8 Celebs That Are Way Shorter Than We Thought (And 7 That Are Taller)

Celebrities and actors of all kinds are often seen as larger-than-life heroes for many people. While they are just regular people like you and I, they often play brave, courageous, and strong figures on TV shows and movies. This can sometimes lead you to believe that these people are ten feet tall. On the other hand, some celebrities don't give too many signs about how tall they are until you're standing right next to them.

Height is always a strange thing as, in person, we can easily tell the height of someone even from pretty far away. But on TV or in a movie, it can be sometimes difficult to judge just how big or small a person is. Sure, you can judge based off of people they are in scenes with, but that can be tough if you don't know how tall the other person is either. This article will take a look at 15 celebs who are much taller or shorter than you might have thought. Get ready to be shocked!

15 Shorter - Sylvester Stallone


Sylvester Stallone was once among the most popular action stars on the entire planet. He is known for such legendary franchises as Rocky, Rambo, and many others. While the actor's official height is listed at 5'10", there are many people who think he actually isn't that tall. There are rumors that when people meet Sly, he is more like 5'7" and the 5'10" height is used to make him appear and seem a little bit taller. Either way, on the big screen as a hero and action star, Stallone looks like he was at least 6 feet tall, if not more. Hollywood has very clever tricks they can use to make shorter stars appear taller, and they definitely used them with Sly.

14 Taller - Nicole Kidman

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For our money, Nicole Kidman is one of the best actresses on the planet. Kidman has been in the business for decades and has won more awards and accolades than we can even count, including an Academy Award, Emmys, Golden Globes, and more. What you might not have known about Kidman is that she actually stands at a towering 5'11", which is taller than most men out there! While you knew she wasn't short by any means, the fact that she is nearly 6 feet tall is pretty shocking. If you see her with her husband, country star Keith Urban, she towers over him as he stands at least a few inches shorter than her.

13 Shorter - Bruno Mars

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Bruno Mars is one of the best pop stars and most talented musical acts of the last few decades. He has amazing showmanship on stage and has been a performer for many years and grew up in a family of musicians. Mars has won several awards (including five Grammy Awards) and is one of the most influential acts in the world of music. While he might look like a giant on stage in front of tens of thousands of screaming fans, Mars is actually a pretty short guy. He stands at only 5'5", which is well below the average height for a male on this side of the world!

12 Taller - Howard Stern


While some might not know his face, most will definitely know his voice. Howard Stern is the most popular and successful radio personality of all time. He has been in the industry for many decades and has tens of millions of dedicated listeners from all over the world. He is the King of All Media, and while he isn't as popular as he once was, he is still a giant star (in more ways than one). If you have watched him on his show or on TV, he is usually sitting down, so it is no shock that many people don't know how tall he is. Stern stands at a ridiculous 6'5", which is nearly a foot taller than the average man! Add on the size of his normally wild and crazy hair, and the guy nearly stands 7 feet tall!

11 Shorter - Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga is, and has been for years, one of the most interesting characters in the music industry. She began her career as a bit of a crazy and wild musical act but has since calmed down and shown a more classical and toned-down side. She has managed to remain one of the biggest stars in music for what seems like forever. And in addition to winning a ton of awards for her music, she has also won a Golden Globe for her work as an actress. While no one would think she's a giant, you might be surprised to find out that Lady Gaga is only 5'1", as her personality and live performances make her seem much bigger.

10 Taller - Uma Thurman

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While she hasn't done a ton in recent years, at one point, Uma Thurman was one of the most popular and successful actresses in all of Hollywood. Thurman has played in a wide variety of different kinds of films and TV shows and has a very wide range of acting talent. She has taken home numerous awards and has been nominated for several more over her multiple decades in the business. She played a complete bad-a*s in Kill Bill, but even that amazing role wasn't able to convey just how imposing of a figure Thurman is. She stands at 5'11" and is often taller than her male counterparts in her movies. While we knew she wasn't short by any means, we had no idea she was almost 6 feet tall!

9 Shorter - Salma Hayek


Salma Hayek got her start in the entertainment industry down in her native Mexico but very quickly got noticed in the USA and started her career in Hollywood soon after. The mid to late 1990's was when she became a household name. While she has played all different types of roles throughout her career, she is specifically very well-known for her roles as tough characters who don't take crap from anybody. This is very impressive, especially when you find out that she is only 5'2"! Despite this short stature, she is able to play the role wonderfully and is a great example of how height doesn't always have to dictate the roles you play in movies.

8 Taller - Kate Upton

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Kate Upton got her start as a model where she dazzled fans with her crazy curves. She has turned a lot of fame and success as a model into a small acting career—one that is likely to continue to grow and mature over the years. At only 25 years old, Upton has achieved more in Hollywood and in the fashion industry than most people will in their entire lives. While she is and was a model (and they are usually tall), we had no idea that Kate Upton was 5'10"! It is likely her curves that make it seem as if she is shorter (as most tall models are usually quite skinny).

7 Shorter - Daniel Radcliffe

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Daniel Radcliffe is, without a doubt, best known for his role as Harry Potter in the film franchise that has tens of millions of fans. While he has tried to branch out into other acting roles, he will always be Harry Potter to most people. However, there are worse things you could be known for. The films have won him awards, made him a giant star across the world, and earned him millions of dollars. However, for a wizard that has saved Hogwarts more times than anyone can count, Daniel Radcliffe isn't a very physically imposing guy. He stands at only 5'5" tall, so it's a good thing he can defeat the bad guys with magic and doesn't actually have to fight them.

6 Taller - Tim Robbins

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While Tim Robbins hasn't turned into the megastar many thought he would after his brilliant performance in The Shawshank Redemption, he has still enjoyed a pretty successful career in Hollywood. He has won several awards for his work and has excelled as a dramatic and comedic actor in many different roles in films such as Mystic River and others. For some reason, Robbins just looks like the kind of guy that would be relatively short, but boy, were we wrong. Robbins stands at 6'5" and is the tallest actor to ever win an Academy Award. Not that he looks short, but he just doesn't look like the sort of guy that would be that huge in his films.

5 Shorter - Kevin Hart

While some stand-up comedians have become well-known and successful, of course, none have done it quite like Kevin Hart. Hart has gone from a comedian and small-time comedic actor to someone who is a bonafide A-list celebrity. He has appeared in several huge films and routinely sells out tens of thousands of seats at his stand-up shows. He has won a ton of different awards and is still relatively young, so don't be shocked to see him continue to become ever more and more popular. So while his career is huge, his stature is not. Hart stands at just 5'4", which is smaller than the average female and nearly a half-foot shorter than the average male.

4 Taller - Taylor Swift

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Unless you have been living under a rock for the last decade or so, you definitely know who Taylor Swift is. Originally a country music artist (and a successful one at that), Swift has managed to successfully transition into major success as a pop star. She is one of the highest-selling musical acts of all time, and everything she touches or appears on seems to hit it big. She has won a whopping 10 Grammy Awards, has an Emmy, and has won literally dozens of other awards for her work. Swift stands at a staggering 5'10", and if she wears heels, she's likely about 6 feet tall. She is quite lanky and thin so you likely knew she wasn't tiny, but 5'10" is incredibly tall for a woman!

3 Shorter - Scarlett Johansson

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During the early 2010's, there was no higher paid or more popular actress than Scarlett Johansson. She started out as a successful child and teen actor, but as she got older, she was able to transition into more adult-oriented roles which only added to her fame and fortune. She has also acted on Broadway, won dozens of all different kinds of awards, and is the highest-grossing North American actress of all time. Her films do great, and as you can see from the things I have mentioned in the past few sentences, her career has been magnificent. Despite playing tough and powerful characters throughout her career, Johansson stands at a minuscule 5'3".

2 Taller - Blake Shelton

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Blake Shelton has been a country star for years and is also famous for appearing on The Voice for many years. Shelton has been nominated for 8 Grammy awards and is one of the bestselling and highest-charting country artists of the last decade. He is a jack of all trades and still remains very humble despite his immense success in music and TV over the last half-decade or so. As it seems, his career isn't the only thing that has been growing for Shelton, so has his height. Blake Shelton stands at a giant 6'5" tall, and that was definitely one of the factors that went into him becoming the Sexiest Man Alive this year.

1 Shorter - Tom Cruise

Coming in at number one is none other than Tom Cruise. Cruise is the prototypical action star, and while he has appeared in other film genres, action is definitely his bread and butter. He has won a laundry list of awards for his various performances and has been a huge star for about as long as we can remember. While he is always the hero or the knight in shining armor in his films, his height isn't as imposing as you might think. Cruise stands at only 5'7" tall, which is actually quite a bit shorter than the average male in the USA. He is another example of movie producers using good angles and filming techniques to make him appear bigger and more imposing during his roles where he is the bad-a*s lead character.

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