8 Celebs Who Really Need Makeup (And 7 Who Don't) - Part 2

Every woman would love to be able to go out with nothing on her face and still feel like a knockout...but that's a luxury not everyone is born with.

One of the most expensive and time-consuming tasks that a person can engage in is a love of makeup. It definitely is not an easy skill to learn and it's something that many women, including many celebrities, do not feel comfortable with. Which means you definitely shouldn't blame them when they step out for a night on the town and elect to leave their makeup behind.

Yet just because it's not fair to judge, doesn't mean the paparazzi hasn't made a living out of promoting these photos. But for every photo of a woman without makeup that we show you, we make sure to also include a steamy photo of them showing just how gorgeous they can look.

There are also some women on our list who it seems impossible to take a bad photo of. These women look gorgeous with or without makeup and many of them have taken some seductive selfies to prove it.

These are the 8 celebrities who really need makeup (and 7 who don't) - part 2!

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15 Needs Makeup - Courteney Cox

There is a good chance you're used to seeing Courteney Cox look gorgeous on a regular basis. Because let's be honest, there aren't many better "background shows" than Friends. But unfortunately for Cox, that means that you may be used to seeing her with tons of makeup on. That may make the photo on the left all the more alarming.

The photo on the right also shows that when Cox elects to get dolled up for an award show that she also has the ability to look like one of the hottest women in Hollywood. Cox's career is currently in doubt as she has no upcoming projects, but she'll probably still be one of the most recognizable names of all-time.

14 Doesn't Need Makeup - Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie is one of the most talked about actresses in Hollywood. She burst onto the scene with her tremendous role in The Wolf of Wallstreet and was also arguably the best part of the disappointing Suicide Squad. Robbie's good looks also led to her being named as the sexiest Australian in the entire world by Maxim Australia.

But her body - which she often puts on prominent display - doesn't come without a heck of a lot of hard work in the gym, which Robbie has admitted in the past to putting in. You can't be all too shocked to learn she looks gorgeous with and without makeup, but we're sure you still love staring at her photos.

13 Needs Makeup - Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne is often on her Snapchat and Instagram account sharing photos of her wearing little to no clothing. But the benefit of programs like that is that you are in complete control of the photo that is being taken and if it's not a good angle or look, you can just delete it.

That's not the case if the photo is being taken by the paparazzi - especially considering they are probably trying their hardest to catch you at your most unflattering moments.

The photo of Thorne without makeup was taken back in September. It's clear she looks gorgeous when she gets dolled up, but it's also clear she wasn't planning to get her photo taken that day.

12 Doesn't Need Makeup - Britney Spears

With the above photo on the left for Britney Spears, we do have to admit the face that she is making is probably not the most flattering in the world. But we're going to cut her some slack because even with the duck face, she's still probably leaving you thinking about how beautiful she is. Plus, with the photo we have on the right it gives the impression that she is giving herself a "WTF" look!

On top of performing in Vegas, Spears has also been dating her boyfriend Sam Asghari who works as a model. Sam is only 23 years old, but we hope he gets along well with not only Spears but also her two children.

11 Needs Makeup - Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone definitely does the best she can to take care of her body. Along with being a Vegan, Silverstone has published two different books in the past - both centered around Vegan nutrition and has aspirations to release a third book in the near future.

And while Silverstone normally looks flawless whenever she appears in public, the paparazzi may have caught her on one of her tougher days in our photo on the left.

Silverstone is an incredibly determined and inspirational woman to many though, and we're sure she didn't let her paparazzi encounter throw off her day!

10 Doesn't Need Makeup - Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot had arguably the biggest film of the summer with her film Wonder Woman. But it's clear that Gadot herself has some superpowers when you consider how gorgeous she looks without any makeup on. Especially when you learn that the photo on the left was taken after Gadot was up all night taking care of her baby who was suffering from colic.

Gadot shared the photo on Instagram along with the caption,

"Sleepless night, colic 3 months old baby and an early wake up by my 5-year-old. Went to the garden to get some fresh air with my coffee to help me wake up and now watching The Cat In The Hat with my daughter. It always amazes me how the most simple things are the ones to make us the happiest. taken by my other sleepy half @jaronvarsano."

9 Needs Makeup - Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart was definitely having herself a nice, slow, lazy morning when the photo on the left was taken. She's got the face that makes it seem like the sun just seems a little bit too bright and that reaching for the sunglasses is going to be in her near future. But before Stewart had time to cover up her face and get back inside, the paparazzi was there to catch her at perhaps one of her least flattering moments.

Stewart has recently bared it all for a perfume commercial and also looks gorgeous in the above photo on the right so it's evident that she can look gorgeous when she turns it on, but she definitely wasn't trying to impress anyone with her look on the left.

8 Doesn't Need Makeup - Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is definitely well aware that people are always going to be clamoring to take a photo of her. Which may be why she often leaves the house looking like a million bucks, including wearing some makeup. Not to mention the outstanding outfits that she wears whenever she steps onto the stage to perform.

But back in June, Lopez took to her Instagram to give fans a sneak peek of how she looks prior to her makeup team getting their hands on her and perhaps not shockingly, the result is still a gorgeous woman.

The photo was captioned,

"'So this is what it’s like before the show, I sit here, no hair, no makeup, no nothing. Trying to get mentally prepared to give you all I have."

7 Needs Makeup - Renee Zellweger

Renee Zellweger has helped put on some of the most inspirational and unforgettable performances in cinematic history. Who doesn't love Chicago when looking for a musical? Tom Cruise is perhaps never better than Jerry Maguire and Zellweger has left perhaps her biggest mark on cinema with her Bridget Jones Diary franchise.

But while all those roles may make her incredibly recognizable, her photo on the left may leave you stunned at how different she may look. Though to her credit, it does look like her eyes were barely open for the shot and that's just not the most flattering angle.

Zellweger has several projects coming out in the near future including Berlin, I Love You which also stars Sophie Turner.

6 Doesn't Need Makeup - Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne was one of the most popular models in the entire industry when she elected to take a turn towards acting. She made a big splash with the box-office success Suicide Squad and took on an even bigger role with Valerian and the city of a thousand planets.

Delevingne has had no shortage of amazing photo shoots where she was dolled up in a ton of makeup, but she also looks every bit as sexy when she tones it way back as well. Delevingne is currently working on the film Life in a Year that also stars Jaden Smith and Cuba Gooding Jr.

5 Needs Makeup - Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl has had several films that are definitely on the entertaining side and nobody can take Grey's Anatomy away from her. But the above photo definitely looks like it was taken when Heigl wasn't having her best day. The tank top at least indicates that perhaps she was coming from the gym and for that we definitely aren't going to fault her.

Heigl has plenty of time to hit the gym when you consider she currently does not have any upcoming projects booked. While she has hopefully earned a significant amount of money over her career, it may only be a matter of time before she becomes a riches to rags story if she isn't able to pull it together.

4 Doesn't Need Makeup - Ashley Graham

As a professional model, Ashley Graham is definitely familiar with teams of professionals swarming her to apply makeup and throw her into her next revealing outfit. Graham left everything behind however when she took to social media back in September to share the saucy photo on the left of her wearing without makeup.

Though we wouldn't blame you if you also got captivated by the stunning photo we have of her on the right where she also looks all dolled up! Graham currently boasts over 5 million followers on Instagram and considering that on top of being gorgeous, she's a tremendous role model for body positivity, we hope her success only continues to grow.

3 Needs Makeup - Kirstie Alley

Nobody, and we mean nobody is going to find themselves looking good if they're caught with the face that Kirstie Alley is rocking in the above photo. The fact that she seems to be exhausted and not wearing makeup isn't helping things either.

Alley has had issues with paparazzi, both with the photos that they take and the stories that they write "Usually, about 85% of what the tabloids report is a lie. Over the last year, I can truly say it has been 99%."

We're sure reading so much false information makes it easier to help tune it out. One thing she may love reading about however is when the news talks about her weight loss. It was reported back in July that she had lost upwards of 50 pounds!

2 Doesn't Need Makeup - Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria might be making a silly face in the photo on the left, but that's not enough to detract from her absolutely gorgeous good looks. Now in her 40s, Longoria is still one of the most sought-after celebrities and anytime she posts photos like that one, you better believe people are going to be taking notice.

While Longoria has found herself unhappily married on two different occasions, we're hoping she's found her Mr.Right in Jose Baston who she married back in 2016. We're sure the fact that Jose was also present on the boat where Longoria was wearing that swimsuit helped make a great day on the water even better.

Longoria is teaming up with Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey Jr. for an upcoming comedy titled All-Star Weekend. 

1 Needs Makeup - Kelly Clarkson

While there have been many winners of American Idol, we're sure the one that most people would be able to name is the first-ever winner - Kelly Clarkson. Clarkson to her credit has managed to forge a successful career in the music industry. Though her time in the spotlight - which includes fluctuations in weight gain - have unfortunately made her the brunt of far too many haters for such a wonderful person.

When talking about her attitude towards food, Clarkson said

"I love healthy stuff and junk an equal amount. Whatever I'm craving, I go for it. I'm never trying to lose weight - or gain it. I'm just being."

Which may also be why she's clearly comfortable going out on the town without any makeup on. Kudos to her for her great body image.

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8 Celebs Who Really Need Makeup (And 7 Who Don't) - Part 2