8 Celebs That Rely On Photoshop To Look Good (And 7 That Don't Need It)

With millions of people watching you, commenting on your pictures and scrutinizing you, it’s so hard posting a picture of yourself with even the slightest flaw! People are behind their phones and computers pretty much judging you constantly.

Some celebrities go way overboard with the Photoshopping, while others have actually spoken up against it. Some have embraced it and pretty much can’t post a picture without it. While fans are now on the lookout for any celebs who post pictures that are Photoshopped, some celebs are still dumb enough to miss very obvious mistakes, like a bent wall, or a truly unrealistic stomach size.

Recently, people have accused J-Lo of photoshopping a hot picture of herself in the mirror with crazy abs, in which the hot star calmly replied with, “omg...just a smudge on the mirror...lol...no photoshop. #lordblessthehaters #gymrat #youshouldtryit #wishtherewasphotoshopforhaters.” Let’s face it, though, the Latina Queen definitely does not need photoshop. Some celebs are just naturally flawless or have embraced their minor flaws, while others make sure to edit every photo, add every filter, and blur every wrinkle. If you can’t think of a few, here are 8 celebs that need Photoshop, and 7 who don't.

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15 Needs It: Lindsay Lohan

via: gymbuddynow.com

It’s no surprise that after all the drugs, alcohol and smoking, Lindsay Lohan definitely looks a lot older than her age. The singer is 31, but easily looks like she’s 40 in some pictures. There’s no denying that at some point, the star was a gorgeous redhead (check her out in Freaky Friday), but the star quickly got caught up in her fame, the wrong crowd, and the drugs stole her beauty. The natural redhead has definitely been caught a couple of times photoshopping her pictures on Instagram to make her butt look bigger, her waist look way smaller, to remove all her freckles or smoothen her face from all the wrinkles. One thing for sure is that the actress does not look the same without makeup, and without photoshop, and she knows it. While word is she is slowly making a comeback, let’s hope Miss Lohan doesn’t mess that up again like she messed up the chance Oprah gave her in 2014 to have a reality TV show, which lasted only 1 month.

14 Doesn't Need It: Emma Watson

via: criticsatlarge.ca

Emma is another star we’ve seen grow into a gorgeous woman. From little Hermione Granger in Harry Potter, to the graceful, elegant and very well-spoken woman she is today. The gorgeous star has received a lot of attention for her role in Beauty and the Beast. At 27 years old, the British actress is more accomplished and more informed than most people in Hollywood. Unlike most stars who grew up in the spotlight, the actress has never been involved in any scandals, and has never been caught doing anything that is not lady-like. This year, the actress was named the 6th highest paid actress with a net worth of $14 million. Ms. Watson has about 24 million Twitter followers and has always used her platform for good, to empower women, to speak against s*xual harassment, and other very important matters. Furthermore, she is a natural beauty that does not need any Photoshop to look absolutely perfect.

13 Needs It: Kim Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian has been criticized for having a fake butt, a fake nose, and Photoshopping many of her pictures. Kim K has been in the public eye since her infamous leaked tape in 2003, which some people say is the reason she has her career. Mrs. Kardashian West is under pressure to keep up the perfect image, which can get a little bit daunting. The reality star and entrepreneur has basically used her image to create an empire. She has been on countless magazine covers, endorsed hundreds of products, and now is working on her makeup line. Kim K works hard for her body and isn’t afraid to show it. However, no one is perfect, and we are pretty sure she doesn’t like that, which is why she’s been caught Photoshopping her Instagram pics on several occasion. The latest scandal involves very unflattering pictures of Kim K's butt as she was walking on the beach in Mexico, which definitely ticked her off!

12 Doesn't Need It: J-Lo

via: instagram.com

The Original Miss Booty is definitely aging very gracefully! At 48 years old, the very sexy actress works so hard to maintain her hot body. The mother of twins definitely shows all moms out there that you can be sexy even as mom. The actress has never been shy to show off that she’s got it, even with all the criticism she got for being “too sexy” as a mom. The gorgeous Jennifer Lopez has been very candid about how she keeps herself youthful; she claims that she drinks lots of water, doesn’t drink alcohol and never messed with drugs. Of course, make up helps and there may be a few touchups here and there using beautifying apps, but the gorgeous celebrity doesn't need it like other celebrities. No one can deny that the actress works super hard to maintain her body, even though some haters always love to point the Photoshop finger.

11 Needs It: Beyonce

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Oh, the Beehive definitely won’t like this one, but Bey isn’t as perfect as everyone thinks she is. On a number of occasions, people have pointed out that Beyonce has Photoshopped her pictures to give herself a thigh gap, a smoother and more flawless face, and of course, a slimmer body! The star still looks amazing, considering she’s had three kids. However, we all look at pictures of these celebrities and like our appearances a little less because we don't look like that, but guess what? They don’t look like that either! Bey is definitely under a lot of pressure to look flawless, and she often turns to Photoshop to improve her look.

10 Doesn't Need It: Ariel Winter

via: instagram.com

We’ve definitely seen the star grow up and become a woman on Modern Family. The actress is 19 years old and has been in the media a lot because of her family trouble. In 2015, the actress was finally emancipated from her mother, after alleged emotional and physical abuse.Two years ago, the star got a breast reduction. Ariel has always been criticized for dressing provocatively (if you aren’t following her on Instagram, you’re missing a lot). The actress is definitely not shy to show off her curves and her crazy cleavage. Earlier this year, she made an appearance with the modern family cast, at the ATAS event; while everyone was dressed casually, the actress showed up all glammed up and looking amazing. Obviously the media had something to say, but Winter replied with, "Why TF does anyone care that I didn't dress casually like everyone else for the panel? Why do I have to be like everyone else? Why can't people just let other people feel good about themselves and do what they want?" We totally agree. Furthermore, we love to see this natural beauty show off her looks, and she definitely does not need any kind of enhancement.

9 Needs It: Mariah Carey

via: assets.nydailynews.com

Mariah started out the year pretty badly. If you forgot Mariah’s horrible New Year’s performance, we actually won’t remind you, because we’d all love to forget that embarrassing moment. Mariah Carey basically said that she was sabotaged. Mariah has been known to be a diva. Some reports claim that when she goes out for dinner, she asks the restaurant owners to play her songs! While Mariah is known as the Queen of Christmas, the singer is also the Queen of Drama. The Diva has been accused on several occasions of slimming herself down with a little Photoshop. We wish she could have Photoshopped that horrible New Years performance and erased it from our memories.

8 Doesn't Need It: Kate Upton

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The hot model has definitely received a lot of attention and skyrocketed to the top since her first appearance. From her shoot in Antarctica, to her zero gravity shoot, to her role in The Other Woman, the actress has defied the typical model look by embracing her curves. Unlike most models, it’s hard to find heavily Photoshopped pictures of the beauty, mostly because she doesn’t need it! It’s very rare to find a model that hasn’t Photoshopped a couple of pictures here and there, but believe it or not, Kate Upton’s Instagram is clean! The model has even managed to make eating a burger look super sexy. If you don’t believe us, just check out her Carl's Jr commercial!

7 Needs It: Britney Spears

via: i.ytimg.com

Britney has been in the public eye since she was a little girl. We’ve seen the star pretty much at her lowest and at her highest points. The pop star definitely works hard for her hot body and those abs, but the years of stress and partying have definitely caught up with her. You would think that after years of being in the public eye the star has gotten used to being under a microscope, but we guess not! The star has definitely aged (and not in a good way), and while it’s easy to cover that with make up, HD cameras will definitely find your flaws! In 2016, Britney was accused of photoshopping a picture of herself by the pool. Fans pointed out that the edge of the pool was non-existent, as the person whoever photoshopped her body forgot to put it back! How embarrassing!

6 Doesn't Need It: Emilia Clarke

via: media.gq.com

The gorgeous British actress Emilia Clarke has pretty much made it in Hollywood because of her role in Game of Thrones as Daenerys Targaryen. If you’re not following the actress on Instagram, you’re missing out on some good laughs. Clarke has been one of the actresses to bare it all on the addictive show more than once. Emilia is definitely not shy about showing off her hot bod, but you know what the best thing about her is? Even though she is one of the biggest celebrities in the world, she definitely doesn’t take herself seriously. The star loves to post silly and fun pictures of herself and her cast members. Even while she is being playful and making silly faces, she still looks fantastic.

5 Needs It: Cameron Diaz

via: i.pinimg.com

Ms. Diaz first caught our attention as the sexy, blonde singer in the hit The Mask. She then really stole our hearts in Charlie’s Angels as Natalie Cook. The older she got, the bigger her head got, and the fewer Hollywood roles came her way. Cameron Diaz  was definitely the it girl in Hollywood during her Charlie’s Angels days, but as younger and more modest actresses emerged onto the scene, Diaz become more irrelevant, which probably makes her work even harder to try and be perfect. The recent movie S*x Tape was a bit of a flop, and the actress has not been doing much since then. It seems like there isn’t much in production for her either. In her latest chick flick, The Other Woman, let’s just say that Miss Upton running on the beach with a white bikini definitely stole the show.

4 Doesn't Need It: Demi Lovato

via: instagram.com

It's no secret that the hot actress has suffered from bipolar disorder and bulimia.The actress and singer has been one of the few to speak up about mental illness and try to remove the stigma. Lovato was definitely entertaining in 2012 as a judge alongside the very blunt Judge Simon Cowell, but that's not all she is. In 2015, Demi did something that shocked Hollywood. The star worked with Vanity Fair photographer Patrick Ecclesine on a shoot with three rules: No makeup, no clothes, no retouching. The actress spoke about her troubled past and said, "I would have never thought that I would have ever gotten to a place in my life where I could feel comfortable doing that.” If you haven’t seen the photos, check the gorgeous singer out and try to tell us that she isn’t flawless! Lovato tries to be a good role model and to help girls who are struggling with their body image, just like she once was.

3 Needs It: Madonna

via: 3.bp.blogspot.com

The star has always been known to push the limits with her outfits, her songs, her lyrics, and her actions. Madonna is known to test boundaries. The legend is now 59 years old and while she looks great for her age, she depends on some enhancements to make herself look younger. However, Madonna has been scrutinized for not dressing or acting her age. At 59 years old, we’re all bound to have some wrinkles, but we’re not sure Madonna is really accepting that. She constantly Photoshops her images to give herself a youthful appearance. We’re not blaming her for wanting to look good, but at the same time, those pictures do set very unrealistic expectations! Whatever happened to just embracing getting older like the gorgeous Diane Keaton?

2 Doesn't Need It: Lady Gaga

via: i2.cdn.cnn.com

Stephanie is definitely one of Hollywood’s few singers to embrace curves, uniqueness, and authenticity. The world was introduced to Gaga and her many crazy costumes, from the meat dress, to oh so many others! Gaga is definitely comfortable in her skin. Like many other celebrities, she was body shamed after one of her amazing performance at the last Super Bowl. Many viewers didn’t care about her incredible performance as much as they cared about the “little flab” in her stomach. Regardless, the singer confidently brushed it off and told haters that she was very comfortable with her body. Gaga has been very honest and open with fans about her abusive past and is learning to be more comfortable in her skin. We applaud her, and we think she looks great.

1 Needs It: Kris Jenner

via: i0.heartyhosting.com

This really shouldn’t be a surprising one. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, or in this case, the apples. Kris Jenner has been honest about her plastic surgery, but in 2014, she was caught after the horrible Photoshopped picture with Gordon Ramsay. You clearly see the wrinkles in one picture and the smooth flawless skin in the other. On a couple of other occasions, Mama Kardashian has also been caught making her arm smaller or slimming down her waist. The reality star also has an image to keep, so we get it, but she could be a little bit more subtle with the blurring tool. We’ve pretty much learned over the years that the family has no shame, so it was no surprise that the picture (and any other to come) was just a little bump along the way. We’re pretty sure that this family loves to be in the press, whether it’s negative or positive. The star is 61 years old, and with age comes wrinkles. It just happens. For that family, it’s definitely all about the image.

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