8 Celebs Who Hate Being Famous (And 7 Who Are Desperate For Attention)

Fame: it comes and it goes. It's unpredictable and fickle as hell. You can get it for doing something incredible or for doing nothing at all. Somebody named a fictional high school drama after it. It really can be a fascinating phenomenon and it's interesting to see who gets it, who doesn't, and why. But it's just as interesting to see how celebrities respond to their actual celebrity. For the most part, it seems like entertainers just deal with it and get on with their work and their lives, and fortunately most of them never have to deal with the extreme end of media attention that a really famous person can encounter over the course of their career, but sometimes you get people who don't handle it very well. Some celebrities did not anticipate just how invasive people would be, and how scrutinized every aspect of their lives would become.

On the other hand, some are so desperate for fame that they act like absolute fools and make spectacles of themselves. How people respond to fame can really say a lot about them. Some people get just a touch of fame and run from it, some people get a huge amount of attention and absolutely loathe it, some people get a huge amount of attention and are desperate for more, and some people get a taste of fame and do everything in their power to become more famous. But out of the most famous celebrities in La La Land, who really sits on the most extreme ends of the fame monster spectrum? And what reasons do they have to be there?


15 Hates It: Shailene Woodley

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26-year-old rising star Shailene Woodley is into some pretty bizarre stuff (like drinking lots of bone broth and making sure her private parts get a fair amount of sun exposure), but one thing she is decidedly not into is being famous. Woodley may have found a lot of success on television, but the actress claims that she doesn't even own one, and she also says that she doesn't take being famous or working in Hollywood very seriously. And if that isn't hipster enough for you, she has also already been arrested at a protest. She has also said that she considers the bad C word to be "celebrity" and the S word to be "star," and doesn't really consider herself to be either of those things. She clearly has no interest in the fame part of her career. She finds the whole system to be a bit repulsive, and we kind of get her point, but it makes her career choice kind of an odd one, but whatever. She is still managing to be successful in the industry.

14 Desperate For It: Bella Thorne

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I don't know if Bella Thorne does the things she does just because she's going through her wild teen period, or she doesn't know how to handle things now that her Disney child star journey is coming to an end, or if she just really wants to be successful, but there's no question that Bella loves doing what she's doing on camera. As far as getting media attention goes she's way ahead of the curve. She's a working actress but the level of media scrutiny on her life seems to be incredibly disproportionate to her actual profile in the entertainment industry. And despite that Bella STILL obsessively posts on Instagram and tweets and engages with social media almost every waking hour of the day. It might be unfair, but there aren't a lot of teen star redheads in Hollywood history, and Bella's ginger locks along with her occasional work and constant media presence just screams Lindsay Lohan. Even if she wants attention, surely she can't want that kind of attention. We hope she doesn't end up like Lindsay.

13 Hates It: Megan Fox

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Megan Fox is yet another starlet whose career just blew up, seemingly out of nowhere, and it doesn't seem like Megan dealt with that sudden increase in public attention very well. The self-proclaimed feminist was not shy about sharing her feelings about the Transformers franchise that made her famous, and while ironically that kind of frankness may have gotten her accolades today, it led to a lot of bad press for her a few years ago when women's issues weren't a topic on the forefront of everyone's minds (not to mention it wound up getting her fired from said franchise). As time has gone on Megan's abrasive attitude has waned (or at least her need to express that has waned) and she's gotten more consistent but lower profile work. And the effect on the actress is apparent; she made herself known as an extraordinarily blunt talker off screen and now she seems to do hardly any press at all.

12 Desperate For It: Lea Michele

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Lea Michele kind of exploded on to the scene out of nowhere when she nabbed the lead role in the Fox dramedy Glee, and she became a pretty instantly recognizable actress when the show proved to be a breakout hit. But as time went on, the spotlight on Glee started to fade, and ultimately Fox decided to cancel the show after its sixth season. And after the first initial success of the show it seemed like a lot of its cast members started making headlines for some pretty outrageous and sometimes illegal behavior, which has only accelerated since the show's cancellation. Apparently not one to be outdone, Michele seems to have dedicated a significant portion of her time to getting attention in weird ways, such as by posting extremely revealing photos of herself on her social media. In the grand scheme of things that is sadly not super strange; however, what is weird about it is that Lea is already a pretty established actress who is resorting to Instagram model behavior for attention. You're better than this, Lea.

11 Hates It: Shia LaBeouf

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On the other side of the grown up Disney kid spectrum we have Shia LaBeouf. Shia was a comically gifted kid who made a big impression playing Louis Stevens on Even Stevens, and he is one of the few child stars that managed to parlay that early success into a really solid film career. At one point, it looked like he was even poised to become one of Hollywood's new leading men. However Shia was never shy about his family history with substance abuse problems, and despite his efforts to avoid those same problems Shia fell into the same trap, and began experiencing a lot of highs and lows that got a lot of attention from the media. Artistically Shia seemed like he wanted to move towards more independent film work instead of big budget blockbusters, so he started to distance himself from his previous image. In one particularly notorious instance Shia actually wore a paper bag on his head with "I am not famous anymore" written on it to a film premiere.

10 Desperate For It: Tomi Lahren

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It's certainly no surprise that Tomi Lahren is desperate for attention. Her entire career has been built around her ability to get attention at any cost. I guess if you want to be famous but don't have any actual skills or talents to get you there, then constantly generating fake outrage is a pretty viable option to get you there, but in her quest for visibility, Lahren has made a few brutal missteps. She tries to sell herself as a "journalist" but doesn't seem to put the expectations of a journalist on herself, so whenever she's being interviewed or really doing anything besides just saying whatever nutty talking point she's invented, it's immediately apparent how completely uninformed she is. She's truly the journalistic equivalent of a model at a car show but has managed to rise pretty far solely on her ability to pretend to have conservative views and present herself in the Barbie doll manner that a lot of right-wingers seem to like.

9 Hates It: Anne Hathaway

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Anne Hathaway seems to have the personality of a classic theater kid, so it's a bit surprising that she seems to shy away from public attention so much. Or rather, it would be surprising if you didn't actually look at her history with the press. For a hot minute, Anne was the new top dog of Hollywood actresses and had a massive amount of positive momentum going, especially around the time she made Les Miserables and everyone was assuming she was a lock for an Academy Award. But the media can be incredibly fickle, and Anne's overexposure led to a lot of people asking themselves why she was getting so much attention and pointing out the qualities in her that they didn't like, which was a pretty brutal and sharp turn to experience. Anne seemed to take it in relative stride, though. As a result, she pulled back on what she liked to share with the public and was actively avoiding the spotlight because she thought people were sick of her.


8 Desperate For It: Perez Hilton

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Again we have another completely unsurprising entry on to the list of the thirstiest people in Hollywood, Perez Hilton. The gossip blogger doesn't have the public profile that he used to, but that's certainly not by his choice. It's actually pretty ironic that he tried to build his own fame off of slamming the hell out of everyone who was already famous, but after a few years of that shtick it seemed like the world was pretty much over it. If your only talent is being able to constantly dump vitriol on strangers then you're probably not going to get very far, but Perez has proven himself willing to expose his most unappealing sides just in the hopes of maintaining a bit of his visibility. Once being a bully was out of fashion, Perez tried to rebrand himself as a more moderate and caring family man, but dude, once you've bagged on the looks of a celebrity's baby and drawn vulgarities on the faces of every recognizable person in LA, there's really no coming back from that.

7 Hates It: Kristen Stewart

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Kristen Stewart has always given off a vibe that she's the kind of girl who doesn't like to put up with anyone else's crap, so it's no surprise that becoming super recognizable and well known didn't go over that well with her. And to be honest, her dislike of fame isn't completely unwarranted. Being so famous has led to the end of one of her relationships, having her cheating be exposed, and having her more flexible s*xuality being front page news before she had even discussed it publicly herself. The public also seems to be pretty opinionated on her behavior since she doesn't do the whole traditional smiley and friendly young starlet thing, and the freakish focus on her smiling (or not smiling) in public bordered on obsessive for a few months there. But obviously Kristen has her ways of coping with the intrusion, which usually includes flipping the bird to anyone who's following her.

6 Desperate For It: Iggy Azalea

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To be honest, I have hardly any idea what Iggy Azalea actually does, and yet her face and name is instantly recognizable to me. She's Australian, she raps and/or sings, and she gets a massive amount of press attention for being kind of a no talent idiot. Her career seemed to be on the up and up, and it quickly declined. She is now famous for being hated rather than her actual music. Many don't have a clue about what she's done or who she is beyond the coverage she gets in gossip columns. Is she the Australian Paris Hilton or something? She certainly seems to have a lock down on fame that doesn't seem to have come from any real talent, and that just keeps going for reasons unknown. Oh, but to her credit, she has managed to start a running feud with controversial rapper Azealia Banks, which certainly makes a lot of her press coverage confusing as hell to read. She certainly is trying to keep herself relevant for as long as she can.

5 Hates It: Jennifer Lawrence

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Jennifer Lawrence is kind of an odd case when it comes to being famous. Obviously she's crazy famous and probably the most successful working actress right now, but her public persona and one of her selling points is supposed to be that she's a super down to earth regular girl who just kind of fell into superstardom. And that's why she says that she dislikes fame, because she's such a normal person that having to deal with the life of a famous person is bizarre and uncomfortable. That is a perfectly reasonable explanation and could be totally true, but Lawrence's PR image is so incredibly dependent on the regular goofy girl thing that it honestly comes off as a bit fake. And as a PR strategy, it does make sense. The press tends to vilify women that they see as vain or uppity, and if Lawrence wants to keep riding this wave, then she needs to be relatable to the audience. While she claims to hate fame, we are not altogether convinced.

4 Desperate For It: Miley Cyrus

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Out of her generation of famous people, Miley Cyrus might actually be one of the most desperate for attention celebrities in her club, and it's pretty baffling as to why. I mean, Miley seems to do a lot of things in the hopes of getting people's attention but she's also one of the most famous people in the world already. She tries so hard and she doesn't need to. She doesn't have to do anything to get people's attention because she's the one and only Hannah Montana. And what's weirder is that she seems to have some pretty significant disdain towards her media coverage sometimes and while a lot of her behavior seems to be designed to get their attention, a lot of her other behavior seems to be a rebellion against their attention. Maybe Miley is just being Miley, but whether she loves the attention or hates it, a lot of what she says and does publicly seems like overkill.

3 Hates It: Dave Chappelle

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Dave Chappelle hates fame so much that he moved to rural Ohio to get away from it. Dave had been a successful comic and actor for years before he started Chappelle's Show, but the Comedy Central series was such a smash hit that even now it remains pretty iconic, even though it only lasted two and a half seasons and originally aired over a decade ago. Clearly the show could have gone on longer, but Dave's first and biggest love was apparently doing standup comedy, and he felt that the show was interfering with that and disliked having such an enormous amount of pressure to deliver funny material on a sitcom schedule. He disliked it so much that he actually wound up leaving the country after season 2 to go on what he called a "spiritual retreat" to get out of the intense Hollywood bubble that now had all of its spotlights on him.

2 Desperate For It: Kim Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian lives for attention and really has no shame in her game about it. And it's not hard to see why. As far as people who are famous for being famous go, Kim has probably made a bigger, more successful, and longer lasting business out of it than anyone else in the world. And it's hard to hate her for it. I mean, it's vapid and shallow and meaningless, but unlike a lot of other reality stars, Kim hasn't made her name off of being a complete bratty jerk to people, and she clearly enjoys dressing herself to the nines and doing a crazy amount of makeup everyday. You can't claim she is hurting anyone, even though her life seems very superficial. But damn, that is a lot of thirst. Kim is so thirsty that she's been trying to be famous for being famous since Paris Hilton was a thing. Even in the stone age of reality TV, she had her eye on the prize and worked towards it for years before finally getting here. We are not sure if we should be impressed or annoyed.

1 Hates It: Sia

If anyone truly hates fame, I think you can say that Sia Furler is that person. The Australian singer who is more commonly known as simply Sia has some serious singing and songwriting chops, which has led to her being one of the most successful singers in the industry with a plethora of hits. And she might be really good at navigating the music industry, but she is decidedly not good at navigating a lot of what comes along with being a successful musician. Sia is so uncomfortable with public attention and media coverage that she often times obscures her face so she can't even be seen, and she does this so often that her obscured face looks make her way more recognizable than her actual face. She says that public appearances make her nervous and she likes to retain her privacy, and I guess that's certainly a way to accomplish both of those things, but you have to REALLY hate attention to be more comfortable walking around with a waterfall of hair in front of your face.


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