15Needs It: Lindsay Lohan

via: gymbuddynow.com

It’s no surprise that after all the drugs, alcohol and smoking, Lindsay Lohan definitely looks a lot older than her age. The singer is 31, but easily looks like she’s 40 in some pictures. There’s no denying that at some point, the star was a gorgeous redhead (check her out in

Freaky Friday), but the star quickly got caught up in her fame, the wrong crowd, and the drugs stole her beauty. The natural redhead has definitely been caught a couple of times photoshopping her pictures on Instagram to make her butt look bigger, her waist look way smaller, to remove all her freckles or smoothen her face from all the wrinkles. One thing for sure is that the actress does not look the same without makeup, and without photoshop, and she knows it. While word is she is slowly making a comeback, let’s hope Miss Lohan doesn’t mess that up again like she messed up the chance Oprah gave her in 2014 to have a reality TV show, which lasted only 1 month.

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