8 Celebs Hooked On Enhancing Themselves (And 8 Who Won't Do It)

Hollywood is filled with the most beautiful women on the planet. These women in show business have perfect bodies, symmetric faces and rarely leave the house without a killer outfit on. What many of us “normal” people do not realize is that there is so much pressure put on these female celebrities to continuously look a certain way, which is something that must be hard to live with.

While most celebrities succumb to the pressure others choose to avoid it as much as possible. Although celebrities lead a life that is different from the average person, they are still humans with insecurities, some with more than others. That is where these enhancements come in and some of these celebrities are very insecure because they no longer even look like themselves.

Some celebrities love enhancing themselves while others either do not believe in it or do it in the most subtle way possible. That is why we thought it would be a good idea to compare celebrities who LOVE getting work done (even if they won't all admit it!) to those who try to avoid it as much as possible.

From members of the Kardashian clan to Academy Award actresses, this list has all bases covered when it comes to aging.

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16 Kylie Jenner - Hooked

Kylie Jenner is the youngest of the Kardashian crew. Her mother, Kris Jenner, and father, Caitlyn Jenner are two of the most talked about parents on the planet.

Kylie Jenner has been scrutinized a lot in the media due to her extravagant life style. It seems as though she likes to do everything in excess including surgery. Kylie has denied a number of surgeries she has done on numerous occasions even stating "You guys have watched me grow up since I was 9. My face is going to get different. Now, I know how to do my makeup, contour, and everything. I'm not against surgery. I'd never say no, but I don't desire it right now."

Nowadays, she is a little more open about the enhancements she has made but still denies the amount of work she has done.

15 Margot Robbie - Won't Do It

When it comes to natural beauty, there are very few women who are at Margot Robbie's level. Her perfect body, flawlessly symmetric face and sexy attitude are what makes this star stand out from the rest of the Hollywood babes.

Robbie who is one of the most desired actresses to work with in the industry and we are sure that her extreme good looks have something to do with that. “In my big group of girlfriends at home, I am definitely not the best looking. I did not grow up feeling like I was particularly attractive” stated Robbie in a previous interview.

We hope that Robbie continues on the same path throughout her life as it would be a shame for her to take away from her natural beauty.

14 Lindsay Lohan - Hooked

There was a time in history where Lindsay Lohan was one of the most sought out actresses on the planet. Lohan who used to be in almost every movie kind of ruined both her career and her looks all at the same time.

Lohan clearly got a little out of hand. It is safe to say that the fame got to her and ended up being the reason for her demise.

Lohan used to be so naturally beautiful, however, the countless and obvious injections that her face has taken is something that should have never been done. She has, however, come out and stated that her chest is all natural.

13 Kourtney Kardashian - Won't Do It

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick take the kids to the beach in Miami. Kourtney showed off her beach body in a yellow bikini as she played with her children Mason Penelope and Reign.

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While most of her sisters love touching their faces, Kourtney Kardashian is not so into that.

The mother of three is without a doubt one of the sexiest ladies on the planet. Kourtney has always had a killer body and although she has enhanced her breasts, she has not really done much else "I have had breast implants, but it's so funny 'cause it's not a secret, I could care less" said the reality star.

Kourtney owns her shit, which is something we love about her. Unlike some of her sisters, Kourtney does not lie about the work she had done and you can see it in her face; her lips are not very big and the shape of her face has not changed at all!

12 Courteney Cox - Hooked

The Friends star Courteney Cox went from being one of the most naturally beautiful women in the industry to almost ruining her face completely.

It is safe to say that Cox got addicted to cosmetic injections and when she realized it had gotten out of hand she decided to stop.

Recently Cox opened up to her fans by stating that she quit the injections and is trying to get back her natural look. “I’ve had all my fillers dissolved,” she said. “I was trying so hard to keep up, and that actually made things worse. Now, I’m as natural as I can be” said Cox and we could not agree with this decision more.

We hope Cox sticks to this new mentality because she was starting to look like a monster and she is too beautiful to do that to herself.

11 Hilary Duff - Won't Do It

Hilary Duff is one of those celebrities who grew up in the public eye and who managed to keep a good reputation.

Duff, who never fell into the world of drugs and alcohol is one of the best role models around. The mother and actress has an obvious head on her shoulders and has continuously proven herself time and time again.

Duff was never one of those celebrities who craved looking a certain way “People are going to say what they want to say and think what they want to think, and I can't change their minds” said the star in a previous interview.

Duff still looks the same as she did when she played Lizzie McGuire which is proof that she is trying to let herself age naturally, which is what we love to see!

10 Donatella Versace - Hooked

There are some women who have surgery and they look good, then there are others that end up looking like Donatella Versace.

Versace is known to have had countless surgeries both on her body and face. She has also spent a little too much time under the sun because her skin looks leather.

She may live a life of luxury but she is very far from being called attractive. Sadly, her face seems to be distorted from the large amounts of procedures she has done to it and her body is pretty much on the same level as her face. Although she has admitted to getting botox, she denies all other surgeries, which is kind of funny.

That's okay Donatella, deny it all you want, the whole world knows the truth.

9 Jennifer Aniston - Won't Do It

Jennifer Aniston has and will always be one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. The actress who became a household name when she played Rachel Green on the show Friends is one of those women who legitimately keeps getting better with age.

Aniston has always taken great care of herself and she seems to be aging very gracefully "I am fortunate enough to know women like Gloria Steinem, who I think is one of the most stunning women on the planet and doesn't touch her face. Diane Keaton, Annette Bening, all of these fabulous fearless women who are flawless, they embrace it! You know, to each their own; I don't judge it if you do it, but sometimes I wish I could beg the people I know, who I am very near and dear to, to not touch their face" stated Aniston.

We agree with her and we are happy that she has not overdone it with certain procedures because that would be a shame.

8 Heidi Montag - Hooked

Heidi Montag was introduced to the world of show business when she and her friends starred in a reality show titled Laguna Beach. From there, she and at the time bestie Lauren Conrad starred in the spinoff show titled The Hills.

Montag, who was the epitome of the perfect girl next door who got addicted to "enhancements". For those of you who do not remember, let us refresh your memory. Montag once did ten procedures in one day and it is safe to say that was not her brightest move “I thought I was investing in myself and my brand, like Kim Kardashian. When she buys these clothes, she’s investing in herself, because she is a big brand and is likeable. I thought I had that potential. My ego got too big. To think I could be someone like that when I was the most hated girl ever” stated the reality star.

Montag looks a little ridiculous and her fake appearance is far from what young girls should aspire to look like.

7 Salma Hayek - Won't Do It

Salma Hayek is one of the sexiest women on the planet. Not only is she super sexy, but she is also one of the smartest ladies in show business.

The actress is known for her sultry good looks and undeniable talent. Hayek is also one of the few celebrities who's proud to be aging naturally. The actress has gone on record saying “No surgical tweaks. No Botox either. I think it is terrible, these girls in their late 20s injecting their faces and lips. One told me, If I kill my muscles now, I’ll never get wrinkles. Can you imagine?”

We admire Hayek and are looking forward to seeing her continue to get more beautiful throughout time. She is the true definition of a natural beauty and we are so happy that she never got into touching her flawless face!

6 Khloe Kardashian - Hooked

Khloe Kardashian has been looking phenomenal, there is no denying that. Khloe went from being known as the “ugly sister is now one of the hottest females on the planet.

Yes, she worked very hard at the gym to shed all that weight, however, something tells us that she had a little help getting her face and body to perfection.

Khloe, like most of her sisters, denies the number of surgeries she has had done. She has even talked about face injections saying “Fillers did not work for me. I looked crazy, and I still think the effects are in there. I went to have it all dissolved like three times, I had to go and get this whole thing dissolved. It was a bummer and now I’m afraid to do it again. And I’m almost like, I swear things are still in my face.”

Even without fillers, the girl has had obvious work done, we just wish she would own up to it.

5 Beyonce - Won't Do It

Let's face it when you look like Beyonce, why would you even think about touching your face?

Beyonce is one of the most naturally beautiful women in all of show business. Not only is she fiercely beautiful on the outside, but her insides match, making her a force to be reckoned with.

Beyonce is very open about her opinions on beauty and she tries to motivate and impact young women to feel as confident as she does. “We all have our imperfections. But I'm human, and you know, it's important to concentrate on other qualities besides outer beauty” said Beyonce in a previous interview.

Beyonce is known for being an incredible role model for women around the globe and we hope she continues to age with the same grace she is aging with now.

4 Courtney Love - Hooked

Once upon a time, Courtney Love was one of the most confident women in the world. At the start of Love's career, her future was so bright it was scary. However, after discovering how much she loved substances and how often she abused them, her bright future began to dim a little bit.

Nowadays, Love does not look as good as she once did. Not only did the drugs and alcohol take a toll on her but also her countless poorly done surgeries did not help the way she looks.

It is sad to see such a talented soul be wasted like Love but it is part of life. There was a time when Love may have been a popular celebrity but nowadays she has sadly become an eyesore.

3 Kate Winslet - Won't Do It

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When it comes to self-acceptance and female empowerment there are not many women who come close to Kate Winslet. Winslet, who is an Academy Award winning actress is one of those celebrities who has managed to keep her values in check throughout her whirlwind of a career.

Winslet is one of the most stunning and confident women on the planet. Her beauty is not defined by her looks but instead, it is defined by the way she lives her life. She is talented, intelligent, kind and hopeful, qualities that no surgeries can give you.

When the star was asked about her opinions on surgery she stated the following "I will never give in. It goes against my morals, the way that my parents brought me up and what I consider to be natural beauty."

2 Pamela Anderson - Hooked

Pamela Anderson is known as a sexpot throughout the entertainment industry. Anderson, who has been in the business for years is no stranger to the pressures of Hollywood.

The Baywatch beauty has never been against discussing her history with cosmetic surgeries "I'm not against surgery, what I've had done will stay with me and that's fine, but I don't want anything else. I'll do facials but I don't want to go down the scary route and have knives plunged into me” said the actress.

Anderson knows that any more surgeries will cause her to look like a different person. We like that she opens up about having work done but does not go into detail about what she has had done, which is pretty badass of her!

1 Lady Gaga - Won't Do It

Lady Gaga is one of those celebrities that oozes out talent. Her powerful voice in combination with her unique style and compassionate heart is what makes her one of our favorites girls in the business.

Lady Gaga has never been afraid to be herself or to speak her mind. Gaga is a great role model for young girls around the globe because she believes in promoting insecurities as opposed to masking them with surgeries. "I have never had plastic surgery, and there are many pop singers who have. I think that promoting insecurity in the form of plastic surgery is infinitely more harmful than an artistic expression related to body modification" said the music sensation.

It is safe to say that show business needs more celebrities like Gaga to help young girls understand that everyone even celebrities live with their insecurities and learn how to embrace their flaws.

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