8 Celebs That Lie About Their Age (And 7 That Are Younger Than We Thought)

In the celebrity world, it is all about image. This means that many stars will do anything to maintain an image that will be put out to the public, and many going as far as lying about their age. Many celebrities are lucky enough to look much younger than they actually are, which means that they are able to get away with lying about their age, but in a world where technology is taking over, it seems that many of these celebrities were caught in a lie when their real date of birth was made public.

Many famous celebrities have been caught out over the past few years and been revealed to be much older than they tried to pass themselves off as. It seems that many celebrities still feel the need to do this in a society where there isn't much that can remain private.

On the flip side of this, there are many celebrities that we thought were much older than they actually are, because they have been in the public eye for so long. Many actors come into the business as children and because the public has become so used to seeing them over the past few years, they believe that they are much older than they are. The following list looks at eight celebrities who felt the need to lie about their age when they first became famous, and seven who are much younger than the public would believe.

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15 Lies About Their Age: Mila Kunis

via: popsugar.com

Mila Kunis has become a Hollywood star in her own right over the past few years after gaining fame playing the voice of Meg Griffin on Family Guy. Before Mila was offered the chance to replace Lacey Chabert on the popular animated show, she was first seen as Jackie Burkhart on That '70s Show.

When Mila was offered the role she was obviously asked her age and she admitted to talk show host Jay Leno that she lied and told producers that she was just about to turn 18, when in fact she was just 14. This was a lie that could have caught up with her but it didn't and instead she managed to get away with it for a number of years. Mila herself stated that she didn't feel like the lie was that bad because at some point she was going to be 18, so it wasn't really a lie.

14 Younger Than We Think: Elle Fanning

via: celebmafia.com

Elle Fanning's career has perhaps always been overshadowed by the enormous success her sister Dakota has had over the past few decades, but Elle has always been around working hard.

The youngest of the Fanning family made her screen debut when she was just three years old, which is why many fans seem to think she is much older than she actually is. Elle followed her older sister into the acting business and hasn't looked back. She has starred in successful films like Super 8 and We Bought A Zoo. Many fans were unaware that Elle was only born in 1998, which means that she isn't even 20 years old and has already become a successful actress. Elle got her start in the acting world by playing the younger version of her sister in films such as Taken and I Am Sam. She has now grown up and began taking roles of her own, but the fact that her sister is 23 years old leads to the misconception that she is also around the same age.

13 Lies About Their Age: Nicole Scherzinger

via: standard.co.uk

Nicole Scherzinger gained worldwide acclaim as the lead singer of The Pussycat Dolls back in 2004. Scherzinger was seen as the leader of the Burlesque style group that included five other members. She would later pursue a solo career after all six of the Pussycat Dolls went their separate ways.

Nicole was another star who thought it was much easier to lie about her age since she was surrounded by other females in her group who were much younger. When Nicole was about to turn 30 back in 2008, the group's website claimed that she was only 28 years old. She was then asked about the white lie and went on to state that she had only wished she had said she was much younger. It seems that Nicole has been much happier with her age since leaving the group and is now known to be 39 years old.

12 Younger Than We Think: Bella Thorne

via: thechive.com

Bella Thorne has been all over the headlines in recent weeks for all the wrong reasons, but before these controversies, she had made quite a career for herself over the past two decades.

Bella is remembered as a star on Disney Channel's Shake It Up, but her career started much earlier than this with appearances on The OC and Dirty Sexy Money back in the early 2000s. Since appearing in the public eye back in 2003, Bella has appeared in more than 30 different movies and more than 20 different TV shows, many of these owned by Disney Channel. One of the movies that further pushed the actress and singer into the spotlight was when she appeared as Madison in teen comedy The Duff back in 2015. Despite all of these accomplishments over the past 15 years, Bella is still just 20 years old and like many others on this list, she is still not old enough to legally consume alcohol in the United States. She definitely looks a lot older than 20, as well.

11 Lies About Their Age: Nicki Minaj

via: twitter.com

Nicki Minaj has become a worldwide sensation over the past few years after her incredible rapping skills were revealed in 2010. On top of creating her own hits, Nicki has been featured on many high profile albums in the past decade and worked with some the biggest stars. While there are a number of rumours about her booty being fake, when she first started out, her reported age definitely was.

Nicki was like many other women who wanted the chance to be famous but didn't meet the age criteria, so she lied. Sadly, she was involved in a fight back in 2011 which forced the police to publish her real age as 28, when she had already told the world that she was 26. There are a few morals to this story, one being that you shouldn't get in trouble with the police, but at least now the world is aware that Nicki is in fact 34 years old.

10 Younger Than We Think: Maisie Williams

via: coed.com

Maisie Williams became one of the biggest bada*ses on TV back in 2011 when she was cast as Arya Stark in the hugely successful Game of Thrones series. Maisie was just 12 years old when she was cast as the youngest daughter of the Stark family, and it managed to open the door to a successful career for Maisie.

She has since gone on to star in a number of films over the past six years as well as currently still filming four that are ready to be released in the next year. Because Maisie burst onto the scene when she was so young and because many fans think that Game of Thrones has been going for much longer than it has, many think that Maisie is now much older than she actually is. The award-winning actress has literally grown up in front of our eyes and is now just 20 years old.

9 Lies About Their Age: Geri Halliwell

via: harpersbizarre.com

Geri Halliwell was part of The Spice Girls in the 1990s and the girl group went on to become one of the biggest in the world until Geri decided to leave the group, which later lead to their split. Geri then had a not so successful solo career, before she went on to become an actress, author, and mother.

When Geri was first pushed into the spotlight in the 1990s as Ginger Spice, she claimed to be just 21 years old. Her Spice Girls bandmate Victoria Beckham later slipped up in an interview and revealed that Geri was actually much older than she claimed to be and it was then revealed that Geri was in fact 25 years old. It seems that age is now just a number to Geri, who was recently part of The Spice Girls reunion and tour over the past few years and is a happy mother and wife at 45 years old.

8 Younger Than We Think: Abigail Breslin

via: bodyheightweight.com

Abigail Breslin is another star who has been in the public eye for so many years that now there is a debate about how old she actually is. Abigail first came onto the scene in the film Signs, which was released back in 2002 when Abigail was just five years old.

She has since appeared in more than 30 films over the past 15 years, as well as releasing an album and starring in numerous TV shows. Abigail had a busy childhood and like many child stars from the early 2000s, she was forced to grow up in the public eye in a world where technology was just developing. Because of how early Abigail stepped into the business, it is hard to believe that she is another star that was born in the 1990s and is now just 21 years old. The talented star looks set to have an incredible career over the next few decades, since she has already laid a strong foundation during her childhood years.

7 Lies About Their Age: Rebel Wilson

via: independent.co.uk

Rebel Wilson has become a star all over the world after her role in the Pitch Perfect saga, but Rebel has always been private about her life outside of the public eye. Ever since she rose to fame, Rebel has always refused to reveal her real name or her real age.

This was going great for her until one of her former school friends decided to go to the tabloids in 2015. They revealed everything that we needed to know about the comedian. It seems that Rebel's real name is Elizabeth Melanie Bownds and her real age is actually 36 and not 29 like she had been claiming for a number of years. Her real birth year was revealed as 1980 and not 1986, as she had claimed a few years earlier. Rebel seemingly took this in stride and later tweeted that she was really a 100-year-old mermaid.

6 Younger Than We Think: Meghan Trainor

via: idolator.com

Meghan Trainor became a worldwide star back in 2013 when she released "All About That Bass." Over the past four years, Meghan has become a household name and even won a Grammy Award for Best Artist last year, as well as the Music Business Association's Breakthrough Artist of the Year accolade and two Billboard Music Awards.

Trainor began actively pursuing a career as a singer when she was just 15 years old but finally broke onto the scene when she was 19 after years of dedication to her craft. Meghan confessed that she doesn't care that she looks "unconventionally" beautiful – she just enjoys making music. Despite her controversial comments when it comes to eating disorders a few years ago, Meghan has managed to get her fan base back on her side and is looking to release her third album in the next year, which is quite an achievement for someone who is just 23 years old.

5 Lies About Their Age: Sandra Bullock

via: huffingtonpost.com

Sandra Bullock is a Hollywood star who has been in many films, including Miss Congeniality and The Blind Side. Despite her obvious success over the past few decades, Sandra is also another addition to this list because she thought she needed to lie about her age in order to be cast in a role she really wanted.

In a shocking twist, Bullock actually lied to say she was older than she was when she wanted the role in Love Potion back in 1992. She stated that she was 29 years old when in fact she was only 27 at the time. She later confessed that she told herself that she would never lie for a role, but she thought she needed to this one time and it actually worked against her. Now she has reached a point where she would rather keep them guessing. Sandra is now one of the most successful female actors in the world and looks absolutely incredible at 53 years old.

4 Younger Than We Think: KJ Apa

via: girlfriend.com.au

KJ Apa is without a doubt one of the biggest heartthrobs on the popular Netflix show Riverdale. He is also known for his lead role in A Dogs Purpose, which was released in cinema's last year. KJ plays one of the lead roles in Riverdale alongside the likes of Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart.

Because the characters that KJ is surrounded by are all over 20 years old (Cole is 25 years old and Lili is 21), many fans of the show believe that the actor behind Archie Andrews is much older than he actually is. The facial hair doesn't do him any favours either, but despite this misconception, it seems that KJ was only born in June 1997, which means that he has recently turned 20 years old. This means that during the entire first season and most of the second season of Riverdale, Apa was still a teenager.

3 Lies About Their Age: Jennifer Lopez

via: Billboard.com

Jennifer Lopez is one of the biggest stars in the world, but it seems that even J-Lo is forced to lie sometimes too. When singers first come onto the scene, there is a need to always seem younger than you actually are, and someone as talented as J-Lo found that out too.

Throughout her early career, the "Jenny From The Block" singer claimed that she was born in 1970, but when her boyfriend at the time Sean "Diddy" Combs was arrested in connection with a nightclub shooting in 1999, she was questioned by the police. J-Lo was then forced to admit her real age, which was only a year younger, since she was actually born in 1969. The American Idol judge is now 48 years old and still looks better than many of us did at 20.

2 Younger Than We Think: Kylie Jenner

via: twitter.com

Kylie Jenner is the youngest member of her famous family and the CEO of her own cosmetics line, but still isn't old enough to legally drink in the United States. It seems that Kylie has had quite the crazy childhood and has been able to fit more into the last five years than many people manage in double this time.

Jenner is a reality TV star, a socialite, an entrepreneur, and a model at the tender age of just 20. Jenner is also one of the most followed people on Instagram with over 95 million followers on the social media platform. Kylie has even been able to score her own spin-off show called Life of Kylie, which premiered on the E! Network back in the summer. Kylie obviously comes from a famous family and is related to fellow reality show stars, which helped her to get her foot in the door, but at just 20 years old she seems to have quite a bright future ahead of her.

1 Lies About Their Age: Anastacia

via: tellymix.co.uk

Anastacia burst onto the scene more than 20 years ago and has become a huge star in her own right in that time. The 49-year-old has already beaten cancer twice and now lives with Crohn's disease, but even she admitted that when she first came onto the scene she was forced to lie about her age to get ahead.

Anastacia confessed that she told everyone that she was eight years younger than she actually was. When she gained worldwide fame from her breakthrough album Left Outside Alone, she told the world that she was just 22 years old when in fact she was 30. The American singer later confessed that she only did it because she felt pressure when journalists were asking her questions about her age and the year that she was born, so she thought it was easier to lie. It has now become common knowledge that she is almost 50 years old.

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