8 Celebs Who Are Pretty Dumb (And 7 Who Are Actually Super Smart)

The celebrity world is full of stars who have become famous overnight and fallen victim to a number of out of context quotes that have made them seem dumber than they actually are. Many current actors and singers dedicated their lives to becoming stars in their own profession, which means that they haven't been able to excel in education.

While there are a number of celebrities who struggle with low IQs, there are also a number of stars who have been able to divide their time between studying and working, which has led to them having successful careers while being considered to be some of the smartest people in their profession. It's hit and miss in a celebrity world that is surrounded by cameras and it seems that one wrong comment can change the world's entire opinion of you.

The world obviously isn't black and white and similarly, there is always a grey area. This means that many of the following list of stars could be considered smart in their own field, but it seems that there is more proof pointing to the fact that they're lucky that they became famous. The following list looks at eight of perhaps the dumbest celebrities and seven of the smartest celebrities who are not given the attention they deserve for being able to juggle their careers and their education so effortlessly.


15 Dumb: Britney Spears

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Britney Spears has seemingly been in the spotlight forever. The singer and actress was a star of The Mickey Mouse Club in the early 1990s and later went on to release her own music and become a worldwide star when she was still a teenager.

Britney has had her own fair share of problems that have been covered extensively in the media over the years as well. Britney concentrated on her career much more than her education when she was growing up, which is why one of the most embarrassing comments that Britney has made continued to come back to haunt her. Britney was talking about why she had never wanted to go to Japan, and she stated that she didn't like fish and that's what countries in Africa are famous for. It seems that Britney needs a serious brush-up in geography.

14 Smart: Natalie Portman

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Natalie Portman gained worldwide fame when she starred in the Star Wars prequel trilogy. It seems that acting isn't Portman's only talent, though. Natalie speaks six languages, including Japanese, German and Arabic and has been able to juggle her acting career and education ever since high school. She even skipped the premiere of Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace so that she could study for her final exams.

A few years later, she graduated from Harvard University with a BA Honors degree in Psychology before stating that she would "rather be smart than a movie star." She later went on to study at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem before she became a guest lecturer at Columbia University in 2006. Natalie has been published in scientific journals twice and still continues to learn as her acting career blossoms.

13 Dumb: Mariah Carey

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Mariah Carey is a star all over the world. She has sold millions of albums and made a name for herself because of her incredible voice. But it seems that Mariah has reached a point where her life is calming down now. She has divorced her husband Nick Cannon and not been able to deliver on stage in a way that she used to. Many of her fans are wondering if her career is now over.

It seems that Mariah sparked quite the controversy a few years ago as well when she allegedly made a comment about children starving in Middle Eastern countries that was less than sensitive. It seems that Mariah was going through a lot at the time, and she was quoted as saying, “Whenever I watch TV and see those poor starving kids all over the world, I can’t help but cry. I mean I’d love to be skinny like that, but not with all those flies and death and stuff.” However, Mariah never actually made this comment.  She has made plenty of silly comments in her life, but none so egregiously offensive.

12 Smart: Alicia Keys

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Alicia Keys has let her music do the talking for her over the past few decades, but it seems that music isn't her only talent. She is also a record producer, actress, and activist, using her fame for many positive reasons.

Alicia has obviously wanted to be a star for most of her life, which is why she began studying classical piano at just seven years old, before enrolling in Performing Arts School in Manhattan. Alicia graduated from the school as valedictorian after just four years when she got straight As for every class before she then received a scholarship to study at Columbia University. She unfortunately had to drop out because her singing career was just beginning to take off and she had been signed by Columbia Records. Alicia has had a record deal ever since she was 15 years old and has still been able to find time to continue her education.

11 Dumb: Jessica Simpson

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Being an attractive blonde actress and singer, Jessica Simpson has had to battle through the stereotype for most of her career, but it seems that despite her best efforts, she is still considered to be one of the dumbest stars in Hollywood because she decided to make a comment without thinking numerous times.

Jessica is a celeb that has created her own category when it comes to dumb comments. The former Dukes of Hazzard actress dropped out of high school when her singing career began to take off, but was later able to pick up her GED. Simpson is also known for auditioning for The Mickey Mouse Club, even though she wasn't picked to be on the show. One of the comments that many believe confirms that Jessica should have finished high school, was when she stated: “23 is old. It’s almost 25, which is like almost mid-20s.” It's a good job she's pretty.

10 Smart: Emma Watson

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Emma Watson's first big break came when she was cast as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter saga when she was just 11 years old. This was Emma's first on-screen acting role and it seems that playing a witch as smart as Hermione for more than a decade managed to rub off on the actress since she managed to sit her GCSE exams at 16 years old and achieved straight A grades.

While Emma was still filming the Harry Potter franchise, she decided to pursue studies at Oxford University, but she was forced to take a year off in 2011 because of her acting commitments. She later attended Brown University where she graduated with a bachelors degree in English Literature. Watson has since been appointed UN Women Goodwill Ambassador where she is an avid supporter of women's rights and actually helped to launch the HeForShe Campaign. Emma continues to divide her time between her acting career and her duties as an ambassador.

9 Dumb: Tara Reid

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Tara Reid is perhaps best known for her role in American Pie. She has managed to land a number of acting roles because of this big break over, even though The Sharknado series was perhaps not one of her better decisions.

Tara is one of the only actresses who has spoken publicly about her IQ and the fact that she herself admitted that it is very low, to the extent where she "makes Jessica Simpson look like a rocket scientist." Tara attended school and graduated from Barnstable Academy but it seems that her acting career took over her childhood since she landed her first regular role at six years old and then went on to star in over 100 commercials before she secured a role in the popular TV series Saved By The Bell in her teenage years. Tara has excelled as an actress, so even though she admitted that she has a low IQ she seems to have been able to adapt to it.


8 Smart: Kesha

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Kesha may not be as successful an artist as many other names on this list, but she is still a recognized musician and has made a name for herself as a solo artist over the past few years.

It seems that Kesha wasn't always interested in becoming a musician since she has a keen interest in physics and maths in school and would even drive down to Belmont College in Nashville to listen to their Cold War history classes. Kesha was all set to attend Barnard College to study Psychology and Comparative Religion before her producer convinced her to pursue a career in music. Kesha had a number of different routes she could have taken growing up and being so smart, but it seems that she has managed to make her music career a success and will always have her education to fall back on when her career begins to settle down.

7 Dumb: Christina Aguilera

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Christina Aguilera is another child star who was forced to grow up in the spotlight when she was chosen to star in The Mickey Mouse Club when she was just 13 years old. Aguilera auditioned when she was 11, but she didn't meet the age requirements until she was 13. Christina was winning talent shows when she was just 8 with many people in her community calling her "the girl with the big voice."

The Mickey Mouse Club was cancelled in 1994 when Christina was just 14 and later that year she went on to record her first song. Christina had a rough childhood with an abusive father who denied her the right to sing on numerous occasions. It seems that education wasn't a necessity when Christina was growing up, which could be why she isn't very good at geography. Christina was quoted once asking where the Cannes Film Festival was being held, so it seems that she definitely skipped that lesson at school.

6 Smart: Eva Longoria

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Eva Longoria rose to worldwide fame because of her role as Gabriella Solis in Desperate Housewives back in 2004, up until the show ended in 2012. Since then, Eva has managed to create quite a successful TV and film career off the back of the series' success.

Eva worked her way to the top. She even had a part-time job at Wendy's for three years, because acting was not always a career she saw herself doing. Longoria went on to earn her bachelor's degree in Kinesiology at Texas A&M University-Kingsville before moving on to a master's degree in Chinaco Studies. Her thesis was entitled, "Success STEMS From Diversity: The Value of Latinas in STEM Careers." Eva was also at the forefront of Barack Obama's political campaign and was able to speak at a number of Democratic events. This goes to show that even though she played an airhead on TV, doesn't mean that she isn't one of the smartest actresses in Hollywood right now.

5 Smart: Jodie Foster

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Jodie Foster has been in some of the most critically acclaimed movies over the past three decades and it seems that she ensured that she had a strong foundation to build her career on when she was first starting out.

Jodie was reading before she was three years old and unlike many other famous actresses, she was able to juggle her career and her education when she attended a French prep school called Lycée Français de Los Angeles. Jodie can speak French fluently, as well as Spanish and German, and she can understand Italian but she doesn't actually speak the language fluently. Jodie then also attended Yale University after becoming a well-known actor and majored in Literature, graduating "with great honours" in 1985. Jodie later returned to Yale in 1993 as an alumni graduate who then addressed the graduating class and was awarded an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts degree in 1997.

4 Dumb: Kim Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian has risen to fame as a reality TV star, who is often stereotyped for the way she and her family were able to become well-known stars all over the world. Kardashian attended an all-girls Roman-Catholic school when she was younger but never had any interest in pursuing higher education.

Kim's step-father is a former Olympian, and her biological father represented O.J. Simpson at his trial since Simpson was Kim's godfather. Kim was always used to the spotlight and gained a lot of media attention through her friendship with Paris Hilton when she was growing up. It seems that Kim hasn't always been able to express her intelligence in words. She once made this comment about a cancer patient that she met: “I spoke to a girl today who had cancer and we were talking about how this is such a hard thing for her, but it taught her a big lesson on who her friends are and so much about life. She’s 18. And I was like, that’s how I feel.” Stick to what you know, Kim.

3 Smart: Lisa Kudrow

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No matter what Lisa Kudrow goes on to do in her life, she will always be seen as Phoebe Buffay from successful TV show Friends. It seems that Lisa had different goals in life before she decided to pursue acting, which is why she graduated from Vassar College with a degree in Biology before moving on to work with her father who was a world-renowned headache specialist.

It seems that this became too much for Lisa since she ditched further education and decided to pursue a career in acting, which is where she landed the role as Phoebe. Lisa has had a successful acting career so far and was even able to help create her own series a few years ago, the critically acclaimed comedy The Comeback. If Lisa ever decides to retire from the acting business, at least she knows that there's a career in science waiting for her.

2 Dumb: Snooki

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Snooki is one of a number of stars who became famous for her role in Jersey Shore where she seemingly plays a dumb role, despite it being a reality show. Snooki has said some outrageous things over the past few years, but it was the comment that she made about telling time that was one of her worst. She said: “I’m not good with time. Like, if I ask you the time and you say a quarter to 2, I wouldn’t know. Why can’t you just say 2:30?”

Snooki attended high school and college and at one point was studying to be a veterinary technician. Snooki threw all of this away when she became a reality star instead. Snooki has gained worldwide fame but it seems that her fans have the wrong impression of her because her dumb comments that have been spread on social media over the past few years.

1 Dumb: Brooke Shields

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Brooke Shields has become a household name over the past few decades after growing up in the spotlight back in the 1970s. Brooke took piano, ballet and riding lessons when she was younger because her grandmother wanted to make sure she was successful in show business and it seems to have worked out quite well for her.

Brooke would not normally be considered dumb since she graduated from Princeton University back in the 1980s with a bachelors degree in Roman Languages. That being said, Brooke managed to make the same mistake that many celebrities have made over the past few years when she made a comment without thinking and it was recorded. Brooke said: "Smoking kills. If you're killed then you've lost a very important part of your life." This comment has obviously been shared around online and it seems that the former model is now branded as one of the dumbest celebrities.


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