8 Celebs Who Sadly Can't Have Kids (And 7 Who Have Too Many)

Being a celebrity means so much more than we realize; plenty of people follow their daily lives and live vicariously through them. We know nearly every detail there is about them, including personal matters that aren't related to their field. Some of them may try to maintain a low profile, but that's nearly impossible in today's world and whenever they are up to something, we will most likely know about it.

Since they are in the spotlight so much, we know about their family matters, including the number of kids they have. Some celebrities will try to keep their family away from the public eye but that has become increasingly difficult since everybody is equipped with a camera and a platform to share. Then you have other celebs who don't have any problem sharing with the fans and will show off their children across social media.

They are also likely to be spotted with them at events such as premiere shows and awards. In many cases, we are left thinking that perhaps they have too many kids, although it's certainly their choice. But there are also famous figures who can't have kids - some of whom have to go to greater lengths to conceive.

With today's list, we will go through 8 celebrities who have too many kids and 7 who can't have any.

15 Can't Have Kids: Kate Walsh

Despite her continued success in the industry and involvement in some major shows, Kate Walsh has indicated that she feels like a loser for not having any kids. While we certainly don't share that same opinion, we do understand her point of view as she has struggled to have children due to early menopause - which she had overlooked for a while before being tipped about the possibility.

Walsh has never shied away from stating that she failed to achieve some of her dreams, such as starting a family with numerous kids. On the other hand, it appears that she hasn't completely given up despite being 49 years old, and it was reported that she broke up with her most recent boyfriend for denying her proposal to have kids. While she has publicly supported adoption in several interviews, it seems like Walsh has decided to not pursue that option.

14 Has Too Many: Kris Jenner (6)

Kris Jenner has mothered one of the most famous families in modern history with their first major break coming with the rise of Kim Kardashian. Since then, we have been introduced to Khloe, Kourtney, Rob, Kylie, and Kendall - all of whom have become A-list celebrities. While Rob is mostly in the news for his personal problems, his sisters have succeeded in gaining a huge following.

With all the antics that we have witnessed from the family on their reality shows as well as on social media, it's safe to say that not everyone is such a fan. Many will argue that the family has had a negative influence, especially with the way they rose to fame.

When it comes to Kris Jenner, the public opinion is split with plenty admiring her for raising so many kids, while the rest may question her parenting methods. But if you have followed the family, that probably doesn't come across as shocking.

13 Can't Have Kids: Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks is another name who has never been shy about her struggles with infertility. Following years of multiple attempts, she decided to take a different route with her husband, but not before they sought out different doctors. They also tried many treatments which failed to produce any results as the embryos wouldn't stick. That's when she finally decided to find a surrogate, which worked out very well.

They remain on great terms today, with the surrogate treating their kid like a niece. As for Banks, she was more than happy to have a kid in any way possible as she had dreamed of being a mother for so long. While she had been down from time to time, she never lost hope and continued to battle through all the failed attempts. Today, she is the mother of two kids with her husband Max Handelman.

12 Has Too Many: Mel Gibson (9)

It would be a fair assumption to say that Mel Gibson absolutely loves being a father. Earlier this year, he welcomed his 9th child with his girlfriend Rosalind Ross, but the actor may not be done yet. He has 8 kids from previous relationships with Robyn Moore and Oksana Grigorieva and could be adding some more in the future.

But most would agree that nine children is far too many even if you are one of Hollywood's biggest names, especially when you consider that he has had different partners. Although several of his children are now grown-ups with kids of their own, that means Gibson's work is never truly done.

Years after having been supposedly blacklisted from the industry, Mel Gibson made a strong return with his Hacksaw Ridge in 2016 and Daddy's Home in 2017.

11 Can't Have Kids: Hugh Jackman

Many actors will withdraw from speaking about their personal issues, especially when it comes to infertility. Hugh Jackman isn't one of those names as the actor has opened up about his experiences in the past throughout many interviews in which he discussed the process.

Jackman and his wife intended to have biological kids first and then adopt later on, but things didn't go according to plan as they had several miscarriages. Jackman indicated that it was a very difficult time for them as anxiety built up every time, but they ended up adopting both of their children.

While they would have surely liked to have had their very own, the actor noted that he doesn't differentiate and that adoption had always been in his plans even prior to the miscarriages.

10 Have Too Many: Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt (6)

While Pitt and Jolie have a reputation for being good parents, six is certainly a high number in this age, and it has only gotten tougher for them now that they have separated. Recent rumors claim that both are interested in patching things up, not only for their personal sake but also to make things easier for their children.

Media reports claim that Pitt has quit drinking and made some adjustments to reunite with his wife and six children, so we may soon know whether they will be able to overcome all the ongoing problems between them.

9 Can't Have Kids: Maria Menounos

Unlike many names on the list, Maria Menounos still doesn't have a kid today. The actress has documented her journey on social media with several failed attempts, including a time where she shared a photo of a pregnancy test that didn't bring in the good news.

She claims that it has been a stressful and complicated experience but she did have embryos frozen. Menounos claims that the older she gets, the more she wants to have kids since it wasn't something that she cared for in the past but that seems to have changed in recent years.

It remains to be seen whether she will eventually become a mom. In 2017, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor which changed some of her life choices and made her a different person with a new perspective on many topics.

8 Has Too Many: Charlie Sheen (5)

Charlie Sheen has five kids, and many would say that that's five too many for someone like him. Over the years, he has been involved in so many scandals that we could compile a whole list. He had children from all 3 of his marriages, including twins with Brooke Mueller.

Sheen has been accused of being a deadbeat father to which he responded with the usual rants across social media platforms. A few years ago, he had completely stopped paying child support which got him in some heat with his ex-wife.

Two of his former partners have previously filed for restraining orders against Sheen in the past with some claims about his reckless, immature and threatening behavior. Troubles have continued to follow the star in some more recent scandals, so it's safe to say that his five kids have had to put up with plenty over the years.

7 Can't Have Kids: Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman has been one of the top actresses of the past few decades with multiple smash hit films to her name, grossing more than $4 billion in the box office. During her first marriage to Tom Cruise, they attempted to have children but couldn't despite years of trying. They went on to adopt two kids instead but the couple split up in 2001.

Since Kidman loved being a mother, she wanted to have even more children and some of her very own, so she continued to try for some time. After getting married to Keith Urban, they had a kid through a surrogate.

As of today, Kidman has four kids overall, 2 of whom were adopted while the others are biological. Over the years, she has always been outspoken about her personal experiences and appears to be open to the idea of adding a fifth child, as per her 2017 interview with CNN.

6 Have Too Many: David And Victoria Beckham (4)

David and Victoria Beckham have been one of the most popular couples of the 2000s, but they have managed to stay together unlike so many others. They have become an iconic couple with a huge following to this day, becoming one of the top "relationship goals" today.

The Beckhams have been kept busy with their respective careers even after David retired from football, as he dove right into pursuing new ventures. But if you already think that four kids is more than enough in this age, then you should know that the couple may soon be welcoming another one.

For the past two years, there have been rumors flying around about the couple reportedly being interested in extending their family. While Victoria has expressed her wish to add a fifth child, it has become unlikely at this point.

5 Can't Have Kids: Emma Thompson

In the past few decades, Emma Thompson has been a part of some of Hollywood's top movies with many classics to her name. But for many years, the actress struggled with a disorder known as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) that prevented her from having children. She had attempted to have children during both of her marriages but eventually had to resort to IVF which allowed her to get pregnant at the age of 40.

A couple of years later, she attempted to have a second child through IVF, although the results weren't so positive this time. Thompson eventually gave up on adding a second child and opted to go in a different direction by adopting. She has spoken plenty about her struggles with infertility in the past and how she was able to overcome it after years, giving advice to young women who are currently in her position.

4 Has Too Many: Heidi Klum (4)

Depending on the region and culture, having four kids may be viewed differently. When you're a model, that is considered a high number especially when it's Heidi Klum. Years after breaking into the industry, she remains a popular figure with a large following, as evident by her 4.2 million followers on Instagram.

She has one kid from her first marriage to Ric Pipino and three more with her second husband Seal. Klum had been married to the latter for 10 years before they split up. A few months ago, it was reported that they may have gotten back together after her most recent relationship break up.

Regardless of their relationship status, they have worked together to provide their children with the best possible life and continue to do so even years after having gotten divorced.

3 Can't Have Kids: Jordana Brewster

At some point, Jordana Brewster felt that she might never have kids after so many failed attempts. Luckily for her, she found a gestational surrogate who made her feel comfortable enough to go forward with the move. She had some doubts in the beginning as it took plenty to get her to trust someone with her kids' lives, but Brewster is more than glad to have done so now that she has two children.

Although she does feel a sense of having missed out on carrying the babies and giving birth, especially when around fellow moms, she instantly forgets that when she remembers that she still had children after all. The actress has offered words of encouragement to those going through a similar situation as she once did, citing her experience as a positive one that helped her in more ways than one.

2 Has Too Many: Tori Spelling (5)

Very few people know that Tori Spelling has been married twice with her first being Charlie Shanian, although that marriage didn't last long and ended before conceiving any children. She tied the knot shortly after with Dean McDermott, and the couple have welcomed five children since 2006.

For years, the marriage was rumored to be ending especially with the leak of McDermott's affair, which intensified matters for a while before things went back to normal. It was their fifth kid's birth which united the couple, and they credit him for basically saving their marriage.

More recently, rumors about Spelling having a sixth baby have emerged, as if five weren't already more than enough. Fans have been speculating due to some images that may show a baby bump, but nothing has been confirmed yet. The couple is currently facing some legal and financial trouble, so a sixth baby will not help resolve that.

1 Can't Have Kids: Celine Dion

Not many are willing to speak out about their struggles with infertility, especially celebrities who attempt to avoid the topic at all times. Many will always refute rumors or refuse to even acknowledge the subject, but Celine Dion isn't one of those names as she has gone on record to speak out in numerous interviews.

After having faced some setbacks with conceiving, Dion successfully gave birth to three children– nine years apart with each having been preceded by some struggle. In the past few years, Dion has spoken out about the methods that have worked for her, indicating that it was a struggle during her marriage although they never lost hope. As someone who had a great interest in being a mother, Dion remained persistent and hopeful at all times.

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