8 Celebs That Looked Amazing After Pregnancy (And 7 That Still Looked Pregnant)

It’s amazing what celebs have to put up with. They step out, show their faces, and they’re instantly judged. Whether you’re an A-lister or otherwise, it’s hard to go anywhere nowadays without having the paparazzi following you about. Any changes to your look or your body, and these hungry media hounds will pick up on it. Body shaming is a big thing, and I’m sure you’ll all agree, it’s not pleasant. Women have it worse than men, and pregnant women have it the worst. Any weight gain during pregnancy and post-pregnancy is picked up on. But what do people expect is going to happen? Get pregnant and you’re going to gain weight, it’s inevitable.

Some of that weight gain comes from having a little person growing inside you. The rest can be attributed to changes in the body that have taken place in order to accommodate the growing baby. Most of the weight’s down to increased blood flow and overall body fluid. It’s all necessary. Often, slowly but surely, the body gets back to normal post-pregnancy. It’s amazing how some celebs are able to speed that process along. It’s as if they have a magic wand. As soon as that baby shoots out of them, all the changes they experienced during pregnancy are reversed. Some amazingly look even better than they did pre-pregnancy. They have the secret that allows them to get back to their pre-pregnancy weight. For others, it takes them a bit longer. Months down the line, if you saw them, you’d say they were still pregnant. Here are 8 celebs who looked amazing after pregnancy and 7 that still looked pregnant.


15 Looked Amazing: Beyoncé

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It truly is amazing how Beyoncé has managed to get back into such great shape after giving birth. Things weren’t really in her favor, as people were expecting her to take a lot longer to get back into shape. But around a month later, she showcased her famous curvaceous figure off to the world, and millions of jaws hit the flaw. Firstly, Beyoncé is in her mid-30s. Most women will tell you, the older you get, the harder it is to shift weight full stop, let alone baby weight. Then there’s the fact that she’s given birth before. She had her first child in 2012, and most women will testify that giving birth more than once results in bodily changes that tend to stick. Thirdly, this time around, most recently, she gave birth to twins! Think the body changes giving birth to one baby? Imagine the changes it goes through when giving birth to two. She started working out and dancing pretty soon after giving birth, eager to get back to her old self. She’s certainly done that alright.

14 Still Looked Pregnant: Christina Aguilera

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Let’s face it. Christina Aguilera has never really been your stereotypical lean svelte singing beauty. She is beautiful, but just not in the stereotypical way. We’ve seen Christina change a lot over the years. She’s a woman who likes to experiment with her look. During the initial stages of her career, when she released her first album, I think most people would agree she looked stunning, like a punk rock princess with attitude. Things have certainly changed over the years. She has put on weight and has gotten bigger, and it shows. That’s due in no small part to her pregnancies. Christina has had two kids, and during her pregnancies, she piled on the pounds, then had a really tough time shifting it all after giving birth. To be fair, recently, she has looked like she’s shifted most of that baby weight, but for a long time – years, in fact – she still looked pregnant after giving birth.

13 Looked Amazing: Kim Kardashian

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You probably had an inkling that the reality TV megastar Kim Kardashian was going to feature on this list. I could probably add every member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan who’ve had kids, including Kourtney, and looking into the future, you can probably envisage Kylie Jenner looking great after giving birth too. It’s just the way the family are – they’re glamorous, have amazing bodies, and a small thing like pregnancy isn’t going changes their looks or affect their weight. But let’s focus on Kim for the sake of this entry. Due to her living her life in the limelight, whatever she does, says or looks like is inevitably going to attract haters. It’s amazing that people were body shaming her and giving her a hard time for putting on weight during pregnancy. She was pregnant, folks! Weight gain kind of comes with the whole package. But the glamor puss that she is, pretty soon after giving birth she’d attained that famous Kim Kardashian physique we all know and love.

12 Still Looked Pregnant: Mariah Carey

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Mariah Carey’s never exactly been known to be the lean, svelte type. She’s always been curvy, and that’s one thing that people have loved about her. She’s been curvy, but fit, as she was for a long time post-pregnancy. She experienced a huge amount of weight gain, and that resulted in her looks changing drastically. But after reading about what she went through, you can’t really be surprised at that. It’s fair to say that getting back into shape wasn’t exactly at the forefront of her mind after her pregnancy ordeal. Most people say that pregnancy is a magical experience. I don’t reckon Mariah would be using those exact words. She gave birth to twins in 2011 and had to contend with a lot. First of all, she was carrying twins, so she was bigger than most and gained more weight, but she also had an edema, which resulted in swelling and even more weight gain. Then she had a C-section, so it took a long time for her body to recover after giving birth.

11 Looked Amazing: Victoria Beckham

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At one point, Victoria Beckham became known for that size zero look. She hasn’t always been size zero – which I think most people would agree is not healthy – but she’s always been super skinny. Even when she was pregnant – pick any one of her pregnancies – she somehow remained skinny; see pics of her during pregnancy and crop out that slight baby bump, and you’d have no clue that she was pregnant at all. It seems utterly ludicrous that Victoria’s had four kids! She’s also 43! Just look at her and her physique, and it seems unfathomable that she’s popped out any kids, let alone four. Four pregnancies certainly haven’t taken their toll of Victoria’s body. She’s a woman who takes pride in her appearance, and evidently made every effort to shift what little weight she must have put on during her pregnancies. The outcome is a woman in her mid-40s who looks absolutely stunning.

10 Still Looked Pregnant: Pink

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Singer and songwriter Pink  has been very candid about her struggles post-pregnancy. If you know anything about Pink, you know that she’s a woman who speaks her mind and doesn’t really care what people think. She’s been one of a brave few who have posted pics of themselves after giving birth, still not looking in the best of shape. Why? Because she wanted to show people what you realistically look like after having two kids. She divulged all, including her weight, which she said, if you were going by the BMI, classified her as obese. Sure, she still looked pregnant for some time post-pregnancy, but she didn’t give a damn about it, and she totally rocked that look. If you think about it, that’s the way it should be, and Pink was teaching women everywhere a lesson, and that lesson was that you are going to gain weight, and it’ll take time to shift the weight post-pregnancy. She’s had a glowing response from all those who have taken her message on board.

9 Looked Amazing: Jennifer Lopez

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Aside from her baby bump, J-Lo’s body didn’t change a whole lot during her pregnancy. Some women experience growth in pretty much every department when pregnant. That wasn’t the case with J-Lo, as far as we can tell anyway. It must have taken a lot out of her, giving birth to twins in her late 30s. But if it did, it didn’t look it. She embraced the whole experience, and embraced the changes her body went through too. While most celebs wouldn’t dream of pointing out the changes their bodies went through, J-Lo’s been very open about that aspect of her pregnancy. She’s revealed that she gained 50 lbs during pregnancy, and has even said she loved her “weird jiggly belly.” To us, it seemed as if she got back into shape right away post-pregnancy. J-Lo has revealed that it took a year to get rid of that fat around her back, belly and butt. But she was running triathlons six months post-pregnancy. That says a lot about her drive and determination to get back that famous toned physique.


8 Still Looked Pregnant: Hilary Duff

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Hilary Duff has never been the leanest celeb out there. But that’s part of the reason people love her. She has a gorgeous curvy physique, which she tones into shape with a regimented workout and diet plan. But she doesn’t go overboard with the whole fitness side of things either. She enjoys her food, enjoys chilling out, and doesn’t really care what people think about her. Perhaps she did after her pregnancy, though. Hilary gained a fair few pounds during her pregnancy, and it took a lot of effort for her to shift that weight after giving birth. She was dedicated to getting back into shape, although it did take some time. She looked frumpy, really out of shape in the months following her giving birth. But she eventually got there by doing cardio, strength training, dancing, Pilates – what seems like a bit of everything. It certainly worked because she now looks stunning and back to her old self.

7 Looked Amazing: Blake Lively

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Blake Lively’s another woman who’s spoken out about the pressures women face to lose weight after giving birth. She felt the pressure herself, being in the limelight, and having movie shoots on the horizon, so she had to hurry the weight loss process along and do whatever she could do to get back into shape. It may have been gruelling and unpleasant, but whatever she did certainly paid off. She’s admitted that what she had to do post-pregnancy wasn’t normal and that other women shouldn’t expect to shed the weight that fast. She basically did the standard stuff – training hard and dieting. She also employed a nutritionist and two different personal trainers to whip her into shape – most people don’t have that luxury. Blake said that she wanted to look like Jessica Alba after pregnancy. She didn’t think she achieved her goal. But many would actually say she surpassed that goal. What do you think?

6 Looked Amazing: Jessica Alba

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Jessica Alba’s famed for having one of the best physiques in Hollywood – actually, in the celeb world as a whole, for that matter. People have been infatuated with Jessica ever since she first took to our screens. Her fanbase has continued to get exponentially bigger over the years. Her family’s continued to get bigger too. Jessica is one of only a few Hollywood starlets who’s been involved in a stable relationship for around a decade now. It’s refreshing that she and Cash Warren have been married since 2008, in a day where celebrity couples tend to be getting divorced left right and center. They’ve had a rock-solid marriage, and they’ve added two kids to their family too, with one on the way. After her two pregnancies, Jessica’s taken no time in getting back into shape. She works out hard, diets, and is incredibly disciplined – just a few reasons why she’s managed to retain her sizzling physique. There’s another thing she’s done which a lot of people might find quite weird. She wore a double corset 24 hours a day for three months post-pregnancy. She describes this regime as “brutal,” but it’s certainly worked. Perhaps she’ll get her corset out again after giving birth in the near future. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

5 Still Looked Pregnant: Hayden Panettiere

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Hayden Panettiere is the resident hottie of Hollywood. She’s been on our screens for a hell of a long time, and it doesn’t seem right that she’s still only 28. She still looks young, but Hayden’s someone who’s wise beyond her years. Hayden’s another actress who’s been with the same man for a pretty long time. It hasn’t all been plain sailing, but her and former heavyweight boxing champ, Wladimir Klitschko, have been together since 2009. In 2014, they had their first child together. It was a really tough experience for Hayden. Firstly, she gave birth to Wladimir’s baby, which we can guess was larger than most. Then after giving birth, she had a really horrible time of things suffering from postpartum depression. Going through such an ordeal, getting back into shape was understandably not at the forefront of her mind. She put on quite a bit of weight, and sadly for her, was subjected to plenty of body shaming.

4 Looked Amazing: Serena Williams

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Serena Williams has spent most of her life playing tennis, training just the way a top pro would train. That whole health and fitness lifestyle is therefore engrained within her. And when Serena Williams’ is on the court, she’s one of the fittest pros out there. She’s not svelte and athletically built, but instead, strong and muscular. Therefore, it must have been mightily hard for her to ease back on her training and take some time off during her pregnancy. But recent pics suggest that her pregnancy hasn’t really taken its toll on her body. It’s as if she popped her baby out, then instantly snapped back into shape. She started sharing pics of herself just two weeks after giving birth, pics of herself in tight jeans, and even posted one of herself in undies. That’s confidence for you. And she should be confident too, because Serena looks amazing after pregnancy.

3 Still Looked Pregnant: Jessica Simpson

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American singer and actress  Jessica Simpson is a blonde bombshell if ever there was one. She’s known for her looks, and became known for her looks after pregnancy by all sorts of people too, but not necessarily in a good way. Many people thought she looked unrecognizable during her pregnancy and post-pregnancy compared to pics of her when she wasn’t expecting. She gained a huge amount of weight and it certainly showed. Suddenly the singer had curves we didn’t know about, and a whole lot of excess weight, too. After giving birth, she was one celeb who was body shamed massively. But then she decided to do something about it. Jessica began working out, and went at it hard. She also took to dieting, and became a spokeswoman for Weight Watchers. It’s been a hard slog, but she’s got there in the end and has achieved her goal.

2 Looked Amazing: Shakira

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Amazingly, Shakira’s someone who’s not comfortable with her her body at the best of times. She’s been open about how she’s dealt with body dysmorphia, and how she perceives herself to look. To everyone else, it seems amazing that a woman as drop-dead gorgeous as Shakira could have any body image issues at all. She’s curvy, is known for those hips – those “hips don’t lie!” – and just for being a Latina superstar. She’s got plenty of Latin flavor, and that hasn’t diminished after she’s given birth. She’s had two kids and still looks absolutely stunning. It wasn’t long after giving birth a second time, that pics began to circulate of Shakira and her post-baby body. It was as if she spent nine months training as an athlete rather than getting ever bigger and accommodating a baby. She did a combination of dance and strength training, and the result was sculpted abs, and a body to die for.

1 Still Looked Pregnant: Lily Allen

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Lily Allen is another celeb who’s looks drastically changed after her pregnancies. She gained a ton of weight, and didn’t bear any resemblance to the glamorous diva we’re used to seeing strut her stuff on stage, mic in hand. The singer-songwriter has acknowledged that she put on a lot of weight too. But she had her reasons. In 2011, she announced she was pregnant. But six months into the pregnancy she experienced heavy bleeding, then got a viral infection which resulted in a stillbirth. She comfort ate during that period – anything to ease the pain of the harrowing experience she went through. Then she went on to have a couple of kids after the stillbirth. She was so scared of losing her babies, that during her pregnancies she didn’t exercise at all, and basically lived a sedentary lifestyle until she gave birth. Consequently, she put on a load of weight, and shifting all of that excess weight proved to be a really tough challenge.


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