8 Child Stars Who Are Going Bad And 8 Stars They're Turning Into

If you check the dictionary meaning of the word “doppelganger”, you’ll learn that the word comes from German, and it literally means a double walker, or a lookalike of a living person. In the Medieval times, the word was meant to describe a paranormal phenomenon, and seeing a doppelganger was considered bad luck. In modern times, however, the meaning of the word shifted to cover any person who either physically or behaviorally, or both resembles another person. In Hollywood, everybody claims to be a unique piece of meat, but the truth is that everybody is s**t scared to look any different than what is accepted as a standard in the celebrity circles. For some former child stars, the pressure to succeed and keep being on the crest of the wave is so big that they somehow end up looking and dressing up like other people who’ve already earned their piece of the fame-pie. Young people in Hollywood nowadays, and especially those who started very young in the show business, are trained to value themselves by the way they look and behave. It’s a simple logic that they follow: If Kylie Jenner is trending high right now, and if I can only make my cheekbones look like hers and find that little green piece she’s wearing on that picture, people will notice me and say, ‘Wow, she does rock the Kylie Jenner looks today!’

Check out those eight former child stars who are going from bad to worse and who have gradually turned into other stars’ doppelgangers.

16 Selena Gomez


Everybody at some point of life gets lost and confused, and needs a role model to turn to for moral uplifting or at least… a wardrobe reality check. Until last year, Selena Gomez was known as somebody who wouldn’t go around copying people’s style, but here she is – suddenly in love with all-gold bodysuits we’re used to seeing on Beyonce. Ill-natured tongues on Instagram had not only suspected the young star in wearing Beyonce type of clothing for her “Revival Tour” last year, but have also maliciously suggested the singer looked fat. Gomez, who is mostly spotted digging a casual style, must have had a serious moment of confusion with this clothing line. And despite the criticisms she received, she kept insisting she had nothing but the best clothes for her tour. However, sensing that her fans may be stepping away, she made a daring move by posting a picture that was, let’s call it, too dicey to go on Instagram. It seems that going topless on social media is the new fashion strategy among young celebs who want to stay in the competition.

15 Beyonce


Off stage, Beyonce Knowles plays it very low-key, very casual. But when the diva sets her foot on the stage, all that old-fashioned modesty turns into a hurricane of colors, sex, passion, and a lot of gold, and pearls, and leather, and sequins that cover that bootylicious body of hers. Very few performers except Beyonce can pull off bejewelled underwear underneath a flowing red robe, or parade around in a pair of black over-the-knee heels with a sparkling leotard without looking (extremely) kitsch and cheap. Few things are certain in life – taxes, death, and Queen Bey’s style inspiration. No wonder some newly-fledged baby-stars want to copy her daring and transformative style in order to get some more attention for themselves.

14 Amanda Bynes


Amanda Bynes was among those young actresses who stripped down for magazine covers to prove they were not little girls anymore, and also to boost their died-out fame they achieved as children. Of course, Bynes appeared on a magazine cover even before she was “legal”, but, excuse us, posing for Elle Girl is not the same as posing for Maxim. Bynes went much further than just showing her chest in an enticing red bra for the viewing pleasure of the Maxim readers. She’s had some real crazy moments. Since 2013, when the former Nickelodeon star checked into a rehab for the first time, she’s been slowly disintegrating. By 2014, she had been arrested for two DUI’s and placed in a psychiatric institution after a stretch of erratic behavior. The girl was walking the streets of New York with a blanket covering her head, for God’s sake!

13 Lindsay Lohan


Both Bynes and Lohan are former child stars, both have shown flesh, and both have been really bad girls. Only Lindsay came first! She did her fair share of stripping, too. She started modelling at the age of 13, and quickly made her way into the entertainment business. But soon she turned into a powerful magnet for the paparazzi thanks to her hard partying and reckless behavior. Of course, her scandalous lifestyle took its toll both on her career and her physical and mental health.

In 2014, however, Lohan showed her recovered self by posing in cardigan, bra and knee-high socks for the prestigious Love magazine’s video advent calendar. Despite her troubled past, the video did present a new Lohan – still naughty, but healthier looking and altogether quite nice.

12 Ariel Winter


She is the dork daughter of Claire and Phil in the hit comedy series Modern Family. Ariel’s character, Alex, is the most intelligent of the three children, and is seen as the “nemesis” of her super popular, Barbie-like sister, Haley. But life is a b*tch, and what happened in real life is that Alex is now at least three bra sizes ahead of Haley. Actually, the young actress’ breasts have become kind of legendary. Aware of their attractive power, she never misses a good opportunity to flash an ample amount of her cleavage. Even at her high-school graduation party, Winter showed up braless and in a very revealing dress. She couldn’t wait to turn 18 to start sharing overwhelmingly flattering pictures of her magnificent juicy body on Instagram. Just a month ago, she celebrated a historic social-media breakthrough by reaching two million followers after posting a pic of her butt which leaves very little to the imagination.

11 Kim Kardashian


There isn’t much that hasn’t been said/written/photographed about this prominent star of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Despite the rumors that she’s going to hand her social-media stardom rating down to her much younger half-sister, Kylie Jenner, Kim keeps her image successfully afloat. She made some real smart moves recently which made people talk again, but this time not only about her butt or private life, or whatever. When Kanye West met with the newly-elected US president in the middle of December last year, Kim reportedly denied to accompany him to Trump Tower. It’s admirable that for once one egomaniac has decided to differentiate herself from the actions of another egomaniac. We strongly hope that, in her, still inconspicuous attempt to resemble Kim, Ariel Winter will succeed to stay true to… well… if not to her personal beliefs, then at least to her personal boobs.

10 Miley Cyrus


Being an attractive-looking singer is good. Being a scandalous attractive-looking singer is hot. Cyrus learned that simple logic when she was really young, and ever since she turned 18, she would get naked or act weird, or both on a regular basis. From drugs to provocative lesbian encounters and videos in sexy crop tops, Hannah Montana’s road to stardom has been paved with predominantly shocking moments. If you put the words “Miley Cyrus” and “scandal” in any search engine, you will be swept over by a wave of links promising to show you the young star’s “scandalous topless selfies”, her “scandalous boob and butt pictures”, and also some “nude photos you haven’t seen before.” There’s nothing wrong with feeling comfortable when undressed, really. What can we say — the girl just loves nudity and her marijuana.

9 Courtney Love


The resemblance here is obvious. Indeed, the infamous widow of Kurt Cobain hasn’t been that fond of getting undressed as Cyrus, but her outrageous conduct has made a lot of shocking headlines, too. Arrogant, loud, almost always drunk or high, Love appeared in the spotlight as the vocalist of the grunge band Hole, and despite her inappropriate and self-destructive behavior, she somehow managed to remain there. Although we find the resemblance between the two performers unquestionable, a couple of years ago, Love reportedly said that Miley Cyrus had a “c*ap stylist.” We find such a statement really ironic, coming from the mouth of a notoriously bad dresser such as Love.

8 Shia LaBeouf


To say that Shia LaBeouf has had a troubled life so far would be a huge understatement. He had a true fairytale childhood and was seen as a promising actor when he was only ten and performing as a stand-up comedian at clubs. LaBeouf himself said many times that he pursued the acting career not because he wanted it that much, but because his family was flat broke and couldn’t give him the things he dreamed about. But becoming a child actor, he could have anything, really. And that marked the beginning of the end. Indeed, LaBeouf also did some serious roles beside the ones in the blockbusters, which brought him fame ad money. He, for instance, played in Lars von Trier’s very controversial Nymphomaniac (2014). Since then, however, the actor has been involved in all kinds of public scandals you can imagine – from accusations of plagiarism and fighting outside an LA strip club, to appearing with a paper bag on his head at a film premiere, and even chasing a homeless man claiming the man had stolen his McDonald’s. He may seem as funny as the drunk Uncle Charlie from Two and a Half Men, but, at the end of the day, he is not that funny anymore. He is just another Hollywood schmuck gone berserk.

7 Charlie Sheen


Charlie Sheen is such an old-school trouble-maker that we don’t even remember if there had been an old school of any kind at all before his time. The actor made numerous headlines with his badass behavior. He battled substance abuse and dated various adult stars. What’s more, the infamous “Uncle Charlie” has been in some serious confrontations with the law regarding cases of physical abuse of women. Through the years, his name has become synonymous with sexually unrestrained lifestyle, and a f**k-it-all attitude. After publicly revealing he was HIV-positive, people thought that Charlie would finally settle down and take it easy, but you never know with this one. A couple of months ago, the LAPD announced its Threat Management Unit was leading another investigation against the actor. Well, we guess, old habits die hard.

6 Vanessa Hudgens


She was in Spring Breakers (2013), remember? Suddenly, the cute kid from High School Musical has turned into a dangerous female carnivore, whose language involves a lot of naughty words. After she released her club banger "$$$ex", people started asking how much trashier she would become. Musically speaking, she IS already as trashy as one can get. A song with that title placed her firmly on a territory enabling her to freely express what a mess she has become. No wonder we are comparing her with Ke$ha! The song works only because it’s totally shameless, which says pretty much enough about her vocal abilities. Three times so far have her naked pictures been “accidentally” leaked. The first time, in 2007, Hudgens stated she was “embarrassed over the situation”. The second time, two years later, when her topless pics appeared on the internet, her representatives didn’t comment. Back then, the Walt Disney Company hoped she had “learned a valuable lesson.” Guess not, because in 2011, another set of juicy pics were leaked.

5 Ke$ha


The 29-year old rapper and songwriter, better known under the kitschy stylized version of her name, Ke$ha, sure knows how to stir the pot. In 2012, she joined the cohort of celebs who keep the camera rolling even in their bedroom. Back then, PerezHilton.com posted an "adults only" type photo of her, which can be perceived as a close reference to her hit song "Blow", if you know what we mean. Although that was the very first indecent picture leak scandal for the singer, her fans were shocked by this rather vulgar photograph. On the other hand, though, people must have seen it coming – after all, Ke$ha has the habit of dressing as a penis and other body parts for Halloween…

4 Ariana Grande


In this particular pairing, we are not very sure who’s imitating whom — first it’s Ariana who’s posing just like Jessica, but then we catch Jessica wearing the classic Ariana Grande ponytail. It MUST be exhausting to be the doppelganger of someone famous — especially if you are famous, too. With that innocent, doll-like face of hers, who would have ever guessed that Grande has managed to become the second most disliked celebrity in the States! In 2015, she got herself involuntarily (perhaps) involved in the so-called “donut-licking scandal”, which won her a massive disapproval ratings in the Q Scores. What is even more humiliating and degrading about the whole donut story is that the star, as caught in the donut-licking video, is a runner-up in this competition for the nation’s disapproval. She’s falling second to an alleged rapist — Bill Cosby, who’s been accused by at least ten women of drugging and raping them.

Good fall, Ariana. But you still have some catching-up to do in order to get ahead of Cosby.

3 Jessica Alba


In contrast to her 12 year younger lookalike, Jessica Alba has always behaved like a good girl. In fact, she’s been the best of them all! The minute she stopped being a model, she became a role-model. And when being just a woman was not good enough for her, she upgraded herself to a business woman. She started her career as a child by appearing at the age of 13 in Camp Nowhere and The Secret World of Alex Mack (1994). Her breakthrough role was in Sin City (2005), the neo-noir crime movie, based on Miller’s graphic novel.

Alba has never been caught on a video licking a donut. And not even licking her own finger, for that matter. But on the other hand, she’s been admired for being a charity contributor for many causes, and a politically active figure.

We don’t know how Alba feels about her striking resemblance with Ariana Grande, but we can guess that except for the looks, she hasn’t noticed any other intersection points with the naughty young singer.

2 Justin Bieber


No, this time we are not talking about physical resemblance here. This, however, we’d call the Super Game of the Titans of Stupidity. Bieber has done not one, not two, and not even three totally brainless things recently. For starters, he threw eggs at his neighbor’s house, then he peed in a mop bucket in a restaurant, he hit a fan in the face, and spoke of Anne Frank as if they went to the same school together, and called her a potential “belieber.” When he visited Iceland to shoot the "I’ll Show You" video, he did some really dumb and rather harmful things to both himself and the superb Icelandic nature. We want to believe he doesn’t do such moronic things on purpose – the guy just has the stupid gene.

1 Arnold Schwarzenegger


The bodybuilder turned action star turned governor always has something memorable to say. He has produced so many ridiculous statements that, at some point, you start wondering what is going on in this head of his. His bloopers on politics, sex and other topics have become so notorious and recognizable that people started calling them “arnie-isms”. Here are some of his most famous speech gaffs: “I think that gay marriages should be between a man and a woman.” and “I don’t know why they call me anti-Latino when I’ve made four movies in Mexico.” And here is our favorite quote, in which Arnie reveals his view on human anatomy: “The c**k isn’t a muscle so it doesn’t grow in relation to the shoulders. You can’t make it bigger through exercises, that’s for sure.” Sadly, that is valid also for the brain.

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