8 Celebrities That Definitely Downgraded Partners (And 7 That Upgraded)

One of the most scrutinized parts of a celebrity's life is who they are choosing to shack up with. This becomes an even hotter subject of debate when one of the celebrities decides that being monogamous is totally overrated! But for whatever reason and in whatever fashion these celebrities and their high-profile relationships ended, the people involved did go on to find love again. Or at least found what you would hope is a fun way spend an evening!

But not every celebrity ends their relationship and moves on to greener pastures. You may feel like several of these celebrities have made a downward turn in their dating life. Such as Jude Law who started booty bumping with the hired help.

Other women you may not believe were ever broken up with, like Emilia Clarke whose relationship with Jai Courteney was short-lived. Speaking of Game of Thrones, you may also find yourself jealous of Joe Jonas who has been romantically involved with Sophie Turner. An upgrade if we ever saw one; even if his past lover was Taylor Swift. And then there are studs like Colin Jost who yes, dated Rashida Jones but is also currently getting all up in Scarlett Johansson's business!

These are the 8 Celebrities That Definitely Downgraded Partners (And 7 That Upgraded)

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15 Jude Law - Sienna Miller To Daisy Miller (Downgrade)

Jude Law is one of the most critically acclaimed actors in Hollywood. He has been nominated for several Academy Awards and Golden Globes and while he has yet to win one, it is still an honor to be nominated.

His favorite movie may have been Alfie however, which was where he met his long-term partner Sienna Miller. Their relationship had several difficulties though, including Law sleeping with the nanny which became public in 2005. While Law and Miller managed to stay together in the immediate aftermath, they later separated towards the end of 2006.

The two engaged in a relationship again from 2009-2011, but are no longer together.

14 Alex Rodriguez - Cynthia Rodriguez To Jennifer Lopez (Upgrade)

Alex Rodriguez is probably a much bigger fan of reading the headlines about his current relationship with Jennifer Lopez, then the ones he was forced to endure back in 2008 when his marriage was ending.

His divorce from his wife Cynthia was far from clean. Several accusations were made that Rodriguez engaged in multiple affairs that may have also included Madonna - though she did state they were just friends.

Cynthia was the mother to two of Rodriguez's children, but it's hard not to be blown away by the good looks and appeal of Lopez. We wouldn't blame Cynthia if she isn't the hugest fan of Lopez's music anymore! Though considering Lopez is also on television, Cynthia may have to work pretty hard to avoid her.

13 Russell Brand - Katy Perry To Laura Gallacher (Downgrade)

Russell Brand was known for his past partying ways that often included him shagging plenty of women, which made people all the more shocked when he started dating the stunning Katy Perry.

The two even got married, but it was shortlived. Brand went on to date around, before finding love again with Laura Gallacher who is a lifestyle blogger. The two have since been married and have a child together. While some may think that Katy Perry is more attractive, we're definitely glad that Brand was able to find happiness again. We're sure that Brand also may find himself a lot happier when you consider in past interviews he was less than kind about Perry's lovemaking ability; saying he would often be thinking of something else.

12 Joe Jonas - Taylor Swift To Sophie Turner (Upgrade)

It's hard to say how much Joe Jonas cared about his relationship with Taylor Swift. But when you consider the fact that he allegedly ended their relationship with a phone call, perhaps he wasn't all too heartbroken. At least Swift was able to use that for some musical inspiration though!

Jonas has dated around since, including Demi Lovato, but his biggest upgrade needs to be with his current beau, Sophie Turner. Game Of Thrones is literally one of the biggest shows of all-time, Turner is tremendous in it and her film career is absolutely about to take off in a huge way. It's clear the future is bright for Turner's career, let's hope she feels as positively about her relationship with Joe!

11 Scott Disick - Kourtney To Sofia Richie (Downgrade)

When you consider Scott Disick literally tried to make a name for himself because he dated Kourtney Kardashian, it's definitely going to be hard for him to "top" that act. And while the two are no longer knocking boots, Disick still manages to find himself in the headlines.

But at the age of 34, his recent relationship with Sofie Richie definitely seems all kinds of wrong. Richie, by the way, is only 19 years old. Guess the two better head up to Canada if they want to do some drinking.

Is Richie gorgeous? Sure, but so is Kourtney and I don't think moving down to someone who is over 10 years younger should ever be considered an "upgrade".

10 Colin Jost - Rashida Jones To Scarlett (Upgrade)

Colin Jost often puts his quick wit and humor to the test with his role on Saturday Night Live. Along with Michael Che, Jost is one of the hosts of the famous Weekend Update segment that in the past has seen such stars as Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers in the hosting role.

Jost doesn't just win in his career life though, as back in 2014 he was linked to the perhaps equally funny Rashida Jones. Jones may be best known for her role on The Office and Parks and Recreation. But as stunning as Jones is, Jost's later partner, Scarlett Johansson, is perhaps even more breathtaking.

Named by Esquire as one of the sexiest women in the whole world, Johansson is an upgrade from nearly any woman - including Jones.

9 Jai Courtney - Emilia Clarke To Mecki Dent (Downgrade)

It might not be shocking to hear that Jai Courtney's girlfriend, Mecki Dent, allegedly has experience working as a model. At the very least, she surely turned heads when she attended the Suicide Squad premiere on the arm of Courtney. But as captivating as Dent is, do you think there is a woman in Hollywood that is more captivating than Emilia Clarke?!

The mother of Dragons and Courtney were linked for roughly 4 months and also worked together on Terminator: Genesis. While Courtney isn't the hugest movie star on our list, we're sure whatever guy picks up Clarke next (as she's currently single) may feel a bit intimidated.

8 Ashton Kutcher - Demi Moore To Mila Kunis (Upgrade)

When you're starting out in a new relationship, it may cause some red flags if you find out that they've cheated on their past partner. As was the case with Ashton Kutcher whose marriage to Demi Moore ended in flames after he was allegedly unfaithful.

But whether it was a red flag or not, it may have definitely helped that Kutcher's current (and hopeful forever) wife, Mila Kunis has known Kutcher since their big break together on That '70s Show.

While Kunis is objectively more attractive than Moore in some people's opinion, even if not, the fact that he got married to his former on-screen sweetheart is definitely a cute story.

7 Big Sean - Ariana Grande To Jhene Aiko (Downgrade)

There is no point in arguing that Jhene Aiko isn't absolutely gorgeous. But Ariana Grande is also an absolute stunner. But when it comes to Big Sean and Jhene Aiko, the start of their relationship was not the smoothest.

Jhene Aiko was married to fellow musician Dot Da Genius, but engaged in an affair with Big Sean that saw the end of her marriage. While you don't want to judge, that definitely isn't the best characteristic to have in a partner. Let's hope Aiko finds herself being a lot more local to Sean then she was to her marriage. If not, it may end up being a huge downgrade for Big Sean!

And just in case you're not a Grande fan, you may also find it interesting to note that Sean also had a relationship with Naya Rivera.

6 Tyga - Kylie Jenner To Arianny Celeste (Upgrade)

If we were being objective, Kylie Jenner is absolutely a good looking woman. She has literally had thousands of photos of her taken over the years that prove that point. But Kylie is also always going to be at the center of drama - including the recent rumors that she is pregnant with boyfriend Travis Scott.

Jenner and Tyga knocked boots for a significant amount of time, but he might be ecstatic to have escaped that situation. Especially considering the recent rumors that he's been booty bumping with UFC Ring Girl Arianny Celeste.

Regardless of if you enjoy his music or not, it's clear that Tyga has a way with the ladies!

5 Justin Bieber - Selena Gomez To Nicola Peltz (Downgrade)

There are plenty of reasons to be jealous of Justin Bieber. One of the biggest, however, may be the fact that he's had himself numerous high-profile relationships (or at least flings). But you may be in agreement that the best looking woman he dated was Selena Gomez - whom he was on-again-off-again from 2011-2014.

Bieber had an alleged short-term relationship with Nicola Peltz who appears in Transformers: Age of Extinction in 2016. Let's hope he felt better about the relationship than critics did about the movie!

That being said, we're sure Bieber has also received plenty of criticism from fans and critics over the years, so perhaps they were able to bond over that?

4 Darren Aronofsky - Rachel Weisz To Jennifer Lawrence (Upgraded)

There are plenty of actors that end up knocking boots in real life after they worked together on a movie or television show. But in the case of Jennifer Lawrence, her latest relationship wasn't a fellow actor but a director that caught her eye.

After Darren Aronofsky and Lawrence started working together on the film mother! reports started circulating of the two engaging in an intimate relationship. Aronofsky had previously been married to actress Rachel Weisz from 2001-2010.

Weisz is gorgeous and a tremendous actress, but there aren't many stars in the world right now that is more jaw-dropping than Jennifer.

3 Ryan Phillippe - Reese Witherspoon With Abbie Cornish (Downgrade)

Reese Witherspoon has been captivating audiences since the 90s, but her biggest claim to fame may have been when she appeared in the Legally Blonde franchise. Though while that character may be ditzy, Witherspoon also showed off her acting chops in Walk The Line; a role that earned her an Academy Award.

Her life was also highlighted by a marriage to actor Ryan Phillippe, but it ended in 2007 with rumors swirling that Phillippe had been unfaithful. Phillippe then entered into a relationship with Abbie Cornish who you may agree is beautiful, but not nearly the catch that Witherspoon is. Especially considering Witherspoon's recent success with Big Little Liars. 

2 Wilmer Valderrama - Lindsay Lohan To Demi Lovato (Upgrade)

That 70's Show saw several guest stars come through the set, but perhaps the most attractive of all was Lindsay Lohan. Granted this was also back before Lohan went off the deep end and landed herself in a heap of legal troubles.

Which may be why Wilmer Valderrama found himself smitten with Lohan. The two were even engaged briefly. But when you consider one of his next relationships was one that lasted years with Demi Lovato, you may agree that he may not have found himself missing Lohan too much.

There's no telling on if he brought Fes' accent home to the bedroom!

1 George Clooney - Stacy Keibler To Amal (Downgrade)

Now let's be straight up here, there is no denying that George Clooney's wife Amal is gorgeous. She is even brilliant, having a successful career as a barrister. But as amazing as Amal is, the allure of Stacy Keibler might be even stronger.

There might not be a WWE diva that has even come through the WWE that had as much of an appeal as Keibler. And if you grew up in the 90s/2000s falling over her, as we're sure many of you did, that level of nostalgia may make her the winning candidate.

Plus, while she is no barrister, she did do a tremendous job on Dancing With The Stars so you definitely know she knows how to shake it.

Clooney dated Keibler from 2011-2013.

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