man in her life would be. Yet, things started taking a horrible turn when Cox began dabbling in some lunchtime procedures that left her face looking puffed and distorted. She's since allowed her fillers to dissolve, and she claims that she'll be embracing a more natural look to coincide with her age. This is probably the best thing because she's getting up there in age, and time isn't being very friendly to her.

11 Linda Hogan - Cover Up

When Linda Hogan was first introduced to the world, she was seen as the overbearing wife of Hulk Hogan in their family reality series. Hogan Knows Best was a huge success for those looking to get a more in-depth view of what Hulk Hogan's family life was like, but Linda didn't exactly come off as the best character. It wasn't discovered until much later that Hulk Hogan was having extramarital affairs, and the longtime married couple ultimately divorced. Rather than finding a man who was equivalent to her in age, Linda went on to date a man that was around the same age as her own children. The relationship was cringe-worthy in so many ways. From the scantily clad ensembles she was seen in while making out with her new boy toy to the impromptu photo opportunities that she seemed to love, Linda definitely needs to start acting her age.

10 Adrienne Maloof - More Skin


Although Adrienne Maloof was hugely wealthy and garnered a massive amount of respect through her endeavors in the casino business, she didn't become hugely famous until she was first introduced as a cast member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She and her then-husband Paul Nassif were often part of the ongoing storyline regarding the controversial Brandi Glanville, but their marriage was often on display as well. When the two ultimately divorced, the public wasn't exactly surprised, but the real shocker came afterward. Nassif still maintained his fame status as one of the lead doctors on the hit series Botched, but Maloof gained some notoriety as well. She quickly turned into a cougar and was photographed with a number of younger men. Yet, she didn't look like a woman who was gaining the attention of young men because of her youthful appearance. Instead, she looked like a woman who was desperate and was being used for her money.

9 Brigitte Nielsen - Cover Up

There was a time when Brigitte Nielsen was viewed as a striking beauty worthy of garnering the attention of any man in Hollywood. Her stoic beauty and extraordinary height made her look like the perfect model suitable to wear the most glamorous couture and grace the covers of magazines around the world. She's been married six times, with one of them being the tumultuous two-year marriage to Sylvester Stallone in the 1980s. Yet, she hasn't been able to hang on to her supermodel looks. Her relationship with Flavor Flav was absolutely cringe-worthy since it showed all the sloppiness of both of these characters in all its glory. Yet, that wasn't the end of her romantic life. In 2006, she married again, and the paparazzi have caught her indulging in numerous public displays of affection that are equally cringe-worthy.


8 Demi Moore - More Skin


There was a time when Demi Moore seemed to be defying Father Time and she could compete with starlets half her age. When she appeared in the Charlie's Angels film series, people couldn't get over how youthful she looked and the incredible state of her body. Yet, time has certainly caught up with this actress, and she's no longer thought of as one of Hollywood's hottest cougars. Instead, there have been numerous photos of her with her gray hair completely grown out, and she even posted a photo of the condition of her teeth. Nowadays, the wrinkles are fully prevalent, and people are hoping she'll stop trying to compete with her daughters and start acting her age. While other women over 50 have managed to maintain their youthful looks, Demi Moore is certainly not one of them.

7 Madonna - Cover Up

The music industry is constantly changing due to the ever-evolving tastes of the public and the new artists that emerge. It takes a truly unique artist to be able to hang on to a fan base, and that's exactly what Madonna has done throughout her career. However, much of her career has been based on the shock value regarding some of her publicity stunts. From kissing Britney Spears on the stage of the VMAs to wearing grills on the red carpet, it seemed like she was always looking for the next big shocker that would keep her name in the headlines. While it worked to her favor in the beginning of her career, the public is starting to look at her like a sad old woman desperately clinging to any attention she can muster.

6 Sharon Stone - Cover Up


When Sharon Stone was first introduced to audiences through her incredibly memorable film performances, it was instantly evident that she would be a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood. Her stoic beauty was perfect for films like Basic Instinct and Casino since she was able to infuse a sultriness that was unparalleled in the entertainment industry. While she had a number of snafus in her personal life, including some disparaging comments about China and a major health scare, she's managed to hang on to her youthful good looks. People still think of her as one of Hollywood's most beautiful women, which made her the perfect pick for portraying the ageless beauty, Laurel Hedare, in Catwoman. She's known for being able to capture the attention of men of all ages, and it's easy to see why.

5 Jennifer Lopez - More Skin

Jennifer Lopez has been compared to Elizabeth Taylor due to her numerous romances and a mounting number of marriages. Yet, the main difference between these two women is the way Lopez doesn't really seem to be aging. Her signature J. Lo glow features an incredibly youthful look, and she definitely has been able to maintain her dancer's body. Over the years, she's been with men of all ages, but she's garnered a reputation for being a cougar in recent years. From background dancers to music artists, it seems like age truly is nothing but a number when it comes to J. Lo's many loves. Despite the fact that she's technically a cougar because of being older than some of her partners, she doesn't look like an old woman seeking out a younger companion.

4 Mariah Carey - Cover Up


Mariah Carey's first marriage to Tommy Mottola had many people commenting on how strange it was for her to marry a man who was so much older than her. When their marriage dissolved after only five years, the public was truly happy for Mariah to finally be able to branch out and spread her wings as a single woman. While she did spend some time playing the field, she wound up marrying again but this time to a much younger man. Her marriage to Nick Cannon was equally as odd because people couldn't really imagine her with such a young (and seemingly), immature man. When these two finally divorced, the world was shocked to learn that she had already jumped into another relationship, this time with Australian James Packer. Her billionaire romance seemed befitting, but the two never wound up walking down the aisle. She's currently back to her cougar ways with one of her backup dancers, but no one seems bothered by their budding romance.

3 Naomi Campbell - Cover Up

There aren't many women from the supermodel era that have managed to maintain their beauty over the years, but Naomi Campbell isn't just any other woman. She's remained ageless in her looks, and she's also maintained her incredible figure, despite how long it's been since she was at the peak of her fame. Proving she's a woman who deserves credit where credit is due, she's been linked to younger men in recent years. From rappers to actors to businessmen, it seems like no one is off limits for this Queen of the Catwalk. She also managed to get herself a role on the hit series Empire, where she also played the role of a woman who enjoyed the company of younger men. Since she's far more beautiful than women half her age, no one seems bothered at all by the age difference in her romantic partners.

2 Halle Berry - More Skin


After Halle Berry's marriage to the R&B singer Eric Benet came to an end, people couldn't help but hope for everlasting love for this beautiful Oscar-winning actress. Once she became romantically linked to the gorgeous male model Gabriel Aubry, it seemed like all was right in the world again. Yet, happiness didn't last for very long, even though the two had a child together. The separation took a nasty turn when it seemed like Gabriel was trying to get everything he could possibly get from this Hollywood starlet. From asking for spousal support to demanding a settlement after the physical altercation with her new husband, people began looking at Gabriel in a whole new light. Berry might need to rethink her cougar ways after all the drama with Gabriel, but with her stunning good looks, it might be hard to fight away the younger men who try and court her.

1 Susan Sarandon - Cover Up

Long before the term "cougar" was ever really used to describe an older woman who enjoys the company of a younger man, Susan Sarandon has been infamous for her tendency to enjoy younger companions. For many years, Sarandon was romantically linked to Tim Robbins, and the couple had two sons together. Yet, that wasn't where her cougar ways ended. While she's definitely been able to maintain her status as a beloved Hollywood starlet over the years, she's starting to become a little long in the tooth to be dating such younger men. She recently had a huge amount of success on the TV drama, Feud, but it wasn't exactly a favorable look for her to star as the aged actress, Bette Davis. It seems like it's about time for her to find a man her own age and discard her cougar ways.

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