8 Celebs Who Look Terrible In Paparazzi Shots (And 7 Who Always Look Great)

Apart from the likelihood of losing all their wealth and influence, what would you say is the number one thing possibly all celebrities hate? If you're thinking along the lines of paparazzi, chances are you're right. For people who've not achieved what we'd consider noteworthy, getting someone to take their picture and post it on any social media platform is almost impossible. To such people, paparazzi hardly affect their lives in any way except to give them their daily dose of juicy celebrity pictures.

However, most celebrities hate paparazzi, because these photographers always invade what is supposed to be their personal space, take their images without their consent, and make it hard for them to live a normal life. These people make a living out of selling pictures of celebrities to the highest bidders, which is the reason most will literally cross any boundaries to get a shot.

Although paparazzi hardly ever alter images to make them fetch higher prices or to embarrass any celebrity, some of their images reveal a celebrity's ugly side and their shots often look terrible. Almost all celebrities have these terrible pictures, though some have far more embarrassing ones compared to others. On the other hand, some celebrities look awesome in almost every image, including the ones taken by paparazzi when the celebrities aren’t even aware. Here's a list of celebrities, eight of whom look terrible in paparazzi pictures and seven who look smokin' hot. Which other celebrity deserves to be on this list?


15 Lindsay Lohan Looks Terrible


Unlike most other celebrities on this list who have very few terrible paparazzi shots, Lindsay Lohan has many. This 31-year-old actress started off as a sweet child actress and fashion model, and later became a household name, teen idol sensation, and the focus of tabloids.

However, since 2007, Lohan turned into a huge problem, largely owing to her persistent heavy drinking and party spirit. She got involved in at least two DUI incidents that resulted in the authorities placing her on probation. She also had to visit different rehabilitation facilities on at least three different occasions to receive treatment.

She has missed several court hearings in the past where on one occasion she failed to appear because she was partying in Cannes, France. She was also accused of stealing a necklace, hitting a pedestrian with her vehicle and leaving the scene of the crime, and later with misdemeanor battery over an altercation with a woman in New York. Her behavior cost her several movie deals, and although she tried getting back, she had lost precious time and her reputation wasn't good for any film.

14 Jessica Biel Looks Smokin'


Jessica Biel is a beautiful model, producer, and actress, who began her career in theater productions and musicals in her hometown, where she would always get the leading part. Most people first saw Biel when she was acting in the family drama 7th Heaven, playing the role of Mary Camden, a part which played a huge role in shooting her career to the heights it is at today.

She has won numerous awards and received nominations throughout her career since she's such a great actress. Some of the films she's been a part of including The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Stealth, The Illusionist, The A-Team, Total Recall and many more. Biel is married to Justin Timberlake, and they have a son called Silas Randall Timberlake.

Biel always looks amazing in all of her photos, whether taken in a studio or by random paparazzi, and this one's just one among many. Esquire magazine named Jessica Biel the "Sexiest Woman Alive" back in 2005, and she looks great even today.

13 Kim Kardashian Looks Terrible


Of all other celebrities, it's hard to find any other who desperately needs to look as perfect as Kim Kardashian craves to be since her looks are all she has going for her. We can't forget the lengths she's gone to in order to look as hot as she does since her whole empire is founded on her appearance and people's curiosity as to the reason she's so famous.

Although Kim looks great in thousands of paparazzi shots out there, and even better in the shoots she does with professional photographers in studios, this is arguably one paparazzi photo that showcases how strange she often looks when caught by the paparazzi. Her attempts to look fashion forward often make her look completely ridiculous and over-the-top. For a beautiful woman, she really goes overboard and makes herself look just plain silly.

12 Gal Gadot Looks Smokin'


Thanks to just how beautiful and amazing Gal Gadot is, there's arguably no other actress who has smashed box office records as she has, especially owing to her wonderful performance as Wonder Woman. Even judging from this paparazzi image, her beauty is nothing short of a wonder.

This Israeli-born beauty was raised in a small city in the center of Israel, and she's proud of her country, upbringing, and her religion. Thanks to her parents' teachings over the years, she has grown up believing she was capable of doing anything and achieving anything, in addition to valuing herself.

Gadot, as you would expect, was a good girl who effortlessly pleased everyone, but she also claims she was a tomboy, which explains a lot about the action stunts she performs on set. Furthermore, she used to play basketball, she loved dancing and even considered becoming a choreographer, and in 2004 she was crowned Miss Israel, evidence of just how much of a beauty she was and still is.

11 Britney Spears Looks Terrible


As we have come to discover, many celebrities who gain a lot of wealth and fame when they're young often go through at least one season where the pressure becomes too much to bear. Some get back on their feet and win our hearts with amazing performances, while others become total failures and a disgrace to their former selves. A perfect example of a celebrity who has risen to fame, fell from grace, and got back to the top is Britney Spears.

2007 was possibly one of her worst years since she was going through a terrible custody battle with her ex-husband, she shaved her hair at a salon in LA, and her career went on hiatus. One of the most famous paparazzi images of her is from 2007 when she was mobbed by paparazzi at a gas station and used her umbrella to attack them and try to smash the car's window. However, even after this incident, Spears is still often caught looking disheveled and messy by the paparazzi.

10 Rihanna Looks Smokin'


This Barbadian singer, songwriter, and actress rose to fame in 2005 and has since continued to release chart-topping albums and singles to date, including appearing in a number of great films. She became a star in 2007, after assuming creative control of her music, and has since been very successful.

Rihanna is not only the youngest solo artist to get 14 number-one singles on Billboard Hot 100, but also the fastest to do so in history. Furthermore, she has won eight Grammy Awards, 12 Billboard Music Awards, 12 America Music Awards, and was the first artist to win an Icon Award at the 2013 AMAs.

Rihanna is one of those naturally beautiful celebrities who look amazing regardless of what they're wearing, as is the case in this image. Judging by the number of people behind her taking her picture, they really admire her even when she's not on stage performing any of her hit music.

9 Tyra Banks Looks Terrible


If you love watching reality television series, then it's possible you’ve watched a few, if not all of the 24 seasons of America's Next Top Model. In every season, the models look up to Tyra Banks, who is undoubtedly one of the most successful African-American supermodels in history, as well as the producer and presenter of the show.

In addition to the show, she had a talk show, The Tyra Banks Show, which won two Daytime Emmy awards over its brief five-year run on The CW. She replaced Nick Cannon on the 12th season of America's Got Talent in 2017 and has continued to be powerful and influential in every business she gets into.

This image of Tyra Banks is so bad because she used to be an extremely successful model and has always tried her best to maintain her supermodel figure. People online went crazy about this image, and some even turned to body shaming her, without even considering what she was going through at the time the image was taken.


8 Jessica Alba Looks Smokin'


Few men would disagree with the claim that Jessica Alba is the most beautiful celebrity in Hollywood, because she just is. Unlike other women who try to go for endless enhancements, which make them look plastic and eventually unattractive, Alba is without a doubt a natural beauty who can top any beauty list anytime. This image of her at the beach only emphasizes just how beautiful she always is, including now when she's currently expecting to deliver a baby boy in a few weeks.

Alba started acting when she was just a teenager, and over the years has received numerous awards and nominations, some of which include a Teen Choice Award and a Saturn Award for Best Actress on TV. Some of her most prominent roles are in films such as Fantastic Four, Into the Blue, and Barely Lethal, as well as on the TV series Dark Angel and many more.

7 Kaley Cuoco Looks Terrible


It's possible to look at this image and find it hard to recognize who this is, unless if you're a huge fan of the rib cracking TV sitcom The Big Bang Theory. Some people claim this sitcom is one of the best shows on TV today, regardless of being on air for slightly over a decade and its potential to continue airing for several more seasons to come.

Kaley Cuoco plays the role of Penny, a hot pharmaceutical representative, and aspiring actress who gets to interact with her nerdy friends, who are amazing in physics, biology, and engineering but lack the most basic social skills.

There's no doubt about how beautiful Penny is since the show makes every other girl she hangs out with look geeky but she remains to be the only hot girl. However, even in real life, she's a head turner – of course, when she's not laughing this hard.

6 Margot Robbie Looks Smokin'


Describing just how amazing Margot Robbie is as an actress will require the use of words such as "outstanding," "sensational," and "remarkable," because she's all that. Most of us saw her for the first time in the Australian hit TV soap opera Neighbours, although she really caught the whole world's attention in The Wolf of Wall Street.

Other amazing performances in films such as The Big Short, Focus, and as DC's supervillain Harley Quinn in Suic*de Squad gained her unimaginable love and respect for an actress who has been in Hollywood for such a short time. Just recently, people crowned her the "queen of transformations" owing to her outstanding transformation in the film I, Tonya.

There's no question about just how hot Margot Robbie is, and this paparazzi image reveals a bit of that. She's so attractive because of how talented she is, how friendly she appears to be, and how hot she clearly is. Her future in Hollywood is undoubtedly going to be bright.

5 Kiefer Sutherland Looks Terrible


This collection of pictures is so embarrassing to look at, especially when you consider the powerful roles Kiefer Sutherland plays on TV. The only way many of us can look at this photo without despairing is to assume Sutherland was playing the role of an undercover agent in a film, who people would identify as a total loser.

Two of his most iconic roles to date are the roles of Jack Bauer on 24, and on the ongoing series Designated Survivor, where he plays the role of US President Tom Kirkman. Judging him from these and other roles on TV, we could have confidently claimed Sutherland was a specially trained agent and sober-minded leader who would never fall to certain depths. It seems we could be wrong.

We don't even need an explanation on what was happening in this image, because no explanation is enough to wipe away our disappointment.

4 Beyonce Looks Smokin'


In a honeybee colony, the queen bee is the mother of most, if not all other bees in the hive. Arguably, she's the most important in the hive, and all other bees will follow her and protect her with their lives. In the same way, music has different queens, but Queen Bey here enjoys the most following, not to mention she is half of the most powerful couple in music.

Beyoncé is extremely talented, both as a singer and as an actress, and people from all corners of the world love her deeply. With all the attention she receives and the expectations everyone has of her, she cannot afford to look average, since she's always stunning in all her photos, including paparazzi shots.

She has been the center of attention the last few months, after giving birth to her twins Sir Carter and Rumi, her fabulous $88 million Bel-Air mansion, and rumors of Destiny's Child coming back together.

3 Simon Cowell Looks Terrible


If you were to think about talent competition judges, Simon Cowell would perhaps be the first name in your mind, since he has been a judge in almost every high profile talent competition out there. In addition to judging such competitions, Simon is also a producer and an entrepreneur, who has made himself a huge fortune over the last few years.

One of the reasons Simon stands out from most other judges is his often blunt, controversial, and at times cruel comments about contestants, especially those whose skills aren't far above average. He will not hesitate to insult a contestant who wants to be funny and has therefore developed a reputation for being a feared judge.

Therefore, people will often be quick to judge him on everything in return for his harshness, so he has attracted some ridicule concerning how he loves going shirtless and exposing his far less than perfect chest.

2 Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Looks Smokin'


Almost everyone who knows or has ever seen Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in action loves him so much because he's such a great guy. Unlike other celebrities, who rise to a level of stardom and start treating their fans as well as the people who give them work like trash, The Rock has always been cool and he treats everyone with respect.

Since most of us got to know him when he was a wrestler in WWE, The Rock has always had an amazing body. His muscles are a great asset when it comes to the kind of films he stars in these days because they give him an edge over all other actors who would compete for his roles.

We don’t need to wonder whether he hits the gym on a regular basis because it's clear he does, and he is arguably the best-toned celebrity on this list, as well as in Hollywood. This is just one of the numerous paparazzi images of The Rock at the beach, all of which look great.

1 Wendy Williams Looks Terrible


Wendy Williams is one of the most successful TV show hosts in America today, with her show, The Wendy Williams Show, just a few months away from hitting a decade on air. She started out as a radio DJ and eventually broke into television.

One notorious paparazzi image of Wendy wearing a swimsuit is arguably the worst image of her out there. She's probably the oldest woman on this list, so we don't expect her to have the body of a woman in her prime. When this image started making its rounds online in 2015, her followers on social media started giving her a taste of her own medicine. Some nasty comments targeted her body. These comments and more were rude and people shouldn't have made them, but some claimed she had it coming because her comments about other celebrities on her show are hardly ever decent.



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