8 Celebs Everyone In Hollywood Hates (And 7 Everyone Loves)

Being a celeb can seem so amazing, especially because the ones we have these days are treated like gods almost everywhere they go. People go crazy when they meet them in malls or along the streets, they almost fight each other just to get an autograph, and they would kill to have these famous people pose for a selfie with them. However, before you start wishing to become a celeb, it's important to appreciate that it would be to be a "nobody" than to be a celeb everyone hates.

Many of the most hated celebs didn't start their careers with the reputations they have; there was a time everyone used to love them. However, somewhere along the line, they did something stupid or engaged in a series of despicable acts, and immediately fell from grace. The interesting thing is that the celebrities who fall from grace can at times become even more famous owing to just how terrible their acts were, and most of them only hope the ground would open up and swallow them.

On the other hand, we have some celebrities who continue to win over everyone with every passing day. Although we know that even these celebs aren't perfect, they have a way of making us feel as if they can do no wrong, and through their skills and talents, they continue to wow us. Here is a list of 8 celebrities we can't help but hate, and 7 everyone absolutely loves. Which of these are your best and worst?


15 Everyone Hates Gwyneth Paltrow

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To be fair, Gwyneth Paltrow doesn't deserve to be on this list, but sadly she is here because in 2013, a tabloid magazine declared her the most hated celebrity. Paltrow is a successful actress, having won an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress owing to her performance in the 1998 romantic comedy-drama film Shakespeare in Love. Other extremely successful films she has been part of include Seven, Emma, A Perfect Murder, Proof, Iron Man, the Avengers films, and many other films.

Some people try to ridicule her for explaining her split with her husband of 10 years as a "conscious uncoupling," but other celebrities in Hollywood can learn so much from her about how to handle a divorce and how to move on like a mature adult.

Wendy Williams once explained that people hated Paltrow so much because she appeared to be "uppity and better than us," citing her overprivileged upbringing and her lifestyle website Goop. Most of the products she recommends and sells through the website are super expensive and unnecessary.

14 Everyone Loves Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson deserves to top this list because he is simply the most lovable celebrity in every way. Most of us first saw The Rock when he was a wrestler at WWE. Even back then we fell in love with everything about him, especially his personality.

The Rock's transition into film has since been the best decision he has made in his career, because he has been in many successful films, and topped the list of the highest paid actors in Hollywood on several instances.

The Rock is arguably the fittest actor in Hollywood, and the roles he takes on magnify this aspect in a great way. His ability to make audiences laugh is one of his strengths, and how good he is to his fans and regular people is one of his most outstanding qualities.

13 Everyone Hates Katherine Heigl

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Katherine Heigl is an amazing actress whom we've loved since she started her career as a child model when she was just nine years old. Heigl first appeared in a film in 1992 and made a name for herself when she appeared in films such as My Father the Hero, Under Siege 2: Dark Territory, and several others.

However, most of us remember her from her role in Grey's Anatomy. Heigl played a leading role in Grey's Anatomy from the first to the sixth season, a series that became one of the highest-rated medical drama series in the United States for a long time.

Heigl is on this list owing to some comments she made in an interview with Vanity Fair regarding her role in the film Knocked Up. In the interview, she claimed the film was sexist, it painted women in bad light while showing men to be lovable and fun-loving, and that she hated playing a b**** 98% of the time. Her sentiments might have been true and she had every right to say so, but she attracted a lot of hate for it.

12 Everyone Loves Ellen DeGeneres

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If you're a fan of award shows, one of the highlights of the ceremonies, apart from finding out who won the awards, is the host. Ellen does such an amazing job at being the host of award shows since her jokes are funny, she is interesting and creative, and she's undoubtedly in a league of her own.

In addition, The Ellen DeGeneres Show is arguably the most popular television talk show today, and numerous people in different parts of the world agree. Ellen can make anyone laugh and she appears to be an extremely friendly person, which is one among the numerous reasons everyone in Hollywood loves her so much.

In addition to being such a sweet person, Ellen has the ability to address hard and taboo topics in a fun and thoughtful way, such that her audience keeps laughing and never feel awkward. Her ability to make us laugh is what makes her rank so highly on this list.

11 Everyone Hates Bill Cosby

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Bill Cosby is currently one of the most hated celebrities in Hollywood today, if not the most hated. The reason for all this hate is the more than 62 women who've accused this comedian of drug-related s*xual assault, r*pe, child abuse, battery, and misconduct. Most of the women who accused him of this unacceptable behavior suffered silently for decades before the allegations started to surface in 2014.

Some sources claim that Cosby is arguably the most disgraced celebrity alive today and in recent history, since a few years back, over 70% of Americans claimed Cosby was their favorite celebrity. The remaining 30% didn't necessarily hate him because his acting career made almost everyone who saw any of his shows develop a liking for him.

Arguably, everyone around the world who knows what he's going through hates Cosby so much owing to how much he has betrayed them. The worst thing about this story is that numerous other male celebrities are being accused of the same misconduct, which is a frightening situation.

10 Everyone Loves Ryan Reynolds

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No one in his or her right mind would even think of hating Ryan Reynolds after watching the 2016 Deadpool film. Few actors can come close to Reynolds' performance in the film, since he was so funny, the action was great, and we can all appreciate how Marvel's storylines are superior to all other fictional franchise storylines.

Furthermore, the trailers we have of Deadpool 2, which will hit the big screens in May 2018, promise us an even better film. It's therefore safe to assume we will love Reynolds even more after the film. In addition to acting, Reynolds is a great guy, and he deserves the love he receives from Hollywood and all his fans the world over.

Reynolds is originally from Canada, he married Blake Lively in 2012 and they have two children. Some of the other extremely successful films he has starred in include Green Lantern (2011), Definitely, Maybe (2008), Woman in Gold (2015), and the action-packed The Hitman's Bodyguard (2017).

9 Everyone Hates Andy Dick

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Andy Dick is a comedian who seems to have lost the ability to make people laugh and has perfected the art of making everyone angry and uncomfortable. A few years back, people loved to watch him act in films and on TV, he was a great musician and film producer, but his eccentric and controversial conduct has surpassed all that.

His short role in the Ben Stiller Show, his long stay in NewsRadio, and appearances on Less than Perfect were some of the highlights of his career. His program The Andy Dick Show and several Comedy Central Roasts arguably marked the beginning of his downfall.

Although he has been involved in a number of terrible performances, one of them stands out as the most disturbing, and it cemented his inclusion on this and all other lists of the most hated celebrities. In this particular performance in Columbus, Ohio, he made inappropriate comments during his performance. He took women into the men's bathroom, groped patrons, and urinated on a patron and on the floor. Need we say more?


8 Everyone Hates Kristen Stewart

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Kristen Stewart used to be the girl every guy had a crush on, but a lot has changed. During and soon after the Twilight movies, everyone loved Kristen and the relationship she had with Robert Pattinson because everyone imagined it was as magical in real life as it was in Twilight. Although these two neither denied nor confirmed they were going out, their actions spoke much louder.

People started hating Kristen the moment images of her cheating on Pattinson surfaced. Although she apologized, almost all her Twilight fans started despising her immediately, and most still do even today. She has featured highly on lists of the most hated celebrities in Hollywood but has slowly started to redeem herself.

Other reasons people give for hating her include how she never seems to smile enough, always appears to have a bad attitude, she appears to be unapproachable and used to claim she hated fame, which is hypocritical. Since she has moved on with her career and relationships despite the hate she once was a victim of, it seems her future will be bright.

7 Everyone Loves Margot Robbie

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Margot Robbie is one of the most lovable celebrities in the world today, despite being fairly new in Hollywood. She hails from Australia, and she starred in several independent films and received two Logie Award nominations for her role in Neighbours, Australia's most successful media export. After moving to the United States, she starred in a few films and co-starred in the black comedy film The Wolf of Wall Street. Her performance in this film made the whole world realize just how amazing her acting is.

Robbie has been involved in other very successful films such as The Big Short, The Legend of Tarzan, and Suicide Squad, in which she played anti-hero Harley Quinn. Within a very short period, Robbie has won the hearts of all movie fans the world over, in addition to winning a People's Choice Award and appearing on 2017's list of The Most Influential People according to Time magazine.

6 Everyone Hates Chris Brown

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Such a list is incomplete if it didn't feature Chris Brown since people have hated him for a very long time now, although he still has some die-hard fans who still appreciate his work. If Chris wasn't such a talented musician and dancer, his career would have gone up in flames many years ago.

Of course, of all the people who hate Chris, most of them dislike him owing to what he did to Rihanna back in 2009. After a heated argument, Chris beat up Rihanna so badly she required hospitalization, and images of her injured face flooded the Internet. Although Chris apologized multiple times online, almost everyone had made up his or her mind concerning their hate for him.

His other run-ins with the law and cases of misconduct haven't helped to redeem his image since people still think he is proud and arrogant, traits that cause people to dislike him the more. In the recent past, his live shows have attracted fewer audiences, and some sources claim his career is headed down the drain.

5 Everyone Loves Beyoncé

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Beyoncé is hard to describe in few words because there's so much to say about who she is and what she has achieved over the years. Her success in music and dance is arguably in a league of its own, and we cannot forget just how great she is as an actress, starring in successful films such as The Pink Panther, Dreamgirls, and Obsessed.

Beyoncé is an inspiration to many girls when they consider her rise to stardom, her successful marriage to Jay-Z, and her outstanding role as a mother. Between 2010 and 2011, she suffered a miscarriage, and although she described it as "the saddest thing" she has ever gone through, she learned to cope with her loss and the incident made her fans to relate with her more.

Beyoncé is one of the best-selling music artists in history since she has sold over 160 million records as a solo artist and with Destiny's Child. She has won 22 Grammy Awards and 24 MTV Video Music Awards. She was the Recording Industry Association of America's Top Certified Artist in America in the 2000s, and in 2011, Billboard awarded her with their Millennium Award among other prestigious recognitions in the 2000s.

4 Everyone Hates The Kardashians And Kanye West

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Arguably, the Kardashians are the most hated celebrities on this list, despite having numerous fans and followers. The Kardashians rose to fame thanks to their reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which has continued to air since October 2007 and it seems the show will continue indefinitely.

Their reality show has led to numerous other spin-offs, but all these shows are basically the same thing. The Kardashians have been accused of being "famous for being famous" and lacking in talent, but regardless of whether people love or hate them, they continue to be popular and even more influential.

Kanye West is Kim Kardashian's husband, and although people hated on their relationship and marriage, claiming it was a publicity stunt, they are still together and have been since 2014. West deserves to be on this list owing to how he treats his fans, his pride, and the unforgettable incident during the 2009 VMAs when he interrupted Taylor Swift's victory speech.

3 Everyone Loves Kit Harington

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Kit Harington is arguably the most beloved English TV actors today, thanks to the role he plays in HBO's hit series, Game of Thrones. Although he has been part of several films over the years, we have truly come to appreciate just how good he is owing to his portrayal of the character Jon Snow. In 2017, he joined the league of the highest-paid actors on television since he was earning £2 million per episode.

It's hard to come across anyone in the world who hates Jon Snow because this character has a good heart. He is a master swordsman, he respects women, and everyone is rooting for him to become the king of the seven kingdoms with his half-sister Daenerys on his side as his wife. For some reason, we believe that the actor and the character are the same person, which is why we can't speak or even talk badly about Kit Harington.

2 Everyone Hates Justin Bieber

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There's no doubt about just how much singing talent Justin Bieber has and the huge following he has around the world. Bieber has won many awards since he broke into the industry, with some of the most notable ones being two AMAs, a Grammy Award, and a Latin Grammy Award. Forbes magazine has listed him as among the top ten most powerful celebrities three times so far, and he became the first musician to gain over 10 billion views for his videos on Vevo.

However, despite his accomplishments, Bieber has given the world enough reasons to hate him, which is the reason he's featuring so high on this list. Some of the reasons many people hate him so much include the day he urinated in a mop bucket in a restaurant for no reason and the day he spat on his fans from a balcony. Also, we can't forget the comments he left after his visit to Anne Frank house, his weird haircuts, and numerous other things. We hope his renewed faith in God and close relationship with his pastor will help him to change his ways.

1 Everyone Loves Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift is one of the sweetest and most talented singer-songwriters we have in the world today. Apart from her beautiful voice, her music has some of the best videos online, and she currently has close to 13 billion views on Vevo, which is one of the highest on the planet.

One unique thing about her music is how she narrates her personal life using her music. Therefore, it's common to hear songs about her ex-boyfriends soon after they break up, which rubs many men the wrong way, but her popularity always seems to soar with every new song. When Kanye West interrupted her speech back in the 2009 VMAs, the incident turned in her favor. According to Selena Gomez, she and everyone love Taylor because of her strength, very strong presence, and her heart. She has so many friends in Hollywood that it seems like her power and influence are growing every day.

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